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How to unblock a drain: Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit accessory


How to unblock a drain: Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit accessory

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A Karcher best seller. If you have a blocked drain or a blocked pipe, this kit could save you money. Rather than calling out an expensive plumber, clear the blockage yourself. Check out the reviews on our site.

How to unblock a blocked drain with Karcher drain cleaner - WEAR GLOVES IF YOU DO THIS!

Karcher's drain cleaner attachment is awesome!
It unblocked this backed up drain in no time.

How To Unblock a Drain With a Karcher Drain Cleaning Hose

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A blocked drain is not only unpleasant but can also have health implications if ignored. Thankfully unblocking a drain needn't be expensive or require the call out of a trained professional. Instead, as demonstrated in this video, it's possible to unblock a drain by using a drain cleaning hose alongside your pressure washer.

How to unblock a drain

I had no luck with caustic soda or One Stop´, so I had do get down and dirty. Using a drain cleaning jet wash attached to my Karcher Jet washer.

Karcher Gutter and Drain Cleaning Kit

View the Karcher Gutter and Drain Cleaning Kit at eSpares now

Mat demonstrates the Karcher Gutter and Drain Cleaning Kit for clearing blockages around your home.

How to unblock a blocked drain using Karcher pipe cleaning attachment (with demonstration)

Karcher pipe cleaner unboxing with demonstration

Unclogging a shower drain with a DIY sewer jetting kit

**EXCUSE THE VIDEOS PAUSES** This was probably due to errors my phone and SD card were having that I found out about after the fact. I have found my new favorite thing to unclog drains with. A 3100 PSI pressure washer and a sewer jetting kit. When my drain previously clogged chemicals and snakes didn't work. So I bought a sewer jetter off ebay and went for a hail mary before involving a plumber. This is it's second use. I have a nozzle for it with revolving jets I will use to try and clean my main 3 sewage line in an attempt to reduce the number of main line clogs my house has in a year (50+ year old line). For the video I had to employ my oldest to hold the camera, hence the extra conversation.

How to unclog a blocked sewer drain with a garden hose

By using this technique, for under $20, you can avoid calling an expensive plumber, especially during the weekend or night time rates. After clearing out the blockage, you will have plenty of time to rent a drain auger, to clean out the roots, if the blockage was in the main sewer line.


A blocked or 'slow' outside drain can be a real pain overflowing constantly etc
Hope this wee video may be of help on how to unblock it without having to spend money calling someone in.
When you are putting the hode pipe down the drain you must ensure that it is not kinked or water will not pass through it. When packing cloth material round the hose pipe and packing the drain try to use old towels not sheets as i may have said. I have found that sheets absorb the water too easily and it it able to come up through the drain and not force through any obstruction/silt etc The towels need to packed very tightly and pushed down with your hand and foot. Finally when the tap is turned on stand on top of the towels and keep this pressure on them for a full 5 minutes. If water does not appear at your feey you have been successful and the drain had been cleared. all the best!

Unclog and Clean Your Hairy Drains! - Drain Clog Cleaning Kit - Next Deal Shop

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Is your hair clogging the drain? Clear it out in one go with this super effective Drain Clog Cleaning Kit! In mere seconds it'll pull out your hair or whatever is clogging your drain. It's easy, safe, and fast, ensuring a smooth waterflow. Never worry about getting your hands dirty again!

Main Features:

Easily gets rid of hair, dirt, and other gooey residue clogging your drain
Designed with mini hooks all over its loop head to grab all the hair stuck in your drain
Easy to use with reusable handle and disposable wands
Flexible and long, with a 360° spin and a far reach
A healthier and better alternative to foul-smelling chemicals or taking apart your drain plughole

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How to Solve Blocked Drain With a Mop

Blocked drain problems? No worries! You can easily unblock a drain with a mop following these FOUR simple steps.
How do you know if you have a blocked drain? What caused it?

The first sign of a #blockeddrain is your kitchen or bathroom drains will start to run slowly. And then you see the #drain overflowing out in your backyard. But that’s a good sign because if it’s not, it’ll be overflowing inside your house.

