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Hipster Logo Design - Photoshop CC Tutorial


Create A Clickable Image in Gmail

How to Make your Images Clickable in GMAIL

Salt,baking soda and white vinegar

Salt,baking powder and white vinegar

How to Unclog Kitchen Sink in 5 Seconds!

Simple trick using a toilet plunger and a wet towel to unclog a clogged kitchen sink drain!

How To Grow Spinach At Home-Full Information With Updates

DAIZZ'S TIPS:-Growing spinach in a pot or other container is ideal. It allows you do harvest all of the delicious leaves for yourself
This cold-weather crop prefers temperatures between 50 and 80 F or (10-26 C) Though spinach prefers a mild climate and will not do well in extremely hot temperatures, it does like full sun. Spinach will produce in partial shade, though the yield may not be as impressive, nor the plants as productive


SSong: Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill (feat. Emma Sameth) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds: Download: Artists: Heuse & Zeus x Crona & Emma Sameth

GoPro Hero 5 Session - Full REVIEW & SAMPLE CLIPS!

The smallest GoPro camera in the range - the GoPro Hero 5 Session. In its first major update we keep the same small form factor, but now with 4k 30fps recording and a variety of other features, including voice activation, is this the GoPro we’ve always been waiting for??
Lets find out!!

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GoPro Reviews, Tips & Tricks!

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Action Camera Accessory reviews!

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Chicken Curry-Kerala Nadan Kozhi Curry-With English Subtitles:Recipe no 45
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Chicken-1 kg
Curry leaves-plenty
Ginger-big piece
Garlic-5-6 cloves
Fennel seeds-1/2tsp
Whole pepper-11/2tbsp
Green chilli -4+2
Big Onion-4
Small onion-10-15
Tomato-2 small+1
Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
Chilli Powder-1tbsp
Kashmiri chilli-3/4tbsp
Coriander Powder-11/2 tsp
Garam masala -1/2+1/2 tsp
Hot Water -
Coconut Oil -3tbsp


Take a non stick kadai , heat oil add curry leaves and saute

Then add ginger-garlic-pepper -fennel paste ( grind all these spices )..

Saute well..when raw smell goes add big onion,small onion ,green chilli and salt ..saute well

When the onion become light brown in colour ,add all the masalas (chilly powders,turmeric powder,coriander powder d garam masala ) and mix well and stir well until the raw smell of the masala goes

Then add tomato pieces and salt …

Close the pan with a lid and allow it to cook for 5 minutes in a low flame ..

Open the kadai and mix well ..

Then add cleaned chicken pieces into the masala and mix well.Close the pan and cook for 10 minutes in medium flame stirring occasionally ..

By that time u can see water coming out from the chicken,let the chicken cook in that water only ..

.In between open the kadai and stir well . U can check the salt..(If necessary add salt).When the chicken is cooked(chicken will be soft by that time ) add garam masala powder,curry leaves and hot water..

Cook for another few minutes or until the gravy become medium thick .

By that time u can see the gravy to be dark brown in colour and oil will be coming out ..
now add green chilli slices and tomato ..and lots of curry leaves ..

close the kadai for few minutes ..

Transfer in to the serving bowl and serve with appam,chapati,pathiri etc…

If u want u can add thick coconut milk in the end ..It increases the taste and best combination with pathiri..:)

U can adjust the spice level according to ur taste ..:)

small tip:

Actually the most diff thing is to cut onion when we make chicken or biriyani etc… ..Dont waste ur tears

9 Riddles Only People with High IQ Can Solve

Get ready for a new portion of mind-blowing riddles to solve which you'll need to apply all your logic and detective skills? That's a tough challenge but if you are up to it, let's start!
After each riddle, you'll have 20 seconds to find a solution. However, if you need more time, don't be too shy, simply pause the video.

Boo Boogie - Dougie Wood
The Farmer In The Dell (Instrumental) - The Green Orbs
Splashing Around - The Green Orbs
Rodeo Show - The Green Orbs

Riddle #1 0:38
Riddle #2 1:52
Riddle #3 3:16
Riddle #4 4:28
Riddle #5 5:30
Riddle #6 6:33
Riddle #7 7:59
Riddle #8 9:12
Riddle #9 10:13

-Your task is the following: empty 1 jar of milk and 1 jar of water into a bowl.
-Guess how John managed to stay under the water for two minutes longer than the magician.
-How is it possible that Sam shot himself with real bullets but stayed alive and unharmed?
-If we select 40 random people from the phone directory, how many of them will have unlisted numbers?
-Can you figure out how to slice a cake into 8 absolutely equal pieces with just three cuts?
-Why did the blind man commit suicide even though his surgery was successful?
-What one thing can you buy to have something to eat, something to drink, something to feed a cow with, and something to plant in the garden?
-Which death did the smart man choose to save himself?
-Is there a possible way for one of them to survive if one of them can be shot with a gun and the other one can fall into abyss? Who will actually die?

