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11 Mind-Blowing Things Hidden On a $1 Bill


20 dollar bill secrets

In this video i show you hidden pictures on the 20 dollar bill.

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10 Famous Founders Who Don’t Usually Show Their Faces

Some founders of world-famous brand prefer to stay out of the spotlight and keep themselves a secret. We decided to unveil the mystery and show you the 10 founders of super famous brands producing things you sure use every now and then.
Howard Schulz, founder of Starbucks, was inspired by the atmosphere of Italian espresso bars and it’s safe to say that he was the one who made the espresso-based beverages popular in the US. Now you can find a Starbucks almost anywhere in the world.
Amancio started his business in the ’70s: He made nightgowns and bathrobes with his wife right in their living room. Once, their German partner declined a huge order and the spouses decided to sell clothes on their own. Later, the company was renamed to Inditex and opened new clothing stores: Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho, Zara Home, Uterqüe, Stradivarius, Lefties, and Bershka.
In 2000, the famous Pandora charm bracelet was created: buyers were able to create jewelry of their own design by putting the charms they wanted on the bracelet. Since then, the company has been growing and the Enevoldsen family are one of the richest people in Denmark.
In 1969, the musicians from The Doors were recording the album Morrison Hotel. At about the same time, they accidentally came across a diner named Hard Rock Cafe, and their album was exactly in this music style. They made a few pictures in this cafe and then put the photos on the back side of the album cover. A year later, 2 Englishmen called them — Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton and asked them to let them open a cafe in London named Hard Rock Cafe.
At the beginning of the 1930s, Ole Kirk opened a company that made ironing boards and ladders, but he soon started making wooden toys. The word “Lego” consists of 2 Danish words: “leg” (play) and “godt” (good).

Right Place, Right Time - Silent Partner

Preview photo credit:

July 11, 2013 - Sun Valley, Idaho, United States: Phil Knight, chairman and co-founder of Nike Inc., arrives for meetings during day two of Allen and Company's 31st Annual Media and Technology Conference. The event brings together the leaders of the worlds of media, technology, sports, industry and politics: By Gary He/Insider Images/Polaris/East News,

Amancio Ortega, chairman and the controlling shareholder of Spanish fashion retail company Inditex, which runs the Zara chain of clothing stores is seen in a horse jumping competition in this Aug. 7, 2003 file photo. Forbes magazine releases its annual rankings of the world's billionaires, Thursday, March 8, 2007: By Torrecilla/Associated Press/FOTOLINK/East News,

Animation is created by Bright Side.

Nike — Phil Knight 0:33
Starbucks — Howard Schultz 1:25
ZARA — Amancio Ortega 2:01
Pandora — Per Enevoldsen and Winnie Enevoldsen 2:50
Ferrero — Michele Ferrero 3:30
Hard Rock Cafe — Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton 4:30
Laсoste — René Lacoste 5:13
Lego — Ole Kirk Christiansen 5:55
Google — Larry Page and Sergey Brin 6:44
Instagram — Kevin Systrom 7:10

-Bad quality of running shoes and problems with suppliers inspired Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman to create their own brand.
-Howard turned the first original Starbucks in a real coffee shop in 1987.
-Amancio Ortega and his wife opened their first ZARA store in 1975 in La Coruña, Spain.
-Pandora started creating its own jewelry in 1987 but it took them more than 10 years to become famous.
-Michele Ferrero inherited a family business, created Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello sweets and he improved the recipe of chocolate spread and gave it a more recognizable name — Nutella.
-Hard Rock Café was inspired by some photos the Doors took in a diner named Hard Rock Cafe and put on the back side of their album cover.
-In 1926, tennis player René Lacoste sewed a short-sleeved shirt for one of the tournaments with a small alligator on it. In 1933, Rene founded a company that made shirts for tennis, golf, and sailing.
-Lego was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in early 1930s, and its name literally translates as “play good”.
-Google was created by 2 students from Stanford University — Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 1998, they founded a company and registered the domain.
-His love for photography and a Holga camera inspired Kevin Systrom to found Instagram.