(0:24) Causes

Some serious cases are like roots in the drain. But there are also not-so-serious cases like a fat blockage, or one of the smaller members of your family has thrown sand into the drain.

These not-so-serious blockages are the ones that this little technique will most of the time get the drain flowing again.

(0:55) How #drains work
(3:05) How to #unblockdrain with a mop

Watch till the end for step-by-step explanation!

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Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit

The Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit features four backwards firing jets which propel the hose into the pipe to clear blockages while removing all debris. For more information visit

You can unblock your drain and save money

DIY drain clearing / unblocking BEARWOODBROWN LOCAL ENGLAND HANDYMAN , HANDYMAN TIPS AND TRICKS TO MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR THE DIY PERSON,how to unblock your drain , how to unblock kitchen drain, unblocking a drain

Kärcher Pipe Cleaning Hoses

Kärcher's self propelled pipe cleaning hoses allow for the swift and simple removal of debris from blocked pipes and gutters. Available in a variety of sizes from 10m - 30m, we are sure to have the perfect hose for your pipe cleaning needs!

For more information on this product or any of Kärcher's cleaning equipment range, please contact us on 01295 752000 or by emailing

Clogged Drain?

How to do-it-yourself instructional on freeing a clogged drain using a plunger and snake with discussion on the use of a liquid drain opener.
Transcript provided for the hearing impaired:
Today on Repairs101 I've got a sink that won't drain and if you're watching I imagine you've got one, too. I'll take you through your options and show what you can do. I allow the washer to vent into the sink which allows for a build-up of what is just dryer-lint that never made it to the dryer. First line of defense is a plunger. Get a good seal. The plunger is the first line of defense because it's the most eco-friendly choice: use hydraulic pressure to drive through the blockage. Second time trying this and it's not working move to something stronger. This is my snake, inexpensive manual snake that you'll find at any good hardware store. Reason I'm wearing gloves to keep me from coming into contact with the horrible places this little fellow has been. I'm going to unwind and drop it. It's nothing but a spring that's been unwound a bit. It's going to be clear in a few hours. Clear enough that I don't have to bucket it all outside. I'm just going to wait. That's often the best thing you can do with home plumbing. If you can, apply the 24 hour rule which is come back 24 hours later: often organic matter will break down in water in that period of time and clear itself. This isn't going to but it will seep. I've got a Rubbermaid storage bin lid and I'm going to use that to catch the water. Often you undo these by hand. You don't even need a wrench. A lot of options to open that elbow joint. These Channellocks might be overkill. An ordinary pair that you find in anybody's kitchen drawer is all you need. Pipe wrench but they are cumbersome and might damage plastic pipes. There is a new style of pipe wrench. That would be very effective but kind of expensive. I recommend you go with the medium sized Channellocks. If all you've got is a chain wrench or locking chain wrench this will do the job but you're going to have to be careful, as with pipe wrench -- you're dealing with plastics and they don't take a lot. The manufacturer was kind enough to let us know what it is. Slip and Lock Nut Wrench I've had a lot of use for this in boat building. I use it on plastic through-hull fittings. It's a wide jawed adjustable wrench. Very light duty tool. Nice and light you're not as likely to slip and damage a new boat when you're putting in thru-hulls. I'm wearing my respirator with the organic cartridges. Although this isn't a toilet outlet it is connected to all the other toilet outlets in the neighbourhood and the smell coming out of it is ferocious. You're going to want to ventilate the room well and wear a respirator. To my surprise the elbow is clear. The problem is downstream. Before you do anything else you need to shove a rag to plug that hole because the sewage gas is coming up because there's no water trap to stop it. You've got to get something in there fast. I've got my mask on, I've got my gloves on. First thing is back off that nut. I'm going in with the snake. I'm going to use the crank. It's very crude but it works: it allows you to spin. tighten that thumbscrew and the S-turn in the metal allows you to crank then you back it off and feed some more in. It's going a lot further. That is the end. All in but this one foot you see in my hand. I'm going to put my catch-basin here again and slowly pull it out and clean it off. I've got my mask on, my gloves on. I've got a couple of wet rags and my plastic bag ready to receive the snake. Pulling this thing out and feeding it into the bag, cleaning it. This black organic matter, that's what I'm going to avoid coming in contact with and try and catch it all with the rag. Seeing some schmere inside the plastic bag I'm glad I'm using a plastic bag clearly the rag isn't getting it all. I'll put it with the rag and everything in the bag, get this plug back in and get organized to put that water trap back in. You want a nice seat on this seal. Then let this thing pull it down into it. Hopefully that's going to hold. Hand tight is generally tight enough and hand tight on top. This is the critical area here that's going to leak if we have a leak. I'll leave my catch-basin and get some water in it. I don't know that it's running properly but I do know that the trap is full of water the smell can't come from the sewer I can take this dam thing off. It's not over yet, but I'll tell you this: if it doesn't work I'm going to pour Drano down there. That's last line of defence. You might try a product like Drano Max Gel. I've had a lot of success with this in other areas of the house. It's a great product I just wanted to suggest that when you're trying to decide whether or not to use a product like that: consider the fact that the water you're pouring it into is indirectly the same water you're drinking. Sounds like it's going to require more plunging.

