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Japan Long Green Onion Cultivation Technology - Welsh Onion Farm and Harvesting


Amazing Long Green Onion Cultivation Technology | planting and harvesting

Amazing Long Green Onion Cultivation Technology | planting and harvesting

Allium fistulosum, the Welsh onion, also commonly called bunching onion, long green onion, Japanese bunching onion, and spring onion, is a species of perennial plant, often considered to be a kind of scallion.

The species is very similar in taste and odor to the related common onion, Allium cepa, and hybrids between the two (tree onions) exist. A. fistulosum, however, does not develop bulbs, and possesses hollow leaves (fistulosum means hollow) and scapes. Larger varieties of the A. fistulosum resemble the leek, such as the Japanese negi, whilst smaller varieties resemble chives. A. fistulosum can multiply by forming perennial evergreen clumps. It is also grown in a bunch as an ornamental plant.

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How Onion Leeks are Planted with JAPAN MODERN PLANTING/ Japan Agriculture

Hello.people. Welcome to this channel. Today you will see how farmers in Japan.plant onion leeks using their modern way of planting. You will be amazed to see their quality produce of onions.

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【Japanese biggest Melon farm】Amazing Melon Harvesting! Agriculture Technology

I reported how delicious melons are harvested at Japan's largest farm.
It is full of techniques and ingenuity to grow delicious muskmelons and deliver them to us.


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The Success Of Rice Farming Japan | Japanese Agriculture Money Making

Generally, rice yields are less volatile than yields for other major field crops because of prevalence of irrigation practices. However, net returns to rice production were not constant across the growing regions. ... All rice areas achieved positive net returns in 2018, averaging $131 per acre.

Rice is the main crop in Japan. It has been cultivated for more than 3,000 years in Japan. In the Edo period rice yields were a measurement of a lord's wealth. Japan usually produces a surplus of rice. Even so rice production across Japan has fallen 20 percent in the past decade. There are 1.8 million rice-growing households in Japan.

For three millennia rice has been raised in a sustainable way in Japan. The hills and mountains are covered by rice terraces. Woodlands are preserved as a source of compost. In recent decades the careful balance between man and nature has come under threat through the extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers.

“Rice is a spiritual touchstone in this country, one AP journalist wrote. “The nation's soul---despite a modern fascination with all things high-tech---remains rooted in the soil...Japan's emperor plants and harvests symbolic stalks every year, and some city dwellers rent small plots to grow rice on the edge of town. The country's mythology is filled with references to rice, and the written character for “rice field” forms part of many surnames. In the name of preserving tradition, Japan's mostly small-scale rice farmers are heavily protected from cheaper foreign competition.

Hokkaido is Japan's leading producer of rice. The rice grown there however has a poor reputation, These days farmers are experimenting with new strains such as Yume Pirake to change the island's reputation for producing bland-tasting rice. Honohilari is the predominant rice strain grown in Kyushu. These days more and more farmers are experimenting with new strains such as Sagabiyori, known for retaining its flavor even in hot summer, and Genkitsukushi and Akihonami.

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Long Onion Harvester HL1 Made in Japan

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Amazing Onion Farming and Harvesting Techniques - Amazing Onion Cultivation

Amazing Onion Farming and Harvesting Techniques - Amazing Onion Cultivation

Onion Farming, Planting, Care, Harvesting - A Full Guide

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When to plant Japanese Onion Sets

Autumn is the best time of year to plant and grow onion sets, such as Japanese Onions.

They will grow through winter and spring period and produce large onions by mid summer.

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Onion Harvesting Machine Agricultural Tools and Equipment - Onion Farming

Persimmon Harvesting -
Onion Harvesting Machine Agricultural Tools and Equipment - Onion Farming

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Growing and Harvesting Green Onions or Spring Onions

On this week's Two-Minute Tip, we talk about one of the first treats of early spring -- green onions.


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How To Grow Bunching Onions - Complete Growing Guide

In this growing guide we discuss how to grow bunching onions. These are
super simple to grow so it is quick! We talk about spacing, planting
tips, watering, fertilizing, and amount of sun needed. These are a
tasty treat, and something every gardener must have. Enjoy!
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Spring Onion vs. Green Onions - What's the Difference?

Scallions, green onions, spring onions...oh my?! These names are used interchangeably and often wrong. So what is what? I explain it all in this video.




The Success Of Strawberry Farming Japan Part 2 | Sweet Red Strawberry Japanese Agriculture

Strawberry Farm and Growing Strawberry Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit. Starting a Business Strawberry Farm and Growing Strawberry Plant in Low Investment. Business Ideas is Growing strawberries. Strawberry Farm is profitable Business winter time in the world. Strawberry is one of the most vital industrial tender fruit. Further, its miles less difficult to grow. Any individual can start industrial strawberry cultivation with small capital investment. Strawberry cultivation has become a trend now. Due to the large marketplace call for this fruit, business cultivation of this fruit is very a success

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Farming Family Routine From Japan

The small city of Izumi in Kagoshima Prefecture brims with cultural, culinary, and natural attractions, including the historic Izumi-Fumoto Samurai Residences and the winter migration grounds of over 10,000 cranes. A small number of local farming families open their doors to travelers under the farm-stay program.

Farm stays are bookable at the click of a button on the Izumi City Tourism Division website, Izumi Navi. One such residence in Izumi City is Euchi Shizen Chiyu-no-sato, operated by the Ideue family.

Fumio and Hiroko Ideue are the hosts of Euchi Shizen Chiyu-no-sato. Though now retired, Fumio enjoys running the farm stay and growing and preserving produce. Running this place has changed my life, says Fumio, just before dinner. And I have to thank my wife for making such delicious food.”


Paraan ng pagtatanim ng spring onions na binahagi sa atin ng isang farmer during our farm visit at simpleng pamamaraan ng pagtatanim ng spring onions sa container para sa container Gardening at backyard farming.

लौंग में है भयंकर ताकत/ सिर्फ 2 लौंग काफी है बुढ़ापे और मोटापे को ख़त्म करने के लिए/ आप भी आज़माईये

लौंग में है भयंकर ताकत/ सिर्फ २ लौंग काफी है बुढ़ापे और मोटापे को ख़त्म करने के लिए


I missed doing this for years...I am a certified farmer and a farmer's daughter.

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Green Onion Spring Onion Peeling and Washing Machine Made in Japan

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This machine can peel and wash at the same time by hydraulic pressure.
About 80 to 120 KG of green onions can be washed per hour.

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Growing Rainbow Carrots from Seeds to Harvest in 211 Days

Growing Rainbow Carrots from Seeds to Harvest in 211 Days

USDA zone 10

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Sowing Spring Onion Varieties White Lisbon, Welsh Onion, Redmate/ No Dig Allotment Kitchen Garden



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