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What 1 Dollar Will Buy You Around the World

What could you buy with $1 around the world? We at Bright Side asked our friends what a dollar can buy them in their countries. Their answers might surprise you!

Canada 0:23
Czech Republic 0:42
Dubai, UAE 1:01
Egypt 1:22
France 1:40
Hong Kong 2:01
Hungary 2:21
India 2:42
Indonesia 3:03
Italy 3:22
Japan 3:41

United Kingdom
South Korea
North Korea

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Amazing Money Trick Tutorial - Magic Tricks Revealed

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This Video is a Tutorial of a Wonderful Magic Trick
This Trick is very Easy and Super Effective !!!
Amaze your Friends with this Great Magic Trick
Amazing Money Trick Tutorial - Magic Tricks Revealed

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How to make the twin towers from 5 dollar bill

This is a tutorial on how to make the twin towers pictures from a 5 dollar bill.
It shows the twin towers before the 2 planes that crashed.
This is also a tribute to 9/11.
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Hey alligators it's Ally Hardesty
welcome back to my youtube channel or if
you're new here be sure to hit the
subscribe button below I put out new
vide of all the time and this video has
literally taken me the entire day to
film on not kidding I'm really sick
right now so I keep having to start over
and I've spent a long day but this is
well worth it because I've really been
willing to do it conspiracy theories
video I tried my best to find some that
I thought were a little bit more
underground or not heard of as much like
the Mandela effect or the 9/11
conspiracies as interesting as those are
I wanted to do something a little bit
different and I will be linking
someone's YouTube video below because I
want to give them credit they talked
about a lot of things I'm going to be
talking about today but I did my own
research and I checked my facts and I'm
gonna put in my two cents as well so the
first conspiracy theory well actually
okay before I even start I want to say
right now because people are so easily
triggered I don't hate Taylor Swift I'm not trying
to expose her you just have to admit
that whether you're a fan of her or not
a lot of these add up a little bit to
perfectly and I really hope that she
didn't delete my video because I heard
that she's been known to do that and
that's why a lot of people are even
scared to talk about most of these so
yeah the first Taylor Swift conspiracy
theory I'm going to be talking about
today is the Apple music publicity stunt
if you aren't familiar with that then I
will explain I have Apple music on my
phone I've had it for a couple months
now and before that I used Spotify both
of these are ways to stream music
unlimited and you pay by the month at a
subscription price so when I was using
Spotify I couldn't listen to Taylor
Swift she wasn't on there she was not
associated with Spotify when I went over
to Apple music she was on there I could
listen to her so I always thought that
was really weird I ended up doing some
research and Taylor came out saying hey
I don't think that people should listen
to me for free throughout these
subscriptions even if I am being paid I
think that they should have to go over
to iTunes and buy my songs individually
blah blah blah which I get it I
understand it's business whatever that's
her choice I want to include a quote for
Miley Cyrus right here and she's
basically just saying hey I've made my
money I just want people to enjoy my
music I love my life piece so just kind
of putting that in perspective like I
don't know she's been known to take
control over like every
when it comes to making money off of her
name at all so that's why it turned a
lot of heads when she signed with Apple
music especially considering they
supposedly pay her 50 to 70% of what
Spotify would have so that's why what
I'm about to tell you now kind of
doesn't make sense at all and that's why
I think there's a little bit more to the
story so right around the time that she
signed with Apple music if you didn't
know they have a free 90 day trial so
you can basically decide for three
months and whether or not you like it
and you're getting it for free and then
you start paying the subscription price
if you want so she came out saying Apple
music I'm very disappointed I thought
you guys were a little bit more generous
and that I should be compensated even
throughout that 90-day trial within a
matter of days they changed the game
like I changed it for her they changed
it for all the artists so now they're
receiving royalties even when the people
are using the free trial for 90 days and
I don't really think there's anything
too fishy about that other than the fact
that it gave them both a ton of exposure
so it got her name out there which is
what she wanted and the made Apple music
look really good like hey we're solving
the problem win-win situation people are
still getting it for free but now we're
paying the artists you know what I'm
saying now you see her in all her
commercials where she's jamming out with
her headphones in saying hey go download
Apple music so it just kind of makes you
question that they are paying her under
the table and that was a publicity stunt
makes sense to me going along with this
I just thought I'd mentioned that she
has threatened to pressure her fans for
making fan merch on Etsy.

