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Extreme sink unblocking | Blocked sink


Extreme sink unblocking | Blocked sink

Sinks and basins can easily get blocked or clogged, in this vide we have a basin that takes approximately 20 minutes to drain because the waste from the basin is so badly clogged. Several methods are attempted to clear the blockage but only one real method really works. Firstly the Rothenberger Ropump is used, but this is incredibly difficult to use as you need three hands to be able to use it on this basin as the tap is directly over the plug hole. Then boiling hot water is used, which did nothing. A chemical drain un-blocker called Instant power, heavy duty drain opener. This did work and helped the water drain but it did not open the drain fully. Lastly power plumber was used and this easily unblocked the drain with one application.

How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

This video will show you how to unclog a bathroom sink.

How To unblock a kitchen sink drain

blocked up drain .how to properly clear a drain

Sink unblocking | Power Plumber

How to unblock a sink quickly using power plumber, this is a quick and easy way to unblock a sink when you do not have a plunger. Brought to you by

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

When you have a really bad sink clog, sometimes using a plunger or
plumbers snake just wont get through the clog. In these situations you
may need to start opening up pipes. In most cases the problem is near
the P-trap which is directly under the sink. This video will show you
how it's done.

Unplug a clogged up sink in less than 2 minutes!

How to unplug a clogged up sink in less than 2 minutes. No nasty chemicals to buy. Simple step by step tutorial anyone can do. Works!
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How to Fix a Slow Draining or Clogged Sink - ProMaster Home Repair

All of us can relate to that frustrating experience of a slow draining or clogged sink. In this article and video, Don Kennedy of ProMaster will show you how to fix a clogged or slow draining sink.

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As always, call ProMaster at (513) 724-0539 or check out our website at if you need help with any of your home repair or handyman needs.

ProMaster is a home repair company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. ProMaster takes pride in being on-time and family-friendly. All of our employees are background checked and drug tested to ensure that you and your family are safe and comfortable with the craftsman completing your project. ProMaster is also the only company in the area that gives you a specific time for your appointment, not a two hour window like Time Warner.

Clogged Drain - How to unclog a clogged kitchen sink easy fix

Plunger on Amazon:

Two ways to fix a clogged drain, with a plunger, and if that doesn't work I go over how to remove, clean out and re-install the plumbing assembly under the sink.

No tools required! Hopefully this video will help you fix your clogged kitchen drain.

How to Fix a Blocked Sink with Wickes

A blocked sink is blocked generally because food or other waste is caught in the pipe below the sink, but it's normally very easy to fix. Learn how to unblock a sink with this step by step guide from one of our Wickes experts.
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There are many ways to fix a blocked sink. One way is with a plunger or a product like the blaster cup:

1. Place the blaster cup over the plug hole.
2. Block the overflow with a wet cloth and pump.
3. After just a few plunges the blockage should clear.

Another way you can unblock a sink is with liquid drain cleaner. Following the instructions, pour into the plug hole and a fizzing action will occur. Repeat a few times and rinse with warm water.

If this doesn't work, you can use a plumber's snake. To use, carefully push the snake down the drain, twisting to help it around the U bend. When you reach the obstruction pull, twist and push to unblock and then rinse with cold water.

Finally, if the blockage still persists you may have to get underneath the sink and deal with the plumbing directly:

1. Please ensure the water is turned off and then place a bucket or container underneath the trap, to catch any remaining water you might spill.
2. Unscrew the two nuts that hold the trap in place (this may need to be done with a wrench).
3. Once the nuts are undone, remove the trap and empty the water below.
4. Rinse the trap out in a bucket or use a piece of stiff wire to unblock.
5. Replace the trap by retightening the nuts.

