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7 Natural Chest Infection Treatments (Home Remedies)


Tips from a Pediatrician : Home Remedies for Chest Congestion in Children

You can treat chest congestion without respiratory distress in children at home using honey with lemon. Use a humidifier to help your child's congestion with help from a pediatrician in this free video on children's health.

Expert: Dr. David Hill
Bio: Dr. David Hill has more than 12 years of experience as a practicing pediatrician and is qualified with infants through teenagers.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Series Description: Children face many health issues, from dandruff to ringworm. Keep your children healthy with help from a pediatrician in this free video series on children's health.

BEST HOME REMEDIES for COVID 19 Recovery| Boost your immunity for Covid 19- Remedies at 5:37 mins

Hi Everyone,

This is something I had not shared with my Youtube Family. My family and I have been down with Coronavirus since the last 2 weeks. In this video, I share with you all our Covid 19 experience and all the things that we did, all the best possible home remedies we did in order to cure ourselves at home.

We opted for home isolation for all the 7 members in my house including 3 senior citizens in my house out of which my husband's grandfather is 96 years old.

The home remedies mentioned in this video are extremely effective in curing Coronavirus and will surely help you or your loved ones to get better and fight this disease. Please do try them and also do these as a precaution to boost your immunity against coronavirus.

Really hope this video is helpful!

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3 Cold Cough REMEDY ( for 1+ toddlers, kids & adults )

3 Cold Cough REMEDY ( for 1+ toddlers, kids & adults )

important: Please do not offer these for babies less than 12 months

RECIPE #1 - Lemon & Honey syrup (cold cough remedy)

Ingredients: ( for #1 - lemon & honey syrup )
1/2 - lemon juice( fresh ) or 1 lime juice
1 tsp - honey ( use 1/4 tsp for 1 year old baby )

for 1 - 2 year olds, use 1/4 tsp honey
for 2+ year kids & adults - use 1 tsp honey

RECIPE #2 - Thyme or Tulsi water (cold cough remedy)

Ingredients: ( for #2 - Thyme or tulsi water )
1 tbsp or 20 sprigs - Thyme leaves
( or 5 tulsi leaves )
1 tsp - cumin seeds
2 cups - water ( 500ml / half litre )

RECIPE #3 - Orange & honey juice (cold cough remedy)

Ingredients: ( for #3 - Orange & honey juice )
1 - orange (small) or 1/2 big orange
1/2 cup - water ( drinking water )
1/4 tsp - honey

For 1 - 5 year olds, use 1 small orange
For 5+ year kids & adults, use 1 big orange

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Home Made Cold and Flu Remedy

How to make cough sweets. Great natural cold and flu remedy.
Help soothe your throat and cure you if you're becoming ill. A natural medicine.

1 Cup of sugar
1/2 Cup of water
1 Tablespoon of lemon juice
1 Tablespoon of honey
1/2 Teaspoon of ground ginger
1/4 Teaspoon of ground cloves

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Home Remedy for Sore throat, Cough, Cold and Flu symptoms

Here is an easy decaffeinated Tea recipe which is an effective remedy against sore throat, cough and cold. Give it a try when you feel down and out and feel better soon.

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4 cups of water
( we'll boil it down to two cups)
2 inch piece of ginger chopped
2-4 tbsp mint leaves ( use fresh or dried)
1 stick of cinnamon
1-2 tsp Fennel seeds
4 cardamom pods
optional- cloves -3,4
1-2 tbsp honey

Brew all these ingredients together in the water for 5-6 mins (until water is reduced), change in color. Take that steam in for sinus relief and then pour tea in a cup ( pass it through strainer), sweeten it up with honey and enjoy.
Hope you feel better soon.

Natural Treatment For Cold And Cough | Easy Home Remedy | Effective Medicine | Cure The Cold

There are many types of cold and flu treatments that can help someone avoid an uncomfortable flu season. Stay virus free with help from a pediatrician in this free video series on cough and cold treatments.

GoodHealth #Cold&Cough #HomeRemedy #NaturalCure

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Best 20 HOME REMEDIES for COUGH and COLD for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

This video for all the new parents, who are all confused and very concerned when it comes to the little baby.

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Saline water

Indian Baby Food Recipe in English | Kids Food Recipes

How To Make Your Acne Disappear Overnight | 4 Home Remedies For Pimples

Acne spots popping up may be out of our control but driving them away overnight is something you can still manage! Dive into your kitchen for these affordable and widely available ingredients for these super simple DIYs!