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How To Tell If Your Money Is Real Or Counterfeit

Is your money real or counterfeit? Here are some quick ways to test it. Take out your wallet now and check your money just in case.


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How to do Killer Magic with a Dollar!

Learn other Dollar and Money magic tricks: This one was right from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks ( ) comes this super fun dollar bill trick for you! This was from an awesome show called Scam School which I consulted and was a guest magician on several episodes. FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK:

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How To Magic Tricks with Money! In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 7 Magic Money Tricks! Easy dollar bill magic tricks for kids, beginners, and all ages! Turn a $1 bill into a $100 dollar bill! Family friendly fun coin and dollar magic trick tutorials with step by step instructions for each trick explanation! All secrets revealed! Tricks with cash, foreign coins and currency, quarters, pennies, your wallet and more! If you're new to the channel remember to hit that SUBSCRIBE button and welcome to the family! Until next time, remember that anything is possible as long as you stay positive, work hard, and Laugh@Life my friends! :)


Random Acts Magic Prank -

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Crestwood KY 40014



Magic Money Tricks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Dollar Bill Change Magic Trick Revealed - 0:49
2.) Magic Flipper Coin Trick Explanation - 3:00
3.) How To Shrinking Coin Magic Trick - 4:40
4.) Magic Coin Catcher Bare Hands Trick - 6:16
5.) Scotch and Soda Magic Trick Revealed - 8:22
6.) How To Win Stack Coins Elbow Challenge - 11:07
7.) Bitten Torn & Restored Dollar Bill Trick - 12:45
Bonus: Magic Bite Out Coin Trick Revealed - 17:00


More Magic Tricks Here:

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Top 15 Countries Where One Dollar Can Actually Get You Something

Top 15 Countries Where One Dollar Can Actually Get You Something


Are you a fan of travel, silly question- who isn’t? Jetting off to an unknown land is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your distressed soul! But not everyone’s pocket allows them to book into the sea-view suite of a 7 star hotel! Many of us look out for bargain offers because traveling on a shoestring budget is no joke. Imagine you splurged on cocktails at that fancy bar in the posh area of the city, went over budget and are now struggling with the last few dollars. Not a situation you would want to end up into but maybe knowing what you can get in a dollar would help!

Number 1. Tanzania
Number 2. Italy
Number 3. USA
Number 4. Egypt
Number 5. Malaysia
Number 6. Peru
Number 7. UAE
Number 8. Russia
Number 9. France
Number 10. India
Number 11. Czech Republic
Number 12. Hungary
Number 13. China
Number 14. Denmark
Number 15. Vietnam

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Here are some DIY gifts everyone will love! Insanely creative ways to fols cash and make money an elegant and thoughtful present!

Also there are plenty of great ways to male gift boxes and present envelopes, you totally should give them a try! :)

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0:36 Creative ways to fold cash
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A Simple Japanese Money Trick to Become 35% Richer

We all know how money has a magical ability to disappear overnight, right after payday. But it looks like the Japanese know the secret to make it stay in your wallet longer, and even multiply there. Today, their method of budgeting is growing popular all over the world.

A hundred years ago, Japan was a traditional agricultural country – nothing like how we know it now. How did it manage to become the most technology-savvy country, with a developed economy and one of the highest living standards? One of the reasons is the high financial competence of the Japanese themselves. They’re experts in personal finance. They use Kakeibo. So what is it?

