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How To Remove a Security Tag


How to take off store alarm censor security tag by hand!

Not going to be a professional way but an idea or direction on how to remove an alarm if you ever came home with an alarm tag on your purchase and was had no time to go back to the store.

How To Remove Security Tags at Home When the STORE Forgets To Remove Them

Bought a pair of shoes online and the store forgot to remove the security tag so we show you how we remove them with a Dremel drill.

If you would like to help us out.


TOOLS Used in Video

Nike Shoes

Dremel Drill Kit

Xacto Knife Set

Propane Tanks
Propane Torch

Side Cutters

Microfiber Towels

Venom Gloves

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Fastest, simplest, and easiest way to remove security tags from clothes or other items.

This trick is called the DRYER METHOD and it's a super fast, super simple life hack to remove security tags, ink tags, electronic article surveillance (EAS), anti theft tags or inventory control tags when they are accidentally left on when purchased from the store.

There are many other life hacks to remove these security tags, such as the lighter method, the rubber band method the magnet trick, the fork trick, and the hammer time method. Many include brute force and will easily damage you clothing. The dryer trick however is the easiest way to remove security tags without damaging your clothing.

How to remove a security tag from clothing - Life Hack DIY

This is the easiest and safest way to remove a security tag from any clothing without causing any damage. Using a house hold knife we are able to safely remove the security tag with minimal effort in seconds. After purchasing a hoodie for my daughter i realized the tag was left on the item of clothing and i really didnt want to drive back to the store so i decided to figure out a way to safely remove the security merchandise tag without tools, magnets, fire, lighter and have it simple enough for the every day person who is in the same situation to remove. For more DIY how to videos LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE.

This is a purchased item from the store
(Tag was left on and i have the receipt )
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Life Hack: Breaking off security tag with two forks

No, my mother-in-law did not steal this kid's outfit from TJ MAXX. But they did forget to remove the security tag. So being the crafty dad that I am, I devised a fantastic life hack as to how to remove the security device using two forks. Enjoy! And be sure to like, share & subscribe for more (quasi-daily) videos that will brighten your day.

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How to Remove Security Ink Retail Clothing Tags-DIY Tutorial [Ink Tag Removal]

How retail clothing store security ink tags work is by (as an anti-theft measure) clothing stores tag various clothing items with security tags so that if you walk out the door with them you'll set off an alarm when you leave with the tag still on the garment or ruin it by spilling ink from the tag if you try to remove it yourself. There are some ways to prevent the ink from spilling all over the garment if the retail cashier fails to remove the tag (as they often do). The short answer to the question Do Security Ink Tags go off? is no. It triggers the alarm through the use of a sensor at the entrance or exit.

To answer the simple question, What do security ink tags do?. When the security ink tags are forcibly removed from the clothing item, two glass vials containing permanent ink will break, causing it to spill over the clothing, which in theory will completely deface the clothing item with a large ink permanent ink stain.

Here's a link to the tool I used for this:

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Ever go shopping and you go home and realize they forgot to remove the security tag?! Its frustrating but I found a SUPER EASY way to remove them without the ink exploding! Check it out and subscribe to my new channel!

How to remove Security Tag ✔

This video demonstrates how you should remove anti-theft security tags from clothing. The type of security tag used in the demonstration is 5426419. I'm not a thief, they left it on my clothing.

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Inventory control tags - Security ink tag removal Life hack

Bought a piece of clothing with the security ink tag attached and realized it once you got home or have just unboxed your online purchase? Well don't met it, don't use rubber bans and don't try and pry it off because you might damage your clothing! This is the easiest and best way to remove a security tag from any clothing without causing any damage.


Security tag: remove it yourself

I'm not a thief, thug or bad person. I know there are a lot of videos on this. I just wanted to try it and put in my two cents.

I went shopping and the check out person left on the security tag. I r I am now a Fullscreen Partner to apply click here

How to remove security tags. Quick and Easy

Hey guys made another video showing how to remove security tags from your clothes. Do not steal! And subscribe for more fun.
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This was a lot easier than expected!

I used: Sensormatic 9kG tag and Sensormatic ink tag (purchased from ebay)

DISCLAIMER: This experiment was conducted with devices I own. DO NOT conduct this experiment with devices you don't own. EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY !

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How To Remove a Security Tag

Today I show you how to easily remove a security tag. This method works with all types of security tags; on clothing, bottles, anything! It's incredibly easy to do. Please ensure you do not use this for any illegal activity - shoplifting is a crime - only use this on items you have purchased.

How does it work?
The molecules in the toothpaste bind to the sea salt resulting in a chemical reaction which causes the atoms in the security tag to expand at a rate that exceeds the maximum density that physically is capable and possible for it to not break I think, i'm not sure.

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How To Remove A Security Tag From Your Clothes

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Ver 2.0, How to remove a security tag with NO tools, only a rubber band.

I show how to remove a security tag / Inventory tag with a rubber band.

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Life Hack: Breaking off security tag with two forks

I watched a video on how to remove these tags with two forks, it worked but didn’t quiet go to plan.. watch till the end to see why!

Here is another video I filmed showing you an easier technique that doesn’t damage the clothing

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Easiest Way to Remove Security Tag from Clothing (Clothes) in 2 minutes.

Sometime after purchasing a cloth and bringing it to our home, we find that the cashier forgot to remove the security (magnetic) tag. So, how to remove this anti theft tag. There is no need to go back to that shop again to remove that tag. We can easily remove it from the cloth without any worries in our home itself. Just follow this easy step of 2 minute and enjoy.

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SECURITY SENSOR TAG Removal, How to Remove Security Sensor Tag | TILLY BEE

Hi guys! This video is about removing a SECURITY SENSOR TAG.
Have you ever come home from a shopping trip only to find a SECURITY SENSOR TAG left on one of your purchases? So annoying! The last thing you want to do is traipse all the way back to the store to have the clerk remove it. So I am going to teach you how to safely remove the security tag (security sensor) from your clothes.

All you need is a flat-head screwdriver, or something flat to pry with, and a pair of needle-nose pliers.

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Easy Way to Remove a Security Tag/Sensor

I've tried to remove the sensor many different ways. This was by far the easiest and most effective way. The only thing you really need is a lighter or match.



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how to remove security tags two fool proof easy methods

ever have to get off a security tag left on your clothes? in this video i show you two different methods guaranteed to work. this also works on many other security tags other than on clothes.

my video about lock picking



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