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Drain Cleaning Bladder


Drain Cleaning Bladder

Here I show you how to take a drain cleaning bladder, and give it just a little more power.

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4 - 6 Drain Bladder:

Brass Double Male Hose Coupler:

Garden Hose to 3/8 barb fitting:

Air Hose:

Industrial Quick-Connect Air Hose Fitting:

Hose Clamp:

How to Use a BrassCraft Drain Cleaning Bladder

Learn how to unclog most large and small household drains using BrassCraft drain bladders.
For more information about BrassCraft drain cleaning products, visit our website at or contact BrassCraft customer service at (800) 835-2200.

Clean out sink, pool, and sewer drains, with your water hose.

A drain bladder that works. For under $20, you can avoid calling an expensive plumber, especially during the weekend or night time rates.

Drain King - Unclog Your Drains the Quick and Easy Way!

What is the best way to unclog a drain? Forget a nasty plunger or drain snake, and use the Drain King. Learn more about the Drain King HERE - It's like a pressure washer for your sink and shower drains. This tutorial shows you just attach it to the faucet, insert, and turn on the water! A few seconds later...clear drains????


Drain King by GT Water Products

GT Water Products Drain King all in one Drain Cleaning Kit. Kit includes everything you need to fix a clogged drain without chemicals.
• 10' Hose
• Faucet Adapter
• Drain King 186 for 1.5 - 3 drains

How to Unclog your Bathtub Drain in 5 minutes Hydro Jet D.I.Y

How to Unclog your Bathtub Drain in 5 minutes. How to Unclog a Shower Drain - How to Unlcog a Bathtub Drain. Remove Hair From The Drain How to Clear a Clogged Bathtub Drain - This Old House plumbing is clogged I show how to fix a slow draining tub. How to Unplug or clear a bathtub drain Easily the best way in my opinion. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST WAY TO UNPLUG A BATHTUB DRAIN. I HAVE UNPLUGGED MANY ONCE I FOUND THE PROPER WAY TO PLUG THE OVERFLOW. How to Plunge a Clogged Tub Drain. In this video we show you a trick to help unclog tub drains using a plunger and bladder. Bathroom Maintenance : How to Unclog a Bathtub. Unclogging a bathtub is most efficiently done by using a a standard plunger. A high-quality plunger that produces more air isn't necessary. See how a plunger can clear clogs in a tub drain with tips from a master plumber in this free video on bathroom maintenance. I show how to unclog a shower or bathtub drain without an air gun. I really believe this is the best way to Unclog Your Bathtub Drain. The best way to Unclog Your Bathtub Drain is using this suction plunger. Some Videos Show How To Unclog a Drain Using a BrassCraft Drum Auger or a Canister Style Drain Cleaning Augers But Its Not Always Going to Work. I Use a BrassCraft Drain Cleaning Bladder. Learn how to unclog most large and small household drains using BrassCraft drain bladders. Rooter Power Drain Cleaner are expensive and require training to properly use. General Pipe Cleaners' Easy Rooter is the right tool for clearing heavy stoppages like tree roots from drains but that is extremely rare. Also This Video Can Be Used to Show How to Clear a Clogged Plumbing Vent. Basics of Your Home's Plumbing. Learn about the secret life of your home's plumbing system, including how water flows into your home and how the drainage system flows into the main stack. Discover tips on how to improve your water pressure as well as how to clean out clogs. How to clear a clogged drain in an old tub from the 60's -70's. A how-to video for old tub drains. Renovating and old home built in 1970, Exoman cleans a tub drain with a plunger and Bladder. UNCLOG YOUR BATHTUB DRAIN | POP UP STYLE can also be helped. How to Snake Out a Bath Tub Is Good But This Is Great For Old Pipes. COCA COLA PLUMBING SOLUTION Is BS! How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain (Eco-Friendly) is very considerate but isn't reliable. Bathtub not draining anymore? Here's a quick video on how to unclog your bathtub drain without any harmful chemicals.

