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Home care of suspected and mild cases of COVID-19


BEST HOME REMEDIES for COVID 19 Recovery| Boost your immunity for Covid 19- Remedies at 5:37 mins

Hi Everyone,

This is something I had not shared with my Youtube Family. My family and I have been down with Coronavirus since the last 2 weeks. In this video, I share with you all our Covid 19 experience and all the things that we did, all the best possible home remedies we did in order to cure ourselves at home.

We opted for home isolation for all the 7 members in my house including 3 senior citizens in my house out of which my husband's grandfather is 96 years old.

The home remedies mentioned in this video are extremely effective in curing Coronavirus and will surely help you or your loved ones to get better and fight this disease. Please do try them and also do these as a precaution to boost your immunity against coronavirus.

Really hope this video is helpful!

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Can Covid affect our Stomach?Gastrointestinal symptoms of COVID 19-Dr.Ravindra B S | Doctors' Circle

Dr Ravindra BS | Appointment Booking No. 8762910298
Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist | Meenakshi Gastro Liver Care,Bengaluru
From this year, we have been having this Covid all over the world and we all think that covid can affect only the respiratory system. But unfortunately now the symptoms are changing. Most of the patients who come to the gastroenterology department of mild fever, mild body ache . Fever they don’t even recognize and they come with nausea vomiting, loose motions and extreme fatigue and abdominal discomfort. This for a common person this looks like a simple gastric and they take this acidity medicine like pantoprazole, omeprazole, ranitidine at home and they feel they are not better and they come to the hospital and when we ask them they tell about this extreme tiredness, extreme fatigue and body ache and mild fever. These are the symptoms we should think about in this Covid 19 pandemic. Rarely nowadays we are seeing some problems in the liver, some problems in the pancreas and some problems in the colon as well. But these are early things in this covid 19 and this is a new virus and as time is evolving, we are seeing so many manifestations of covid infection, but by and large who are having these symptoms of extreme tiredness, fatigue, not feeling to eat, nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort and especially diarrhea. If you have these symptoms then please think of Covid 19 and other than that and that we should also think of gastritis. During covid-19 in this period, if you have these symptoms you should always get tested, infact simple test like C-Reactive proteins and lymphocytes are low then we should suspect covid 19 and when we do covid 19 antigen test or throat swab, then we can see covid 19 in these patients.

Covid Diet Plan | Diet Plan for Corona Positive Patients | English| Hindi | Neha Katekar |

Covid Diet Plan | Diet Plan for Corona Positive Patients | English| Hindi | Neha Katekar |

A channel for health-wellness enthusiasts and businesses. Do join our Telegram channel at to watch fitness videos, play quiz, participate in challenges & interact with fellow community members.

Covid Diet Plan | Diet Plan for Corona Positive Patients | English| Hindi | Neha Katekar

A lot is known about immunity-boosting foods and diets but very little is spoken about diet in COVID people positive patients.

Do you know what covid positive should eat for fast recovery?

This video explains the full day diet routine for mild to moderate covid positive patients.

You can Download a Special diet plan from our telegram Channel. Click here to download it -

Help your friends and family by spreading awareness.

Diet plan for Covid positive patients

Early morning – warm water ( 1 glass)
Nuts and dry fruits (Handful)

Breakfast – Poha / Upma/ chila/chapatti + omlette / idli / dosa + Eggs (2)

Mid-morning – Whole Fruit / Fruit juice/ coconut water/ lime water ( 1 glass)

Lunch – Chapati (1)+ veg (1 bowl) + Dal (1 bowl) + curd (1 bowl)+ salad (1 bowl)

Evening – Thick milk shake ( 1 glass) / lassi (home made curd) / sprout salad (1 bowl) / makhana (1 bowl )

Dinner – Soup ( 1 bowl) + multigrain khichadi / chapatti (1.5) + veg (1 bowl)
(Can have boiled chicken, fish and eggs)

Bedtime – Turmeric Milk (1 mug)
(Turmeric + clove+black pepper+ dalchani)

For Daily Health Tips, COVID vaccination guidelines, COVID DIet plans and Breathing Exercise tips from well-known Experts and Specialist Doctors Join our Telegram Channel Now

You can ask your questions also !

