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Composition for Noobs | Beginner Guide


Composition for Noobs | Beginner Guide

Learn the basics of composition so you can take your photos, artwork, video and digital art to the next level!

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Photography for Noobs:

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Color Theory for Noobs | Beginner Guide

Learn how the basics of color theory to help take your artwork to the next level!
Composition for Noobs:
Photography for Noobs:

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Julian Ball / Flow Graphics

Composition in Art

Learn how to create great compositions in your drawings and paintings. In this lesson, we discuss several composition strategies including creating focal points, the principles of design, positive and negative space, the rule of thirds, planning, using diagonals, using odd numbers and more.

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Photography Basics for Noobs | Beginner Guide

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In this video, I will show you how to use the basic settings for a camera to take manual photos. I go through iso, shutter speed and aperture and what they all do and how they affect each other. Enjoy!

Composition for Noobs:
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In this five-part tutorial series, we'll review the basics of Avid Sibelius 7.5, so you can get started fast and make music as quickly as possible.

In this lesson, we'll jump right in and cover the most fundamental elements of music notation: notes and rhythms. We'll go over how to enter music using the mouse, a virtual on-screen keyboard, and your computer keyboard, and we'll use your MIDI keyboard to play music right into Sibelius. We'll also cover how to select, copy, move and delete music in your score.

Beginner Figure Drawing (1 of 10) - Overview of the learning process

Get our guide ‘Life Drawing Success’, which is all about the one big mistake which led to all my other mistakes:

This is the start of our series of tutorials on figure drawing for beginners. For other lessons in the series, check out this playlist:

In this lesson, we give an overview of the learning process we are going to use in this video mini-course. We talk about how much information to take in, how learning to draw is a big adventurous journey and why the first step is to learn to build, rather than print, your drawings.

This is part of our free First Steps mini-course for people starting to learn to draw human figures. It's designed to give you a structured series of exercises and lessons that will build your life drawing confidence. There's so much to learn at once, so we want to support you through the early stages, without overloading you with skills that can be learned later in the journey.

We hope you enjoy it! Learn more about the First Steps course at and please subscribe to this channel for future lessons - we've got some great ones prepared!

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How to Make 5 SIMPLE Animations in AFTER EFFECTS CC

CREATE THESE FIVE EASY ANIMATIONS IN AFTER EFFECTS! | We will cover five essential animations in After Effects and cover the exact techniques that will help you get started animating in After Effects today!

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In this After Effects tutorial, we will check out how to work with the basic animation tools and techniques available to us in After Effects. We’ll do a zoom in animation, a fade in animation, a pop out animation, look at easing and some tricks with the Graph Editor, and some cool animations you have access to in After Effects’ “Effects” panel. If you’re new to the animation game or new to After Effects, you’re going to love what you pick up in this tutorial! Thanks for watching!

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10 Typography and Design Tips for Beginners

- Learn more!
Get the Typography Geekmaster achievement by following through this typography tutorial for beginners. Watch these 10 tips that'll help you to fast-track your typography education.
0:24 - 1. Hierarchy
0:54 - 2. How to Pair Fonts
2:09 - 3. White Space
2:48 - 4. Alignment
3:53 - 5. Readability
4:21 - 6. Color in Typography
5:44 - 7. Contrast
7:12 - 8. Consistency
7:33 - 9. Text layout
8:04 - 10. Variety in Design

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3 Most Important Tips For Beginner Portrait Photographers | Miguel Quiles

Portrait photography is all about capturing the personality, character, and mood of the subject, and that's how it gets an artistic representation. Miguel Quiles shares the most important things you need to know if you're a beginner in portrait photography to achieve the best photos that can always be treasured. Check out more Miguel Quiles videos here:

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - Pay Attention to Details
01:22 - Be Decisive
02:23 - Evaluate Your Lighting

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In this video, Miguel Quiles shares three tips for all beginner portrait photographers out there.

Introduction to After Effects: Tutorial for Beginners |

2 Months Free Adobe After Effects Training ►

Learn the basics of Adobe After Effects in this introduction tutorial video. Get started as a beginner to learn the essentials of the program.

As you know, we are huge fans of Adobe Premiere Pro and all the abilities it has. Some of our more popular tutorials cover 3D effects, glitches, compositing and more. But most of these tasks are long winded in Premiere Pro. Their success is probably because of the step to Adobe After Effects: a new application, so many buttons and windows.

After Effects is Adobe's compositing program to create animation, special effects and more. But with the endless possibilities and tools to create these effects, it's harder to get started with After effects if you are just a beginner. In this tutorial video we will explain the basics of After Effects en the most used tools needed to create an immediate result.

