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JSMLS Conversion: New Map Search Features


JSMLS Conversion: New Map Search Features

For a FULL, detailed walkthrough of map features, watch the following video:

We are excited to show you all the new enhancements you’ll have access to for Map searches in Bright. In your previous system, you did have access to Layers that included items such as Boundaries and Points of Interest. Bright Map search has all the features you’re used to, with some additional features we think you’ll really love!

This video introduces three major differences.
1. Boundaries
2. Drive Time
3. Interacting with Parcels

Let’s start with Boundaries under the map Layers.

Bright Map search adds the following features to your map searching Boundaries.
County, Neighborhood, Flood Zones, Congressional Districts, High Schools, Middle Schools, and Elementary School boundaries.

Let’s say you have a buyer who wants their children to follow a specific feeder school pattern. You can see here that by turning on and off layers, you can see which homes are within the desired location.

You can still select listings to email, or trace the boundaries and save as an Auto Email.
Let’s talk about the next new feature. DriveTime! You may send your buyer one of these beautiful homes only to find out the commute is just too far. Save yourself and your buyer time by using the Drive Time search.

Drive Time gives you the option of driving to, or from, the desired location with an arrival time and the maximum drive time. Drive TIme searches also make great auto emails!

Lastly, in your previous system you could click on any parcel and get the address, owner, and lot dimensions.

In Bright you still get those three items but with so much more! Map Parcel layers include links to both public records and the most recent listing as well as a number of details for both records. And you can still view the lot dimensions right on the map.

We believe these are great additions to map searching and make it easier to find exactly what your client needs!

In Bright you still get those three items but with so much more! Map Parcel layers include links to both public records and the most recent listing as well as a number of details for both records.

And you can still view the lot dimensions right on the map. Enjoy your new, enhanced map searching.

How to use Map Search

Welcome to Map Search! The Bright MLS Map Search will make identifying the location of the properties your client wants quick and easy.

From the Search menu, enter your client’s search criteria such as price range, number of bedrooms, and type of home. No geographical information is needed here…

Once you have entered all the desired property details, click on the Map button or tab.

The map is a great place to enter your geographical requirements. For example,... You can pan and zoom the map to find your desired location. Or you can enter an address, zip code or landmark in the Jump to Address box and hit enter. Looking at the top left, you see that while we have ## listings visible on our map, we still have #### results. You can narrow your results right from the map screen using a number of features. Let’s take a look!

Drawing shapes automatically includes or excludes listings from your search results. Draw one or a combination of all four shapes:
-- The circle will show listings within the radius from a central point
-- Draw a rectangle to show a group of listings
-- The polygon will allow a freehand drawing of the area, click the initial starting point to close the shape.
-- And the freehand lets you draw around any region in whatever pattern you need.

You can also select to Exclude This Shape or Delete Shape by hovering over the shape’s red dot. Hover over a property to see the price, beds, and baths or click the pin to view more property information. You can select a property, launch the view of the properties listing and parcel records, or view lot dimensions.

Select a variety of layers that will highlight schools, trends, such as median sales price, and points of interest. If the layer name is red, you need to zoom the map in closer before you can select that choice. Points of interest include selections such as Post Offices, shopping, and schools to name a few.

You can also see Parcel details to include the address, owner and lot dimensions! If you want to remove all the shapes, click the broom icon and the map is cleared.

For those clients who are concerned about their daily commute, use the INRIX Drive Time feature to find properties within a specific commute time. Enter a location address or name, choose the direction – either going to or coming, your preferred arrival time and the length of time desired for travel. This will display the map shape automatically not by miles… but by minutes.

You can add multiple drive time searches. For example, you have a couple who want to find a central place to live from where they both work. Homes will be inside the overlapping drive time searches.

We’ve now finished entering our listing AND geographical search criteria. Let’s select the listings we want to send for review. We can do this by using the All, None, Page links and the single and multi-select options.

Use ALL to select all listing results and NONE to deselect all listing results. PAGE will only select all listings visible on the map view.

When working with manual select options, the active select feature will appear yellow. A single check allows you to select and deselect individual listings. Multi check selects and deselects, based on a drawn region.

You can continue to interact and view listings on the map, or click Results.

The Bright Map Search is a powerful feature for both you and your clients to use, making it easier to find “the” property you’ve been looking for.

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MLS Area, Subdivision, and Building Tips for JSMLS Conversion


We’ve created this video to help those of you in the LBI area understand how to best utilize the MLS Area and Subdivision/Neighborhood fields to get the listings you want.

The first thing you want to do is set defaults for your most frequently used top fields entered. You’ll definitely want to start with at least entering the county as a default. You can set, reset, and change these defaults anytime using the grey gear icon.

In JSMLS you were used to searching by County, Municipality, Section, and Neighborhood.

Your most commonly used search fields in Bright will be:
-- County
-- MLS Area (which replaces the previously used municipalities field), and
-- Subdivision Neighborhood (where we have combined your previous Sections and Neighborhoods).

You can select multiple selections provided by holding control or command. You’ll see here, the Section name is the first part of the name in the picklist, followed by the Neighborhood after the hyphen.

You don’t have to choose each one of the individual items from the picklist to bring, for example, listings in all of Bayville. Instead, you can search Bayville using the asterisk which acts as a wildcard. This is done by typing Bayville* into the Subdivision/Neighborhood search box and then selecting it.

Keep in mind, you can always head over to the Map tab to use one of the draw tools and select a specific section geographically. To learn more about searching with the map, watch the video “Search & More - Additional Search Functions and the Map”.

Lastly, we’ve identified and moved neighborhoods that were really building names to the Buildings Section. These include Bay Club, Fishery, and Harbor View (to name a few).

Check out and click the Conversion Information box to access specific resources meant to help you with your conversion.


Creating CMAs

This video will walk you through the 8-step Bright MLS CMA process.

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How Do I Get My Zero Back? (Fixing the 0 Leading Zip code in Exports in Excel)

Ever noticed when pulling NJ exports into Excel that your zip code is missing a leading zero? We can help you fix that!

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