Thank you

#Covid19 #Covidpositive #Coronapositive #Coviddiet

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Covid Second Wave in India

Covid Second Wave in India
Covid Second Wave in India. Neurosurgeon Dr Arun L Naik discusses symptoms, signs and treatment of second covid 19 wave in India. Covid symptoms are headache, loss of smell, weakness and fever. Covid signs are anosmia and fever. Covid treatment in India is as per the protocol of many health agencies. Remdesivir treatment in covid is discussed. Tocilizumab treatment in covid is discussed. Corticosteroid injections in covid are effective. Covid vaccines will reduce the illness. Covid home isolation protocol is discussed. RTPCR test in covid is valuable. LAMP PCR test is a rapid test. Throat swab is taken in all cases. HR CT Chest is done in doubtful cases.

What to do if you feel sick?
Watch out for headache, loss of smell and shortness of breath. As of now any fever is considered COVID unless proven otherwise. Isolate immediately soon after the first symptom.  get tested on days 3-5 of illness as prior to this period, test will not pick up virus. After the test isolate yourself till your report comes.
What test? Throat swab RTPCR. Nowadays report takes 2-3 days. There is a new rapid RTPCR LAMP test (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) available in some hospitals which takes under 10 minutes to report. This is also very sensitive test but is little expensive and reserved for our emergency cases where I need to take up these patients for emergency brain surgeries. This season we have seen many patients first testing RTPCR negative and after a few days becoming RTPCR positive.  in such highly suspect cases I do a HR CT thorax which will pick up lung patches due to COVID. I find this test very reliable in some cases. So leave the choice of tests to your doctor.

What to do if you are tested positive.
first thing to do is to stay calm. report yourself to the authorities and they tell you what to do. all you need to procure is a good quality pulse oxymeter which measures oxygen in your blood and it is the most important factor in this disease. also make sure you have paracetamol tablets of 500 or 650 mg strength and a good thermometer to record your temperature. pulse oxymeter records your oxygen levels in a number format like 95 or 97. Also some oxymeters measure your pulse rate in smaller fonts, usually 60-100 or more if you have fever so big fonted number is oxygen and small fonted number is heart rate, dont get confused. normal oxygen saturation should be above 95. anything below 94 is should be taken note of and less than 90 is serious and you should call your doctor and inform.
always wear mask and isolate yourself in one room. you should be the only person in that room. if you do not have a separate room, then you can opt for a covid care center or a hospital so that you can isolate yourself. maintain good hand hygiene.
#COVIDTreatmentIndia #CovidSecondWave #CovidRemdesivir

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New videos every Monday and Wednesday to help you to take control of your life and to be on the positive side of your health! Feel free to leave a comment regarding this video. Also suggest some topics which you think is important to cover.

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References for the medical info of the video can be found here
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COVID Update with Local Healthcare Industry Leaders

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is exponentially rising in our region.

COVID caseloads are approaching critical levels, and effects are already being felt at our hospitals and other emergency treatment centers. This means impacts for our employers, workforce and families.

The healthcare industry leaders will share clear, science-based data on the latest transmission rates, vaccine impacts on the Delta variant, and actions we can all take to slow the transmission of the virus.

What Is Considered Mild Autism? | Autism

Full Playlist:

So what is considered mild autism? As the word mild implies, it means there's a little bit of autism, per say. So what does that mean? On a gradient, when a child has symptoms, we look at the core symptoms of speech and language delay for example, or difficulty with social referencing and social engagement, social communication and, again, the restricted repertoire of play and repetitive behaviors. So if a child has a little bit of speech delay or some difficulty with speech and language, or a little bit of echolalia or some difficulty with social engagement, or has some repetitive stereotypic behaviors and play which can be redirected easily, you are hitting criteria of autism but the involvement is mild. With the new DSM-IV diagnosis, they actually want you to look at levels of severity. A lot of schools do the CARS, which is the Child Autism Rating Scale and they do have differentiation of mild, moderate, and severe. Mild would really come in that category when you look at symptoms and their severity. Based on that, you can actually say mild autism.