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Why listen to the Japanese? 0:29
What is Kakeibo? 1:05
Questions Kakeibo is based on 2:28
How to draw up a Kakeibo style budget 2:42
How can you spend less? 5:05
How to save even more 5:49
❗️ Why it's important to write by hand 7:44 ❗️

#savingmoney #Japan #brightside

Music by Epidemic Sound

- Japanese are experts in personal finance. They use Kakeibo. Which means they don’t buy that third handbag in 2 months and manage to save up to 35% of their income.
- “Kakeibo” translates to “household account book.” It’s a notebook where you write down your income and expenses. Long before any financial apps or digital tables appeared, the Japanese had this system of writing up a budget.
- No apps, no technology, no tricky calculations. That’s the point: you rule out everything that’s not necessary and focus on your habits and decisions.
- Kakeibo appeared in 1904 and grew popular thanks to the first woman journalist in Japan – Hani Motoko, who sold it to a wide audience.
- To draw up a Kakeibo style budget, you’ll need 2 notebooks - a big and a small one. You’ll use the big one to write down your income, and plan expenses and savings.
- You’ll need to record all the money you get as income: advance payment, salary, debt return, money you get from selling a secondhand laptop, etc.
- You write down how much money you’d like to put in a money-box or a savings account. It’s important to decide this amount before you start planning your expenses.
- A monthly expenses plan. Here, you write down your common expenses: utility bills, apartment rent, mobile and internet bills.
- At the end of each month you’ll analyze if you’ve managed to follow the plan and save or spend extra money.
- Put all the returned debts to the money-box. In fact, it’s not an income. You just get back money that was taken away from you before. After all, you’ve managed to live without it all this time.
- Every time you buy something, round the sum up. Say, if you have a $74 bill, round it to a $100 and put the other $26 into the money-box. It's a great tool that'll allow you to save daily.
- Work out a system of penalties for yourself. You can “punish” yourself financially for bad habits like skipping the gym or having an argument with a partner or friend.
- Always make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket. This piece of advice is as old as the hills, but who actually follows it? Kakeibo fans do, and it works for them.
- The writing process activates the part of the brain that lets the information pass directly into memory.
- Writing makes the process personal. We internalize everything we write by hand; it becomes more important to us.

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Magic Tricks with Money! In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 10 EASY Magic Tricks with Money! Learn free magic tricks with money! Coins, Dollar Bills, and more magic you can do! Tutorials for each magic trick with step by step instructions :) Perfect magic tricks for kids, beginners and adults too! Family friendly magic tricks and magic pranks all with money! Thanks for watching, if you're new to our channel be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button for more awesome magic videos and welcome to the family! Also be sure to check out our online magic shop at the link below! Stay positive and Laugh@Life my friends!! :)


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How To Force A Card -

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Self Folding Dollar Bill Trick Revealed - 0:43
2.) PenaCoin Magic Coin Trick Explanation - 3:08
3.) Magic Water Squirting Coin Trick Prank - 5:08
4.) Two Headed Coin Flip Challenge Trick - 6:27
5.) Magic Card Carved in Coin Trick Revealed - 7:20
6.) How To Change A Coin Shim Shell Trick - 8:36
7.) Nickels to Dimes Magic Trick Explained - 9:57
8.) Flash Bills Magic Burning Fire Money Dollar - 12:54
9.) Pencil / Cigarette Thru Coin Trick Revealed - 13:58
10.) Pencil Thru Dollar Bill Magic Trick Revealed - 15:20
Bonus) Magic Mismade Inside Out Dollar Bill Trick - 17:58

GOOD LUCK in the FREE Magic Tricks GIVEAWAY!

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Benjamin Banks - How To Do Torn And Restored Bill Trick


Equipment used:
Canon 60D:
lens 50mm:
LED Lights:

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This is an easy version of the torn and restored bill trick. I will take you through step by step on how to perform the effect.

