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Drain Cleaner Powder Making 100% Real Formula


DIY Drain Cleaner

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Natural drain cleaners are a safer alternative to the chemical ones. as they do not emit toxic fumes and are harmless and eco-friendly. Watch how you can make drain cleaner using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Click here to subscribe - Check other ###NATURAL HOME REMEDIES### videos:

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Drain Cleaner:

The commercial drain cleaners may:

• Contain harmful chemicals
• Cause skin irritation
• Respiratory problems

Natural drain cleaners are:

• Safe
• Non toxic
• Eco-friendly
• Remove grease and scum naturally
• Easy to prepare

Natural drain cleaner using baking soda & vinegar:

1. First pour ½ cup baking soda into the drain directly
2. Immediately after this pour ½ cup of vinegar into the drain
3. Allow the fizzing action to do its work
4. When the fizzing has stopped pour about a jug of hot water into
the drain

This cleaner will unclog the drain immediately

Natural floor cleaning spray using water & salt:

1. Take about 1 L of hot water
2. Add in it ½ cup salt
3. Mix this
4. Now pour this in the drain. The resulting chemical reaction will
break the fatty acids present in the grease into soap and
glycerin thereby removing the blockages from the pipe
5. After 15 minutes, pour in some hot water to clear residue


• Flush drains weekly with boiling water
• Use this solution only for metal plumbing





These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be prepared at home. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist. Refer to the terms of use on our website

Instant drainpipe cleaner(En-En).avi

Aimedia Instant drainpipe cleaner video

High profitable business / Drainex powder


Baking soda - 2 teaspoon
Citric acid - 2 teaspoon
Salt - 1 teaspoon

How to Unclog Your Drains, Remedies That Actually Work !

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How to Unclog Your Drains, Remedies That Actually Work !

Hi guys, in today’s video I am going to deliver you 6 awesome natural ways and tips to help keep your home drains toxic free and clean. So be with me And yes watch the video till the end to get complete information. So without any more wait let’s start…..

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Natural Cleaning Preparation (Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Citric Acid)

Natural Cleaning Preparation using Baking Soda, Washing Soda, Citric Acid. Also making SESQUI (Sodium Sesqui Carbonate) with Baking soda and Washing soda.

Drain Opener - Insta Flo

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Insta Flo drain opener will unclog slow moving drains. It is crystal sodium hydroxide. This is a base, which is safer than an acid drain opener.
Insta Flo is activated by hot water. Run hot water first in the slow drain to warm up the pipes and then pour about 1/2 a cup over the drain. Dissolve the crystals with hot water and let stand for a couple minutes, then flush with hot water.
Use the drain opener once a month to keep your drains from getting clogged.

Powder Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Get the full printable recipe and instructions:

Cleaning the toilet bowl with one of my homemade cleaners is as simple as mixing the powder or liquid ingredients, squirting or sprinkling the cleaner on the sides of the toilet bowl, and then letting the cleaner rest in the toilet for a few minutes. Easy peasy! Just think, a homemade cleaner that’s just as easy to use as a store-bought cleaner, but without the mystery ingredients.

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Sink clog cleared with liquid Zep drain opener

If drain water isn’t moving, plunge violently or use a drain auger to create a passage for the water, otherwise cleaners sit on top of the clog. Read the cleaner instructions.
Once the sink is empty of water, the first thing amateurs do is remove the trap to clear the clog. Don’t bother, because the clog is in the drain line that runs from the sink to the stack. It is usually a 6-foot, low pitch, 1 1/2-inch steel pipe that is filled 85% with layers of grease, soap and food waste that is the consistency of jello.
To use almost any drain cleaner start with small amounts of 1/3 dose first, then chased immediately with 12 ounces of warm water (if allowed on the directions, if you are unsure use cold water.) This is to push the drain cleaner out of the trap and into the drain line where the clog is sitting. Keep your face away from over the sink drain because of splashes. Once that dose settles, do it again, then another. The 3 doses should be covering the entire 6-foot line and begin dissolving the clog from the top down. Wait the maximum time and flush with hot or cold water as instructed. Once the line appears to be clear put the nasty caustic drain cleaner away and now treat for 3 or more days with an enzyme drain cleaner to finish the job.
If you do have a disposal, use an enzyme drain cleaner because it won’t damage the disposal seals. These cleaners are the safest, but are also the slowest in opening a drain line. They are available in liquid and powder form, though I believe the powder is a little stronger.
I make a double dose with warm water and pour it into a running disposal to coat the walls of the grinding chamber. It works by slowly ‘eating’ some of the clog each application. So to get results, it needs to be applied at night so it can work on the clog undisturbed for at least 4 hours.
To maintain the drains with enzyme cleaner, mix a dose of powder into a 16 to 20 ounce container of warm water. Let it sit a minute and pour into the drain.
It will double as a sweetener to reduce odors as it cleans food off the inside of the disposal and drain pipes.

how to clean washing machine

This is a full/ste[ by step tutorial on how to clean washing machine.This is the 2nd washing machine drum that I cleaned. From my experience, all the washing machine are more or less the same. I mean the way to dismantle it. So, hope you guys can try to clean your own washing machine drum at home. :)

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Drain Cleaner

Tyson explains the uses of different drain cleaners and drain cleaner tools.

