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How To Clean Blocked Pipe Easely




Toothpaste is a brilliant cleaner that you can use around the house. Moreover, toothpaste could be used as a beauty product. For example, you can use toothpaste to get rid of pimples. If you forgot to clean baby bottles, use toothpaste to get rid of unpleasant milk odor. Burnt pan is a disaster for everyone who washes pans because it takes a lot of time to make greasy pan perfectly clean. You can save a lot of time and use toothpaste to clean it. And it won’t take much effort. If you don’t have facial scrub or mask for blackheads at home, exfoliate your nose using toothpaste and toothbrush. Also, you can use this idea to exfoliate lips. Another handy use of toothpaste is to use toothpaste to quickly clean a dirty iron. Check out a brilliant collection of lifehacks how to reuse old toothbrushes: you can use a toothbrush to clean a toilet, to make kitchen hooks, replace old mascara brush with a toothbrush.
Check out more awesome lifehacks what to do if you don’t want your phone to be stolen, how to avoid the mess if you love eating sunflower seeds in a car or at home, how to open a beer bottle using chopsticks; a quick way to dry your hair using a sweater, how to get rid of pet hair using a scotch tape, how to quickly dry wet clothes using a towel.
Check out clever ways to organize your clothes not only for traveling but also how to store clothes and save space in the wardrobe. The main rule is to roll clothes instead of folding. Roll clothes in small tubes and will save a ton of space and prevent wrinkles. You can even make a special folding board out of cardboard to make folding shirts and t-shirts even easier.

00:09 Toothpaste lifehacks
00:44 Clean baby bottles with toothpaste
04:39 Clever way to dry hair
07:18 Use toothbrush to clean a toilet
10:37 Surprising uses of disposable gloves

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How to Pop Your Ear Safely | Ear Problems

Watch more How to Deal with Ear Problems videos:

When your eustachian tube is blocked, any one of the over-the-counter medications for sinusitis or nasal congestion will open the eustachian tube and relieve the fullness. In addition, you can sometimes pop your ear and this is called a valsalva maneuver. And the way that you should do it is pinch your nose and while your nose is pinched swallow or drink. Some people will pinch their nose and blow against the closed nose to force air into the ear. This can be done as well, but it should be done gently. And if during this maneuver and you feel dizzy, you must stop immediately and not repeat the maneuver.

How to Lift Items Easily - the Old School Way - Kevin Caron

From - Artist Kevin Caron shows how to lift items easily using a tool people have used for centuries ....

Caron is lifting some large and heavy pieces of 5 square steel tubing onto his workbench. A viewer had written in and asked what those ropes were that Caron was using in his video about the magnetic lifter.

He explains they are a block and tackle, which has one block, or pulley, at the bottom and another at the top. The ropes in between are what is called tackle. It's very old school - the technology has been around for a long, long time.

There are lots of different types and styles of block and tackle. The one Caron is using has three sheaves, or grooved wheels, that the ropes run through, giving greater mechanical advantage. They let you pick up a heavier load with less pulling. The block and tackle is doing the work for you.

Each of the 5 x 5 x 1/4 wall steel tubes Caron is lifting weighs about 140 pounds. Could he lift them onto the workbench himself? Yes. Does he want to? No. That's what he got the block and tackle for. It's just a whole lot easier to use a block and tackle than to pick them up by hand.

The block and tackle also lets Caron do a whole lot more work by himself. It's safer and quicker and is much better for his back.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you're going to add a block and tackle to your shop. First, make sure your block and tackle is attached to a strong, solid beam. The beam his block and tackle is screw into is two 2x6s on edge, sandwiched together, with a strap around them. It's good and solid, which is important if you are going to pick up anything heavy with it, like an engine block.

If you are picking up something big and heavy, also try to get your attachment to the item centered so it picks it up flat and square rather than off to one side.

You want to watch the equipment ratings, too. Different block and tackles are rated to lift different weights - 100 pounds, 200 pounds, etc. Caron's is rated to pick up 2 tons, so it will pick up a lot more than those two 2x6 beams will even hold.

Finally, the more sheaves you have, the more rope you'll need and the more you have to pull to lift items. A single pulley will lift pretty quickly, but a triple pulley means a lot more pulling to do the same work, but it's easier. So make sure you have enough rope - Caron thinks he has about 50 feet on his block and tackle.

A block and tackle is a great tool - it doesn't use gas or electricity, doesn't make noise, and is a great workout for the arms and chest when you are picking up something with it. And it just hangs out up there until you need it.

Caron found his on eBay, but you can also find them on Amazon and probably also brick-and-mortar stores in your area.

