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ARDEX Surfaces - Overview Commercial


ARDEX Surfaces - Overview Commercial

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ARDEX Surfaces allow for a wide array of finished surfaces that install fast thanks to an exclusive self-drying technology, and last for decades. When installed over properly prepared substrates, they provide a consistent, smooth and flat floor with a unique appearance. ARDEX Surfaces are flooring toppings that range from turn-key pour and seal to designer or artistic floors that can match any designer’s vision. When you install ARDEX Surfaces, you’ll have a beautiful, durable floor for years to come.

ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® XF™ - Launch Commercial

Introducing ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® XF™ Self-Drying Cement-Based Cement Underlayment. You need products you can trust. Experience has taught you that FEATHER FINISH delivers quality on the job when you need it the most. Now you have a second option, with the same trusted performance.

ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® XF™ - Self-Drying, Cement-Based Finish Underlayment

-Provides a smooth surface prior to the installation of floor covering over a variety of substrates
-Castor wheel approved
-Install floor coverings in as little as 15 minutes
-Only available in the US

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Ask the expert ARDEX Surfaces

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Meet Craig and learn more about the ARDEX Surface choices available to you. Want to see the floor before you install? Want to hear insider tips about successful installations? This is the video for you!

Product Overview - ARDEX K 523™

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ARDEX K 523™ Self-Leveling Concrete Topping with Aggregate Surface is a turn-key topping designed to be polished in as little as 24 hours. It features a salt and pepper blend of aggregates, about 2-3 mm in size.

Product Overview - ARDEX K 520™

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ARDEX K 520™ Self-Leveling Concrete Topping is a pour and seal solution – easy to install and can be pumped or poured, then sealed once cured. It’s ideal for areas where you want a consistent, finished concrete surface.

ARDEX Americas Corporate Video

Excellence in Products, Services and People differentiates ARDEX Americas from other manufacturers of Engineered Cements®, adhesives and high-performance building products. Watch to find out the added benefits you receive with every ARDEX and HENRY® package.

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Before beginning any installation, please review the full product technical data sheet available at Follow proper safety procedures as per the product Safety Data Sheet. As certain ARDEX products contain quartz sand, please review our recommendations for the installation of ARDEX products with consideration to the new OSHA Standard on quartz sand / crystalline silica. These can be found in our “ARDEX Products and OSHA Silica Standard Housekeeping guidelines” at

Product Overview - ARDEX SD-T®

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ARDEX SD-T® Self-Drying, Self-Leveling Concrete Topping features self-drying technology for faster turn around. It can be pigmented integrally or topically stained to achieve many different looks.

ARDEX Concrete Restoration System - System Commercial

ARDEX Concrete Restoration System - System Commercial
Do you have damaged, unsightly concrete? The expense of replacing old, spalled, cracked concrete can be staggering. Instead, consider a more economical solution: restore your driveway, sidewalks, patio or pool deck, in just three easy steps! You can prep, dress and seal old concrete with the ARDEX Concrete Restoration System.

Step one: prep the concrete with ARDEX CP Concrete Patch. Repair, re-slope and re-form concrete walls and surfaces fast!

Step two: dress the concrete with ARDEX CD™ or ARDEX CD™ FINE Concrete dressing. Resurface worn and spalled concrete to provide a “new concrete” look and finish!

Step three: seal and protect your concrete repair with ARDEX CG Concrete Guard™. Protect all absorbent concrete and masonry surfaces and create a durable and abrasion-resistant finish!

Achieve a brand-new concrete surface at a fraction of the cost of tearing out and replacing worn concrete.

To learn more, call your ARDEX Sales Professional at 888-512-7339 or go to

SALS Express - Simple Accurate Leveling System - DIY How To Install Large Format Floor Tiles

You can now purchase SALS Express online here -

SALS EXPRESS is a Simple Accurate Levelling System for a more precise, fast installation eliminating lippage, the unwanted uneven joints between tiles, minimising shrinkage issues and virtually eliminating any tile surface marks and scratches.

ARDEX Group Global Image Video

Recognized by installation experts, the ARDEX Group delivers industry-leading innovation and time-tested consistent solutions to the most complex installations. Built on a foundation of product performance and a global focus on training, the ARDEX Group leads through local customer interaction striving for excellence in customer experience.

Product Overview - ARDEX SD-M™

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ARDEX SD-M™ Designer Floor Finish™ can be used over concrete, terrazzo and ceramic, quarry and porcelain tile to create a burnish-polished surface. It can provide a hard, flat, smooth surface for warehouses, utility rooms, and light manufacturing facilities.

ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® XF™ - Undisclosed Installer - Commercial

We’re proud to announce the US release of ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® XF™. As detailed in this dramatization, ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® XF™ is a new product that shares many of the same properties as classic ARDEX FEATHER FINISH®. Look for it at a distributor near you!

