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Girl Hang Up He So Trash! | “BIG Shirley’s Burial ???? Plan” IG Live Gone Wild


6 Different Ways To Compost, No Matter Where You Live

My fav worm composter: Composting is ESSENTIAL for gardeners, no matter how big or small you're growing. In today's video we'll look at 6 different ways you can compost and their pros and cons. I've done every single method and have filmed many in-depth videos on these, so dive deep and up your composting game to EPIC levels.

1. Hot Composting
2. Cold Composting (Passive Composting)
3. Compost Tumblers
4. Worm Composting
5. Bokashi Composting
6. Direct Burying


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10 Easy Ways to Save the Environment! Upcycling & Recycling Hacks by Blossom

Step up your game with these 10 easy ways to save the environment! For more upcycling & recycling hacks subscribe to Blossom!

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Welcome to your cheat sheet for creative and unique DIY projects, mixed with daily life fixes that keep you and your family in mind. Consider your life hacked!

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My favorite ways to make your home smell good! My tips, tricks and hacks to make your home smell amazing and fresh all the time!☟ ☟ CLICK FOR LINKS AND INFO ☟ ☟

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⇒ Activated charcoal bags

⇒ stovetop potpourri recipe 1 - 1 cup eucalyptus leaves, 1 fresh lemon, 1 tbs vanilla extract, 3-4 cups of water

⇒ stovetop potpourri recipe 2 (you MUST try this!) - 1 apple sliced, 1 orange peel, 3 cinnamon sticks, 2 tbs cloves, 1 tps vanilla extract, 3-4 cups of water

⇒ Diffuser (the one shown in the video is by my brand and sold out but here is another one I like!)

⇒ Essential oils my line is no longer available but a brand I like and recommend is Plant Therapy

⇒ DIY room and linen freshening spray - 2 cups distilled water, 2 tbs witch hazel or vodka, 15-30 drops essential oils of choice

⇒ Rechargeable lighter

⇒ Mug warmer

⇒ Downy unstoppables lavender vanilla

⇒ Santal fragrance oil

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Easy to make NO STENCIL & NO CUT MACHINE Wood Sign DIY

Watch me create an easy to make NO STENCIL & NO CUT MACHINE Wood Sign DIY project for beginners. Perfect for boho or farmhouse home decor staging

Join me while I create DIY farmhouse/boho decor on a budget! Trash To Treasures, thrift shopping, treasure hunting, wood working projects & more! Join me on my journey! This video I visit a local dump to save items from the landfill to turn trash to treasure! I use all up-cycled and thrifted materials to furniture flip & restore items into trendy home decor!

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This time we share an ultimate collection of brilliant household hacks that will save fortune and time!
You will learn how to create cozy home slippers with fake fur, unexpected drill hacks that will make your life much easier, clever way to hang a picture, how to make creative door stopper and a lot more!
Watch the video and find an ultimate collection of bedroom lifehacks. You will find how to how to change linens easily like you’ve been doing it your entire life, what to do when it’s too hot in summer, how to make cute pillowcase and more!
Your bedroom should be your safe haven – a place for you to relax and to a great night’s sleep. Sometimes that means a new mattress or decoration and sometimes, it just comes down to having a great headboard.
Instead of going to the furniture store to buy a new headboard, you can create one yourself. We have a dreamy DIY headboard project to make your bedroom super cozy!
Learn how to organize your linen closet in 5 minutes! Store your sets of sheets in corresponding pillowcases. Fold your sheets then put the entire set inside one of its corresponding pillowcases. Isn’t it great?
You have a lot of thing like old t-shirts, bottles, books, towels, and jeans that you want to throw away? Stop! The answer is recycling! Why? There are a lot of reasons and the first one is that is a way to help the environment. You not only save money but also help the environment by reducing waste. Watch how to transform your old t-shirts into a cozy blanket!
We share with you the unexpected ways to reuse your old pantyhose that will really useful and surprising!
Store onions in a way that keeps them dry and keeps the skins intact! This is less messy and takes up less space than a veggie bowl. Use the waistband to secure the trash bag and prevent slipping. No hair-tie? Use a small section of nylons as a hair-tie. If you lost something tiny under the coach? Put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find it easily. Also, use the hanger and pantyhose for dusting underneath the fridge or tables. Find out how to make portrait softener using pantyhose.