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How to unblock a sink drain

How to unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink drain
Clear your clogged sink the easy way without using harmful liquid drain cleaner or a snake
Fix blocked sink

A quick way to unclog a sink

A quick way to unclog a sink, can be done 'without' getting under your sink & messing around with the p-trap, etc.. Did you know you could unclog a sink while 'standing' up & never getting down on your hands & knees?.....and it's pretty quick too. No, you don't have to buy anything to pour down your sink & wait hours before it works. There's a quick & cheap way to unclog a sink. You purchase this one cheap tool & you should be able to unclog most sinks, quick & easy. Quick, easy, & like to hear those words when it comes to unclogging a sink, don't you? Watch as joe shows you how simple & quick it can be, to unclog a sink. Hey, if joe can do it, you can do it.'

Unclog a badly blocked sink in Seconds No Baking Soda No Chemicals

Unclog a blocked sink EASILY with a shop vac. It can pull the obstruction out in the same direction it went in.
It's SImple just cover the overflow so that it does not allow any air in and put the suction pipe into the drain.
Sometimes you can hear whatever caused the blockage hit when it enters the wet and dry vac. No buckets or towels needed to open the trap.
That's it just seconds to clear the drain.You can remove the trap and clear from there too if needed.

Cheers Gerry

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#DIML|Extreme sink unblocking|How to clean blocked sink|Sowji Kitchen

Extreme sink unblocking|How to clean blocked sink|Sowji Kitchen

How to unclog a sink drain

How to unclog a sink drain naturally - without chemicals

You don't have to use harsh chemicals to unclog a drain. Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife, shows how to do it with vinegar and baking soda you already have around the house.

How to Unblock a Bathroom Sink

In today's video I will be showing you how I unblocked my bathroom sink.

I built our bathroom wash stand a couple of years ago, and from time to time, about every 12 months I find that the water is draining out of the sink too slowly.

This is usually a sign that the bottle trap below the sink, and associated waste pipes are getting coated in a thick layer of slimy residue, hair etc. Bathroom sinks have to cope with a lot of products from toothpaste, to shaving and it's not surprising that they get blocked up from time to time.

You have a couple of options in this situation. You could buy a drain unblocker like this or you could do what I do in this video - take the bottle trap off below the sink and give it a proper clean!

One word of advice - use a pair of rubber gloves when you do this job. For one reason or another I forgot to put my gloves on before cleaning the waste pipes - it would have made the job a lot more pleasant if I had!

Today's Toolkit

- kitchen cloth
- scouring pad
- old paint brush or tooth brush
- household bucket with some water /washing liquid
- or you can try a drain unblocker like this

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How to unblock your sink

Blockages in your sink can be caused by fat and food waste from washing up. In this video we show you how you to unblock your sink yourself.

If you have any trouble unblocking your sink and you're a Bromford customer, please call 0330 1234 034.

How To Easily Unclog A Drain

Product Information:

Powerful drain opener that gets to the plug fast. Formulated with sodium hydroxide, which produces higher temperatures and works faster than potassium hydroxide products. Contains no acids, chlorine derivatives, solvents, or flammables.

Strong -- dissolves fat, grease, hair, sludge, paper, cloth, organic matter, and slime
Safe -- formulated for metal and PVC lines
Odorless -- produces no acid fumes
Fast -- starts working on contact
Heavy -- 50% heavier than water
Contains red tracer dye

Momar, Inc

Drain Unblocking Explosion!! Dirty Blocked Manhole!!

Drain Unblocking using high pressure jetting. Blocked drains cleared fast! Please like and subscribe for more videos. #DrainExplosion #DrainUnblocking #HighPressureJetting

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How To Unblock a Sink - Dyno

We all know how easy it can be for our sinks to get blocked. Watch our video to learn how to fix the problem yourself, if the blockage isn't too severe. As with any DIY, please use the right tools and protective equipment.

Visit our website for a step by step guide:

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Easy to Fix a Clogged Sink - No Tools Needed

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It's easy to fix a sink that is clogged and won't drain or drains too slowly. Here's how.

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