He's ready to go back to work, so you can head out to Instagram and follow him at KevinCaronArt to see images from his studio and life. Or you can head to to see more how-to videos and his crazy sculptures.

Well, you might want to hang out for another moment to learn about mechanical advantage (or not) ....

Inspired sculpture for public & private places.

Artist Kevin Caron has been sculpting full time since 2006. You can see his more than 45 commissions in public and private places coast-to-coast and online at

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Fountain Pen Mistakes All Beginners Make & How To Avoid Them - Gentleman's Gazette

Fountain pen dos & don'ts, here:

#fountainpen #fountainpenmistakes #notsponsored

Is It Worth It? Montblanc Meisterstück 149 146 144 Fountain Pens:

What fountain pen should you first invest in? This might help!

#fountainpens #notsponsored #gentlemansgazette

00:00 Introduction

7 Beginner Fountain Pen Mistakes

01:02 1. Not using a fountain pen at all.
Even if you own it, you may just have it in your desk drawer and it never sees the light of day. In my opinion, a huge advantage of a fountain pen is your signature. Not only does it make it look more sophisticated but it's actually much harder to fake because the lines vary in thickness depending on the pressure you put on to the nib. Of course, it's easy to forget about handwriting in a digital world, you can take notes with your phone, you can use Google home assistant or Alexa but at the same time, it has been proven that writing down things by hand especially if you take notes, enhances your memory and you learn faster.

01:56 2. Using the wrong paper.
Most regular paper is rather thin and sometimes flimsy and when you use a fountain pen, you encounter something called bleeding. Basically, it's just ink bleeding into the paper leaving a very undefined line that doesn't look as nice as if you write with the same fountain pen on a thicker paper that absorbs the ink better. So instead, go with a slightly thicker cardstock or go with fountain pen paper which hardly costs more at all but it's specifically made for fountain pen ink.

02:53 3. Pushing too hard on the nib.
If you have a regular ballpoint pen or a rollerball, you can really push hard, even push holes into your paper. Now with a fountain pen, you can also add pressure, and the more pressure you add, the wider your pen stroke gets. That can be really nice for a signature or you want to get a calligraphy effect when you write. Now with nibs, you have to pay a little more attention because they're split in the middle so the ink can get to the paper and if you push too hard, you may damage or break the nib, and then you'll have to exchange it.

03:45 4. Using the wrong ink.
If you have a fountain pen, you should always go with a specific fountain pen ink. Why? Basically, they have a different chemical composition that is best for fountain pens because if you get something that is too thick and it dries too quickly, it will clog up your fountain pen and you'll have to constantly clean it.

05:14 5. Not cleaning your pen when it has dried on the inside.
Generally, if you keep writing a pen and you use high-quality fountain pen ink, chances are you hardly ever maybe never have to clean your fountain pen, over time, however, there may be dust or something gets clogged up and then it's time to clean your pen. So how do you do it? Basically, there are two ways. One, the simple way is to simply drop your entire pen in water. The second and best way to clean a fountain pen is to use an ultrasonic cleanser.

07:23 6. Dropping a fountain pen on the nib.
I know you don't drop your pens intentionally but unlike with a ballpoint pen if it falls right on the tip of the nib it may break or it may deform and then it's time to have the nib replaced.

08:07 7. Not keeping the nib up when you travel.
Especially if you're on a plane, the cabin pressure changes over time and if your nib faces down or if it's horizontal, chances are ink is pushed outside of the pen and either you get a stain on your jacket or the next time you open your pen, all your fingers are going to be full of ink.

So overall, you have to pay a little more attention to a fountain pen and you have to be a little more deliberate than with a ballpoint pen or a rollerball. On the other hand, a fountain pen enhances your handwriting and the look of it in a way no rollerball a ballpoint can compete with.
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Gentleman's Gazette


Cable Installer | The Home Depot Rental

The E-Z Trench Cable Installer is perfect for the installation of low voltage wiring such as underground pet containment fences and landscape lighting. Check out our Tool Rental playlist for more tips:

►Before operating, refer to the user's manual for additional safety warnings and procedures not addressed in this video.◄

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Cable Installer | The Home Depot Rental

How To Unclog a Shower or Bath Drain

Check out the full article here:

Get more great bathroom remodeling tips here:

There are plenty of DIY solutions for unclogging drains in the shower, bath or bathroom sink that have clogged due to excess hair or other materials that have built up over time. These are simple ideas that can prevent you from having to pay for a plumber, so take a look and see how easy it is to save yourself some money by doing the job yourself.