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बिना परेशानी के घर पर आसानी से बनाये बेकरी जैसी केक सजाने की टेस्टी क्रिम |Bakery Cream, frosting

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40 Home Painting Colors Design Ideas | Booth Tips And Tricks Sprayer Technique DIY Tutorial 2018

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40 Home Painting Colors Design Ideas | Booth Tips And Tricks Sprayer Technique DIY Tutorial 2018
If you want to update your bedroom colors and moods without shelling out serious money, you can see our video because we provide you the best ideas for best living room paint colors that will serve as the focal point in your bedroom colors ideas. We've collected our favorite bedroom colors and moods to help inspire you to update your bedroom colors for couples! What after the bedroom paint ideas 2017? The primary point you can create is house painting images very important because interior paint colors 2017 can make your mood better if you're on it. If you can't change or made it by your self so you must hire local installer, one question, are you ready to hire local installer to make your house painting colour combinations better and can pay the charge.

Would you like to refresh your wall paint colors catalog without spending too much money? Does a home colour selection renovation seem like too big of a project right now? Luckily, some of ideas on our video is very simple, you don't need to take on a full gut job to make your house paint color combinations better and make it look fresh. Take a look of this painting ideas for living room video, check what example of painting ideas for bedroom which you can apply to you house painting designs and colors.

If you're lucky enough to have enough space or even you have more space than the wall painting designs pictures for living room in the video, you can combine or modif the empty space with other ideas to improve your wall painting designs for hall and make it better. This is pretty wall painting images, you can apply it to your home and then update it when the trends about wall painting ideas for home change. Best interior house paint colors pictures collection for any style of your home, fresh and high class most popular living room colors, perfect for your home. Your living room paint colors with brown furniture is amazing piece of architecture, so why not have a design that holds some wonder too. Simply view this living room colors photos video and find the best one that fit on your home.

If you struggle to find a living room colors 2017 to express who you are, worry no more. When you build living room colors 2016, it must cool and fresh as you are. Often the living room colour combinations is the domestic hart of the home and dictates is style arrangement and atmosphere of how do i choose colors for my living room?. Especially in modern small bedroom design examples where the open plan layout merges the modern colour schemes for living room with other room with different design style of the whole home is under the influence of the master bedroom paint colors design selection. It is essentially what the colors, shapes, materials and functionality range of the bedroom paint colors 2016 zone will be and that sets the tone for the rest of the home design combinations. In this video, we trace for you the hottest trends in bedroom colour combinations photos and furnishing for the upcoming season of 2018/2019 so you can have the general idea of what to look out for when designing your bedroom colors ideas.
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40 Home Painting Colors Design Ideas | Booth Tips And Tricks Sprayer Technique DIY Tutorial 2018
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How to Cook Bopis na Manok

Bopis is a Filipino dish wherein innards are minced and sauteed with garlic, onion, and ginger. Addiitonal ingredients such as carrots, bell pepper, and daikon radish can be added. This is a version using chicken innards. I used gizzard and chicken heart for this recipe.

Here are the ingredients for bopis na manok:

1 lb. chicken gizzard, cleaned
1 lb. chicken heart, cleaned
2 medium carrots, minced
1 large daikon radish, shredded
3 medium red onion, minced
1 small red bell pepper, chopped
1/4 cup annatto seeds
1 medium ripe tomato, chopped
5 pieces Thai chili, chopped
1/2 cup white vinegar
2 thumbs ginger, minced
3 tablespoons soy sauce
3 tablespoons patis
5 cloves garlic, chopped
5 pieces did bay leaves
1 to 1 1/2 cups water
3 tablespoons cooking oil

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D Klog Drain Cleaner

आप हमारे इस यूट्युब चैंनल को सब्सक्राइब करे और बेल आइकॉन परभी क्लिक करें ताकि हमारे कोई भी विडियो जैसे हि अपडेट होंगे आप तुरंत देख पाएंगे ।

आज मै जो आपको बताने जा रहा हूँ वो हर घर कि समस्याओं कि का निदान ! आज देखिये हर घर में वाशबेसिन होता है और जब वाशबेसिन चोक होता है तब समस्या ज्यादा बनती है ऐसे में हम बहुत सारी चीजो का प्रयोग करते हैं नतीजा जाम पाइप आसानी से नही खुलता इसी प्रोब्लम का उपचार है हमारा डी-क्लोग ड्रेनक्लीनर इसका इस्तेमाल है बहुत हि आसान और इससे कोई side इफ्फेक्ट भी नही है।

How To Grow Jasmine/Mogra From Cuttings (With Full Updates)

DAIZZ'S TIP:-Jasmine is a popular plant that grows in most climates around the world and there are different varieties. They are native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, and grow well in warm climates.
Jasmine can be easily propagated through cuttings.Start by taking a cutting from a plant when there are no flowers on it. Ideally, this should be done in late summer to early fall. Using sharp Secateurs/pruning shears, take a 6 or 8 inch section of jasmine stem. Make the cut at a 45 degree angle at the bottom.