You can describe After Effects as the Photoshop for video, because it handles the same principals. For example: the end result is mostly made out of layers on top of each other, blending and merging into a whole new video. But the obvious difference is that Adobe After Effects also works with time and moving objects, which can make it more complicated and chaotic. Like Photoshop it also has a lot of tools and endless possibilities to achieve effects with these options. That's why it takes years to understand After Effects as there is always something new to learn.

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10 Tips for Beginner Digital Artists

Here's my top 10 tips for beginner digital artists. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! These are the things that I always keep in mind when I draw digitally. I hope they helped!
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Ibis paint:
Fire Alpaca:
Gimp (apparently not the best):
Paint tool SAI (not free):
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Kawai Kitsune, Odyssey, On my Way
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How much to CHARGE for VIDEOGRAPHY (Beginner's Guide)

As a beginner it's often difficult to find out how much you should be charging for your work, and any help you do get is vague. Why is it such a closely guarded secret?

In this video I talk about basic strategies for pricing yourself as a new videographer, how much to charge for your first projects, working for free and securing bigger and better jobs.

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Video Chapters:
0:00 - Intro
1:24 - My Rate
2:08 - How Much To Charge
6:08 - Working For Free
7:55 - Price Cap
10:02 - Niche Examples
15:40 - Working For Exposure
18:41 - Scaling & Next Steps
21:29 - Closing Thoughts

WHAT BEGINNER COMIC ARTISTS DO WRONG! [I Went from 100 Readers to 50,000+]

How I went from having 100 readers after months of work to getting over 1,000 in less than a week.

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Understanding Lenses | A Beginner's Guide to Photography Ep. 3

Lenses are probably just as important if not more than important than the camera body. The lens determines the focal length and quality of a photo, affecting it in many ways. In this video we will go over the basics of lenses to help you understand what lens you would want to use for certain situations or which lens to purchase next.

Intro 00:00
Topics 00:52
Two Most Common Lens Types - Primes and Zooms 01:18
Focal Length and Uses 04:38
Comparing Focal Lengths 08:14
Image Quality 13:58
Crop Factor 18:14
Comparing the same lens on a full frame and APS-C 19:27
Summary 23:18

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

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Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

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Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

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Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

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Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

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Pencil Shading Techniques: Introduction

Learn realistic shading techniques to add texture to your line drawings using different pencil shading techniques! Which techniques did you use to shade the objects from the practice section? I'm very curious to know!

Blog Version:

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How to Shade for Beginners:

- Derwent Graphic Pencils:
- SmudgeGuard Glove:

Intro - 0:00
Pencil Shading Techniques: 0:15
Combine Shading Techniques: 1:55
Shading Practice: 3:05

Overhead Camcorder for Tutorials (Canon Vixia HF R400):
Overhead Camcorder Mount:
Camera for every other angle (Sony a 5000):
Portrait Lens:
Macro (Closeup) Lens:
Light Bulbs:

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Beginner's guide to portrait photography

Looking to get that perfect portrait picture? Canon talks to us about which features you can use on your camera, to get that ideal shot.

Beginner's guide to landscape photography

Improve your landscape photos by understanding the key features on your camera. Our Canon expert explains how you can get the best shot.

How To Use Instagram 2020 Beginner's Guide - Part 2

How To Use Instagram 2020 Beginner's Guide - Part 2

Hi Youtube!

This video is everything you need to know about Instagram including how to use it, the app layout, and what each tabs do. In this video I will show you how scroll through your instagram feed, search for instagram users, comment or like a post, post a photo or video, use hashtags, check your activity and check your profile out.

Instagram is an app for your smart phone that you can use to keep up with the latest trend, follow your favourite celebrities, post a picture for your friends and family, get more exposure for your business and more! You can capture or upload your own photos and videos, edit them with Instagram’s built-in editor, and share them with your followers. Best of all, it’s free!

Here are topics I will cover in the video.
1. Download the app and setup an account on Instagram
2. Explain the Home Feed
3. How add users
4. How to comment and like a post
5. Post a image on Instagram
6. How to use Hashtag
7. Check your activity
8. Profile page

Hope you found this helpful? If yes please leave a comment and let me know!

Share and Subscribe guys! Would really appreciate it!

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How to Use Composition (Beginner's Guide).

Today I am showing you how to further understand and use composition in your photos. Your photos will become much better if you practice this.

Photos by: Daniel, Fabrizio & Jake (me)
Photo Editing: Daniel
Video Editing: Jake (me)

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