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Easy way to Grow Green Chillies in your Kitchen/Balcony/Garden| Kitchen gardening | Sangwan family


Small Balcony Garden: Vegetables you must grow

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Gardening Basics series:
Part 4 :
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Part 1:


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In cities growing your own kitchen garden can be a struggle, but here i have come up with three suitable vegetables you can grow easily in your balcony in summers.

Vegetables and Herbs you can Grow from your Kitchen | Don't buy seeds

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How about using this lockdown period to grow some edibles from your grocery bag? This weekend you can try some of these suggestions.

Top 8 Easy To Grow Vegetables For Beginners|SEED TO HARVEST

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How To Grow Chillies At Home|100+ chillies per plant|Seed To Harvest

Growing a chilli plant from a seed can be a fun and easy endeavor! Germinate chilli seeds in a warm, consistent temperature and use a light compost to sprout seedlings. Carefully transfer a seedling to a small pot, keeping it warm and watered. Upgrade pots as the plant grows, or transfer it to your garden if the weather is warm enough. Pick chillis off of your plant regularly as a flavorful addition to your meals!
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How To Grow Tomatoes At Home (SEED TO HARVEST)

DAIZZ'S TIPS: #tomato #tomatoes #urbangardening
# Use a large pot or container with drainage holes in the bottom
#Use loose, well-draining soil. Good potting mix with added organic matter.
#Add organic compost after every 15-20 days
#Plant tomato plant as deep as possible. .
#Taller varieties may need to be staked to provide support .
#Place the pot in a sunny spot with 6 to 8 hours of full sun a day.
#Keep soil moist. Containers will dry out more quickly than the garden soil,
so check daily and provide extra water during hot days

Seeds are sown in June July for autumn winter crop and for spring summer
crop seeds are sown in September. In the hills seed is sown in March April.
INDIA- you can plant tomato seeds anytime from September until November.


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How To Grow Tomatoes From Tomato : 100 Days Updates : Easiest Method Ever

@Bonsai and Gardening Zone
In this video you will learn how to grow fresh, juicy and organic tomatoes in containers, in your balcony lawn or terrace. I'll demonstrate how to grow tomato plant from store bought seeds, as well as fresh seeds, extracted from tomato, with full 100 days growth update from seed to harvest. How to make best potting soil to achieve mind blowing tomato yield. When, what kind of and how much fertilizer should be given. How to take care of tomato plants in every stage of growth. At the end of the video I will explain why the leaves of tomato plant curls, why plant stops growing, why flowers drop before fruit formation, and what are solutions to such problems. Also I'll share tried and tested tricks, which will help you to grow tons tomatoes in containers. So watch this entire video to learn how to grow around 6 to 8 kg best quality tomatoes from each plant.

Hope you find this video helpful.

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NATURAL ANT REMEDIES: How to get rid of Ants at Home and Garden – Top 12 Ant Killer Ways

Learn 12 Natural remedies to kill ants in your home and Garden. Some deter ants and with some you can get rid of ants using one or many ant control measures. Ants are a big nuisance. Its really frustrating to have ants running around, and they actually cause a lot of damage as well.
Here are some of the organic and natural home remedies to get rid of ants in your home and also in the soil around your plants including plant containers: The most effective method I found is infact a chemical which is one hundred percent effective – this I shall discuss and demonstrate at the end of the video and also you have a quiz question at the end.

And Now the most effective method to control ants is the use of a chemical: There and many costly chemical sprays and stuff for killing ants but What is Use is Chlorpyrifos Powder – 1.5 percent available as Pyriban powder or check the brand name at your store. You can also use Permethrin dust with same efficacy. Its very cheap and effective way. Just sprinkle very little dust near the ants and they all die within no time.
And, I request you all to test some of these 10 to 12 methods I mentioned here and comment below the video so that let everyone know how effective these remedies are.