00:09 Fake fur slippers
03:51 Cozy pillowcase
04:52 DIY headboard
05:56 Bedroom hacks
12:20 DIY door stopper
15:39 Reuse pantyhose

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21 Lazy Girl Hacks / Weird Life Hacks That Work Great

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13 Beautiful Spring DIYS / Room Decor Ideas For Spring:
Lazy life hacks its cool, isn't it? We think so too! That's why today we prepared a new compilation of life hacks and ideas for those who don’t like to spend too much time on their daily routine!

Supplies and tools:
• Cloth for mop;
• Rulers;
• Radio control toy car;
• Scissors;
• Pack of chips;
• Hair straightener;
• Foil;
• Bun;
• Knife;
• Mashed potatoes;
• Spoon;
• Toy man;
• Cell phone;
• Brush;
• Bra;
• Plastic bags;
• Pipe;
• Wire;
• Cap;
• Bottle;
• Candle;
• Water filter;
• Spring hook;
• Chain;
• Suckers;
• Hair dryer;
• Vase;
• Plunger;
• Balloon;
• Tie.

Tobu - C4

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The BEST First Apartment Checklist: Everything You Need For Your First Apartment

This video is all about the best first apartment checklist.

Get my FREE First Apartment Checklist at

Moving into your first apartment can be overwhelming. This first apartment checklist will help make sure you have everything you need for this new phase in your life.

There are so many products to consider that it can be difficult to remember everything. From kitchen utensils to mattresses, to cleaning can become very overwhelming!

I'm an extreme planner so for the last six months I've been putting lists together of everything I needed to buy for my first apartment.

I have made a printable version of this huge first apartment checklist so that you can use it and make sure you have everything you need.

You DO NOT need to buy everything (I didn''s expensive!) but having a list that you can refer back to makes life so much easier.

This video is all about the best first apartment checklist.
#apartment #firstapartment #firstapartmentchecklist #apartmentdecorating
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-Bar Stools:
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-Coffee Table:

-Mattress Topper:
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-Satin Pillow Cases:
-Duvet Covers (i bought 2):
-Duvet Cover:

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11 Survival Life Hacks

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9 Hot Glue Gun Life Hacks For Crafting:
Who among us has not dreamed at least once in own life to find himself on an desert island, like Robinson? But what will you do if it does happen? Look our new compilation of life hacks how to survive in such situation.

Supplies and Tools:
• T-shirt
• Cardboard
• Pencil
• Utility knife
• Scissors
• Marker
• Round glasses
• Hot glue gun
• Acrylic paint
• Brush
• String
• Wax crayons
• Matches
• Empty tic-tac box
• Insulating tape
• Cotton
• Candle wax
• Backpack
• Trash bag
• Plastic bottle
• Balloon
• Sticky tape
• Bamboo stick
• Twigs
• Headband

Tobu - Sweet Story by Tobu is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Unported License.

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Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge!

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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs - Ace Hardware

Learn how to eliminate bed bugs from your home and stop infestation using Harris EPA registered products. Always use caution with products and read the manufacturers label completely before use.

Featured Products:

Harris 5 Minute Bug Treatment

Harris Home Pest Control

Harris Bed Bug Removal Kit

9 Reasons Your Clothes Look CHEAP! *stop wearing this*

9 Reasons Your Clothes Look CHEAP! *stop wearing this* For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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How to Deal with MEAN GIRLS! Back to School Survival Guide 2016

Back to School: How to DEAL with MEAN GIRLS in Highschool!! ♥Let's get this vid to 30,000 likes?!


