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How to build your creative confidence | David Kelley


Dealing with Self-Doubt as an Artist: How to Stay Confident and Keep Going

Get inspired, start learning and get two months of Skillshare Premium for FREE: I got a lot of questions about, how do you deal with criticism, with the fear of wasting your art supplies, how do you build and gain confidence in your art, when do you call yourself an artist and how do you even improve your art? That's why I invited some of my successful artist friends Jenna Rainey, Joly Poa, Dana Fox (wonderforest) and Katie Jobling to share their wisdom with all of us! I really hope it'll be helpful!!

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2:35 Do you compare yourself to other artists?
5:38 What do you do when your art doesn't turn out the way you wanted it?
8:33 How do you deal with criticism?
13:05 Are you afraid of wasting your art supplies?
15:57 How did you gain confidence in your art?
19:23 When did you start calling yourself an artist?
22:39 What was the number one thing you did that improved your art?
26:11 What is the biggest advice you have for someone who wants to improve their art?

Huge shoutout to my artist friends who came over to my channel! Thank you so much for your time!

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6 Steps To Increase Your Creativity In Everyday Life [Animated]

Sometimes we just sit there and wish we could create more ideas.
Everybody knows that feeling. Being uncreative. Not knowing what new thing we can create. Increase your creativity in 6 simple steps.

Here they are:
00:00 Step 1: Think Differently - Stand Out!
00:47 Step 2: Commit To Doing Creative Activities Everyday!
01:16 Step 3: Be Curious!
01:44 Step 4: Rest. Food. Water.
02:27 Step 5: Absorb Influence From Diverse Fields
03:17 Step 6: Relax!

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how to keep your room clean ALL THE TIME

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How to Build Creative Confidence in Yourself

1. Realize your pictures and art is dope.
2. Realize that by *not* sharing your artwork with others, you're doing others and society a disservice.


Use Your Creativity

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Gain Confidence as an Artist!

RISD Adjunct Professor Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Casey Roonan and Annelise Yee discuss how to gain confidence as an artist. Each artist shares from their own experiences situations where their confidence waned and then explains the concrete strategies they implemented for how to overcome those challenges.



00:00 Tell yourself you're awesome
00:58 Enjoy the art process
02:25 Develop thick skin
02:53 Create your own goals & success
04:38 Different degrees of confidence
05:18 How we see our artwork is important
07:00 You are unique
09:37 It’s okay to not achieve a goal

How to Stay Motivated as an Artist:
How to Be a More Productive Artist:
Life After Art School:
How do You Stay Motivated after Art School?
How Do You Gain Confidence as an Artist?
How do You Deal with Artist’s Block?



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Clara Lieu is an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design. Her artwork has been exhibited at the International Print Center NY, the Currier Museum, Childs Gallery, the Davis Museum, and more. Lieu received an artist fellowship from the MA Cultural Council, has written for the NY Times, and lectured at Brown University, the NAEA conference, and in Vancouver & China. She has been profiled in Artsy, Hyperallergic, KPCC, & WBUR.




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How To Unleash Your Creativity In Business?

How To Unleash Your Creativity In Business - how to be more creative | unleash your creativity now!
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How To Unleash Your Creativity In Business - how to build your creative confidence | david kelley
How To Unleash Your Creativity In Business - 10 hacks to being creative


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How to Develop Your Creativity

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Benefits of Nurturing Your Creativity 0:31
How To Nurture Your Creative Side/Brainstorm: 1:03
Have Fun! 1:24
Meditate 1:57
Get Culture/Be Inspired 2:02
Exercise 2:19
S L E E P!! 2:37
Self-reflect 2:53


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How To Build Your Confidence In Seconds

-- if you dig this, come get a free chapter from one of my courses.

Hey dude, in this video I’m going to show you four steps to building REAL confidence. This isn’t just confidence when it comes to talking with women - this is confidence in ALL areas of life.

Whether you want to know how to be confident when dating women, how to be confident at work, or how to be confident when trying anything new, these four steps apply.

The thing is, everyone starts off as a beginner. But when you internalize what I’m showing you in this video, you’ll actually be able to use the beginner mindset to your advantage. Every challenge you come across becomes an opportunity to build your confidence - and that’s where you start to win BIG.

How Do I Build My Confidence As a Writer?

A digital writer asked how he could increase his confidence as a writer. The answer is easy. With this trick, you can increase your confidence and your copy. Also, find out why I'm not as successful as I could be (and what you can do to avoid that mistake).

What Do You Do to Feel More Creative?

At this year's Aspen Ideas Festival, we asked a group of people who work in media and design to explain what they do to find inspiration. According to Tim Brown, the CEO of IDEO, it's important to avoid one thing: Routine is what makes you not creative, I think. Routine causes you to stop asking questions. Other panelists include Kelly Leonard, Suleika Jaouad, Bran Ferren, Anne Libera, Brian Grazer, and JR.

The Big Question is a series inspired by The Atlantic's back-page feature.

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How to Reconnect to your creativity & joy

Feeling disconnected from your creative flow and sense of joy?
Here's my top tip on connecting to your high vibrational self and putting great work out into the world.

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How To Build Self Confidence

Go to the link for more information on how to build self confidence and improve yourself so that you get better results at everything you do. You can also get my free ebook on my site. Go there NOW


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In this video The Kaizen Man shows how you can be more creative by using your life experiences and analytical ability to form new connections in thought.

Creativity comes from intelligence and intelligence is made up of these three things -
1. Experiences and memory
2. Analytical ability and knowledge
3. Innovate by connecting experiences and knowledge to form new ideas

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Meditation To Get Your Confidence and Creative Power Back

Renew your creative confidence and ability with this free thirteen-minute meditation by Professor Karl Gude at Michigan State University. He believes it can help you tap into your creativity in a positive, affirming way.

Nurturing Your Creative Spirit in an Age Where Creativity Can Be Harder than Ever - by Brian Lorelle

Brian Lorelle -- AKA Brian Botkiller -- shares his secrets for keeping a creative edge, connecting with support, supporting the people you connect with, and living like like you're going to succeed.

Presented at Ignite NM 11 in 2011, Albuquerque NM
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CREATIVE CONFIDENCE : Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All (Book Summary)

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All | Book Summary by Rajiv Gupta
Do you remember your school days when teachers would PUNISH you for drawing pictures or singing songs in class, telling you to MIND YOURSELF and do some “PROPER” work instead?
While these teachers might mean well, this insistence that learning FACTS
is MORE important than FLEXING our creative muscle has a DIMINISHING effect on our IMAGINATIONS.
This lack of APPRECIATION for creativity is outdated.
Today’s companies are actively looking out for creative minds...

Making Ideas Happen by Building Your Tribe | Charles Lee Interview | Good Idea. Now What? (Book)

Interview by THiNK International:

Skype Call Recorded with VodBurner:

We talked with Charles Lee, founder of Ideation and The Ideation Conference about executing ideas. In this interview Charles share some insights from his new book, Good Idea. Now What: How to Move Ideas to Execution.

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How To Build Confidence For Your New Business Idea

Building confidence in any new business is hard as %$#@@&! But that's ok. It happens to everyone. Here is one of the quickest ways to get confidence in your new business idea. Day 19 of 100 Day Video Challenge. (Whoo Child;)

Get Lost in Your Creativity | Motivational Motivaion


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