To clarify, the diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder, not otherwise specified, was often used for kids with what we now say, mild autism. Because they have just a few of the symptoms, they don't classically hit all of the autism criteria, but they have some of these differences that parents can say, for example: covering their ears, or sensitive to sounds, or not picking up in social relationships, not picking up cues, having difficulty understanding jokes, for example, being very literal or what they call poor pragmatics, or having particular fascinations-everything is Thomas the Tank engine. They can be transitioned, but they have particular tendencies which is different from another neurotypically developing child.

A lot of these children do get diagnosed with PDD, not otherwise specified, or mild autism and it's really a matter of degree. I think the important thing is to get formalized testing done so you really know where your child falls in the spectrum, and you have a sense of how impaired your child is, or how little impaired your child is, and then you can compare your child to her or himself so that they'll be measured along their own spectrum, not just with a reference to other children.

COVID-19 Treatment at Home in Urdu/Hindi|Coronavirus Ka Asan Elaj|Corona sa Bachne ka Tarika|SM1

COVID-19 Treatment at Home in Urdu/Hindi | Coronavirus Ka Asan Ilaj | کورونا کےمریض کا علاج ||
coronavirus sa kasa bacha in urdu || coronavirus sa kasa bacha ja sakta hai || coronavirus symptoms 2020 | coronavirus usa | coronavirus news | italy coronavirus | coronavirus symptoms | coronavirus treatment | coronavirus numbers | coronavirus symptoms | coronavirus symptoms | coronavirus definition | coronavirus news

Most people who become sick with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will only experience mild illness and can recover at home. Symptoms might last a few days, and people who have the virus might feel better in about a week. Treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms and includes rest, fluid intake, and pain relievers. To book a personal appointment with an Internal Medicine Specialist visit the following links:

Follow the doctor's recommendations about the care and home isolation for yourself or your loved one. Maintain a safe distance between the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infected person and the noninfected ones. Only one person should be allowed to go near the infected person wearing full precautionary clothes and mask. Keep children and older people away from the infected person.

Also, its the most important time to boost your immunity to fight against COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and for that, you will have to make some lifestyle changes such as avoiding food from restaurants and junk food, drinking plenty of water, avoiding sharing of personal things, and being physically active.

If you wish to book an appointment with a doctor, please visit the link below or call at 042 3890 0939.

COVID 19 in California Prisons

Join the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences for a series highlighting the work of global health clinicians and leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic to engage faculty, staff, affiliates and other stakeholders.

Jaime Sepulveda, MD, DSc, MPH
Executive Director, Institute for Global Health Sciences

• Brie Williams, MD, MS
Professor of Medicine at UCSF
Director, AMEND
Co-director, The ARCH (Aging Research in Criminal Justice Health) Network

• Stefano Bertozzi, MD, PhD
Professor of Health Policy Management, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Dean Emeritus, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Interim Director of the UC systemwide programs with Mexico
Co-director, Berkeley Public Health China Program

Presentations followed by moderated Q&A

8 Actions to take when your family member is infected with COVID-19**Please like and share**

-Lifesaving actions you can take when your loved one is tested COVID-19 positive

As Coronavirus, COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, the need to care for those with suspected or mild symptoms at home would likely arise. This educational video is intended to give you a quick and easy-to-understand guidance on the dos and don'ts

-My hope is to save as many lives as possible during COVID-19 pandemic
Base on the recommendations of Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry of Japan, which were simplified from reports by Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control, I created this video in hopes of empowering people to take the correct actions in order to prevent spread of the virus.

*I hope you find the video useful. Please like and share*

Telehealth & Home Care of Corona Virus (COVID-19) Patient - IPCF & Shifa4U

Exclusive session of Founder American TelePhysicians & Shifa4U, Dr Waqas Ahmed with Infection Prevention And Control Foundation on Telehealth and Home Care of Corona Virus Patients.

#covid19 #telehealth #shifa4u

Home Care Tips For Mild Covid-19 Patients, Caregiver And All Family Members

We have seen hundreds of Covid-19 cases increase. At the same time, the government has decided to provide home treatment for Covid-19 patients with mild cases. Although mild cases should be treated at home, both patients, caregivers, and other family members must be highly protected to prevent the spread of the disease that you live in a house with.