Alexa's Video →
Jeanine's Video →
Adelaine's video →

Watch Behind the Scenes of this video →

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Hi! I'm Tiffany! I make DIY & Lifestyle videos! Subscribe if you want to see more Morning Routines, Pinterest DIYS, Room Decor, Back to School videos, Get Ready With Me, Life Hacks, Buzzfeed Tests, Urban Outfitters Hauls & pretty much anything else!

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9 Things You Don't Need In Your Closet! Minimal Clothing Hacks!

Old Bras and underwear?! Top 9 Things you DON'T need in your closet! Simple hacks to organize and declutter your closet!

Nothing to Wear:

8 Bra Hacks EVERY Girl Must Know:

DIY T-Shirt Hacks:

DIY Clothing Hacks You Must Know:

Let's get to 8400 Likes to make another minimalist video! Getting organized and decluttering can be a struggle! Don't forget to subscribe if you're new!

Giveaway Rules:
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Open Internationally. Giveaway ends March 6, 2018.

➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖
Hi my name is Ally! Here's 9 things you don't need in your closet! I also love sharing simple clothing hacks, and Pinterest DIYs. Subscribe to my channel for new videos every Tuesday and Sunday! Join the #FamAlly!
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Dollar Tree Garden Fence Makeover ~ Hanging Solar Lantern + 2 Bonus Uses

I love these Dollar Tree Garden Fence Panels so much! Theyre so versatile and fun to use in crafting. Watch me turn one panel and a few other Dollar Tree items, into a fabulous Hanging Solar Lantern that is perfect for any flower garden! As an added bonus, I show you 2 other practical and pretty uses, so stay tuned to the very end of the video!
Supplies Used:
1 Dollar Tree Garden Fence Panel
1 Dollar Tree Wire Hanging Basket
1 Dollar Tree Solar Lantern
Zip Ties
Spray Paint
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Ep.19 | What Skills You NEED From Parkour, Hanging For Your Life & Bosu Balls?

Baby Pterodactyl Nuggets? (2:14)
- If a someone falls in a river, do they know parkour? (7:14)
- Are you overconfident after an accident? (11:15)
What SHOULD everyone know about parkour? (16:16)
- Can you accurately judge your capabilities? (20:40)
- Have you fallen and can’t ascend? (24:24)
- What do you do with your legs? (27:51)
Accidents and natural disasters? (32:37)
- Why do you need to go so fast? (37:00)
- Are you accurately reading your situation? (41:20)
Travis’ has a vehement hate of Bosu balls? (45:02)
- Iowa had an inland hurricane? (46:56)
- Have you ever done a hang? (52:15)
- Bosu ball; building better balance or blowing out knees? (54:16)
Why is hang gliding dangerous? (1:01:18)
- Save yourself from shake weights and bowflex machines? (1:07:45)

2020 Iowa Derecho:

Hang glider mishap:

“The Fray” song:

Make It New Challenge-Thrift Flip/Dollar Tree DIY/Wood burning for the first time-Farmhouse decor

Be sure to check out
Jessenia @BeThrifty2

Check out the playlist to see what all the creators came up with.

Removing pictures from Dollar Tree signs




Tidy up your entryway for a great first impression

For Day 7 of this #ClutterChallenge we'll check out your front door and send some clutter packing!

Officially sign up for the #ClutterChallenge here-

What is it?
- The #ClutterChallenge is a month-long video series to help you get in the habit of decluttering your home a little bit each day.
I will give you some general instruction and declutter right along with you. Every now and then I will throw out some tricks I’ve learned from years of being a professional organizer.
We aren’t aiming for perfect in this #ClutterChallenge. Our goal is less stress. I’m talking about a house people can actually LIVE in.

Step-by-Step written guides
-If you'd like a step-by-step guide on paper or on your screen, buy the cliffnotes for the video for only $2-

More details on the #ClutterChallenge webpage

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Get Organized Already! Bloggy blog blog

About Me
After being raised in a very organized environment, I thought the best way to rebel would be to marry a jazz musician and have two vivacious children. I’ve always been attracted to messy people who have more important things to do than tidy.

