Born Axe II SKU:7820606

Check out these new styles and more from!

Born Axe II SKU:#7820606

Check out these new styles and more from!


Топор + Пила Gerber GATOR COMBO AXE II - уникальный комплект и превосходное дополнение к вашему первоначальному туристическому снаряжению!

Kydex Holster Quick Tip: Axe II

I had some questions in the 50/50 press, hopefully it answers them. Foam always rules.

“Don’t burn yourself”

Making A Viking Bearded Axe (Skeggox) From An Old Axe

I wanted to make a simple axe restoration.

But as I was grinding the axe head, I discovered many cracks. The head was very old and rusty but I didn't noticed when I bought it in a flea market last summer it was that damaged. I tried to weld it, and fixed some of them, but one was on both side and couldn't be fixed just by welding it.

I almost gave up on the restoration, but decided to make a Viking Bearded Axe out of it, cut the damaged parts and reshape it. And it turned out pretty well.

Engraving the handle was very time consuming but in the end, it was totally worth it.

I hope you will like the video.

Musics :
Celtic Theme by Tom Kent (
Tear Drops by Petite Viking

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Who Builds The Best Splitting Axe? You'll Be Surprised

Can a $40 old school splitting maul split rounds as well as a $100 hand forged Swedish splitting axe? Today Wranglerstar puts two axes to the ultimate test. You may be surprised who comes out on top.

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Classic Sega Game Golden Axe II on PS3 in True HD 720p

True Temper Kelly Perfect | Axe Restoration

Ever thought about restoring an old piece of history? Check this video out - you might like it.
Video of how the sheaths are made:


Описание и использование топора Gerber Gator Combo Axe )

AXE II : Les différents produits cosmétiques et leurs composants

Bonjour à tous !
Voici une nouvelle vidéo qui traite de l'axe II de notre TPE : Les différents produits cosmétiques et leurs composants.
Nous verrons dans un premier temps les différents produits cosmétiques puis dans un deuxième temps leur composition.
Bon visionnage !

Kelly Works FLINT EDGE AXE Restoration Part 2

Restoring an old Kelly Works Flint Edge Axe

AXE FX 2 Speaker Test

Mackie THUMP 12A
Mackie THUMP 15A
Mackie SRM350v2
Mackie SRM450v2
Mackie HD1531

We checked out a few different speakers again with the Axe Fx 2. This time using two AKG C414 mics set up on either side of the room adjacent to the speakers. Definitely recommend using a good set of monitors or headphones to listen back to the results.
On our old video we relied solely on the camera mic which gave us a poor result.
We decided to use only one factory preset on the Axe Fx for better comparability.

Axe-Fx IIを使った、エレキ・ギターのリアンプ方法

DAWソフトのオンライン・レッスン/制作サポート・サービス、DAW LESSONです。



Axe whittling an ash handle for Finnish viking age axe part II.MOV

I'm using only a broad blade axe to cut an axe handle from a piece of ash wood. I ran out of memory and had to make another video to show the axe whittling in action. If you want to try this, make sure the axe is sharp, grab the axe at the head and angle the axe so it doesn't bite too deep. It's a great way to work fast with wood but still with control and safety. It's similar to knife whittling but is much faster and lets you planish it into planks. For explanation of the project see part I.

Born Axe II Leather Boots (For Men)

See more about Born Axe II Leather Boots (For Men):

Rescue the rusty axe with hand tools only

Hi my Friends, here is a new project, the axe restoration. Just only with hand tools. Enjoy the video and if you like it than like/share/subscribe

Golden Axe II Redraw CS6

Quick Golden Axe II Redraw in Photoshop CS6

Updating Preset Banks on Axe FX II from Axe Edit

Walks you through the process of backing up your existing presets, updating the Axe FX II with new presets to match updated Firmware version, and then recovering your custom presets back to Axe FX II.

Preparing Your Hurricane Survival Kit -

OpticsPlanet Inc. Shares some of their favorite products to include in a disaster preparedness kit. This video in particular will cover products useful to have if you find yourself in the midst of a hurricane or tropical storm. These products include:

Streamlight Fire Vulcan Lantern Light System

Icon Irix II, Headlamp, 5-5mm LEDS

Suunto A Series Compass

Gerber Suspension Multi-Pliers 1471

QuikClot EHS First Aid Hemostatic Agent 25g Sponge Z-Medica

QuikClot PetClot Emergency Pet Care (160)

Gerber Gator Axe II Combo w/ Saw (22-41420)

Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel (22-41578)

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack Sling Pack 0412

There are obviously a million other products you could include in your Hurricane Survival Kit so if you have some more suggestions we'd love to hear them! Please share your ideas by commenting on this video, posting your favorite products on the OpticsPlanet Fabebook page and/or use the Facebook comments on the website. Thanks for watching and gear up with us TODAY!

Axe Fx II IR Tone Match Gallian Kruger Bass+Cab+Darkglass BK7

See this Tread. On the Fractal Forum..
For IR`s and presets

BTW: Read the info file..


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