Remove the bottom leaves to leaf nodes. Then dip the cut end of the cutting into honey/rooting powder. Press the cutting into the potting soil(60% garden soil+20% organic compost+20% fine sand) you can also take vermiculite or perlite instead of stand. Plant the cutting at a depth of 2 to 2.5 inch.

Place the pot in indirect sunlight and keep the potting mix little moist at all times for healthy growth


Song: Markvard - Time (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

Song: Disclosure - Latch (Ehrling Remix) (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:

कढ़ाई मे बनाये स्पंज केक वो भी बिना अंडे का | eggless cake without oven/microwave | एग्ग्लेस केक

कढ़ाई मे बनाये स्पंज केक वो भी बिना अंडे का | eggless cake without oven/microwave | एग्ग्लेस केक | रुई जितनी सॉफ्ट केक | बिना अंडे की कुकर eggless cake in cooker | कढ़ाई में बनाये एग्ग्लेस केक How to make Cake without Oven/Microwave एग्ग्लेस केक बनाने की विधि

Kadhai Cake Recipe | एग्ग्लेस कढ़ाई केक घर पर | कढ़ाई में केक कैसे बनाये | Eggless Cake Recipe | Cake Recipe Indian | Indian Recipes | Dry Fruit Cake Recipe In Hindi | Cake Recipe For Beginners | Basic Cooking | Bakery Cake Recipe

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Masala Fish Recipe || Spicy Masala Fish Recipe

Method of making Masala Fish Recipe

1.Take Rohu Fish pieces - 5

2.Now we need to marinate it
In a bowl add
Red chilli powder - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt - 1 teaspoon
Ginger garlic powder - 1 teaspoon
Lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
Mix them well add fish pieces and apply the masala paste and marinate
for 10 minutes.

3.Fry the fish pieces and keep aside

4.First let us make the powdered masala for this ingredients needed are
Coriander seeds - 1 teaspoon
Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon
Black peppercorns - 1/2 teaspoon
Dried coconut pieces - 5
Roast them and
Grind it into a fine powder

5.Now let us make second masala paste for this we need
Diced onion - 1 medium sized
Green chillies - 2
Almonds - 5
Tomatoes - 3 medium sized
Roast them in a tablespoon oil and grind into a fine paste

6.In another pan heat oil - 2 tablespoon

7.To the heated oil add ginger garlic paste - 1 tablespoon fry till its
raw smell disappears

8.Then add Turmeric powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Red chilli powder - 1 teaspoon
Fry it for few seconds

9.Now add the powdered masala and saute for few seconds then add the masala paste and
again saute it

10.Gently place the fried fish pieces and mix as shown

11.Add a glass of water and to it add few coriander leaves few mint leaves
and a tablespoon of lemon juice

12.Lower the flame cook for 10 minutes and serve hot with steamed rice

4 Easy Steps to Add Rich Skin Tone in Photoshop

Make the Skin Pop and Add Color with 4 Easy Steps in Photoshop! Learn how to fix pale skins and add more vibrant skin tones to your portraits using the power of blend modes and simple masking. In this tutorial, we will also learn how to use blend-if to selective target the color according to luminosity. Sounds confusing? It's actually pretty simple!

Hope this video helps you. Thank you so much for tuning in!

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A MUST SEE! This video is blocked in almost every country (2018)

A MUST SEE! This video is blocked in almost every country world news

This material is under Creative Commons (CC BY) License from YouTube's own Creative Commons library, for more info on Creative Commons CC BY Licenses and what rights are included for others to reuse, check

Copyright Disclaimer:
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

How to Create Letter Portrait | Photoshop Tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial we will see text portrait style effect. But the main difference is that instead of insane amount of messy text, all we will use is just single letter and attach a portrait with it.

Really simple process once you understand how to do it, anyone can follow it and it works everywhere if you pick proper font and pictures.

I have shown two different styles and two different methods of creating it. and once you understand first one, the second becomes even simpler.

The font i used in the effect are default in photoshop so you won't have to download it.

I also had couple different samples that i created which i put at the end of the photo effect.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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केवल 10 मिनट में बिस्कुट से सॉफ्ट केक कैसे बनाये, Bourbon Biscuit Cake, Biscuit Cake, Eggless Cake

केवल 10 मिनट में बिस्कुट से सॉफ्ट केक कैसे बनाये, Bourbon Biscuit Cake, Biscuit Cake, Eggless Cake
Chocolate Biscuit cake, सुपर टेस्टी बिस्कुट केक | Eggless Biscuit Cake | Parle G Biscuit Cake, bourbon biscuit cake

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Blocked kitchen sink waste? How to clear it

If your kitchen waste is blocked up, quite often it is not the waste trap or plastic waste pipe, (see video),  get a set of drain rods and do it your self. A typical rodding set cost just £15.00
Take this link and get your rods.

plumbing/heating and DIY.

WP Gallery Custom Links Plugin

I show how to insert and edit a WordPress Gallery and also how to use the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin.



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