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How To unblock a kitchen sink drain


How To unblock a kitchen sink drain

blocked up drain .how to properly clear a drain

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

When you have a really bad sink clog, sometimes using a plunger or
plumbers snake just wont get through the clog. In these situations you
may need to start opening up pipes. In most cases the problem is near
the P-trap which is directly under the sink. This video will show you
how it's done.

How To Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain (Fast and Cheap Method)

In today’s video we’re going to show you a cheap, natural alternative to unclog your kitchen sink.

Whenever you’re washing dishes and start noticing that water in the sink is backing up, that means that the drain is probably clogged. This problem will most likely end up happening to someone who isn’t careful and doesn’t take the most basic precautions.

Most of the time, the back up happens due to a build up of fat in the pipes. When we rinse fat down the drain it’s normally liquid, but ends up congealing and blocking pipes.

Pieces of food and vegetable or fruit peel can also pile up where the pipes curve and keep the water from flowing.

So what do you do when this happens? Do you call a plumber? Do you buy a chemical product to unclog your sink?

Most people probably don’t know that these product contain harmful substances that can cause skin irritations and breathing problems.

Do you have any other tips for unclogging sink drains? Tell us about them in the comment section!


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How to unclog a kitchen sink using baking soda and vinegar !!

How to unclog a kitchen sink using baking soda and vinegar! In this DIY tutorial, I will show you an easy step-by-step procedure to properly unclog any kitchen sink’s drain using white vinegar and baking soda, two household items that you probably already have at home and that are safe for the environment.

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The baking soda and white vinegar mixture will create a nice foaming action that will help your drain get rid of grease, old soap residue and other deposits, leaving your drain nice and clean!

My plumber suggested that I perform this routine as part of a regular maintenance at least once a year. No need to hire a an expensive plumber to perform this task. Thanks to my tips and tricks, you can do this on your own and FOR FREE! This video will also help you unclog and drain or pipe such as your drains in any sinks in your house including your kitchen and bathroom.

Here’s how to unclog your kitchen sink in 5 easy steps:
1) Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain.
2) Pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
3) Pour 1 cup of white vinegar down the drain and let the mixture sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
4) Pour a pot of boiling water down the drain.
5) Run hot tap water for 5 minutes to make sure any remaining gunk is cleared out.

That’s it! It’s that simple!

Disclaimer: try these methods with caution and at your own risk. It works for most people, but depending on how bad your clogged drain is, there is no guarantee that it will work. Always seek professional help or advice from a plumber if you're unsure of what is clogging your drain.

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Clogged Drain - How to unclog a clogged kitchen sink easy fix

Plunger on Amazon:

Two ways to fix a clogged drain, with a plunger, and if that doesn't work I go over how to remove, clean out and re-install the plumbing assembly under the sink.

No tools required! Hopefully this video will help you fix your clogged kitchen drain.

How to Unclog Kitchen Sink in 5 Seconds!

Simple trick using a toilet plunger and a wet towel to unclog a clogged kitchen sink drain!

best way to snake a kitchen sink drain

you have to get a good snake down the vertical drain in wall best to remove pipe so your close to pipe in wall for easy snaking

How to Fix Clogged Kitchen Sink That Won't Drain

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How to fix a plugged kitchen sink that won't drain. If your sink is backed up, clogged, and won't drain, this video will show you how to fix it!


How To Unblock A Sink Drain - DIY At Bunnings

Many things can block a sink. Food scraps, hair or even tree roots can get into the drains. This video from Bunnings Warehouse will show you how to unblock a sink and flush it with a cleaner to get rid of any residue.

For more DIY advice and information, visit the Bunnings website today:

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain -- by Home Repair Tutor

If you want to learn how to unclog a kitchen sink this video will help.

I guarantee you can do this yourself and likely save $75-$95.

The first step is to check the P-Trap for clogs. This likely is the culprit. Grab a 5 gallon bucket and place it under the P-Trap. It's a good idea to place towels under the bucket.

Slowly turn the P-Trap slip nuts counterclockwise. Be careful, water might rush out from the P-Trap. I recommend using a 5 gallon bucket to catch all the water that's up in the kitchen sink.

In this video you'll see the clog was just in the drain, I didn't even have to do anything to remove the debris.

But what if your clog isn't in the P-Trap or drain? It's likely in the wall pipe and you need to remove it mechanically via a hand auger.

Ridgid's Power Spin is a great hand auger that costs only $40. You can use it by hand or via a power drill. If you unclog your kitchen sink just once it justifies the purchase of the Power Spin.

You can also use this tool for clogs in your bathroom sink, tub, or shower.

