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Superman Drawn By Comic Book Artist Doc Shaner | SYFY WIRE


Drawing First Comic book with iPad Pro (Action Comics #1)

Drawing legendary comic book Action Comics with Ipad pro and Procreate. Timelapse drawing video with Superman.Superman drawing step by step.
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How to ART Tutorial on How to Draw and Ink TAPERED LINES Comic book artist

How to ART Tutorial on How to Draw and TAPERED LINES
This was the original art done for for Marvel Comics X-Men Blue issue #9. Pencils by Cory Smith. Inker Walden Wong.

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Tools used...
Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, Pack of 3

Speedball 2-Ounce India Ink, Super Black

Comic Book Bristol Boards

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How to draw Ink Comic Books #WaldenWongArt

My Favorite Rulers for Drawing Comic Art Backgrounds

In this video I talk about my favorite rulers for Comic Art. I give a quick demonstration on how I use them to draw my brick patterns.
Let me know what you think of this video and please share the content with your fellow artists. Also comment below and let others know what tools you like to use for your comic artwork!

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Robert A. Marzullo
Ram Studios Comics

Superman Redesign

Been messing around with a Superman redesign. A very simple one, mostly took inspiration from the new52 Action Comics Grant Morrison/Rags Morales run.
Trying to lean more on the working class/blue collar look, with the rolled sleeves and what not.

PSCS6/Bamboo tablet
Windows Live movie Maker

Original Runtime - 50 mins

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Thank you so much for watching! 😀😀

A Legend's Adventure by Mitchell Miller Music

Drawing batman - Best batman i've ever done! (i think so)

Hi! welcome to my new channel! here I will be posting videos everyweek of speedrawings and some tutorials to help people to improve their art.

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Music by Ender Guney:

#comicstyle #dccomics #batman #art

Todd Nauck draws Wonder Woman. Part 1: Penciled and inked line art

Comic artist, Todd Nauck, shows how to draw Wonder Woman.

See the art here: Link to come.

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punchdrunk & outtaluck: 1

punchdrunk & outtaluck: sketch journal 1

Tim Sale drawing Two Face

Tim Sale drew this incredible Two Face from Batman during the 2019 Emerald City Comic Con. Such a gracious and humble guy that Tim Sale is. Be sure to say hi the next time you see him at a show.
Tim Sale:
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Filmed and edited by Victor Glover

What is a "Manga Artist"? (Channel Trailer)

So what is a Manga Artist?
Hopefully this Trailer will answer that question.

First Trial on Tayasui Sketches (Free Version) on iPhone6

Apps: Tayasui Sketches (Free version) by
Device: iPhone6 (ios10.1.1)
Pen: Adonit Joint Touch with Pixelpoint


This is my first trial and I am drawing on the bus, still it gives me a great experience for its user friendly design, i can do what i want in simply one or two clicks.

I also love its recording function so that I could share how I draw the picture without using other screen recording apps.

I am not sure if it could change the size of the brushes and rubber, maybe a long press can do but I didn't try it, I will have more trials later.

The last comment is, when I deleted the transparent layer, I cannot add it back, not sure if I add it incorrectly or it cannot add again unless you use the one hour full pack trial or pay for more function.

Anyways, I enjoy this apps during the process, and I will test for more functions, or other apps for comparison!


I am using the free trial without one hour full pack trial, also, for the iPad version, it includes more brushes and tools which I am going to test later, but this video is iPhone ver so it is more simple.

McFarlane Art Lesson - (How to Set Up a Page in Photoshop)

Art Lesson - No. 1
(How to set up a page)

Todd McFarlane begins his Art Lesson series with basics of how to set up a page in Photoshop.

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