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Learn Lightroom in 10 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial


Learn Lightroom in 10 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial

Learn the basics of Adobe Lightroom and how to use the most common tools and functions to edit photos! This is not your typical tutorial, this is a rapid-fire showing you everything you need to know in under 10 minutes.

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Lightroom Tutorial for Beginners (Mastering the Basics)

This Lightroom tutorial for beginners is perfect if you've been wanting to start using Lightroom but have felt a bit overwhelmed with its complexity. I'm going to show you a very simple workflow from beginning to end. Such as importing photos into Lightroom, some of the basic photo editing features, as well as exporting you photos to post on Instagram or Twenty20. :)

Start leveling up your photography game and the bangers you're posting to Instagram.)

Follow along with the tutorial by downloading the photo files I’m using here:

1st Camera: Canon 5D MK4
2nd Camera: Sony RX100
Lens: Canon EF 16–35mm f/2.8L III USM Lens
Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro Plus
Software: Premier Pro + After Effects
Music: Epidemic

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Basic Lightroom Tutorial | Beginner 10 minute edit

Hi guys, this video is for the beginner or someone new to editing / post-processing. This will take you through the basic editing settings of Adobe Lightroom CC and how to improve your image in under 10 minutes.

Adobe Lightroom CC Tutorial for Beginners (1)

FULL VERSION of this VIDEO TUTORIAL you can see at:

Learn the Adobe Lightroom CC, that is a complete photo service that allows you to access, edit, organize, and share your photos from your computer, mobile device, or web browser. The changes you make on one device automatically synchronize so you can access the latest photo edits from anywhere. Learn the basics, or refine your skills with this training course designed to inspire.

Topics (lesson №1) include:
• Take your first steps in Lightroom CC;
• Get to know the editing controls;
• Adjust light and color;
• Crop and adjust perspective.

Sample files to practice:

Lightroom for beginners - 10 Lightroom Tips for Photographers

This Lightroom tips for beginners video gives you 10 things to think about for lightroom first time users. This Lightroom tutorials for beginners give you some great Lightroom CC tips to get you editing in no time. Learn Lightroom CC quick tips to get you working inside Lightroom 6 tutorials for beginners. Lightroom top features, lightroom newest features and lightroom top 10 list.

The top lightroom tips and tricks for beginners is a great way to get you started inside Lightroom CC. Learn lightroom CC training course by photos in color presented by Ed Gregory.

Free 'Lightroom Like A Pro Course' -
My Lightroom Presets -
My Video LUTs -

Lightroom Tip 1 - Lightroom Workflow -
Lightroom Tip 2 - Lightroom Selections -
Lightroom Tip 3 - Lightroom Basic Panel -
Lightroom Tip 4 - Practice Editing -
Lightroom Tip 5 - Lightroom Tone Curve -
Lightroom Tip 6 - Lightroom Presets -
Lightroom Tip 7 - Lightroom Quick Start -
Lightroom Tip 8 - What IS Lightroom CC -
Lightroom Tip 9 - Feeling -
Lightroom Tip 10 - It's not about you -

- Lightroom For beginners
- Lightroom CC tutorials for beginners
- Lightroom 6 tutorials for beginners,
- Learn lightroom
- Lightroom tips

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3 Adobe Lightroom Features I Wish I Knew as a Beginner (Tutorial)

If only I knew about these Adobe Lightroom Classic features when I first started using Lightroom. It would have saved me a ton of time. So, in this video, I'm going to break down 3 simple tricks, tips, and features of Lightroom that will save you a ton of time if you're just starting out using Lightroom.

Are you a creator looking for a kick-ass, supportive community of fellow creators to connect with, collaborate with, and grow with?

I'm building a community for creators only here.

Looking for more depth on Adobe Lightroom? Check out my other tutorial where I go into the basics of editing.

Learn Lightroom Adobe Tutorial: AMAZING PHOTOS in 5 minutes!

Learn Lightroom in 5 minutes. Adobe Lightroom Tutorial. Adobe Lightroom:

This is a short and a quick way to edit images and make them look better. For in detail explanation watch this:

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Gears I use:
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Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8
Rode Smartlav+
Benro A650F Tripod + BH2 Head + Manfrotto PIXI
Macbook Pro 15 (2016)

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Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial - Quick Start Guide

Basic - Part 1 - In this video tutorial I show you how to get started quickly with Lightroom CC.