My passion is connecting people and ideas.
It’s true I organize things for a living, but I would rather be hanging out with creative ladies who have NO IDEA where their keys are.
I hope you will come, hang-out with me through this challenge. We'll meet some other nice people and have some fun sharing what we find in our house and what we discover about ourselves! !!

About Get Organized Already! inc.
With 2 teams based in Pasadena and Long Beach, CA, Get Organized Already helps people of all ages, all personalities, with varied states of clutter and chaos to simplify your life and eliminate clutter.

Is Anxiety Keeping You From Your Intermittent Fasting Goals? : Leave Your Concerns Behind

Is Anxiety Keeping You From Your Intermittent Fasting Goals: Leave Your Concerns Behind

To JOIN OUR current course...registration is OPEN:


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INTERMITTENT FASTING for Today's Aging Woman

Are you a woman who is between the ages of 40 and 55+ who is has struggled with the HIGHS and LOWS of dieting? Have you reached a point in your life where you feel like no matter what you try the weight is not coming off and you just aren’t feeling like yourself anymore? Are you feeling like this is as good as it is going to get for you?

Reality Check Time:

√ As a 50-year-old mother of two young kids (16 and 10) I don't have time to feel, look or act old. Whatever old is these days. I just don't have time for it.

√My body started falling apart on me.

•sudden weight gain
•hormonal body fat
•mood swings
•foggy brain
•you name it…. you are probably dealing with it right now.

The Tried and True DIETS that I had been following in my youth no longer worked for me. I couldn't just CUT CALORIES and CLEAN UP MY NUTRITION and have things magically fall back into place.

The real clincher for me was when I was diagnosed as a PRE-DIABETIC and I started showing all the symptoms of a FAILING THYROID. Add in sudden food intolerances, and before you know it, as much as you are trying to fight it, you are feeling, looking and acting old. Despite your best efforts.


In 2015, I started researching Intermittent Fasting but I just couldn't connect to all the 20 and 30 somethings that were in Social Media showcasing their version of Intermittent Fasting. Starving all day and partying all night, just wasn't my thing anymore, maybe 30 years ago.

But I was very interested in the idea of Intermittent Fasting because of how this younger generation was benefiting from that concept of FASTING. I mean FASTING has been around for years and years.

So I stayed off Social Media and turned to medical books and published research on Intermittent Fasting. Much to my surprise, there were so many health and Anti-Aging benefits to Intermittent Fasting that I never knew about.

In 2016, I made a promise to myself.
That promise was to use my time and energy to educate myself about the aging process and healthy ways to deal with it. Instead of spending money on co-pays and prescriptions I bought books. Instead of spending hours in doctor's offices I decided to research, educate and implement.


I am looking for MOTIVATED and SERIOUS women who are ready to EMBRACE the Aging Process using Intermittent Fasting.

Are you ready to learn about Intermittent Fasting and the Aging Woman?


**Accountability in a supportive environment with women just like you.
**Learn about Intermittent Fasting and the many Anti-Aging benefits living this lifestyle has to offer you!
**Learn how to incorporate an Intermittent Fasting schedule that will still allow you live life with a family, work and social obligations.
**Create a nutritional system that is unique to your needs and lifestyle.
**Fix hormonal imbalances with food and simple lifestyle changes.
**Learn to listen to the signals your body is sending you.
**Learn to make decisions about food based on how you feel.
**Learn how Intermittent Fasting can save you time and money.

•A clean eating cooking class.
•Meal prep training.
•Dictatorship on what food you should and shouldn’t eat.
•We will NOT focus on weight loss or BEFORE and AFTER photos.
•This is not a diet!
•There will be NO calorie counting
•We will not measure food.

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, Dy Ann Paraham LLC will receive a small commission. This helps support Dy Ann Parham LLC and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!


I look forward to FASTING with you.


DIY Small Laundry Closet Makeover | Weekend Refresh for My Parents!!!

Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain!