How to clear a blocked pan.Or drain.

See how to clear the blockage yourself and save pounds on expensive drain clearing firms.
To see how to lift the drain cover take this link.
To buy a set of rods and do it yourself, take this link to my website for the correct Amazon link at the cheapest price. (Ps i get 5% commision if you buy them through my link) Got your own plumbing or heating problem? Ask Al at: Or mobile phone site
Saved you money, on expensive drain clearing firms that can charge £60.00 just for the call out? If you feel like making a donation towards my hard pressed pension here is the link Thank you. Al.

Not the video you were looking for? Save further searching. We have over 150 plumbing/heating videos that you really can do yourself! There is also an ask `AL tab` tab on our website.

Clean Out Partially Clogged Downspout Drain Line

Try this trick to unclog a slow running underground downspout drain pipe.

How To Unblock A Sink Drain - DIY At Bunnings

Many things can block a sink. Food scraps, hair or even tree roots can get into the drains. This video from Bunnings Warehouse will show you how to unblock a sink and flush it with a cleaner to get rid of any residue.

For more DIY advice and information, visit the Bunnings website today:

How to Use a Cobra Drain Cleaning Bladder

Learn how to unclog most large and small household drains using BrassCraft drain bladders.
For more information about Cobra drain cleaning products, visit our website at or contact Cobra Products customer service at (800) 835-2200.

HYDRO JET DRAIN CLEANING - Adelaide's blocked drains - MAYFAIR Plumbing - Blocked Drain GURU'S

Hydro Jetting Site:
Hydro jet drain cleaning is the most efficient way of getting your blocked drain clear again. Whether you have a blocked sewer line, blocked storm water pipe or even a very slow moving grease line in a commercial kitchen, we have the latest and greatest technology on the market today in Australia. You know your problems are in hand when you call the hydro jetting guru's at mayfair plumbing and gasfitting. Our machines use the latest hoses, pumps and nozzles allowing us to get through the toughest of blocked pipes in Adelaide. We have hydro jetting nozzles such as the screw driver or the spear head to penetrate the initial blockage, once we have burrowed a hole through the main blockage with these hydro jetting nozzles the choice of nozzles to use next also varies from the Warthog nozzle through to the Root Ranger. By using only the best hydro jetting machines available our technicians can get your blocked drains cleared FAST and CHEAP leaving you with free flowing pipes again. There isn't a situation which we wont be able to get into and get you out of, 30 storey buildings, 5 levels below ground level, houses on a hill or houses in a valley, we can get into places most companies would even dream of with our hydro jet drain machines. Give the hydro jetting guru's a call today you'll be blown away and so will your blocked drains!



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