This Lightroom Tutorial for beginners will help you become better a photo editing and is brought to you by:

Free 'Lightroom Like A Pro Course' -
My Lightroom Presets -
My Video LUTs -

In this Video you will learn:

- How to Import Photos Into Lightroom
- How to do a basic edit in Lightroom
- How to export a photo in Lightroom


Part 1 - Lightroom Quick Start Guide -

Part 1 - Library Module basics
Part 2 - Collections

Part 1 - Basic Panel -
Part 2 - Crop tool -
Part 3 - Tone Curve -
Part 4 - HDR Merge -
Part 5 - Selective Color -
Part 6 - Amazing Skies -
Part 7 - HSL -
Part 8 - Radial Filter -
Part 9 - Spot Removal -


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Lightroom crash course, learn Lightroom Classic in 15 minutes

How to use Lightroom Classic in 15 minutes. No time wasted. Have you ever wondered what is the correct workflow for Lightroom? Discover how to build a catalog, tag and sort images. Filter through and find the best photos quickly. Make them look amazing and then duplicate those settings to a whole bunch of photos in a couple of clicks. All this in 15 minutes, from a real photoshoot in RAW, not staged stock images. For in depth Lightroom training, check out this award winning video (2x Hot one award winner from PPA)

Lightroom Starter Kit! 15 video course to teach you Lightroom fast!
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More information is available at our free Lightroom and Photoshop learning center.

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Easy Lightroom Tutorial 2019 | Basic Tab Part I | Super easy Lightroom class

Hi people, on request I have decided to create Lightroom tutorials. In this video, I cover the basics of Lightroom Classic CC 2019, but you can follow along in other (older versions of Lightroom), or even in Photoshop.
I cover the basic settings one after the other. In this first video, I´ll discuss color/black&white, profiles, white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows.

Here is a link to the keyboard shortcuts pdf mentioned in the video:

And for those of you who want quick links to the timestamp of each of the settings, here we go:

color/black & white:

Lightroom profiles:

White balance:

Lightroom Auto Setting:


Deliberately over- or underexposed images:


Highlights & Shadows in Lightroom:

Adobe Lightroom 2020 Tutorial For Beginners

Learn the basics of using Adobe Lightroom 2020. I teach you the different editing techniques I use and how to use the different tools offered in the software. I use Lightroom to edit all my drone photos. Check out my instagram page in the links below.

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Lightroom Mobile Tutorial | How to Edit like a PRO!

Lightroom Mobile Editing tutorial. This Lightroom Mobile tutorial covers an in-depth editing workflow.

Adobe Lightroom for Android:
Adobe Lightroom for iOS:

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Lightroom Tutorial For Beginners: 5 Tips to Edit BETTER Photos

ADOBE LIGHTROOM BASICS - 5 Tips for Beginners

If you are brand new to lightroom and how no idea where to start then you're in the right place. This is adobe lightroom basics - 5 tips for using lightroom.

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How To Get Started With Lightroom - Post Processing for Beginners

How To Get Started With Lightroom - Post Processing for Beginners

Understand Lightroom CC and its workflow for color correction measuring Highlights and Shadows, adjusting Sharpening and Noise Reduction and much more, all to be able to produce stunning results and images ready for printing.

Download Raw file at

5:17 Adobe Lightroom Lens Corrections panel
8:56 Adobe Lightroom Adjusting White Balance
13:48 Adobe Lightroom Tone Controls
19:55 Adobe Lightroom Presence Controls
22:17 Adobe Lightroom Tone Curve
24:12 Adobe Lightroom Sharpening & Noise Reduction
31:23 Adobe Lightroom HSL panel
32:35 Adobe Lightroom Camera Calibration

More from Elias Sarantopoulos ❤
Creative tutorials from Elias Sarantopoulos. Helping you develop your skills with Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and Bootstrap tutorials.

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10 LIGHTROOM tips to improve your PHOTOGRAPHY editing

Do know ALL of these Lightroom tricks? After using Lightroom Classic for 10 years I have found some of the best photography editing tricks that I use every day.