All Drains Need Routine Maintenance - Clean Them Easily With the Drain King

The Drain King Kit [ ] simply turns your faucet into a DIY pressure washer for your drains. Connect the hose to your faucet, insert the nozzle into the drain, turn on the water, and it expands, seals, and blasts your drains clean...hands free.
We use it and I prefer it over a messy drain snake and chemical cleaners that contaminate our waterways.

How to unblock a drain: Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit accessory

For all your Karcher spare parts go to

A Karcher best seller. If you have a blocked drain or a blocked pipe, this kit could save you money. Rather than calling out an expensive plumber, clear the blockage yourself. Check out the reviews on our site.

Unclogging a Shower Drain - How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Bryan Stevens is a Licensed Master Plumber in 6 states and an Accredited Green Plumber with 25 years of experience. In this video Bryan shows you how to unclog a clogged shower drain using a closet auger. For more great plumbing tips and tricks from real professional, visit his blog at You'll find lots of videos, how-to articles and other do-it-yourself resources. Be sure to subscribe to his channel so you don't miss any new videos.

Get a closet auger on Amazon (supports this channel):

And, hey, if you like outdoor stuff be sure to check out Bryan's other channel:

How to unclog a blocked sewer drain with a garden hose

By using this technique, for under $20, you can avoid calling an expensive plumber, especially during the weekend or night time rates. After clearing out the blockage, you will have plenty of time to rent a drain auger, to clean out the roots, if the blockage was in the main sewer line.

How does the hydro jet drain cleaning machine actually clear a blocked drain?

With the introduction of the Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning equipment to the Australian plumbing market its not unusual to get asked many questions about how the actual hydro jet clears blocked drains.
People often think that because the hose doesn't actually have an aggressive cutting device attached to the end of it that it couldn't get through tree roots etc. Well that is very in correct, in my latest video I run you through the various different nozzles which i use when it comes to un blocking your drain pipes and how the actual hydro jetting nozzles work and which nozzle suits each application.
Its amazing to think that water can just about cut through anything when used correctly. The hydro jetter injects 4000psi of water pressure into these very small nozzles and then proceeds to remove any type of blockage in its way.
Please have a look at this video and I hope you learn something from it.

HYDRO JET DRAIN CLEANING - Adelaide's blocked drains - MAYFAIR Plumbing - Blocked Drain GURU'S

Hydro Jetting Site:
Hydro jet drain cleaning is the most efficient way of getting your blocked drain clear again. Whether you have a blocked sewer line, blocked storm water pipe or even a very slow moving grease line in a commercial kitchen, we have the latest and greatest technology on the market today in Australia. You know your problems are in hand when you call the hydro jetting guru's at mayfair plumbing and gasfitting. Our machines use the latest hoses, pumps and nozzles allowing us to get through the toughest of blocked pipes in Adelaide. We have hydro jetting nozzles such as the screw driver or the spear head to penetrate the initial blockage, once we have burrowed a hole through the main blockage with these hydro jetting nozzles the choice of nozzles to use next also varies from the Warthog nozzle through to the Root Ranger. By using only the best hydro jetting machines available our technicians can get your blocked drains cleared FAST and CHEAP leaving you with free flowing pipes again. There isn't a situation which we wont be able to get into and get you out of, 30 storey buildings, 5 levels below ground level, houses on a hill or houses in a valley, we can get into places most companies would even dream of with our hydro jet drain machines. Give the hydro jetting guru's a call today you'll be blown away and so will your blocked drains!

Does It Work ?? Drain Bladders

So I am in the market for a water powered drain bladder to clean a four inch rain downspout.

Naturally I want a design similar to the bladder I have used to clear sinks successfully for many years.

It features a nozzle with stop valve closed by a compression spring which opens the valve at the appropriate pressure.

This generates a nice steady percussive pressure which is remarkably efficient clearing clogs

My first stop: the big box lumber supply store.

They have a rubber gizmo with a high pressure jet hole, but no metal nozzle.

