hand quilting for beginners, the rocking motion & knot

hand quilting for beginners, the rocking motion & knot

detailed hand quilting video, using a thimble, holding the needle, rocking motion, best lighting for hand quilting, how to thread a needle and tie a knot.
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How to Make Quilter's Knot & Hand Quilt | Quilting

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One of the best things you can learn is how to make a good knot. Needle in your dominant hand, end of the thread in your other. You're going to place the thread on top of the needle and hold it with your dominant hand. You're going to wrap the thread three times, slide it to the edge of the needle, and keeping your fingers in between the two threads you're going to slide the knot all the way to the end. And you have a really nice little knot. You need a small knot because it has to go through the fabric. Then you get your thimble, you're definitely going to need a thimble to do this, otherwise your fingers will end up very raw and sore.

Here we've drawn a stencil on our fabric, this is our fabric sandwich, this is our quilt top basically, top, bating inside, backing. Start about half an inch away from where you want your needle to come up, push it through with your thimble, pull it, and here's where the small knot is important, you give it a little yank and it goes very nicely through the fabric. So your knots are buried, you're not going to see your knots on the back of the quilt, that's important.

Then you just take what's called a running stitch along the lines you've already drawn, and if you can see right there I've taken two stitches, and small is nice but it's not that important. What's more important is to try to get the stitches the same length so that you have a nice even look, because the quilting actually forms a decorative element in your quilt, and quilting really enhances your quilt top. So you would just go along your line until you finished, and I usually do this sitting down comfortably in a chair or on a couch. If you want to, what we call, travel you're going to stick your needle in between the fabric, not all the way through just the top layer, and come up at the next spot, and start quilting from there. That's a really easy way to continue, stopping and starting is what takes a lot of time so if you can come up with a design that's as continuous as can be you really do save a lot of time.

And to finish up, just like you did to start you go about half an inch away, wrap it, put your needle on your thread, slide it, once again pull slowly you don't want to get knots, and you'll see the knot just disappears into the quilt sandwich, and you cut your thread and you're done.

Hand Quilting Basics

Learn all the basics of hand quilting - what tools and supplies you need and how to do the stitch. I mention in the video that there's a blog post with links to supplies - you can find that here.

Hand Quilting for Beginners - How To Hand Quilt Your Next Quilt

I fell in love with hand quilting years ago when I was a much younger quilter. In those days, most people finished their quilts by hand quilting. The machine quilting craze had not yet begun. That made no difference to me because I took to hand quilting right away. My mom taught me when I was in high school. I remember getting up early before school so I could get ready and still have a few minutes left to quilt. Even today, I feel the NEED to get my hands on a quilt and put some stitches in. If I go a few days without the opportunity to quilt, I start to get wrestless.

If you've been thinking of learning how to hand quilt your first quilt, or if you're pretty new to hand quilting, this video is for you. You will learn:

How to mark a quilt
How to choose a quilt pattern
How to use a rocking motion to add several stitches at a time
What thread to use
Which needs to use
Here are where you can get the tools I mention in the video:

Pounce Pad

Full Line Fabric Stencils

Scarlet Today Needles

Leather Thimble

Darice Quilting Hoops, 14-Inch

Happy Quilting,


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How To do the Hand Quilting Stitch

Nancy Ellen demonstrates the Hand Quilting stitch and discusses the supplies you'll need. Learn how to make the quilters knot, what to do with your thumb, how to use the thimble and more...

Visit for more information and discounted supplies for the hand quilter.

How to Hand Quilt around a Shape

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I used this double gauze cotton designed by Lizzie House for Andover Fabrics. You can get some here:

Fabric with motif
Pearl Cotton #8
(The set I used)
Embroidery Needle

Thimble (I don't use one, but you may want to) You can also use a band aid on that finger ;)

Thimble Pad (another thimble option)

Snips (or sharp scissors)

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Hand Quilting 7 -- Tying Off (The End Knot)

Part 7 of a 7-part series on hand quilting.

How to Do Big Stitch Hand Quilting

Big stitch quilting, or hand quilting, is a simple and beautiful way to add a personal touch to your quilt. With just a few basic items and a little patience, this is a great technique for both beginners and expert sewists!


Music by SfxValley

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Hand quilting for beginners: spray basting

spray basting your quilt for machine quilting. What to do with your left over fabric.
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Tying a Quilt - How to tie a quilt

This video will show you how to tie a quilt. This is a quick and easy way to hold quilt layers together.

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Hand quilting for beginners: thimbles

I demo several types of thimbles, discuss the good points, bad points & favorites. Another up close view of the rocking motion quilting stitch.
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Hand quilting techniques for beginners (on perle cotton) | Sarah Fielke Craftsy Quilting Tutorial

Sarah shares smart hand quilting techniques in this short clip. To learn more from this fabulous hand quilting and step-down piecing pioneer, visit and check out Big Techniques from Small Scraps, Sarah Fielke's online quilting class on Craftsy!

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About Sarah Fielke:
The author of three books, including Material Obsession and Quilting: From Little Things, Sarah creates vibrant designs that appeal to both modern and traditional quilters.

About Big Techniques from Small Scraps:
Playful, colorful, improvisational and just plain fun! That's how Sarah Fielke's fans describe her quilt designs. In Big Techniques from Small Scraps, this Aussie quilter makes six small, scrappy quilts that combine traditional techniques with updated fabrics and a fresh design sensibility. Try something different, like deconstructed piecing, or learn a new skill, like needleturn appliqué. Create Sarah's designs or jump off and do them your own way. It's all good fun!

What You'll Learn

- Step-down piecing
- Appliqué curves and points without templates or pins
- Hand quilting with perle cotton to add dimension
- Deconstructed piecing
- Using the 60-degree ruler and Dresden wedge

Sharon Schamber - Hoopless Hand Quilting

A Quick and easy Stitch to Quilt Your Quilt

A Double C is very easy and quick to do. Any C will work. Give it a try on your next quilt.
Free video for the quilt pattern here
Thread by Marathon Threads.ca
Batting by Fairfield
Sewing machine Bernina 790
Bernina Stitch Regulator

How to Hand Quilt

Learn the tools of the trade and get off to a good start in learning to hand quilt







The Quilting Stitch, From Start to Finish

In this video, you'll see how to begin stitching a design on a quilt, starting from threading the needle to tying off the knot.

Hand Quilting 4 -- Thimbles

Part 4 of a 7-part series of videos on hand quilting.

Hand Quilting without Marking

Marking on my quilts makes me really nervous, so I prefer to do all my quilting without any markings at all. That doesn't mean I don't use any guides! This video shows what I do.

How to Make a Scrap Quilt

Written Instructions:
More Quilting Tutorials ;)

YouTube Quilting Playlist

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My Quilting Series: Learn all the step to make the entire quilt from start to finish

More Quilting Tutorials

Materials and Helpful Tools
Rotarty Cutter

2.5x12 inch ruler

Ruler Set

Rotating Mat

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How to Baste & Big Stitch Hand Quilting- Crafty Gemini Tutorial

In this video I cover a lot of material! You will learn how to take a quilt block and prep it for hand quilting, what a quilt sandwich is, how to baste your quilt and how to start and end with neatly hidden knots in your hand quilting. I also discuss needles, thread, different basting techniques, etc.

Learn how to make this Turnstile quilt block here:

Here are links for materials mentioned/used in video:

• My thread collection:
• 22 Chenille needles:
• Sashiko needles:
• My favorite thimble:
• Spray basting product:


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