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Growing Large Veggies/Fruit in Containers/Complete Guide with Digital Table of Contents

Growing large vegetables and fruit in a small space IS possible - in containers! I’ve compiled my summer series on growing large veggies/fruit in containers (tomatoes, squash, eggplant and watermelon) into this long format episode - all the tips and tricks you need to grow them successfully in one place. It covers choosing the right container, soil, watering, fertilizing, trellising, as well as in depth information on growing squash and watermelon, AND a watermelon harvest at the end!
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Use the digital table of contents to click and watch the section you are most interested in. You’ll be harvesting your own delicious veggies before you know it! All supplies used in this video are also linked below.
Digital table of contents:
1:20 Section 1: Growing Large Veggies/Fruits in Containers, Tips for Success
1:46 Tip 1:choosing the right container, type and size
3:16 Tip 2: choosing the right soil
3:53 filling the container with soil - how to pre - moisten the soil
5:43 Tip 3: proper feeding (fertilizing) for containers
6:43 Tip 4: consistent watering - installing drip irrigation
7:47 planting zucchini squash
9:11 i nstalling a trellis/support for zucchini squash
10:33 planting eggplant
11:21 companion planting - marigolds
12.09 Tip 5: mulching containers - benefits
12:46 watering with worm tea - benefits
13:18 installing a trellis/support for eggplant
13:29 planting watermelon - 2 varieties
15:16 installing a DIY trellis for watermelon

17:35 Section 2:Growing Zucchini Squash in Containers, Blossom End Rot, Powdery Mildew
18:23 why grow in a fabric container
19.07 Zucchini harvest - how to
20:12: Tip 1: provide support with a cage/trellis
20:52 Tip 2: hand pollinate (how to details at 29:54)
21:28 Tip 3: consistent watering/fertilizing - how often, how to check if your plant needs water
22:11 watering & fertilizing - how to, what to fertilize with
23:03 Common squash problem: droopy leaves
23:32 Common squash problem: blossom end rot
24:47 Common squash problem: powdery mildew
25:50 Pruning zucchini leaves

26:50 Section 3:Growing Watermelon in Containers: 3 Tips
28:06 Tip 1: provide support/trellis - how to train to grow on a trellis
29:54 Tip 2: Hand pollinate - difference between male and female flower, and how to
31:39 Tip 3: Check for water daily, fertilizing weekly, how to, what to fertilize with

34:43 Section 3: How to Make a Watermelon Sling to Support Watermelon Growing on a Trellis
35:07 supplies needed
35:16 how to support with panty hose
35:43 how to support with a t shirt

36:47 Section 4: Watermelon Harvest from Containers
37:30 how to check if a watermelon is ready to harvest
38:21 how to harvest
40:50 taste test - fresh and juicy!

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