ARDEX VR 98™ INTRODUCING ARDEX VR 98™!- 30 Second Commercial

ARDEX VR 98™ INTRODUCING ARDEX VR 98™!- 30 Second Commercial
ARDEX VR 98™ Fast Track, One Component Moisture Vapor Retarder, is a solution for Residual construction moisture up to 98% RH.
Fast track installation:
• Large unit
• Ready to use
• No Floor Profile Required
• Fast Drying
• No Primer

For more information on ARDEX VR 98™, please visit or call 1-888-512-7339 to find your local ARDEX Americas Sales Professional.

Product Overview - ARDEX PC-T™

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ARDEX PC-T™ Polished Concrete Topping is features self-drying technology for fast turn around. It can be integrally pigmented, or topically stained, to achieve a wide variety of designer appearances, or to match an existing floor.

Product Overview - ARDEX K 521™

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ARDEX K 521™ Self-Leveling Concrete Topping with Aggregate Surface is a turn-key topping designed to be polished in as little as 24 hours. It features a light aggregate ranging from 2-3 mm in size.

Ardex CD, CD fine,and K520 Demonstration

Demo of a few products

ARDEX Australia - Concrete Crack Lock - A revolution in Carbon Fibre Crack Stitching

Another Australian first by ARDEX - Rhino Carbon Fiber's Concrete Crack Lock!

Carbon-Fibre Crack Bridging Stitch. The Concrete Crack Lock (CCL) is a revolutionary new product that was developed to improve concrete crack repair. It is High Strength, Non-Corrosive and Alkali Resistant with Minimal Aesthetic Impact.

11. Ramping Part 2: Layering the mortar

You Deserve High Quality Flooring At A Fair Price. Supply And Installation

Evolved Floors brings together the most innovative and affordable luxury flooring collections, including loose lay vinyl planks and tiles, fully bonded vinyl, engineered timber flooring, hardwood timber, bamboo, carpet, carpet tiles and polished concrete flooring.

Our versatile and extensive range of products equips designers and end users alike with flooring to complement any space - commercial or residential - on any scale.

Evolved Floors is a company based on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, supplying high quality flooring locally and delivering flooring Australia - wide.

- Acoustic Luxfeel Timber Style flooring - loose lay vinyl planks
- Revolution glue down vinyl planks.
- Illusions Loose Lay planks and tiles
- Amtico vinyl
- Karndean Van Gogh
- Karndean Art Select
- Amtico Signature
- Karndean Opus
- Karndean Looselay series 1, 2 and 3 wood and stone
- Karndean Loose Lay longboard
- Godfrey Hirst Designer Jet Carpet
- Hurford Engineered Timbers: HM Walk, Australian Native, Elegant Oak, Premiere Oak, Clic Oak, First Floors.
- Engineered Timber
- Concrete flooring

At Evolved Floors we are the only experts on the Gold Coast to supply and install Loose Lay Vinyl Tiles and Planks, within the green Zone. The green Zone covers Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and up to North Brisbane.

We understand new flooring is a big decision, so we have created a custom made one of a kind designer showroom where you can take your shoes off and experience the feel of high quality flooring. Pick some samples and take them home, we are here to help you choose the best style for you.

What is loose lay? Loose Lay is an innovative new format of luxury vinyl flooring that's quick and easy to install. This product uses an innovative backing which eliminates the need for click-locking as the weight and friction of the material itself secures the floor in place. Featuring enhanced acoustic properties and excellent environmental credentials, Loose Lay has been tried and tested in key markets worldwide, proving itself to be an ideal flooring system.







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Address: Unit 4, 6-8 Enterprise street
Molendinar, QLD 4214
Ph: 07 5539 6260

Install LooseLay LVT with ARDEX AF 825 Surface Tackifier

ARDEX AF 825 Surface Tackifier is ideal for LooseLay Luxury Vinyl Tile installations.

- Quick and easy to install
- No adhesive transfer on the back of the floorcovering
- Easy to replace or repair damaged tiles
- Ideal for use in temporary spaces, retail, residential and commercial
- Solvent free and low odour
- Covers up to Up to 125m²

ARDEX WPC Flexible Rapid Drying Waterproof Protection Coating

01440 714939

ARDEX WPC creates a waterproof coating that prevents
water penetrating through the tiling background, which could otherwise result in costly damage to walls, floors and ceilings in adjacent rooms.

- Protects moisture sensitive backgrounds, including plasterboard, from moisture ingress

- RAPIDRY Formula allows tiling to commence after 90 minutes

- Ideal for use in commercial and domestic wetrooms, showers, bathrooms and kitchens

- Quick and easy to apply with a roller, paint brush or trowel

- Adjustable mix consistency suitable for filling holes and gaps, as well as for general application

- Suitable for wall and floor applications

Colours Available: Grey

Unit Size Available: 10kg



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