She Said No to This Guy, See What Happened Next

For some people, money equals happiness. It becomes so important that love, loyalty, and kindness lose their value. Unfortunately, life is a strict teacher, and it often shows that there are things much more important than wealth. This story of two friends, Laura and Jessica, serves as a reminder that greediness often plays a cruel joke on the people who live by it...

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10 Stories That Prove Life Is a Funny Thing


Gorgeous “material girl” VS. Cute mouse 0:16

“Cheap” presents for Jessica 2:01

How Laura found out the truth about James 4:24

Where did James disappear to? 5:20

As for Jessica... 8:28

Music by Epidemic Sound

- Both Laura and Jessica worked in a diner. Customers loved the funny and friendly waitresses and usually left them pretty nice tips.
- Laura had come to understand that you have to work hard to become successful in life. Jessica, on the other hand, was just waiting to marry rich so that she wouldn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of her life.
- One day, Laura was standing behind the counter when she saw a scruffy-looking guy lingering outside the window, looking in at all the diners enjoying big plates of home-style cooking.
- As he was about to leave, he saw Jessica cleaning the tables on the other side of the café. He froze at the door, almost paralyzed by her beauty.
- From time to time, he asked Laura to pass some little notes and gifts to his crush. Laura didn't have the heart to tell the man that every time Jessica saw his “cheap” presents, she’d throw them away and scrub her hands with soap and hot water.
- Laura and James started becoming good friends. They met almost every day during her lunch break.
- As fate would have it, he met a guy who convinced him that they should open a business together. It sounded like a great idea! One day, he found out that his partner had tricked him and forged the documents from the start.
- A week later, James seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Laura was worried sick. She couldn't sleep, she barely ate.
- James's story had been true, the investigation must have gone well, and the business was back in his hands.
- And if you never believed in happily-ever-afters, well, Laura is definitely an exception. They did end up spending the rest of their lives together.
- As for Jessica, things didn’t go so well for her. She never did get over the fact that she’d lost the millionaire of her dreams.

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How to do the best money magic trick ever

How to do the best money magic trick ever

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This video is a tutorial first I show you the trick then I show you how it is done. please watch the entire video.

I know this has nothing to do with electronics I just thought it was really cool and wanted to share with everyone. I hope you guys like it.

7 WEIRD things Christians should do with money

If you aren't a Christian these 7 things probably aren't going to make sense. ✅ Want practical money tips and Biblical principles on how to handle it? 🔔 Subscribe to our channel here:

But if you are, let this be an encouragement that God's ways of handling money are always better than the world's ways.

✅ Want tips to help you put more money in your pocket and Biblical principles on how to handle it? Subscribe to our channel here:

As a Christian the subject of money and finances can be a little uneasy. What do we do with what God has blessed us with? Are we allowed to enjoy our money? If you're looking for Biblical advice on what you as a Christian should do with your money, I want to share with you scripture I found that will help us out! These 7 points won't make sense with a secular financial mindset, but makes total sense when we trust God!


2️⃣► NOT TO BE WASTEFUL (03:11)


1️⃣ Getting out of debt: [9 benefits we found] ►
2️⃣ Encouraging Bible Verses [for Money & Finances] ►
3️⃣ Zero Based Budgeting ►


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📚Check out our books (by Bob Lotich) here:


1️⃣ 4 Financial Lessons from Solomon (The Richest Man Ever) ►
2️⃣ 5 Bible Verses about Money Every Christian Should Know ►
3️⃣ When you don’t see results from tithing ►

Please note: links mentioned may be affiliate links which help us support our channel and website!

In this video Bob Lotich talks about the 7 things Christians should do with money (that don't make sense). Strive for a debt-free life so that we can obey God to do what he has called us to do with the money he has given to us. He gives so that we can give. When we give we actually have more, be free with your giving.

