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Coronavirus: How to protect your home against COVID-19


Coronavirus: How to protect your home against COVID-19

Here are some cleaning and hygiene tips to help keep the COVID-19 virus out of your home.

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Coronavirus Precautions: What To Do & What Not To | COVID 19

Here's what you should and shouldn't do to keep yourself safe from #Coronavirus.

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Covid Face Masks | Best + Worst Face Masks For Covid-19 Prevention | Dr. William Li

Most and least effective face masks to protect against Covid-19 ranked, including N95 masks, surgical masks + cloth masks — according to a doctor.

How to make Disinfectant Spray at Home using C.D.C & W.H.O Methods, Easy Steps, DIY, Corona Virus

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Method 1)
• 75 ml or ⅓rd cup sterile distilled or boiled cold water
• 175ml 3/4th cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol

Method 2)
• 500 ml or 2 cup sterile distilled or boiled cold water
• 2 tbsp of Bleaching powder

Method 3)
• 1 cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol
• 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide
• ¼ cup, 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon (or 85 milliliters) of sterile distilled or boiled cold water

Dettol Method)
• 500 ml or 2 cup sterile distilled or boiled cold water
• 1.6 tbsp of Dettol

Method to clean fruits & vegetables
• 500 ml or 2 cup sterile distilled or boiled cold water
• ½ cup of distilled white vinegar

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How long does the coronavirus last inside the body?

As coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise, you might be wondering just how long you’ll be sick if you do contract COVID-19.

Here are the symptoms you’ll be dealing with, when they’ll likely strike, and how long it will take until you’re fully recovered.

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Coronavirus Safety & Readiness Tips | How To Protect Your Home From Coronavirus | How To Disinfect

We all are aware about how contagious coronovirus is. Thus, it's very important that along with taking all the health measures, we make sure that this virus doesn't enter our homes. In this video I am sharing some very important and practical tips to protect your home from COVID-19.

Hope you enjoy watching this!
Let's fight this pandemic together.


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How to Sanitize Your Home for the Coronavirus Pandemic and Keep Covid-19 at Bay

If you want some extra assurance that you're doing all you can to stay safe, here are several things you can do to protect your home in case covid-19 crops up in your community.

In just a few weeks, the coronavirus made serious inroads into American communities, even as its global death toll grows. Many health experts are saying that the opportunity to contain the spread of the virus is over; now, it's time to do what we can to mitigate what the World Health Organization is now deeming a pandemic.

Many people are worried about what they should do as the situation develops. Should they hunker down at home—and is there anything they should do there to prepare? Here are some covid sanitization tips to use during the coronavirus pandemic:

00:15 - #1: Fight germs at your home now
01:05 - #2: Stock up on supplies
01:32 - #3: Stock up your medicine cabinet
01:49 - #4: Consider working remotely

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Coronavirus Awareness Poster Drawing | How to Draw Easy Poster of Corona Covid 19 Prevention

Coronavirus Awareness Poster Drawing | How to Draw Easy Poster of Corona Covid 19 Prevention.

Hi All, since coronavirus become a pandemic around the world, I think it is important to us to share about coronavirus prevention. So, here I am going to draw easy poster about covid-19 awareness.

I know that this video is out of my niche, but i think all of us should take a part of coronavirus prevention, so, this video is made on purpose to tell people about covid 19 awareness.

This coronavirus poster tells us about what should we do to prevent and fight coronavirus. One of the solution is social distancing or stay at home. And the important thing is always clean our hand with hand sanitizer or soap. And also use mask when you sick

I hope this easy poster can force us to care about coronavirus prevention. Let's fight corona virus and help the victims

I also want to say thank you to medical team who help to care the victim of coronavirus. Hope this pandemic will be over as soon as possible. Amiin.

#CoronavirusPrevention #Covid19 #CoronavirusAwareness #EasyPosterDrawing

Coronavirus in Tamil | Information and Prevention Tips in Tamil

In this video we will see some information about coronavirus in tamil. Coronavirus has caused a lot of myths and misinformation to spread in the social media. We will see how to prevent coronavirus infection and how to stay safe.

Friends, please do follow the social distancing and follow the lockdown protocol. This will prevent widespread infection. Please follow your social responsibility and make productive use of your free time.

How to Protect YOUR Package Deliveries From CoronaVirus COVID-19

In this video in our new age of Caronavirus outbreak and quarantine, we show you some tips on how to protect you and your family from package deliveries you get from UPS, Fedex, Amazon, USPS, Amway and others. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the Coronavirus COVID-19 can survive and be viable on cardboard for up to 24 hours.