Unblock all pipes : shower, toilets / WC, bath-tub, washbasin / sink

How to unblock pipes : the shower, toilets / wc, bath-tub, washbasin / sink with a vacuum pump plunger.

This video does not constitute or replace a real specialized technical manual, and was only made ​​for convenience and educational purposes. TutoBuild Eng makes no warranties of any kind and accepts no liability. TutoBuild Eng cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to devices or persons using information contained in this video. The use of the information contained in this video is at your own risk.

How to use Lye Drain Cleaner

Lye drain cleaner is sodium hydroxide crystals. Wear rubber gloves, eye goggles and have good ventilation.

You would only want to use crystals on a slow moving drain. For a completely clogged drain, use a liquid drain opener that is a base.

Run warm or hot water first to warm up the pipes. When the water drains, pours a few tablespoons of the lye over the drain opening and dissolve with warm water. Let the solution work for a few minutes and then rinse with warm or hot water.

Repeat if needed.

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how to clean blocked pipe easily


hello dosto is video me Maine aapko block pipeline cleaning ke baareme jankari di hai agar video accha lagahoto like kariyega comment kariyega aur channel ko subscribe jarur kariyega

Homemade Drain Cleaner

Non toxic drain cleaner you can feel good about using! It's made with 3 simple ingredients you probably already have, and requires just vinegar and water to use. If I seem a bit off in this video, it's just because I'm sick, sorry!!

Homemade Drain Cleaner
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Cream of Tartar
! cup Salt

To use: pour about a 1/4 cup in drain, add 1 cup distilled white vinegar. Meanwhile, bring 2 cups water to rolling boil. Immediately pour water down drain. Let sit as long as possible, preferably overnight.

Dealing with blocked drains and sinks

Totally blocked sinks may need plunging, rodding or harsh chemicals. Partially blocked drains can be sorted with soda crystals; they also help keep them blockage free with regular use.

More info at

How to open Blocked Sink Drain Pipe ? with Baking Soda and Vinegar , unclog Quickly.

Drain Blockage ? and thinking to Call a plumber for service ?
Wait a minute!
You can learn and do yourself How to open Blocked Drain Pipe ? in a very Cheap , Easy and Quick Method with Baking Soda and Vinegar ,and almost Free of Cost and Time saving.

Save your Money and precious time.

What You all need is generally and almost available at you house.

You Just need three things.
1. Vinegar ( Any sort of Vinegar , no need of specific kind of Fruit or vegetable )
2. Baking Soda ( also known as Cooking Soda You can also you Caustic Soda)
3. Mug of Boiling Water

First Put some Baking soda right in the drain , pipe of Sink .
then put vinegar over it.

it will start reacting , no need to be panic , its normal.

will make Boiling Bubbles.

and then you can hear the Bubbles sound from blocked drain.

the after if put Hot Boiled water over it .

and That's it .

Then wait for 5 Minutes .

This formula will start working for effectively , if given some time to clean , unclog the blocked drainage.

After 5 Minutes , Do a test and check whether , Experiment passed or not .?

Definitely it will Passed :).

Unclog Clogged Drain pipes of your Kitchen , washroom , Bathroom etc, with in five Minutes Yourself.

Blockage can happen of hair also sometimes , you can use the formula for hair blockage of washroom pipes and drains.

Keep your House neat and Clean , with easy and quick tips.

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Thanks for Watching Video.

Unclog your drain with baking soda and vinegar

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How to open blocked drainage?

now you have learnt that How to Unclog your drain with baking soda and vinegar

homeade drain cleaner

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How to clean blocked drain pipes in Telugu|unclog your drain using Mr.Muscle's KIWI DRANEX in telugu

Hi Friends,
How to clean blocked drain pipes in Telugu
unclog your drain using Mr.Muscle's KIWI DRANEX in telugu
Smart Telugu Housewife
I hope you like the video.
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How to open blocked drain using Caustic Soda, Vinegar and hot water?

How to open blocked drain using Caustic Soda, Vinegar and hot water?

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