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Inside a Garbage Disposal - Fix a Jammed or Clogged Disposer


Inside a Garbage Disposal - Fix a Jammed or Clogged Disposer

It's easy to fix a garbage disposal when it gets stuck. Learn how with this video. Also, see what happens when something gets ground up. Flashlight:
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How to remove and replace a garbage disposal. Easy to repair and clean out a garbage disposal. Broken disposal - how to fix.

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Garbage Disposal Repair | How to Fix a Garbage Disposal - InSinkErator

InSinkErator garbage disposal repair. Instructions on how to fix and repair a clogged garbage disposal, a stuck garbage disposal, leaking disposal, or it stopped working.

If you have a clogged garbage disposal, is stuck, jammed, or making a humming sound, there is likely a problem in the grind chamber or has tripped the overload protector.

Each InSinkErator disposer is shipped with a self-service wrench. The off-set silver colored wrench is about four inches long, or you can use a standard 1/4 inch Allen wrench.

Insert the wrench into the hole at the bottom of the disposer. Use the wrench like a crank. Work the wrench back and forth in both directions. If the wrench will not turn easily, it is OK to use some force. The wrench is designed to bend before any damage is done to the disposer. Continue working with the wrench until it turns freely in complete circles in both directions.

Check the overload protector. The overload protector is located under the sink, on the bottom of the garbage disposal, facing the floor. It is a small square red button. If the overload protector has tripped, you will see the red button dropped down about a quarter of an inch (5mm). Gently press the red button. If it does not stay up, wait ten minutes and try again.

Turn on the water, then the garbage disposer. The disposer should now run. If it jams again, use the wrench again. You may need to repeat the process several times.

How to unclog a garbage disposal

How to unclog a garbage disposal is easy....when you know how. There's a few steps to unlcogging a stuck garbage you know what they are? Unsticking a clogged garbage disposal could be a nightmare, if you don't have the slightest idea on what to do &/or how to get the garbage disposal working again. Joe !!!!!!!.....I need you!

Something Stuck In Disposal How To Remove Items You Can Not Reach From Garbage Disposer

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Garbage Disposal Jammed - EASY FIX!

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Kung Fu Maintenance shows Impossible Mission How To Free Up Super Jammed Garbage Disposer That Will Not Turn Impossible Mission

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How To Videos with an emphasis on safety to prevent your ever needing an Accident Attorney.
I don't work for any of the product companies listed however I do make a small commission on items ordered through the links.

How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal

How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal. Garbage disposals are simple machines--basically a motor and a flywheel with impeller arms that spin and shred whatever they touch. Sometimes, though, the machine can jam on a bottle top or other debris, or trip a circuit breaker when it's overloaded. If that happens, you just need to take a quick step or two to repair it. Read more:

Fix Your Own Garbage Disposal | Disposal Repair | No Cost | Save $$$

Troubleshoot and repair a garbage disposal. Save $$$ by not calling a plumber.

How to fix a garbage disposal - No Power / Humming / Repair

A few simple things anyone can do to fix their garbage disposal.
Here is the wrench that fits the bottom →
You can get replacement parts here on amazon if you need them →

Garbage disposal stuck, how to free it up - Home Repair Series

This video will show you the proper way to free up a stuck or jammed garbage disposal.

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal | Plumbing Repairs

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Plumbers are expensive. Learning how to do a few simple home plumbing repairs can save you a ton of money. In this video, master plumber Tim Flynn shows you how to unclog a garbage disposal.