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Thank you very much~❤️~❤️~❤️
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Laundry practices in COVID-19

Coronavirus has upended every aspect of our lives, including doing laundry. Consumer Reports shares simple strategies to keep you safe.

Demystifying Covid-19 | Dr N.Krishna Reddy, Country Director, ACCESS Health International | Scripbox

How to demystify Covid-19 - Care, Prevention and Best Practices? Let's find out from the expert Dr. N Krishna Reddy, Country Director, ACCESS Health International, New Delhi, and Co-Founder, Care Hospitals, Hyderabad.

#Scripbox #Covid19Prevention #BestPracticesForCovid19 #DemstifyingCovid19Care #Scripbox

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Home Treatment for Covid

Home Treatment for Covid. Neurosurgeon Dr Arun L Naik discusses this crucial topic.COVID second wave is like a big tsunami. Its now sweeping across the community and looks like we are witnessing the peak of the pandemic. When the 1st covid wave came, it was mandatory for a positively tested patient to be admitted in a hospital. This second wave, considering the number of new infections, the health experts and government are advising to treat milder patients at home. Covid infection is mild in 99% of cases and about 1% of patients end up having severe covid illness and this subset of patients are very sick and they dont make it in the  end.The initial symptoms of covid 19 are like any other viral illness, feeling unwell, runny nose mild cough and body pain. At this point of time when the pandemic is peaking, every viral illness is considered covid unless proven otherwise.So what to do when you have the illnessFirst thing, isolate yourself at home. Treat symptoms with medications and take an online consult with your doctor. Wait for 3-5 days and then get yourself tested. Why 3-5 days, we are now seeing negative report in early testers. What test? Throat swab RTPCR. So what to do if you are tested positive?First thing to do is to report to your health authorities and registered.Second task is to get a doctor online video audio consult.What are the things you need? You need 3 thingsGood quality pulse oximeter: this measures the oxygen saturation in your blood. This is the most important parameter in covid illness for monitoring.Digital thermometer. This records your body temperature. Paracetamol tablets of 500 mg or 650 mg strengths.Things to do inside your roomTake rest. Get plenty of sleep.  It can make you feel better and may speed up your recovery. Stay home from work, school and public areas unless it's to get medical care. Even if you are going for medical care.  Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing services or taxis. Stay isolated in one toilet attached room, away from your family and other people and you should be the only person in that room. If there are two infected people they can stay together.  Eat inside your room. Open windows to keep air circulating.  Avoid shared space in your home as much as possible. If you want to use shared spaces, limit your movements. Stay at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from your family members. Clean touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, electronics and counters, every day. Avoid sharing personal household items, such as dishes, towels, bedding, chargers, electronics and needless to say toothpaste.Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.Diet change to  consider  during isolationDrink fluids.Covid patients should opt for a balanced diet, rich in reasonable carbohydrates, protein and unsaturated fat.Add a spoon of turmeric powder to a glass hot milk and consume two times a day. Turmeric contains curcumin which is a known immune boosting food.Eat 5-7 small meals throughout the course of the day.Vitamin C is a covid fighting vitamin. Consume 350 gm grapes or sweet lemons (musambi) into two meals for daily dose of Vitamin C in the diet. Consume multivitamin tablets having b complex vitamin c and zinc as these are great recovery agents for covid infection.Stop alcohol and smoking completely.Breathing exercisesDo deep breathing exercises every hour for 5 minutes. After sometime, take steam inhalation for 15 minutes. Actually steam is advised morning and evening. Warm water gargles with added salt is advised twice daily.You need to monitor 3 thingsOxygen saturation: Temperature: Breathing difficulty.What about exercises?They can walk inside the room for 15 minutes thrice a day. Lets now discuss Danger signs: Very high feverTrouble breathingPersistent chest pain or heaviness Extreme sweatingBrain fog Bluish lips or faceExcessive sleepiness You need to dial your doctor and search for a bed in a hospital

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New videos every Monday and Wednesday to help you to take control of your life and to be on the positive side of your health! Feel free to leave a comment regarding this video. Also suggest some topics which you think is important to cover.

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Achieving Residential Care Business Success: Moving Beyond COVID-19 Webinar

Watch our lively roundtable discussion about how residential care businesses can be successful following the disruption caused by Covid-19.