Press down on the Power Spin trigger and feed the auger into the wall pipe. Spin the Power Spin until you clear the clog and reverse your procedure to pull it up out of the pipe.

Watch the video for all the details including how to put your pipes together without getting any leaks

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How to unblock your sink

Blockages in your sink can be caused by fat and food waste from washing up. In this video we show you how you to unblock your sink yourself.

If you have any trouble unblocking your sink and you're a Bromford customer, please call 0330 1234 034.

Extreme sink unblocking | Blocked sink

Sinks and basins can easily get blocked or clogged, in this vide we have a basin that takes approximately 20 minutes to drain because the waste from the basin is so badly clogged. Several methods are attempted to clear the blockage but only one real method really works. Firstly the Rothenberger Ropump is used, but this is incredibly difficult to use as you need three hands to be able to use it on this basin as the tap is directly over the plug hole. Then boiling hot water is used, which did nothing. A chemical drain un-blocker called Instant power, heavy duty drain opener. This did work and helped the water drain but it did not open the drain fully. Lastly power plumber was used and this easily unblocked the drain with one application.

How to Fix a Slow Draining or Clogged Sink - ProMaster Home Repair

All of us can relate to that frustrating experience of a slow draining or clogged sink. In this article and video, Don Kennedy of ProMaster will show you how to fix a clogged or slow draining sink.

Read Full Article at:

As always, call ProMaster at (513) 724-0539 or check out our website at if you need help with any of your home repair or handyman needs.

ProMaster is a home repair company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. ProMaster takes pride in being on-time and family-friendly. All of our employees are background checked and drug tested to ensure that you and your family are safe and comfortable with the craftsman completing your project. ProMaster is also the only company in the area that gives you a specific time for your appointment, not a two hour window like Time Warner.

DIY: Unclog Your Kitchen Sink with a Plunger!

What you will need:
A BIG pot:

INSTRUCTIONS: Boil the water in the pot. Pour the water into the clogged sink. Start pumping away with the plunger. After a few pumps -- depending on your strength -- the clog should be unclogged. If this doesn't work then you got something seriously wrong, chief. You should call a professional.


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How to unplug your kitchen sink using a plunger! Plumbing Tips!

This is a short video on using a plunger to clear a plugged kitchen sink!

How To Clear / Unblock A Kitchen Sink Drain

backed up kitchen sink drain water will not go down ,how it should be done to get it freed up .mama LAVIMONIERE PRODUCTIONS,LLC

How to Work a Snake for a Clog in a Sink : Home Sweet Home Repair

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Working a snake for a clog in a sink is a process that will vary depending on the configuration of the pipes in question. Work a snake for a clog in a sink with help from the president and owner of Source Development Inc. in this free video clip.

Expert: Nicholas Iarocci
Filmmaker: Alan Mack

Series Description: Not all plumbing issues or appliance installations require the expensive help of a local professional. Get tips on plumbing with help from the president and owner of Source Development Inc. in this free video series.


The last job of 2018 is a clogged kitchen drain line. We discover plenty more on this one.

Every day plumbing repairs and installs featured all while my two sons CB2 and Angelo learn the plumbing trade.

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How to unblock a sink drain

How to unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink drain
Clear your clogged sink the easy way without using harmful liquid drain cleaner or a snake
Fix blocked sink

How to Fix a Blocked Sink with Wickes

A blocked sink is blocked generally because food or other waste is caught in the pipe below the sink, but it's normally very easy to fix. Learn how to unblock a sink with this step by step guide from one of our Wickes experts.
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There are many ways to fix a blocked sink. One way is with a plunger or a product like the blaster cup:

1. Place the blaster cup over the plug hole.
2. Block the overflow with a wet cloth and pump.
3. After just a few plunges the blockage should clear.

Another way you can unblock a sink is with liquid drain cleaner. Following the instructions, pour into the plug hole and a fizzing action will occur. Repeat a few times and rinse with warm water.

If this doesn't work, you can use a plumber's snake. To use, carefully push the snake down the drain, twisting to help it around the U bend. When you reach the obstruction pull, twist and push to unblock and then rinse with cold water.

Finally, if the blockage still persists you may have to get underneath the sink and deal with the plumbing directly:

1. Please ensure the water is turned off and then place a bucket or container underneath the trap, to catch any remaining water you might spill.
2. Unscrew the two nuts that hold the trap in place (this may need to be done with a wrench).
3. Once the nuts are undone, remove the trap and empty the water below.
4. Rinse the trap out in a bucket or use a piece of stiff wire to unblock.
5. Replace the trap by retightening the nuts.

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