Free 'Lightroom Like A Pro Course' -
My Lightroom Presets -
My Video LUTs -

Read the article -

Lightroom Tips 1 - Use Auto tone in Lightroom Classic CC
Lightroom Tips 2 - Use the Angle tool in the Lightroom Crop section
Lightroom Tips 3 -Lightroom tips and tricks Crop overlays
Lightroom Tips 4 Lightroom tips for portraits - Add focus using the Lightroom radial brush. Perfect for lightroom portrait editing
Lightroom Tips 6 - Lightroom tutorial - Before and after using /
Lightroom Tips 6 - photography tips and tricks 6 - Reset specific sliders or sections
Lightroom Tips 7 - Use the Lightroom HSL panel for Luminance
Lightroom Tips 8 - how to draw straight lines in Lightroom Classic. Lightroom tips for beginners
Lightroom Tips 9 - How to use Lightroom visual copies
Lightroom Tips 10 - Use Lights out (L) to help you visuals you Lightroom Edits.

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5 Easy Steps to Edit Milky Way Photograph in Lightroom - Beginners Tutorial

Let's learn how to edit Milky Way Photograph in Adobe Lightroom. I am giving this tutorial with basic 5 super easy steps for editing Milky Way Galaxy photos. So here is the lightroom milkywas tutorial.

If you are new in Night Sky Photography or Milky Way photography you can watch my previous tutorial -

How to shoot night sky stars and milky way photography with DSLR -

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Lightroom 6 Tutorial - Full Lightroom Portrait Editing

In this Lightroom 6 Video Tutorial I show you Lightroom portrait editing from start to Finnish. This tutorial is great for lightroom for beginners as well as advance users. These best Lightroom editing techniques are simple to follow and Ed Gregory completes this Lightroom portrait edit quickly and easily. Lightroom photo editing.

Each week I will select a photo from the Facebook page and do a complete edit on it so you can see what photo editing techniques I use in lightroom CC. This is great for Lightroom CC Tutorial for beginners and advance users to learn lightroom techniques

To have your photo edited just send it to me via the Photos In Color Facebook Page:

Free 'Lightroom Like A Pro Course' -
My Lightroom Presets -
My Video LUTs -

This photography Tutorial for beginners will help you become better at lightroom editing and is brought to you by:

In this Video you will learn:

- Edit a portrait in Lightroom 6
- Lightroom CC editing tutorial
- How to edit a photo in lightroom 6
- How to edit portraits in Lightroom Tutorial


Other Community Full edits

1 - Full Beauty Retouch -
2 - Full Landscape Retouch -
3 - Cinematic Photography -
3. F16 Airplane -
4. Chicago Skyline -
5. Portrait Edit -
6. Studio Portrait -

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Easy Lightroom Image Editing Tutorial 2019 | Basic Tab Part II | Super easy Lightroom class.

Have you been looking for a Lightroom tutorial that is easy to understand and guides you step by step through the basic tab in Adobe Lightroom classic cc 2019? Search no longer, In our easy Lightroom image Editing Tutorial 2019, Wolfgang Amri will explain everything you need to know.

This is part II of our Lightroom basics class. After we covered the first 6 sliders of the Lightroom basic tab in our last video, we are going to cover the 7 other sliders in this video.
Make sure to watch both to fully understand the basics of Lightroom classic cc 2019.

How To Edit A Photo In 10 Minutes In Adobe Lightroom CC

How To Edit A Photo In 10 Minutes In Adobe Lightroom CC - in this tutorial on adobe lightroom cc, we demonstrate our workflow on how to fully edit/develop a photo from beginning to end using only lighroom, no photoshop.

See also our related video on how to quickly edit a photo in only 5 minutes using our 5 fave features in adobe illustrator cc:

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Lightroom Editing Tutorial for Beginners (Hindi)

This Adobe Lightroom Tutorial in Hindi will help you learn the basics of Lightroom tools. Learn Lightroom in Hindi by watching this Adobe Lightroom editing tutorial for beginners. I have tried to cover all the basic tools of adobe lightroom in this tutorial video. This video is for Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Lightroom 6 users.

I would soon be making Adobe Lightroom editing tutorial for Advanced users.




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