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Pixlr Editor 2017 Tutorial


Pixlr Editor 2017 Tutorial

Learn how to use a powerful yet simple online app called Pixlr. It enables you to create graphics, images, etc. online for free and WITHOUT having to sign up for yet another service. Your finished image can be downloaded in several different formats. Pixlr is a great substitute for Microsoft Paint, especially for Mac users and Chromebook users (but it's useable on Windows as well).

Easy Pixlr Double Exposure Tutorial

Create a double exposure effect using Pixlr editor. In this quick double exposure portrait tutorial show you how to create a double exposure effect using several images, masking and layer modes.

Editor de imágenes gratuito Pixlr Editor

Editor de imágenes gratuito Pixlr Editor en español

Editor Pixlr:

Pixlr Editor es una herramienta muy potente para ser gratuita, online y no tener que descargarse ningún archivo de instalación al ordenador.

Todo lo que hagamos con las imágenes, o lo que creemos con este editor, se hace a través del navegador. Si tienes una conexión a internet podrás disfrutar de esta impresionante herramienta.

Es capaz de trabajar con capas, aplicar sombras y degradados sobre objetos como la haría Photoshop. Incluso puedes abrir archivos en formato PSD. Lo que o deja es exportar lo que hagas al formato de Photoshop.

Si quieres dar vida a las imágenes para tu web o blog, esta es la herramienta que debes usar, puedes crear logotipos transparentes en formato PNG o realizar creaciones a alta resolución para pequeños trabajos de imprenta.

No tengas miedo y experimenta con esta herramienta. ES GRATIS.

Consigue vivir como siempre has querido, sin complicaciones. Descubre cómo se puede ganar dinero en internet de una manera pasiva sin necesidad de vender tu tiempo.

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Pixlr Editor Tutorial

I'll show you how to get an idea to use this online photo editor program. Rember the letters or effects you want over the background have to be PNG files. Thank you more to come soon, comment down below what you want to see next.
Letter Fonts

Pixlr Editorの基本的な使い方

Pixlr tutorial - How to edit Creative pictures in mobile app

Easy way to edit Creative pictures within 3 minutes in Pixlr

Pixlr Desktop Tutorial

Hey guys today I'm going to be showing you all the features of Pixlr Desktop. Make sure to Like and Subscribe.

Pixlr :

PIxlr Editor 2018 Tutorial

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Blurring Background In Pixlr Editor

Having an image with blurry background allows you to focus on the main subject of your photo. This video will show you how to blur background In Pixlr editor with simple steps.


Pixlr Editor (Guide)

En nem lille guide til hvordan du bruger programmet -Pixlr Editor- som er en gratis udgave af Photoshop og visse andre tegne programmer, hent det i Chrome webshop og leg!

Pixlr Editor Tutorial: Using Free To Create Quick Images for Adwords, Google+, YouTube

Like it, please and subscribe! See my templates at that auto-load into the and fill many needs:

Google Plus Cover, Profile Pic, Event Banner and HOA Lower-Third images;

YouTube Cover Image including Safe Area and Banner regions;

All AdWords image ad and video ad sizes;

Twitter background, banner and profile pic images;

LinkedIn Banner and Profile Pic; and

Facebook Profile Pic Banner showing where Profile Pic covers it over.

WordPress Cover Image

This should make life easier if you know how to use Pixlr's editor!

Layers, blending modes, masks and effects in an online application that runs in your browser... how cool is that?!

Ask if there are other templates you would love to see here!

Pixlr is not a download - it is an entirely online, power-packed graphics program!
It can get files to edit directly from the web (from image URLs), and get and save files from Pixlr's own cloud storage (free!), Flickr, Picassa, Facebook and can also perform Quick-sharing via Pixlr's resource. Save to the cloud or to your hard drive! Supports layers, blending modes, selections and masks, layer styles, and much, much more!

It is found at

Other Links mentioned in the video:

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How to edit an image like a pro - with PIXLR EXPRESS 2018

Learn how to use pixlr express editing super nice images.

Pixlr Express is my most popular web-based photo editor that makes editing photos easy. Apply overlays, filters, and stickers to make any photo beautiful.



Download it on your mobile :

Pixlr Removing Image Background

The video demonstrates how you remove the background of an image using Pixlr (

Pixlr Editor Tutorial: Using's Templates

is a site full of clickable links that take you directly into's editor with an image already in the correct width and height for a particular need. Social Media cover images, profile images and lower-third images are included for Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Wordpress, as well as images for all the ad size dimensions for Google's AdWords. This video shows how to bring image content in as layers, add text, and save the end result as a layered Pixlr native file, as a .jpg or as a transparent .png file.

Create Color Splash Effect in Pixlr Editor

Color Splash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. In this Pixlr tutorial, we'll learn how to easily add a selective or splash of color effect to an image.

Editing Photos with Pixlr (quick tour basics)

Questions or comments? Post them down below!!

Change Background of Photo in Pixlr

Change background photo online using Pixlr editor. A tutorial on how to remove the old background and change/replace it with another photo. This is a very simple and easy way to cut out image background, In 4 easy steps you can remove and change the background of a picture in Pixlr editor.

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Pixlr Editor Design Basics: Working with Layers

Part of the Pixlr Editor Design Basics series. If you've never used a graphic design tool like Pixlr Editor, this series will walk you through everything you need to know. Pop open a browser window to and give it a go.

Place An Image In Text With Pixlr Editor

Picture inside text using pixlr editor - Here's how to do so quickly and easily....fill text with images in online photo editor.

How To Design Digital Album Cover Art For Free Using Pixlr Editor (For Beginners)

This short tutorial will teach you how to create a quick, and easy album cover design or album artwork for the platform of your choice such as itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. for free using an online app called pixlr (you will not spend a dime--trust me). This quick tutorial is best for beginners to intermediate level. It's not quite for advanced users who love detailed complex tutorials.

I tried to make this video quick, and simple, but I realized to some people this video might be a little too fast. Please pause the video if you need to or slow the playback speed.

Hope you all enjoy!

You can view the full blog post below to download the images used as well as the pixlr source file:



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