Now the QUIZ question of the Day:
What is the name of the Acid secreted by Ants which we neutralized in Tip 8 using baking soda?
Please write your answers in the comments section below the video. Also please give a thumbs up to the video and share this useful video with your friends.
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BORAX TRAP - An Organic Ant Killer Video:

(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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Gardening season has started recently and we prepared a selection of ideas on how to grow different plants without an effort!
Watermelon growing requires a lot of sun and space. Watermelon is grown from seed. Take a plastic box and place tissue inside. Place seeds over the tissue and spray them with water. Cover the box with wrapping plastic and make some holes. Wit for four days for the seeds to soften. After that place seeds in small pots. Remember that watermelons grow better at high temperatures and in sunny areas.
Use eggshells as seeding pots. When your plants outgrow their temporary homes, place them in eggshells into the soil. You can grow tomatoes in these pots. Moreover, eggshell is a natural fertilizer. Moreover, you will learn how to grow onions, cucumbers, strawberries, pumpkins, avocados and more!
If you love plants and you usually decorate your house with plants, this video created for you! You will learn how to make cute succulent planters out of tin cans and clothespins. Hanging plants look so cool! You will learn how to make them using popsicle sticks. One more stylish décor idea is to make – a vertical garden. Instead of framing the picture, you can create a vertical garden with your favorite plants.
Check out an incredible idea of how water plants when you are away. Take a pot with water and cut a long piece of cotton or nylon twine. Place one end of the twine into a pot and the other end into a planter. Make sure that a pot with water is above the base of the plant.

00:09 How to grow a watermelon
01:03 Use eggshells as planters
05:20 Cute planter for succulents
07:12 Vertical garden idea

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How to Grow Fenugreek or Methi Greens (with actual results)

Fenugreek is an annual plant. Its seeds and leaves are common ingredients in dishes from South and Central Asia. It can be grown for microgreens too. Ayurveda uses fenugreek seeds and greens as medicine in many ailments. This video shows how to grow fenugreek greens from seeds.

A quick guide to growing fenugreek:

If You Get This Plant at Home, You’ll Never See Mice, Spiders, or Ants Again

How to Get Rid of Mice, Spiders, and Ants. How to keep pests out without hurting yourself with chemical repellents? According to the Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety, the chemicals in pest repellants may cause headache, diarrhea, mental confusion, weakness, loss of reflexes, unconsciousness, and even death.
How about we go “au naturel” and try out some pest repellents that you can find right in your kitchen cabinet or garden? Try eucalyptus essential oil to keep spiders away, peppermint oil to wipe away ant trails, marigold to repel all kinds of pests like mosquitoes and flies, and aluminium foil or original scented dryer sheets to keep mice out.

How to use peppermint oil 1:03
How to use basil 1:36
How to use lavender 2:13
How to use catnip 2:40
How to use rosemary 3:06
How to use eucalyptus essential oil 3:34
How to use baking soda 4:02
How to use marigold 4:37
How to use dryer sheets 5:01
How to use peanut butter 5:34
How to use aluminum foil 6:11
How to use ultrasonic repellent 6:28
How to use borax 7:21
How to use steel wool or copper mesh 7:50
How to use cayenne pepper 8:19
How to use neem 8:51
How to use lemon thyme 9:47