I'm Tim Flynn and I'm the owner of Winters Plumbing and Heating in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Winters Company offers plumbing, heating, cooling. If you need service today; we're the business to call. My website is I'll be talking to you today about plumbing. Clearing your disposal, so for this example we have one actually not wired not installed.I'm gonna show you a couple of things you need to know about your disposal. First and foremost, this is the part you cannot see because it's going to be upside down in your sink. It's very difficult to see, because this is the view you normally see if you look into your sink basin. Take a look at this right here, have you ever had the disposal, flip the switch and doesn't turn on at all? There is a tiny red reset button, right there. Now that reset button is the circuit breaker, so if you ever have a disposal, that you flip the switch and it does nothing, reset that first.So let me show you an example of what i mean about clearing a disposal block. First, is most people have this allen wrench, and the size usually comes in variable sizes,this one happens to be a quarter inch allen wrench. And what happens is, you take it and insert it at the bottom of the disposal, this can allow you to turn the disposal left and right. A little warning make sure the power is off to the disposal, if you have a switch make sure the switch is down and not up.What would happen if you had power on and inserted this, is that you spin it around, it's gonna kick on automatically and it's gonna take this thing for a ride with you on it. Next tool we have is an allen wrench that comes with most disposers, this brand actually send an allen wrench with it and it simply sits in the bottom and it spins around, again making sure it keeps the power off. If your disposal spins around like that perfectly, it doesn't, you don't feel anything it's gonna work just fine. The basin wrench is telescoping, it goes in and out. And the basin wrench would fit inside your disposal from the top of the sink, down and its a couple of places inside it can grab onto. What you gonna want to do is take it, and insert it on top and clear the obstruction by moving it around clockwise or counter clockwise. About ten years ago the company put out a series of books about how to clear disposal and I was always wondering how this would happen. But we used to go to a lot of kitchens and see a broken broom handle on one side of the kitchen. And so never insert a wooden dowel,broom handle into the top of the disposal, because what is gonna happen is that it's gonna take it, pry it, break it down, it doesn't work.


WHAT IS THAT STINK?? ROTTEN FOOD? Simple TRICK to Clean and sanitize your sink garbage disposal properly. Remove food and debris that get stuck in the garbage disposal which will begin to smell, with a simple trick using ICE. Properly clean your garbage disposal so there is no food or bacteria that will grow inside which will cause a bad smell in your kitchen or home.

Excellent garbage disposal

Excellent Inspection Scope.


Baking soda will not remove bacteria. Vinegar will not remove bateria. You need to sanitize the disposal with chlorine bleach.

The sink garbage disposal must be cleaned regularly because food, scraps, and debris get stuck inside and will start to smell very bad.

This technique makes use of ice to cause and abrasive cleaning action on the inside of your garbage disposal. You will combine ice, water, and soap first to remove the large food debris. Then you will use bleach to sanitize and kill germs and bacteria which grow inside the garbage disposal.

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Clogged Sink - How to Fix a Garbage Disposal (Disposer)

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Simple steps to repair a garbage disposal that's not working. Jammed, clogged disposal repair steps.
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How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal Drain Pipe

If you got food stuck in the pipe after it went through the garbage disposal and you want to take the pipe apart yourself to clean it out, I show you how to do it in this video. This video is better for those of us who are tool challenged. If you're an expert at fixing things, this video might be stressful for you to watch!

Also read through some of the comments! A few of them include good mansplaining!


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As an Afterword, there were comments to this video about changing the drain pipes from the T formation to a Y formations, which would mean stuff wouldn't get clogged in the T and I wouldn't have to take it apart any longer to clear it.

I asked the guy who installed my new garbage disposer about changing the drain pipes from the T formation to a Y.

He told me the problem with that is while plenty of waste will go out easily with the Y set up (and I wouldn't have to take apart the pipes because a Y wouldn't get clogged), waste can build up further down the pipe and get clogged. That would mean either rodding out pipes or taking them apart further down the system.

With the T set up, anything that is small enough to get past the T can easily go the rest of the way out. It's cheaper to have a clog in the T that I can fix myself rather than have a clog further down the system that costs me money to hire a pro to clean out.


I found a new tool to help with unclogging the garbage disposal drain pipe after I made this video! It's a 3/8 nut driver. I show how to use it in the following video link:


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How to Fix a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal clogged up like mine? Is your sink full of water? Don't worry, and don't call a plumber. I'm here to show you the simple steps to fix a clogged garbage disposal.
For the full blog post:

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

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When your garbage disposal clogs, don't rush out and call a plumber. There may be simple methods for dealing with the problem.

Step 1: Reset the unit
Locate and press the disposal’s reset button. Often, a disposal that's overloaded will trigger the unit to shut down.

Step 2: Turn off the power
Turn off the electrical power to the disposal unit at your main electrical panel. Or, if you can easily access the power source to the disposal, unplug it.