It was so much fun using what I had on hand to tackle my parent’s laundry room closet for them! I feel like this laundry room update is doable for any human looking up to spruce their laundry room no matter what you take away from the tutorial because there was no demo, renovation or crazy purchases. Utilizing your space to the absolute fullest without cluttering it up is a strange balance so I hope I executed that in a realistic manner for you here!

Mike's Floating Shelves:
My Floating Shelves:
Scroll Saw Goddess Lizzy of House of Timber for more tips:

D E E T S + L I N K S
...affiliate links unless stated otherwise!
Amber spray bottles:
Amber capped bottles:
Storage boxes on top shelf:
Laundry washing pod storage:
Label maker:
Polar Bear White:
Giraffe a signature Mama Metz home decor piece
Peel + stick tile:
Early American stain:
Drying rack:
Filler primer:
L Brace:
Construction adhesive:

Business inquiries:

Uptown, All I Need, Bottom of Ocean, Falling In Love, She’s Right Here, Oh La La
by Dyalla

Zoned Out, Take It Easy, Milky Way, Butterfly
by Joakim Karud

My Apartment Cleaning Routine *how to make your space sparkle*

Finally get to share with you my favorite hobby: cleaning. Hope this inspires you to be productive and get your home looking snazzy!
Thanks for watching and see ya in the comments section!
xoxo, Kiara
P.S. Thank you SO much for 184.3K!!

My Links ☺


Music Credits:
I get my Royalty Free music from:
Songs: 9th power, Sun Goes Down, Concrete (daxten remix), Pretty Awkward

Q & A:
How old am I? I am 21 years old
What camera do I use? The Canon 80D with the sigma 30mm lens and the Canon G7X Mark II vlog camera
Where do I go to school? I am a junior at the University of Oregon

For Business Inquiries Contact:

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Hey guys, welcome to my new fall home tour with all sorts of organization ideas for your home! I guess you could call it my 2020 Organized Home Tour! I linked as much as I could below if you are interested in checking out any of the products I use in my home. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! @Til Vacuum Do Us Part Ashley | Til Vacuum Do Us Part

Past Home Tour Videos:
Round Dining Table:
For my rugs, Use code XMAS60 for 60% off your purchase!
Dining Room Rug 7’10”:
Living Room Rug:
Office Rug:
Front Porch Rug:
E-cloth Mop:
Gold Ivory Fabric Storage Bins:
Acrylic Drawer Bins:
Chandelier (similar):
Gold Circular Hanging Mirror:
Fireplace (similar):
Desk Chair:
My Full Length Mirrors:
Mirror Nightstands (similar):
Gold Wall Art:
Gold Touch Lamps:
New Gold & Crystal Lamps:
Shoe Storage Cube Shelves:
Outdoor Sectional:
Chase's Desk:
Garage Door Decorative Magnets:
Sputnik Living Room Gold Light:
Sputnik Office Black Light:
Kitchen Chandelier Light:
Faux Potted Trees in front of Garage:
Bed Headboard (similar):
Gold Faucet (similar):
My Sectional:
Aposen Vacuum:
LG Vacuum:
Kids Unicorn Comforter:
Our Comforter:
Master Bed Lumbar Pillow:
Gold 2 Tier Fruit Stand:
Faux Brown Leather Pillow Covers:
Gold Floor Lamp:

*** This video was not created for children under the age of 13***




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FTC Disclaimer: If I partner with a company I will always disclose it here. Please know my relationship with my viewers is extremely important to me and all reviews and opinions that I share are my own.

Chapters Added:
0:00 - Intro
1:14 - Living Room
4:00 - Beauty Room
6:06 - My Work Desk
8:00 - Closet/Clothes Organization
9:05 - My Bathroom
10:58 - Laundry Room
13:25 - Master Bedroom
14:03 - Master Closet
15:24 - Bathroom
16:47 - Chase's Office
18:24 - Savannah's Room
20:30 - Hall Closet
21:40 - Guest Bathroom
23:02 - Kitchen

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