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How to post clickable images on Facebook - Facebook marketing tips 2016


How to post clickable images on Facebook - Facebook marketing tips 2016

How to post clickable image on Facebook - Facebook marketing tips 2016:


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Posting clickable Facebook ads where you upload an image of your choice and when someone clicks it from your timeline on Facebook then they immediately go directly to your website of choice.
Very powerful and will increase your conversions!

How to post clickable image ads on Facebook - Facebook marketing tips 2019

How to post clickable image ads on Facebook - Facebook marketing tips 2019

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Add the HTML code (edit how you want first)
You need to join Network Solutions Pro and visit my facebook group.

Use an image ether from the banners section in Network solutions pro or make your own
Here’s the best size to use:
450px by 235px

Go to Facebook debug page and clear cache, re-scrape etc here:

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How to post clickable image ads on Facebook - Facebook marketing tips 2017

How to post clickable image ads on Facebook

In this guide I show you how to have complete control on the image thumbnail that comes up when posting links on Facebook.

Your posts on Facebook will not only Look better but also get more click throughs and in tern generate a lot higher conversions!

Your Facebook posts will stand out better but when people click on it they will immediately go to your offer.

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How To Make Images Clickable On Facebook - Facebook Image Redirect !

Hello friends,
I have seen lot of people struggling in making a facebook images clickable they are asking me this question all the
time on my facebook on how to make images clickable on facebook account .

As we know when we post image on facebook and if someone click on them the image open up but what if we want facebook
image to redirect to external website then that was not possible uptil now .

So here is my top secret :
Go to - On this website just post any website link that you want to make clickable and then submit that
link on the website it will give you new link to you that you just need to copy and paste on facebook and now
when you will put that link on facebook it will be clickable images on facebook that will be facebook image redirect to
external website .

So now by making images clickable on facebook you can simply advertise your product your offer on thousand of facebook
groups by posting your clickable image link on those groups so once some one click on your clickable images they will be redirected
to your targated website .

If you want to advertise on facebook groups for your offer you can use fb autoposter where u can just add this clickable image link
on autoposter and that poster will post on all facebook groups for you all day and night .

Here is the link to autoposter that i use - fbposterapp .com/?id=fivercraze

Youtube video link -

So now friends you must have learned how to make images clickable on facebook using this facebook image resirect website . By making images clickable on facebook
you can double or triple the traffic you recive on your website .
Earlier you were sending non clickable images on facebook and asking everyone on how to make your images clickable on facebook but now clickable images are clickable
pictures can be created in just 1 minute and clickable images on fb can be shared for instant traffic.
This clickable facebook images can get you adsense clicks on your site as well and get lot of optins as well .
Make your pic clickable on facebook and get high results for your website from today itsef.

Wish you luck,
Sumit Kapoor
(moneybank35i - money bank)

How To Post Clickable Images on Facebook and Twitter

How To Post Clickable Images on Facebook and Twitter

Quick Tip | Facebook Clickable Image Post

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Make clickable images on FACEBOOK

In this short tutorial I show you how to add a clickable image on your facebook business page.

Anyimage.IO | How to post a clickable image on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Anyimage.IO Here's How to post a clickable image on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn with the help of a useful website Anyimage.IO

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This video is a tutorial about how you can share your links of YouTube video or website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus as an image or clickable social cards.

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How to Make a Clickable Image on Facebook

How to Make a Clickable Image on Facebook
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QuickTip | Clickable Image For Facebook Posting | Call To Action

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AnyImage.IO Clickable Images

AnyImage.IO Clickable Images That Stand Out From All Others. Raises click rate, up To 250%. i Found a simple solution to make pictures clickable.
AnyImage.IO Clickable Images

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Cofwel FB Network Marketing Tip 03: Posting Clickable Images on Facebook


How to post a clickable image on Facebook

5 simple steps to make any image clickable so when people click on it they will be redirected to any URL you want.

FB Link Post 2 Review Demo | How to Add Clickable Images for Facebook

Click left to watch How To add Clickable images for Facebook. FB Link Post plugin is a simple WordPress plugin allows you to post link graphics to Facebook, to your timeline, to groups, to your fan page, anywhere you like, that will redirect people to your target URL, when they click on the graphic.

FB Link Post 2 Review Demo on How to Add Clickable Images for Facebook

FB Link Post WP Plugin video Features:
(0:12) Facebook images, timeline images fundamental issue
(1.41) The advantage of facebook linked posts
(2:01) FB Image Link Post demo
(3:23) FB Link Post make images clickable on facebook
(3.42) Make images clickable on facebook review

Explore more in this video:

Download FB Link Post 2.0 Plugin here

Download Group Traffic Profits

To your success.

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How to Link a Facebook Image Post to a Website

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LetClicks Review Demo - Create Redirecting Facebook Image Posts

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LetClicks Review

Introducing LetClicks, a powerful new cloud-based software tool which you can use to quickly and easily create clickable redirecting image posts on Facebook. The whole process has been simplified and the user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to edit and customize with minimum effort.

As well as being able to use the built-in editor to create eye-catching images and automatically schedule and post them to unlimited Facebook fan pages and groups, the software can also redirect visitors to any website you choose when the image is clicked which will result in more leads and sales. It comes with detailed analytics and the ability to add tracking codes so you can set up retargeting campaigns and boost your conversion rates. The special launch discount and LetClicks bonus will not last long, so get your copy today and start increasing your profits.

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PixeLarge Large Clickable Images in Facebook

Pixelarge - Large Big Beautiful Clickable Images in Facebook

How to Control Your Facebook Link Preview Image

Free Funnel Building: How to Control Your Facebook Link Preview Image in Groups
FREE Sales Funnel Blueprint Tool is here:
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This video will show you how to control what your Facebook link preview looks like on Facebook when you share a website on anything other than your business page, where you already have that control.

Here's the link to the code you need to place in the head of your page for the redirect:

Find me on Twitter @salesfunnelguy

Facebook Tip - Multiple Image Dark Post

Facebook is a marketing machine if you know how to use it! This video will show you how to create a dark post with multiple images.

Leveraging the dark post strategy is the key to building social validation. To get even more visual content in your dark post you can actually ad multiple images. This increases click engagement and drives qualified traffic.

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