New England Journal of Medicine article on Caronavirus mentioned in this video:
Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1:

Remember that SARS-CoV-2 is COVID-19, and it was formerly called HCoV-19 when it wa sfirst discovered late in 2019.

caronavirus on cardboard?

Is it is true, you can have caronavirus cardboard! Lab tests have shown the COVID-19 virus can be viable on cardboard for 24 hours. This is why you need to take special precautions when you receive your shipments of packages in cardboard boxes from Amazon Prime, and UPS, and others. Don't allow the shipping container, which is the cardboard box to get in your house, use glove to open the box and remove your product delivery.

How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Today I show you how to protect yourself from catching Coronavirus. There are a few simple steps you can take each day to ensure your chances of catching COVID-19 remain low. Wearing a mask and regularly hand sanitising does help - but there is more that can be done. To learn how to truly protect yourself from catching Coronavirus (or any other virus) simply follow the step by step instructions in this video. Be safe out there - Together we can end this global pandemic and return everything to normal.

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5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus & Boost Your Immune System

▶︎ Research
WHO on COVID19 and Masks

Dr. W. Ian Lipkin on Coronavirus

Immune System Boosters (WebMD)

Harvard Medical School on Coronavirus

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How to Draw Coronavirus Covid-19 | Stay home and draw with me ????

Let's draw a COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS with marker and colored pencils ! It's very easy art tutorial for beginners, only follow me step by step, if you need more time, you can make pause.

I use a black marker to show the drawing better, but it will be easier to begin drawing with a pencil, so that you can correct it with an eraser. Then the drawing is ready, you outline it with a black marker.

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How to Draw Stay Home Save Lives Easy Poster | Coronavirus Covid-19 Awareness Poster Drawing

How to Draw Stay Home Save Lives Easy Poster | Coronavirus Covid-19 Awareness Poster Drawing.

Coronavirus Awareness Poster Drawing for beginners.

Stay Home, Save Your Life
Stay Home, Save Lives !

Hi All, welcome to my channel. In this video, I am going to draw a poster about coronavirus again. This is my 3rd poster about covid 19 prevention.

To find another poster drawing about coronavirus awareness, you can check my playlist Easy Poster Drawing.

It is a simple coronavirus prevention awareness poster drawing. How to draw Stay Home Save Life.

To prevent covid 19 infection, people should stay home and seriously do the social distancing. Protect our family from corona virus.

Since coronavirus become a pandemic around the world, Government of countries ask people to stay home.

But, not everybody can stay home for many reasons. So, I hope this easy poster can tell us to care about coronavirus prevention. Let's fight coronavirus and help each other to survive.

Once more,

#CoronavirusPrevention #Covid19 #CoronavirusAwareness #EasyPosterDrawing

Drawing of Coronavirus / Save Earth from Corona Virus /Awareness Safety Poster

Awareness Safety Poster. Easy Drawing for beginners
Drawing of Coronavirus / Save Earth from Corona Virus (COVID-19)

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5 Ways To Energize Your Home - Corona Virus: Part 4: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Meditation For Protection From Corona Virus:

BK Shivani shares a daily routine to utilize our time wisely, so that we remain energized, and also energize our home and family. We need to begin our day with spiritual study and meditation, keep our thoughts and words pure through the day and empower them. This is also a good time to clean our mind and change unhealthy sanskars.

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Pooja Makhija’s Home Remedies to Protect Against COVID- 19 I Coronavirus Home Remedies | The Foodie

Watch this video in which Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija shares quick-fix remedies to protect against Coronavirus

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How to clean and disinfect your home l #LockdownLife

Apart from practicing hygiene at a personal level, it is also very important to be aware of the surroundings. The contaminated objects and subjects can easily become a source of transmission of the disease. So here we have listed a few important ways to disinfect and clean your house to avoid any type of contamination at home.
#HomeSanitization #CoronaLockdown
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Top 5 popular shows you can watch during self-isolation:

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How to Protect Yourself from CORONAVIRUS Covid-19 (Hindi / Punjabi)

Here are few simple steps we can take that can protect us from CoronaVirus.

I did not shoot this video to educate audience about CoronaVirus but to educate them on how to prevent themselves from any air-borne disease.

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Disinfect Your Kitchen The Right Way | How to Protect from Coronavirus

In Disinfect Your Kitchen The Right Way | How to Protect from Coronavirus, Denise Jordan shows how to use disinfectant products the right way to disinfect your kitchen and protect your family from COVID-19. Best cleaning products against the coronavirus? Watch the video! #springcleanwithmeserieskitchen2020 #protectfromcoronavirus
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About this video:
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