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Pixlr Editor 2017 Tutorial


Pixlr Editor 2017 Tutorial

Learn how to use a powerful yet simple online app called Pixlr. It enables you to create graphics, images, etc. online for free and WITHOUT having to sign up for yet another service. Your finished image can be downloaded in several different formats. Pixlr is a great substitute for Microsoft Paint, especially for Mac users and Chromebook users (but it's useable on Windows as well).

Easy Pixlr Double Exposure Tutorial

Create a double exposure effect using Pixlr editor. In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial show you how to create a double exposure effect using several images, masking and layer modes.

[Tutorial] How to Make an Image Background Transparent Using the Free Online Editor Pixlr

In this technical tutorial we will be making an image background transparent. Follow these easy steps and you will have removed the background from your image using the online and free tool Pixlr in a matter of minutes. No Photoshop is needed.

PIXLR X: A Very Good & Free Photo Editor

Here I wanted to share a hands on look at PIXLR X. It's a very good, easy to use and free photo editor. Oh, you don't need to install anything! Hope you like the video.

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How To Design Digital Album Cover Art For Free Using Pixlr Editor (For Beginners)

This short tutorial will teach you how to create a quick, and easy album cover design or album artwork for the platform of your choice such as itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. for free using an online app called pixlr (you will not spend a dime--trust me). This quick tutorial is best for beginners to intermediate level. It's not quite for advanced users who love detailed complex tutorials.

I tried to make this video quick, and simple, but I realized to some people this video might be a little too fast. Please pause the video if you need to or slow the playback speed.

Hope you all enjoy!

You can view the full blog post below to download the images used as well as the pixlr source file:

Pixlr tutorial - How to edit Creative pictures in mobile app

Easy way to edit Creative pictures within 3 minutes in Pixlr

Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2017 | Introduction to Pixlr - Tutorial 1

Best Free Photoshop Alternative 2017 | Introduction to Pixlr - Tutorial 1

In this video Jim introduces you to the best free photoshop alternative in 2017. In this introduction to Pixlr he takes you through how to create a meme whilst introducing you to the crop, move and type tools. In addition he takes you though an introduction to other basic features of the program such as how to use layers and save your work.

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How To Easily Remove A Background:

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Pixlr editing 2017

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Change Background of Photo in Pixlr

Change background photo online using Pixlr editor. A tutorial on how to remove the old background and change/replace it with another photo. This is a very simple and easy way to cut out image background, In 4 easy steps you can remove and change the background of a picture in Pixlr editor.

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Pixlr Editor FREE Online Photo Editor | Photoshop In A Web Browser

Pixlr Editor FREE Online Photo Editor | Photoshop In A Web Browser

In this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you Pixlr Editor which is a free to use photo editing app that is much like Photoshop it has a lot of great features to offer and will allow you to make extremely fantastic graphics and the best thing about it is you don't even have to install it to your computer.

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PIxlr Editor 2018 Tutorial

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Pixlr Editor Feature: Image Retouching

Beauty is in the eye of the Retoucher!
Can you spot the difference? 👀 Subtle or extreme, there's definitely more to image retouching than just taking years and flaws off your face!
Artist: Kevin
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Pixlr Photo Manipulation - Water in Orange

In this video you will learn, that how making a simple photo manipulation, looking the step by step I took to create the image Manipulation work (water orange fruit and fish).using online photo editor Pixlr.

Music by :

How to Edit Photos with Pixlr Express: A Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I share the basics of using Pixlr express, a free online photo editor, highlighting my favorite features, tips, and tricks! Visit me over at The Thinking Closet for more tutorials related to blogging, crafting, and diy projects.

Music: iLife Sound Effect, Off Broadway.
Fabric backdrop: Khanga from Tanzania, Africa

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Pixlr Editor Design Basics: Working with Layers

Part of the Pixlr Editor Design Basics series. If you've never used a graphic design tool like Pixlr Editor, this series will walk you through everything you need to know. Pop open a browser window to and give it a go.

Place An Image In Text With Pixlr Editor

Picture inside text using pixlr editor - Here's how to do so quickly and easily....fill text with images in online photo editor.

Easily Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos Using Pixlr

The easy way to erase or remove all unwanted objects from Images. Discover how to quickly and easily remove and replace unwanted objects from your photos using the Pixlr App.

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Pixlr - Tips & Tricks | Android | iPhone

Here's a video about 5 tips and tricks in Pixlr app for Android and iPhone that everyone should know.

This covers
1. Text banner with Double Exposure.
2. Tilt shift (miniature effect) with Blur tool.
3. Color splash (Selective coloring).
4. Creating a Text banner.
5. Watermarking your images.

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Editing Photos with Pixlr (quick tour basics)

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Easy Steps to Create 3D Photo Manipulation in Pixlr

Lets fun with the image.... easily create Out of bounds 3D Photo effect in Pixlr editor. The out of bounds effect is a way of editing the photo in an image editing program to make the subject stand out and give the impression of a 3D image.



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