Boiling Water
The first thing you can try is to pour boiling water down the drain. This can sometimes break down a lot of the soap and grease that is causing the blockage and could solve your problem in an instant. Just be careful to stay clear of any backsplash as it could end up scalding you. One good way of protecting yourself from this is by using a simple kitchen funnel to direct the flow.

The plunger is the traditional tool of choice for most blockages but success depends on what is causing the blockage and how your drains are designed. For example, a lot of hair is difficult to get out with a plunger because there is a constant flow of air between the strands, which stops suction from forming. Given that costs and effort are nominal, it’s worth trying a plunger for any blockage, although results tend to be mixed.

By Hand
A little known fact among a surprising number of home owners is that drain covers on your sinks and tubs come off. Get some rubber gloves and a screwdriver, if necessary, and simply remove the cover before looking down the drain to see if you can find the cause of the blockage. It may even be possible to reach it with your fingers, or, alternatively, you can try and drag it up with a long piece of wire such as a coat hanger, for example, shaped into a hook. You’d be amazed at how often this works!

Baking Soda and Vinegar
Instead of using harsh, damaging chemicals, try using a simple mix of baking soda and vinegar. Pour a cup of soda down the drain and wait five minutes or so. Then pour a cup of vinegar down behind it and leave it to work for at least a couple of hours. After this time, pour some boiling water down the drain and hopefully it should clean everything out. If it doesn’t, then it may be time to implement more extreme measures.

Plumbing Snakes
Some people hate snakes but this is the “good kind”. Plumbing snakes are often the most effective tool for DIY’ers to remove stubborn hair clogs that are bit deeper down the pipe. They’re fairly simple to use too. The ones that are made for in-home use are fairly compact and come with a long metallic coil rolled up in a plastic casing with a handle on the side which is turned to uncoil the snake. You can find them at home improvement stores for about $25 dollars. First, you’ll need to remove the drain cover so you can navigate the tip of the snake down the pipe. Then, insert the end of the coil into the drain and begin turning the handle to push the cable as far down as it will go. There’s a hook on the end of the coil that will catch the hair clog and then bring back up the drain as you rewind the handle. Easy peezy!

Your local hardware store will have plenty of options for you when it comes to strong chemical cleaners. Make sure that you follow all of the directions to the letter, however, because these can be somewhat dangerous if used improperly. You will need to wear goggles and gloves, and you may also want to wear a face mask to avoid inhaling vapors. It’s also vital to avoid mixing chemicals in case of a nasty reaction. Be aware that using some chemicals may damage your drainage pipes, especially if you do this type of thing regularly.

We hope these clogged drain tips have been helpful. If you have any other great ideas or tips for unclogging bathroom drains, leave a comment below. Like what you see on Bay Area Bath? Let us know!

How to remove mold from the bathroom? With these 6 easy mold-busting tips!

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How to remove mold from the bathroom ????? We’ll show you how! In this video by Fabiosa, you’ll find the most effective life hacks to remove black mold, white mold, and other types of fungus quickly and with no problems ????. Using our simple tips and tricks will help you to massively save on cleaning products as we utilize things that you likely already have in your kitchen.
So if you want to know how to remove mold, just check out our easy life hacks ????! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more useful life hacks for a sparkly clean and mold-free home ????.

00:03 - how to get rid of green mold on the bath mixer
00:34 - how to remove black mold from the toilet ????
01:15 - how to remove pink mold on the bathroom wall
01:41 - easy hack to clean blue mold from bathroom tiles
02:18 - how to remove white mold around the bathtub ????
02:51 - how to remove gray mold from bathroom walls

#fabiosa #fabiosacreator #mrsfabiosa

Watch ???? more:
How to make




Planting hacks at home

Clothing hacks

How to remove mold from the bathroom? With these 6 easy mold-busting tips!

If you love DIY life hacks ✂ and enjoy making things with your own hands ✋, this channel is for you! We are constantly testing and trying out “do it yourself” tricks and home hacks to make the life of our viewers easier and more fun ????.
We have travel hacks ✈, food hacks, DIY crafts, beauty tutorials ????‍♀, clothing hacks, homemade recipes ????, girls hacks, and so much more. Easy life hacks are something we are very good at and we want to teach you everything we know ????.
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Thank you for watching Fabiosa. We care about your opinion so please give us your feedback in the comments and let us know how you got on with our tips and tricks. We work to make your life easier ????!