IGHS COVID-19 Series: UCSF Vaccine Distribution

Jaime Sepulveda, MD, DSc, MPH
Executive Director
UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences

Desi Kotis, PharmD, FASHP
Chief Pharmacy Executive, UCSF Health
Associate Dean, UCSF School of Pharmacy

Stefano Bertozzi, MD, PhD
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Health Policy and Management
UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Presentations followed by moderated Q&A.

What if a loved one at home is positive for COVID-19?

Hi, I am Dr Arthur Williams, MD,
Our topic today....................

Medical tips on the care of your loved one at home during COVID-19 positive cases.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licenced physician, doctor or other health care provider.

The information provided here is for informational purposes only. This tool may not cover all possible adverse drug interaction of all FDI warning or alerts.

Please check with a physician or doctor if you have health questions or concerns about interactions or go to the FDA for a comprehensive list of FDA warning.
Although we attempt to provide accurate and up to date information, no guarantee is made to that effect.

Surgical OR N95 Respiratory Mask - to prevent COVID-19: Coronavirus in India

#TheAshimaShow #CoronaVirusIndiaUpdate #KoronaVirus

The number of coronavirus cases in India has increased sharply from six to 31 this week, as the epidemic that originated in China has infected more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Authorities in the capital, New Delhi, on Thursday ordered the immediate closure of primary schools until March 31 to prevent local transmission, while the central government made universal screening mandatory for all international passengers arriving in India.

WHO advises rational use of medical masks to avoid unnecessary wastage of precious resources and misuse of masks. Use a mask only if you have respiratory symptoms (coughing or sneezing), have a suspected Covid-19 infection with mild symptoms, or are caring for someone with suspected Covid-19 infection. A suspected Covid-19 infection is linked to travel in areas where cases have been reported, or close contact with someone who has travelled in these areas and has become ill.

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1) Chinese Dr Li Wenliang की CoronaVirus से मौत की सच्चाई | Life in China after CoronaVirus in Hindi

2) CoronaVirus Rumors in Hindi | Facts about Corona Virus | CoronaVirus Update in Hindi | कोरोना वायरस

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11) क्या है कोरोना वायरस? | WHAT IS CORONAVIRUS IN HINDI | CoronaVirus India | Corona Virus kya hai

12) CoronaVirus का खौफ - और हुआ शक्तिशाली | Coronavirus को लेकर भारत में भी बरती जा रही है एहतियात !

13) 138 Indians on Japan Cruise Ship | 2 More CoronaVirus Confirmed Cases in India | Diamond Princess

14) क्या Coronavirus एक गुप्त चीनी जैव-युद्ध हथियार है? | Corona Virus India Update

15) CoronaVirus Coronavirus का खौफ, क्या China ने मारे अपने ही 20 हज़ार नागरिकों को? CoronaVirus in Hindi

16) Coronavirus का China के साथ-साथ Indian Economy और Global Economy पर क्या असर होगा?

17) Corona Virus से पहले कौन-कौन से Virus से दहल चुकी है दुनिया? China Epicenter of Pandemic Viruses?

18) Creepy Disinfectant Tunnels and more ways China tries to beat Coronavirus | Mass Disinfection

19) CoronaVirus a Threat or Opportunity for INDIA? Impact on Indian Economy

20) Coronavirus: After China New Global Outbreaks Emerge in Iran, South Korea and Italy

21) Can Iran Handle the Coronavirus Outbreak? | Iran Vice President Infected with CoronaVirus

????COVID-19 Care| Coronavirus Symptons| Must See!????????

COVID-19 Care| Coronavirus symptoms | Must See!????
If you have any symptoms or are at risk, it’s especially important to stay home and avoid in-person contact with others.
Coronavirus symptoms include:
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Repeated shaking with chills
Muscle pain
Sore throat
New loss of taste or smell
You can check your symptoms using the Symptom Screener or by contacting your doctor through telehealth.
See more informative videos on our Nursing education channel


Please join NCUIH and Sonya Tenowski from the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley for our first Community of Learning on COVID-19 response. We will be reviewing the setup of Drive-Thru testing and services in Santa Clara Valley, learning from each others experiences, sharing resources, and discussing recent updates & future needs.



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