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Our team of beauty, style, fitness and health experts brings you the best advice, tips, tricks and home remedies so you are always in-the-know, through quick videos that you can easily watch on your phone.

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5 Natural Ways to Reduce Asthma Issues | Sadhguru

On World Asthma Day, Sadhguru gives 5 simple tips for those suffering from asthma, that can help reduce asthma.

#Sadhguru #Asthma
Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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Cough & Cold : Home Remedies for Baby

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10 Nasal congestion home remedies | Nasal Congestion in Babies | Cough cold home remedy

Babies and kids suffer a lot with cough, cold and regular nasal congestion with the change in weather and many other reasons. Know the cause and 10 simple cough and cold home remedies to get rid of the same.
Learn from totsandmoms how to avoid nasal congestion and breathing problem in babies. Closed nose and breathing problem in babies decreases will harm the infants and toddlers. Learn the cough cold home remedies to avoid and treat your baby at home.
homemade baby food also helps to fight off the nasal congestion. Learn easy baby food recipe and soups for cough and cold.

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▶️Vaccination :
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Remedies :

▶️Soups Recipes –
▶️3 Drinks to relieve cold –

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#coughcoldTAM #babycareTAM #nasalcongestionTAM

5 Home Remedies for Nasal Allergies | Parents

From spicy foods to compresses to onions (really!), here are five natural remedies to help ease your child's nasal allergies without medication.

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Chest Congestion - Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Chest congestion occurs when there is an obstruction to the flow of oxygen into the lungs due excessive mucus and fluid in the lungs . Watch how you can treat chest congestion using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!

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Chest Congestion:

• Chest congestion refers to a feeling of heaviness and pressure in chest
• It occurs when there is an obstruction to the flow of oxygen into the lungs
• If neglected, it may lead to pneumonia or asthma

Symptoms to look for:

• Pressure in the chest
• Difficulty in breathing


• Deposit of excess mucus and fluid in the lungs
• Common cold
• Respiratory infections
• Flu or viral infections
• Heart diseases

Natural home remedy using onion, lemon juice and honey:

1. Crush 1 onion to paste
2. Press this paste on a sieve and extract its juice
3. Add 4 tbsp lemon juice
4. Add 2 tbsp water
5. Add 2 tbsp honey
6. Mix well
7. Heat the mixture till it turns lukewarm
8. Have it thrice a day

Natural home remedy using milk, turmeric powder, black pepper powder and honey:

1. Take 1 glass hot milk
2. Add ½ tsp turmeric powder
3. Add a pinch of black pepper powder
4. Add 2 tsp honey
5. Mix well
6. Drink it hot




These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be prepared at home. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist. Refer to the terms of use on our website

7 Ways to Get Rid of Chest Congestion | Health

Try these natural remedies, home treatments, and meds that really work. Watch the video for tips to get rid of chest congestion.

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How to manage chest congestion in infants? - Dr. Shaheena Athif

Infants with respiratory infections usually presents with running nose, cold cough. Cough can be either a dry cough or a wet cough. In small babies, if there is a running nose, there is usually a blocked nose in the nose and this is usually in the night and there is a lot of problem for breathing for the kid. To relieve this, we can start with a plain nasal saline drops can be instilled in both the nostrils and followed by steam inhalation. Steam inhalation opens up the nostrils and also the sinus also opens. It makes the mucus secretion more liquidy and helps the baby to breathe more easily. If there is a chest congestion or if the child has a fast breathing, these are some of the signs and the child has to be taken to pediatrician to check immediately if there is any chest congestion which requires any further medical management. Otherwise at home, you have to use nasal drops, steam inhalation, and you can place the baby at a heightened elevation, that is around 45 degree slanting position so that the secretions to not trickle down and irritate the respiratory mucosa.

7 natural chest infection treatments ( simple home remedies )



In this video, we are going to learn 7 Natural Chest Infection Treatments (Simple Home Remedies)
Have you been experiencing shortness of breath, a relentless cough, yellow or green mucus fatigue, a penis and or a fever?

If so, then you may have been suffering from a chest infection, however just know that you are not alone in this condition. Chest infections prevail and often appear after or in addition to the flu or a common cold.

Often the symptoms can be extreme other times they're moderate and can go away by themselves. However did you know that there are some natural treatments that you can utilize to assist speed up the procedure in this video we're going to cover seven natural approaches for treating a chest infection that can assist clean up your lungs and make breathing easier if you're ready?