Chemical Toilet Clog Removers

Chemical Toilet Clog Removers. Part of the series: Toilet Repair. Chemical toilet clog removers will require you to work with pipe cleaner, hot water and a few other items. Find out about chemical toilet clog removers with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

ബാത്‌റൂമിലെ ഫ്ലഷ് ടാങ്ക് ഇനി എളുപ്പത്തിൽ ക്ലീൻ ചെയ്യാം | Flush Tank Cleaning | Cleaning | Bathroom

Removing blocks using an extractor tool

Using a Block Extractor Tool to remove blocks from a paved driveway so that repairs can be carried out. This video is part of the Driveway Refurbishment project featured on the pavingexpert website

ടൈലിലെ കറ പോകാൻ ഇങ്ങനെ ഒരു ടെക്നിക്ക് ഉണ്ടെന്ന് അറിഞ്ഞില്ല | tiles cleaning trick

ടൈലിലെ കറ പോകാൻ ഇങ്ങനെ ഒരു ടെക്നിക്ക് ഉണ്ടെന്ന് അറിഞ്ഞില്ല | tiles cleaning trick

Cleaning A Ductless Mini Split

** Many Steps Are Edited Out To Prevent Homeowners From Attempting This Work And Hurting ThemselvesOr The Equipment. **
In this video I take apart perform a cleaning maintenance on a very neglected Mitsubishi (MSZ) Ductless Mini Split High Wall mount Air Handler. It's a pretty simple process once you have seen it done a few times. This one took longer due to how filthy it was but we got her cleaned up nicely. Hope you enjoy the video.
Cleaning and maintaining these ductless mini splits units is critical for their performance.

Be sure to check out our Amazon storefront to see all the products and tools we use. This also helps our channel grow!

RV How To - Easily get rid of black tank smells in your RV!

This is an update to the video The Bio-Geo Method for maintaining your RV's holding tanks. In this video, I update the original with the knowledge I have gained after almost two years of experimenting to discover the easiest and simple way to maintain your holding tanks.
In this video, I show you how to maintain your tanks in 3 easy, environmentally safe steps. I also show you how to fix your non-working tank level monitors. Also, I am explaining the science and mechanics of the method and how it works!

Visit my Amazon store for everything you need to maintain your holding tanks.

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Hand Aerator for Lawn

Hand aerators for lawns are a great tool and many uses, not just aerating lawns, but also fixing hot spots. I tested a few and here are my top picks. My winner link is here: and is a good bargain for the quality. Manual aerator testing.

Raise and Replace In Ground Sprinkler Head For Beginners

If you haven't done so already, get your FREE 2020 Pre-Emergent Guide at

How to raise and replace a sprinkler head for beginners - using a riser.
The key is to know what your supply in the ground looks like, and how that will eventually tie into your new rotar. In my case, I have ½” supply and a ½” inlet so I’m a straight shot, hence why this is a beginner video.

Here are the sheers I use to hand trim around the heads:

Here is the K1 Smart Set Rotar:

(it’s cheaper at HD than Amazon)

Here is the riser I used:

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Tile Clean & Acid Wash

Full Tile Clean & Acid Wash service. Blue Iguana Pools, in Phoenix AZ.

Homemade Skincare to get INSTANT Bright, Glowing Skin | Skincare with home remedies | Preksha Jain

Homemade Skincare to get Instant Bright, Glowing Skin | Skincare with home remedies | Preksha Jain

Hii guys! In today's video I'll be sharing with you homemade skincare that means skincare with home remedies. This skincare is best for this quarantine. And all the remedies are perfect for all the skin types. So I hope you find this video helpful.????????

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Beautiful Hairstyles for Party/Wedding 2019 : 4



3 Quick & Easy Heatless Hairstyle-
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How to make a Beyblade (heavy) From Cardboard at home : Beyblade vs fidget spinner

hello my dear friends this time in this video i made a beyblade from cardboard at home very easy method hope you guys will like it if yes then plzz hit that like and subscribe button ... and it is very cool and powerful beyblade also you can call it a wood top .... ..

Music :


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How to make a water tank cleaner at home | tank cleaner| Tamil | Ridhu Ideas

This video is about how to make a water tank cleaner at home.
This will help you in cleaning the tank in few minutes. Try this at home and comment below.
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Stress, Tinnitus, and 5 Steps for Management

Stress is at an all-time high right now which can negatively affect tinnitus annoyance. Learn 5 strategies to take control over your tinnitus. Dr. Alexandra Tarvin, Audiologist at Elevate Audiology in Easley, SC 29642 discusses how stress that we're all going through with COVID-19 affects our tinnitus which can also increase tinnitus perception and annoyance. She discusses 5 things to do to reduce the effects of tinnitus on your quality of life.



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