Okay, I believe in innovation, maybe this will do the job.

Wrong. I can not even get the bladder to expand to seal the pipe.

Off I go to the hardware store. They have essentially the same design.

Okay,what I really need is the giant canvas bladder deal the sewer rooter guys used a few weeks ago.

Off I go to the Mom-and-Pop plumbing supply.

They have only the rubber gizmo as sold by the big box lumber supply and the hardware store.

But I am nothing if not tenacious.

The super big box official plumbing supply is bound to have what I need.

Wow! They do! It looks EXACTLY like the canvas thing the sewer rooter guys used!

And it costs $$$$$$$$. Did I say it costs $$$$$?

I meant it costs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

But I get one.


I hope it is defective. Stay tuned. I will report back tomorrow.

Update 11/15/15: I did in fact receive a replacement canvas drain bladder which worked no better than the one I bought.

If anyone believes these canvas drain bladder designs work well I have two available I never use.

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Remove hard to reach kitchen sink clogs. Works better than a snake.

This is an adapter I made to connect a standard garden hose to kitchen sink plumbing. This is an easy way to remove hard to reach clogs. If cleaning the trap doesn't work I used this before trying to snake out the pipe.

Unclogging a shower drain with a DIY sewer jetting kit

**EXCUSE THE VIDEOS PAUSES** This was probably due to errors my phone and SD card were having that I found out about after the fact. I have found my new favorite thing to unclog drains with. A 3100 PSI pressure washer and a sewer jetting kit. When my drain previously clogged chemicals and snakes didn't work. So I bought a sewer jetter off ebay and went for a hail mary before involving a plumber. This is it's second use. I have a nozzle for it with revolving jets I will use to try and clean my main 3 sewage line in an attempt to reduce the number of main line clogs my house has in a year (50+ year old line). For the video I had to employ my oldest to hold the camera, hence the extra conversation.

clear clogged up drain with air pressure (it works!)

Our kitchen drain tends to clog up somewhere we can't get to (it makes a sharp bend in the corner). Air pressure is a guaranteed success as long as the pressure has no other way to escape except the congested part. I use a long PVC pipe so I can access the drain directly. The pipe is filled up with water, then quickly plugged up before air can get in, the pressure applied, and - boom - the congestion is gone.

I bought this pressure gun for 10€ on amazon, it's nothing special.

How To Easily Unclog A Drain

Product Information:

Powerful drain opener that gets to the plug fast. Formulated with sodium hydroxide, which produces higher temperatures and works faster than potassium hydroxide products. Contains no acids, chlorine derivatives, solvents, or flammables.

Strong -- dissolves fat, grease, hair, sludge, paper, cloth, organic matter, and slime
Safe -- formulated for metal and PVC lines
Odorless -- produces no acid fumes
Fast -- starts working on contact
Heavy -- 50% heavier than water
Contains red tracer dye

Momar, Inc

Blocked Drain, Sewer Clean Out, How To for Homeowners

How Clean Unclog Sewer. Easy Way to make repair to a sewer main drain line.

Cost is around 19 dollars.

Everyone Loves to Learn from Apple Drains!

French Drain, Yard Drain, Its all the same. Perforated Pipe Surrounded by Gravel or Styro-Rock. (Aggregate). Collect SUBSURFACE WATER.


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Green Gobbler Supersized 10 Drain Opener Packets w/ Drain Stick with Dan Hughes

For More Information or to Buy:
1-800-455-8838, item# V32954
This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.

DIY Cheap Water Jetter System To Unclog Pipes - How To Hydro Jet

How to make your own very effective water jetting tool to clean out plumbing around your house. This system is ideal for sewer lines and drainage tiles that can get clogged with mud or silt or even tree roots. The water jetter blasts the clogs away. You do need to have a gas pressure washer for this to be effective. Electric pressure washers do not have enough power. The parts used in this video are listed below. (Paid Links)
Quick Coupler Connection
Sewer Jetter 50' hose and nozzle

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