Pixlr Editor 2017 Tutorial

Pixlr Editor 2017 Tutorial

Learn how to use a powerful yet simple online app called Pixlr. It enables you to create graphics, images, etc. online for free and WITHOUT having to sign up for yet another service. Your finished image can be downloaded in several different formats. Pixlr is a great substitute for Microsoft Paint, especially for Mac users and Chromebook users (but it's useable on Windows as well).

Pixlr editing 2017

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Easy Pixlr Double Exposure Tutorial

Create a double exposure effect using Pixlr editor. In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial show you how to create a double exposure effect using several images, masking and layer modes.

Pixlr Editor Design Basics: Working with Layers

Part of the Pixlr Editor Design Basics series. If you've never used a graphic design tool like Pixlr Editor, this series will walk you through everything you need to know. Pop open a browser window to pixlr.com/editor and give it a go.

Beginner's Pixlr Tutorial - Basics

Hi Everyone,

This video shows you the basics on how to use Pixlr, a free online photo editor similar to photoshop or lightroom. I am not a professional and these are just my experiences as I also learn about photography, post processing and pixlr. Hopefully this helps you!

Below I have listed some useful links on post processing and pixlr.

1) Ten photo-editing tips from a pro.

2) 13 tips for taking incredible photos of your dog.

3) In depth how to use the curves tool.

4) Ten photoshop alternatives.

5) In depth tutorial all about pixlr.

6) How to add layer masks. (change the background without affecting the subject)

7) Search for any post processing/pixlr questions you may have or just share your photos for some constructive criticism.

Pixlr tutorial - How to edit Creative pictures in mobile app

Easy way to edit Creative pictures within 3 minutes in Pixlr

Change Background of Photo in Pixlr

Change background photo online using Pixlr editor. A tutorial on how to remove the old background and change/replace it with another photo. This is a very simple and easy way to cut out image background, In 4 easy steps you can remove and change the background of a picture in Pixlr editor.

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Easily Retouch Smooth Skin In A Photo

Easily Smooth And Soften Skin In A Photo With Pixlr online Editor
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Create Color Splash Effect in Pixlr Editor

Color Splash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. In this Pixlr tutorial, we'll learn how to easily add a selective or splash of color effect to an image.

How to edit an image like a pro - with PIXLR EXPRESS 2017

Learn how to use pixlr express editing super nice images.

Pixlr Express is my most popular web-based photo editor that makes editing photos easy. Apply overlays, filters, and stickers to make any photo beautiful.



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Create an Easy Dispersion Effect in Pixlr

Dispersion Effect for your Image in Pixlr. If you’ve ever wondered how to make that cool ‘splatter’ or ‘dispersion’-effect on photos, the best part is, it's very quick and easy to do with a splatter brush on Pixlr photo editor.

How To Edit Photos On iPhone and Android | Pixlr Tutorial

This video is an in depth tutorial on the best photo editing app in my opinion for mobile devices, Pixlr. It is an extremely powerful app that can make your photos go from good to amazing. Comment down below with any questions, and don't forget to like and subscribe!

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In this video i will go over how to make a great YouTube thumbnails for absolutely FREE using the Pixlr Editor.


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Pixlr Editor Design Basics: Resizing and Cropping Images

Part of the Pixlr Editor Design Basics series. If you've never used a graphic design tool like Pixlr Editor, this series will walk you through everything you need to know. Pop open a browser window to pixlr.com/editor and give it a go.

How To Create The Galaxy Effect On Your Photo - Pixlr Tutorial

Hey Guys, This video teaches you how to create the Galaxy Effect On Your photo using Pixlr. The Galaxy Effect is a new and the most trending photo effects you can do yourself to make yourself look like a star !
Galaxy effect one of the most easiest and a great looking effect to use on your photos that you upload on Instagram !
Pixlr is a free online image editor which enables you to fix, adjust and filter images in a browser. This video is not sponsored by Pixlr.
Images in the Video :-
Character :
Galaxy :
Music from NCS :-
Jim Yosef - Canary [NCS Release]

Jim Yosef

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Change Hair Color Online With Pixlr

Easy way how to change hair color in pixlr online. This simple process will help you change the color of a subject’s hair color in a realistic way, with online photo editor.

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Editing Photos with Pixlr (quick tour basics)

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How To Make A YouTube Banner / Channel Art Using | PIXLR 2017

You guys wanted this PIXLR tutorial so here it is! I wanted to keep it super simple as to not overwhelm or confuse ya'll. I hope this helped you!! #RIPPicMonkey #PicMonkeyIsOverParty lol

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PicsArt Best CB Editing | Awesome Photo Edit | Picsart Photo Editing Tutorial

Hi Guys.
Today i am Back with a New Tutorial
Welcome My New Video. This Video i am showing how to get PicsArt Best CB Editing | Awesome Photo Edit | Picsart Photo Editing Tutorial

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