How to Pass a Coin through the Hand | Coin Tricks

Like these Magic lessons !!! Check out the official app

Magician Essentials:
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Magic Cane:
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Bite Out Coin Trick:
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Watch more How to Do Coin Magic Tricks videos:

Here's a great trick to perform when you're out and about with friends. It will really blow their mind. Take a look. It's the coin through hand trick. I'm going to cause this coin to go down through the top of my hand. Now what I have to do is I have to find my soft spot here. Oh, there it is watch. On the count of three, oh. That coin just went through my hand. All you have to do, is have a total of two coins on your person. You can use quarters for this. You can use dimes, you can use dimes, I personally will be using half dollars.

And you have the second coin in a thumb clip or thumb crotch position. Right like that. Turn this hand down, pick up one coin, show it to your friends, angle your hand so that your hand is not like this, but at an angle. Say that you're going to find your soft spot by tapping the coin on your hand like that. This is the acting part. Then you're going to count to three, when you get to the number three, you're going to push the coin that you're holding like that. Through your fingers. Okay, and when you get to three and that coin is pushed, throw your fingers like that, and your thumb against your hand, your going to drop the coin that's in the thumb crotch down.

And it will land either in your friends hand if you have them cup their hands underneath your hand, or it will land on a table if you're just performing on a hard surface. So, once again, the performance on the count of three. One, two, three. And that coin has just gone through your hand. And that's the explanation behind the coin through hand magic trick.

How to Do the 1089 Number Trick | Magic Tricks

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Bite Out Coin Trick:
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Watch more Office Magic Tricks Revealed videos:

Rogue: Hey, Heather how you doing today?

Heather: Good, how are you?

Rogue: Good. Do you believe in psychic phenomenon?

Heater: I do.

Rogue:You do, I'm sure you'd believe a cool demonstration of psychic phenomenon. I just need a number, I guess between one and a thousand, a three digit number.

Heather: Um, 642.

Rogue: 642. You wanna change your mind or that's a good number? 642. I'm gonna actually ask you now to randomize this number. What is the reverse of 642?

Heather: Um, 246.

Rogue: 246. All right, let's subtract these numbers.

Heater: 642. 246. 396.

Rogue: 396?

Heather: Yeah.

Rogue: Actually, let's randomize some more. What's the reverse for 396?

Heather: 693.

Rogue: 693. And instead of subtracting them let's add them together. What number do you have for that? 396, plus 693.

Heather: 1089. One thousand 89.

Rogue: One thousand eight-nine. Totally random number, would you say?

Heater: Yep.

Rogue: Well, it's crazy. Before this uh, trick started, I wrote (?) on the back from last night, it happens to be 1089. Isn't that great?

Heather: That's crazy.

Rogue: Totally crazy.

Basically what you're going to do is have your spectator name any three digit number. You can tell them that zero's a no good, not a real number, and don't repeat the numbers, so let's just try, like 123. It can be any three digit number like I said, three different numbers. And you're going tell them you're going to randomize the number. What you're going to do then is basically you're going to reverse the number that they just named, which is 321. And you're going to put the larger number on top of the smaller one and you're going to subtract that number so it's best to have somebody ready with a calculator. In this case let's do this. 198, you tell them, you know what, let's randomize it a little bit more, which you have to do for the trick to actually work, you're going to reverse the new number, 198, which is 891, and this you're going to add, so first subtract, then you're going to add the two numbers together. And believe it or not, you almost always, I would say 95-98 percent, it would equal 1089.

And you're probably asking, what's the other number it could be? I would say 2 percent of the time it's going to be the number 99, in which case, you never want to look silly when you're doing a trick for somebody, so I would actually put a paper in my pocket in plain view, just in one pocket so they don't think you have a bunch of predictions all over the place, that says you will pick the number 99, just in case the number turns out to be 99, which is a very slim chance, but it'll either equal 1089, most of the time, or equal 99. I want you to have fun with this, this is amazing, any time there's paper around, pens, you can do this illusion, anytime, anywhere. Have fun and that's called the 1089 trick.


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