Step 3: Look for the source of the clogging
Examine the disposal unit with a flashlight and search for the object that might have caused the unit to clog.

Step 4: Remove the object
Remove the object with an extraction tool such as pliers or tweezers.

Step 5: Use an Allen wrench
Spin the disposal’s grinding unit with an Allen wrench in the hexagon-shaped slot in the underside of the disposal.

Insert a broom handle or wooden spoon into the disposal chamber and push it back and forth against the grinding arms.

Step 6: Attempt to run the disposal
Remove any loose material in the disposal, turn on the power, and attempt to operate the disposal with the water running.

Don’t unbolt the screw in the center of the disposal chamber. The center bolt holds the unit together.

Step 7: Replace the unit
If the clogging object cannot be cleared with these techniques, you may have to replace the unit.

Did You Know?
Did you know? The first garbage disposal was developed in 1927 by an inventor working in his basement.



This Video Shows How To Quickly Clear The Jam and Get It Spinning Again👍 CLICK HERE TO DONATE😃



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How💥to💥unclog💥garbage💥disposal💥drain💥clogged💥with💥potato💥skins💥ᴴᴰ 1080

Ingredients needed to fix:
1. Baking soda:
2. Vinegar:
3. Boiled hot water
4. Suggested: Replace old disposal with a strong one like this:
We clogged up our garbage disposal from putting potato skins down the sink. Before I ran out and called a plumber, I tried out the baking soda and vinegar that I read about to unclog a garbage disposal drain. I was in disbelief that this would even work. See the step by step approach I did to fix this myself and super cheap. Don't use Liquid Plumr or anything similar so you don't damage your disposal. I've yet to try this in the bathtub or bathroom sink when they get clogged. Uploaded in 1080p so you can stream this with clarity to an Apple TV or Chromecast.

How To Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain (Fast and Cheap Method)

In today’s video we’re going to show you a cheap, natural alternative to unclog your kitchen sink.

Whenever you’re washing dishes and start noticing that water in the sink is backing up, that means that the drain is probably clogged. This problem will most likely end up happening to someone who isn’t careful and doesn’t take the most basic precautions.

Most of the time, the back up happens due to a build up of fat in the pipes. When we rinse fat down the drain it’s normally liquid, but ends up congealing and blocking pipes.

Pieces of food and vegetable or fruit peel can also pile up where the pipes curve and keep the water from flowing.

So what do you do when this happens? Do you call a plumber? Do you buy a chemical product to unclog your sink?

Most people probably don’t know that these product contain harmful substances that can cause skin irritations and breathing problems.

Do you have any other tips for unclogging sink drains? Tell us about them in the comment section!


For more information and references, check the article on our blog:

Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.

How to Safely Clean a Garbage Disposal

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Does your kitchen smell like a landfill? Try these simple steps to clean out the culprit.

Never put your hand in a garbage disposal! Call a professional if you can’t clear it with tongs or pliers.

Step 1: Add ice and salt
For routine cleaning, pour the ice down the drain and then the rock salt. If you don’t have rock salt, use vinegar.

Never use bleach or other chemicals, including drain cleaner. These can damage the disposal or splash back!

Step 2: Run the disposal
Run the cold water and the disposal for five to 10 seconds. The ice and salt or vinegar will clear the grinding elements of any built-up gunk and bits of food.

Use cold water only. Hot water can melt fats in foods you are grinding and gum up your disposal’s parts.

Step 3: Disconnect the disposal
If your disposal is clogged, disconnect it or remove its fuse before you try to remove anything. Use tongs or pliers to remove any objects that can't be ground, such as rubber, glass, or fibrous foods like artichokes.

Step 4: Clear the drain line
Fill your sink with three or four inches of cold water. Remove the drain plug and run the disposal to clear the drain line of debris.

Step 5: Freshen
Throw lemon peels down the drain (be sure to remove any seeds first), run warm water, and turn on the disposal.

Step 6: Repeat
Keep your disposal working at its best and your kitchen smelling fresh by cleaning your disposal every couple of weeks.

Did You Know?
The garbage disposal was invented in 1927 and first sold to consumers in 1938.



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