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How To Install Interior Doors


How to Install an Interior Door

Interior doors are a great way to update and accent your decor, without too much commitment or expense. Installing a pre-hung door is easier and faster than starting from scratch, since most of the more labor-intensive work is already done. This project guide features instructions on how to remove position and install the new door and complete the installation with the door trim. Check out our Doors & Windows playlist for more:

Read our guide for more information on installing an interior door and removing the old door:

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Follow along with this video to find out more about hanging an interior door:

0:10 Gather your tools
0:32 Position the pre-hung door
0:40 Add shims
1:00 Nail the door frame
1:18 Install the door trim
1:38 Attach the hardware
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How to Install a Pre-Hung Interior Door | Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a homeowner the proper way to install a pre-hung interior door for a closet. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)
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Shopping List for How to Install a Pre-Hung Interior Door:
- Pre-hung interior door [
- Shims [

Tools for How to Install a Pre-Hung Interior Door:
- Level [
- Nail gun [ or hammer [
- Measuring tape [
- Circular saw [
- Drill/driver [

Steps for How to Install a Pre-Hung Interior Door:
1. Use a level to find a level spot on the rough opening. Mark spots on both sides of opening with a pencil.
2. Measure down to the floor on the hinge side using measuring tape, and note the measurement.
3. Measure down to the floor on the striker side, and note the measurement.
4. Hook the measuring tape on the bottom of the door on the hinge side, then measure and mark the height noted earlier.
5. Measure from your mark to the top of the header, then measure that same distance on the striker side to ensure the header will be level.
6. Hook the measuring tape under the striker-side jamb and measure up. The difference between the measurement from the rough opening to the mark on the doorjamb is the amount that will need to be cut out of the jamb (depending on the door, one or both jambs may need to be cut).
7. Use a circular saw to cut the jamb(s) to the desired lengths.
8. Use a level to ensure the rough opening is plumb on the hinge side. If not, nail an appropriate number of shims into the rough opening to make it plumb.
9. Move the door in place and keep it flush with the outer wall.
10. Pre-drill a hole and drive in a screw at the top on the hinge side.
11. Check the jamb to see if it’s plumb using a level.
12. Finish screwing in the hinge-side jamb using a driver.
13. Line up the two reference lines on the striker-side jamb.
14. Use shims down the hinge-side jamb to level it off, and drive in screws with a driver.
15. Break off the shims.
16. Put on trim using a nail gun or hammer.
17. Install door-knob hardware.

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How to Install a Pre-Hung Interior Door | Ask This Old House

How To Install Interior Doors

Need to replace a door? Watch to learn how to install an interior door. Find step by step project details here:

Difficulty Level: Moderate. If you are not 100% confident installing interior doors, Lowe's recommends that you hire a professional. Call 1-877-GO-LOWES or visit to learn more about installation services through Lowe’s.

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How to Install A Pre Hung Door | 3 Different Ways

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There is more than 1 way to Install a Pre Hung door. Join us as we discuss 3 Options and You decide which one is best for You!

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All of my years in the renovation business has taught me a few tricks. if you have the right tools and information then you can pick which way you want to install your doors. In this video we will discuss the Strongest way to install, the Easiest way to do it if you are alone and perhaps lacking some experience and the Cheapest way to get er done.!


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How To Remove & Install An Interior Door

Shannon from shows you how to remove an old interior door, and install a new one. If you have any questions on your project, ask Shannon @

Quick and Professional Interior Door Install

This is the way I install interior doors. It can be done in about 10 mins if I'm not making a video. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!









How to Install Interior Doors

How to Install Interior Doors. Part of the series: DIY Home Repairs. Start installing interior doors by mounting the hinges on the door frame. Learn to install interior doors with tips from an experienced handyman in this free video on do-it-yourself home repairs. Read more:

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Learn how to install one of our Steves & Sons Pre-hung Doors in this step-by-step installation video.

Replacing an Interior Door (CMRW#47)

We are moving and the people buying our house have asked that we repair a couple of doors which were broken. I decided to just replace them with new doors. This was the first door and I made a lot of mistakes, but it was a great learning experience for me.

I made a video on the 2nd door and show how to bore the hole for the doorknob whenever there is a door that has not been pre-bored. It's on my other DIY-ish channel.

Here's a link to that other video (and please subscribe!):

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How to replace interior doors

I've condenced everything I've learned about replacing interior doors down into this 4 minute video. We cover measuring, cutting, plaining, hinges, and painting.