Let's enter into, firstly, you can attempt the traditional lemon and honey option sipping on a solution of lemon honey and warm water is a classic home remedy that is widely utilized throughout the world.
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Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Simple Home Remedies channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.

How To Get Rid Of Sinus – 2 Ways | Home Remedies with Upasana | Mind Body Soul

Medically known as sinusitis, a sinus infection occurs when your nasal cavities become swollen and inflamed. Watch this video and know simple and quick home remedy tips to get rid of sinus instantly!

Method 1 :

Roast 1tsp of cumin with 7 to 8 black peppercorns.
Crush them slightly and mix it with 1 tsp of honey.
Have it 2 to 3 time during the day.

Method 2 :

Mix 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds, 7 to 8 black peppercorns, 1 tsp cinnamon powder and 1 tsp honey in water.
Allow it to boil for 10 minutes.
Strain the mixture and have it hot for instant relief.

Host: Upasana
Director: Suchandra Basu
Camera: Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Manjeet Katariya, Akshay Durgule
Editing: Kishor Rai
Creative Head: Kavya Krishnaswamy
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
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6 Home Remedies For Allergies, Air Pollution - Beat The Smog With Turmeric Milk/Golden Milk

beat the smog with 6 easy home remedies, home remedies for asthma, allergy, to protect your self from air pollution, and to sleep better. turmeric milk recipe, golden milk recipe, haldi doodh for allergies. #delhismog #smog #turmeric #turmericmilk
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Mango Lassi Overnight Oats:

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored video and this product was bought with my own money.

Copyright (c):, this recipe is developed and first published on Jan 6, 2017 by Nisa Homey

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Do not have this drink if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have any kidney disease or on a blood thinning medication.

Pregnant and lactating women should consult their health practitioner before trying out natural home remedies or any remedies in this channel.
Those with celiac disease should avoid gluten (wheat, barley, oats, rye etc along with processed foods like cakes, biscuits, cookies etc made with the mentioned grains).
This video is only intended for an informational purpose.Readers are subjected to use this information on their own risk.This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin care problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this..

The content is offered on an informational basis only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustment to a medication or treatment you are currently using, and/or starting any new medication or treatment. All recommendations are “generally informational” and not specifically applicable to any individual’s medical problems, concerns and/or needs.
All the content published on this channel is our own creative work and is protected under copyright law.

How to Treat Nasal Congestion in Babies?

Is your infant suffering from a blocked nose? Check out this video to know some easy remedies to Treat Nasal Congestion in babies.

If unattended, nasal congestion might give sleepless nights and discomfort to your baby. Thus, if you observe symptoms such as sneezing, snoring, and runny nose, you can reach out for some effective remedies to reduce your baby’s discomfort. Here, we are sharing few easy baby stuffy nose remedies that can work well for most babies.

#NasalCongestionInBabies #NasalCongestionInInfantHomeRemedies #StuffyNoseInBaby #NaturalRemediesForNasalCongestionInBabies

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What are the symptoms of pneumonia in children & its management? - Dr. Dhanashree Kulkarni

The typical symptoms of pneumonia in children are high grade fever. It is also fast breathing and cough. Cough sometimes may not be present but a high grade fever and a fast difficulty. Sometimes they may present a difficulty in feeding when they are younger children. The younger the child, the more the severity can be of pneumonia. to prevent pneumonia, you can give the vaccines known as the pneumococcal and HIB influenza and also the parents should be aware of these kind of symptoms so that there is no delay in referring such a child to the nearest hospital facility. So mainly I would say fever, fats breathing and difficulty in breathing or feeding and cough. The management of pneumonia is as follows. It depedns on the severity of the illness. if the child is brought early in the course of the disease, it is just a fever and a cough, this child can be treated on an outpatient basis and we can treat them on oral antibiotics and tell them about the danger signs which if are present they need to come back early and they need a regular follow up for this. In case the severity of the illness is more, that is if there is a difficulty in breathing and the child is not able to feed at all, it is better that the child is treated in the hospital itself after admissions. typically we start the on iv fluids to maintain their duration, we start them on iv antibiotics based on the pathogen that we suspect. We get an x-ray done to see what is the severity and the extent of the pneumonia and we asses them every day. When there are viral epidemics like the flu virus that is currently present in Pune, we start them on antiviral treatment. Generally we get a good response to antibiotics after 48 to 72 hours. The criteria for the discharge would be if the child is not having any breathing difficulty, fever has settled and have a reasonable oral intake. That can be the criteria to discharge . However in all such cases, the parents should be aware of the danger signs , which if present the child should be brought back.



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