1. Action Hero . Jingle Punks
2. Nutty Comedy . Biz Baz Studio

-Add some peppermint oil to your cleaning solution and mop your floor with it to wipe away ant trails.
-Lemon basil and cinnamon basil can effectively repel the Anopheles gambiae complex, a group of mosquito species known to carry malaria.
-Lavender scent can protect your home, pets, and other plants from being infested by bugs.
-According to research, nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that your kitty loves so much, acts as an irritant against these common household pests.
-Rosemary is commonly used in cooking and has medicinal properties. It also attracts butterflies but deters flies and mosquitoes.
-Apply a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to some cotton balls and put them in areas where you often find spiders.
-Mix baking soda with sugar, and place a bowl of water near it. This lethal trio creates a chemical reaction inside the roaches’ stomach, which, let’s just say, won’t end well for the little buggers.
-Marigold contains pyrethrum, a compound that’s commonly found in commercial bug sprays.
-Put original scented dryer sheets in these places to keep mice out.
-Protect yourself and your family by setting traps with peanut butter for mice and rats.
-Mouse-proof your house by placing sheets of aluminum foil in their hideouts.
-Try ultrasonic repellents if you’re willing to spend the money. These things emit high-frequency sounds that are only sensitive to a mouse’s ears.
-Borax is used as a cleansing agent and in glass-making. It can also kill ants, roaches, termites, spiders, and even mold.
-Use steel wool or copper mesh to mouse-proof your house and seal the deal with caulking.
-If you need to keep wild animals out of your garden, cayenne pepper is a perfectly safe way to keep them at bay. Sprinkle it on the topsoil to keep rabbits and squirrels from munching on your fresh veggies.
-Burning neem leaves gives about 76% mosquito protection for up to two hours. You can also heat the leaves up for 25% protection.
-Another plant that’s proven to fend off mosquitoes is lemon thyme. Smash it and apply it to your skin after running a test on a small area.

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Best & Easy Method to Grow Chilli Plants at Zero Cost || अब अचार वाली मिर्ची उगाओ मुफ्त में

Best & Easy Method to Grow Chilli Plants at Zero Cost || अब अचार वाली मिर्ची उगाओ मुफ्त में


Very Easy & Free Method to Grow Capsicum / Bell Paper From Fresh Capsicum Seeds ( Seeds To Harvest )


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Cocogarden Enriched Vermicompost 5 Kg

Cocopeat Block - Expands Up To 75 Litres of Coco Peat Powder

All Purpose Enriched Organic Potting Soil for Plants

Organic Vermicompost Powered with Neem, 5kg - Pack of 4

Cow Dung Manure for Plants & Home Gardening - 10 Kg

Organic Micro Nutrients Fertilizer 400 g with Boron, Copper, Molybdenum, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Chlorine

Organic Natural Bone Meal Powder, 1kg Each (Pack of 3)

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Neems Khali Cake
Natural Mustard Cake for Plants, 4800 g

Manual Sprayer (2 Litre)

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36 Varieties Organic Fruits and Vegetables Seed with Instruction Booklet

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NPK Water Soluble 19-19-19 Fertilizer

3 IN 1 - Bio granules, Epsom Salt and NPK - 1 kg Each: Total 3 kg

Generic NPK 19:19:19 100% Water Soluble Fertilizer for All Plants and Garden 1kg

Plastic Rectangle Pot (Brown, Pack of 3)

Plastic Jasmine Pot with Bottom Tray Set (10-inch, White, 3-Pieces)

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Winter Garden | Growing 14+ vegetables in my 50 sq ft balcony

PDF plan:
Vegetable seeds option 1:
Vegetable seeds option 2 :
Grow bags in the video:
Smaller grow bags for veggies:
Metal Planters:
Ceramic Planters:
Jute Baskets:
Good quality Pruner:
Moodda :
Sticky hooks for hanging plants:
Metal stands for plants:
Potting mix for vegetables:
Metal support for peas:

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How to grow chilli plant from seeds at home in pot | Faster way to grow chillies at home in 2021

#Growchillies #Sushrigardening #Sushri_Gardening
In this video I have shown how to grow chillies faster at home from seeds. By following this video you can grow chilli plant from dry clillies at home. You can even grow chillies from matured green chillies the procedure is exact same.