How To Install A New Door & Replace Fittings

D.I.Y expert Craig Phillips shows how to install a new door fit the handles and hinges. Craig removes the old door then shows how to prepare a new internal door and how to hang the new door.



Silverline Tools How To videos are for reference purposes only. Undertaking these projects is entirely at your own risk.
Read safety instructions before operating any power tools and always wear eye protection.

How to Hang a Door That is NOT Prehung

An expert carpenter shows how to hang a door that is not already in a frame. ALL THE TOOLS HE USES BELONG TO HIS BROTHER WHO IS NOT A CARPENTER. This is a door that has no hinges and no knob. Dave shows how to mortise the door for the hinges, how to hang the door, how to cut the holes for the knob and how to install the knob. For more details on hanging a door that is NOT pre-hung see

How to Install Interior Door - Modern Colonial - Bob Vila eps.2511

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House Style: Garrison Colonial:
House Styles: Cape Cods and Dutch Colonials:
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The dining room paneling is almost finished, and Bob talks with Ben LaRochelle from Drummond Designs to learn how they fabricated the design plans from architectural models, stock plans, and lot requirements using a laptop computer.

Upstairs, Bob Ryley is hard at work in the master bedroom, beginning with a door installation leading into the master bathroom. Jim Daniels from Woodport is on hand to discuss the features of the door with Bob. Finally, Ryley works on trimming out the doorframe and windows.

How to Hang an Interior Door with Wickes

In this tutorial, our Wickes expert shows you the best way to hang a standard interior door.
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 These are the steps for replacing an interior door:

1. Acclimatise the new door to your home by laying it flat on an even surface for three days inside your home and remove your old door.

2. Work out if your new door needs trimming by standing it up in the door opening and marking the top of the opening on the door with a pencil.

3. Take the door out of the doorway and secure in a work bench, then, transfer the measurement you took from the door frame to the bottom of the door and add 3mm before trimming away. To allow for clearance, trim 3mm off the top too.

4. If the width of the door doesn't fit measure the door against the frame and divide this measurement equally between the two sides. Trim this amount and an extra 3mm from each side for clearance.

5. Get the door in the position it will eventually hang by placing small wedges beneath the door, maintaining an even gap of about 3mm around the door and mark the position of the existing hinges at the bottom, middle and top onto the door.

6. Remove the door and position the hinges on the door using the marks you just made, drawing around their outline. Once you've done this measure the thickness of the hinge plate.

7. Use a chisel to cut around just inside the marked lines, then hold the chisel at a 45 degree angle to the door frame and use it to make stepped cuts to the required depth every 5mm.

8. Turn the flat side of the chisel towards the door and chisel out the recess for the hinge plate.

9. Using the hinge as a guide drill pilot holes into the door. Once drilled, carefully screw the hinge plates into place.

10. Pick up the door and place it in the position it would be if open at 90 degrees. With the door in this position, put a screw in the bottom hole of the top hinge plate and screw into place, then do the same with the bottom hole of the bottom hinge plate and one more time with the top hole on the top hinge plate.

11. Check that the door opens and closes without catching anywhere. If it catches mark the area, remove the door and make the necessary adjustments to prevent it from rubbing.

12. If the door shuts cleanly make any final finishes like painting and cut outs for latches if required before screwing in the remainder of the screws.

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How To Install A Door Frame

Installing the door frame that I made from the parts in the previous video. After the frame is set, I usually like to hang the door to check the fit and tweak as needed, but since I'll be making the doors for these openings, I'll need to get that done before I can go any further.
The shim jig:

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How to Hang a New Door on an Existing Jamb

Leah from See Jane Drill demonstrates how to quickly and easily hang a new inside door in your home.

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jane drill

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How to hang a pre hung interior door in 7.5 minutes by yourself

This is a tutorial of how to hang a pre hung interior door. I Think it is the best way to do it alone but if you have other ways please let me know! I Thanks for watching.

Door hinges installation How to fit door hinges how to hang a door

Hi . In this video I'm showing how to fit a door hinges on to the door and on the door frame. Or simpler how to hang a door . The door Im doing is an interior fire door

How To Cut Down A Door's Height

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Shannon from shows you how to cut an interior door down to fit a shorter height opening.

If you have questions about your home improvement projects, stop by the forum on our website, where Shannon will answer your questions in detail for free.





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WOW - Cut perfect door hinges in minutes

How to cut the perfect hinge in minutes.
This is the perfect tutorial showing you how to cut in the perfect door hinge.
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