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Watch More Videos:
1)How to grow Cumin plant from seeds at home

2) Fastest way to grow orange from seeds

Container Garden Update | Planting a Patio Container Garden | Bell Peppers and Herb Garden

Container Garden Update. Planting a Patio Container Garden. Bell Peppers and Herb Garden. We planted several bell peppers and a bunch of herbs on Memorial Day weekend in a container garden on our deck patio. They are still going strong as we enter fall. The pepper plants are huge and have produced all summer. They still have at least 40 to 50 peppers on them. The herb garden is also growing like crazy. We planted thyme and parsley. Planting a container garden is easy and gives you a nice crop all summer long.

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709# Can We Grow Plant Only in Cocopeat? | Advantages and Disadvantages of Cocopeat (Urdu/hindi)

► Can We Grow Plant Only in Cocopeat
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How to grow Banana Pepper Chilli from seed

Hello friends..
Today I am so you how to grow banana Pepper red chilli
To grow easily from seeds.
seed available online and nearest Seeds shop
Banana Pepper Chilli to belong Chilli family
It's chilly make you pickle and delicious foods
Another name is sweet Chilli. How to grow know watch full video #Banana #Pepper #chill

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#taroplantsgrowing#gardening How to grow Taro plants II Taro spinach II কচু শাক

Hi friends, in this video I shared how to grow healthy Taro plants from the germinated Taro and one simple recipe with tips how to remove Taro’s itchy properties.
Taro stems and spinach are very rich in iron.
It's very healthy.
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Home Gardening - Part 1 Growing Pumpkin, Tomato and Green Chilly

How to grow Pumpkin, Tomato and Green Chilly at home from kitchen vegetables.

How to grow this beautiful vine in your balcony garden.u will be surprised after watching this

Sweet potatoes are a staple food in many parts of the world. They are a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.
• Improving insulin sensitivity in diabetes
• Maintaining healthful blood pressure levels
• Reducing the risk of cancer
• Improving digestion and regularity
• Protecting eye health
• Boosting immunity
The sweet potato slips
Sweet potatoes are not grown by seed like most other vegetables, they're grown from slips. Slips are shoots that are grown from a mature sweet potato.
If you buy a potato from the store, be sure to find out if you're getting a bush type or a vining type.
How to create sweet potato slips or sprouts
To create sprouts, carefully wash your sweet potatoes and cut them either in half or in large sections. Place each section in a jar or glass of water with half of the potato below the water and half above. Use toothpicks to hold the potato in place
The slips need warmth, so put them near a window or on top of a radiator. In a few weeks, your potatoes will be covered with leafy sprouts on top and roots on the bottom
Generate roots from the slips
Once strips generated, you have to separate slips from sweet potatoes. To do this, you take each sprout and carefully twist it off of the sweet potato. Take each sprout and lay it in a shallow bowl with the bottom half of the stem submerged in water and the leaves hanging out over the rim of the bowl
Soil Requirements
Sweet potatoes need loose and well-drained soil to form large tubers. You don't want the roots to face resistance when they try to expand within the soil, loose soil required. Loose soil is more critical than almost any other factor when it comes to growing sweet potatoes successfully.
Plant the strips 2 to 3 inch deep. Carefully fill the hole with dirt so that you don't bruise the new plant. Sweet potatoes don't like to be bruised or bumped around too much. When you have completely covered it with soil, gently press the plant and surrounding dirt to set the plant and to remove any remaining air pockets. Continue the same way until all of your slips are planted.
Sweet potato is a water-loving plant. you need to water thoroughly and water every day in the first weeks to promote wine growth
Please make sure to have enough space when you are planting sweet potato wines
That’s it .it is very simple and you can grow sweet potatoes as ornamental wines as well. as the wines look beautiful you can grow them in hanging pots as well

Terrace Garden - Vegetable Terrace Garden Ideas for Beginners - Part II

Terrace Garden - Vegetable Terrace Garden Ideas for Beginners - Part II

To Buy Coco Peat click on the link as under:

To Buy Vermicompost click on the link as under:

Do write to us at or in the Comments for any queries or if you want help in setting up your own Terrace Garden.

You may view our Terrace Garden Video in the link given under:


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