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Easily Clear Block In Wash Basin or Kitchen Sink | Mr Muscle Kiwi Dranex Drain Cleaner | Malayalam


How to clean blocked drain pipes in Telugu|unclog your drain using Mr.Muscle's KIWI DRANEX in telugu

Hi Friends,
How to clean blocked drain pipes in Telugu
unclog your drain using Mr.Muscle's KIWI DRANEX in telugu
Smart Telugu Housewife
I hope you like the video.
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How to Make flying Balloon at home With Powder Drain Cleaner

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how to clean blocked pipe easily


hello dosto is video me Maine aapko block pipeline cleaning ke baareme jankari di hai agar video accha lagahoto like kariyega comment kariyega aur channel ko subscribe jarur kariyega

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homeade drain cleaner

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

High profitable business / Drainex powder


Baking soda - 2 teaspoon
Citric acid - 2 teaspoon
Salt - 1 teaspoon

How to clean blocked drain pipes/ सिंक पाइप साफ करने का आसान तरीका

In this video I have used small sachet of DrainUp (40g) to clear drain pipe. This melts greese and hair and also keeps cockroaches away. Best product I use in my home.
#homecooking #cleandrainpipes

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Cillit Bang drain unblocker review

Ever used an off the shelf drain gel that didn’t cut the mustard? Me too!

I finally found the holy grail of drain gels and wanted to share it with you too. ????‍????

How to unclog blocked kitchen pipe at home / Cheap effective easy fast method in Hindi

How to unclog blocked kitchen pipe at home / Cheap effective easy fast method in Hindi

Vinegar and Baking Soda Drain Cleaner

Do you have a blocked drain or a drain that flushes slowly? Before heading to the hardware store and purchasing one of those expensive and toxic drain cleaners, try this. You'll most likely have the ingredients in your pantry already and it costs merely cents to make! All you need is 2 ingredients, baking soda and vinegar and a little time.

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How to Clean Kitchen Sink- How to Clean Sink Drain- Kitchen Cleaning Tips in Telugu-#KitchenCleaning

How to Clean Kitchen Sink- How to Clean Sink Drain- Kitchen Cleaning Tips in Telugu-

How to clean the drain ||चौक नाली को खोलें मिनटों में,||Drain cleaner tips|| drain pipe cleaning

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How to Remove Algae From Garden Pipe || Home Repairs DIY

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Ecozone Drain Cleaning Sticks

Placing these drain cleaning sticks in your sinks and replacing once a month will ensure you have an effective drain blockage prevention system in place which is safe to use with septic tanks.

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How to Unclog AC Drain Line Fast (3 Seconds), Avoid Repairman

Today we show you How to Unclog AC Drain Lines fast, in 3 seconds flat, and avoid the AC repairman bill. Is your AC drain pan dripping or leaking? Is your air conditioner leaking water and you can’t tell where the leak is coming from? Clogged AC drain pipes are the biggest source of AC leaks. If your AC is dripping water, most likely this will be your solution. Over time, maybe a year or more, your AC drain line clogged up with gooey buildup and sludge from your rusty drain pan, dust and other solids in the air, and your dirty air conditioner filter that you never changed every 3 months like you are supposed to. After your are successful in Clearing A Clogged AC Condensate Drain clog, let us know in comments how it worked.

✅ They sell a product at amazon that you pour into the drain pan every 6 months.

This is such a critical failure because it affects so many people who neglect their AC, and the fix is often quite easy for you, and will get you out of a potential flooding nightmare if your AC leaks water all over the the floor inside your house. Good preventative maintenance is pouring a bottle of AC drain line cleaner into your AC drain pan a few times per year. If you wait until your AC line is clogged, it's too late and it will be ineffective.

How to unclog AC drain pipe

So now with all this dirt collecting up and mixing with the condensate line water from your AC, you find your air conditioning drain pipe blocked. Then the clogged AC drain line starts to cut off the water exiting the air conditioner so it can’t run down the AC drain pipe outside the house like it is supposed to. Houston, we have a problem. Now the AC drain line water has nowhere to go but back up.

Unclog ac drain line DIY:

Some people try pouring in hot bleach or air conditioning drain line cleaner, but none of that will work on a solidified clog in your pipe. Draino won’t work, boiling water won’t work. Then the water backs up back into the air conditioner, now you have an air conditioner leaking water. Why is the ac leaking water? Because the backed-up water fills up the AC drain pan.

How your Central Air Conditioner Leaks Water On Floor

Once your air conditioning drain pan fills up, the water has nowhere to go but inside the AC, where it finds little gaps and spaces to drip out onto your floor. Often this leads to disastrous AC drain line leaks that ruin ceilings on floors below. We’ve seen these numerous times over the years.

This is almost always the fault of the homeowner because you are supposed to change your AC filters every 3 months at the maximum. So, if you have an air conditioning drain line clogged and hence an air conditioning dripping water all over the floor, we’ll show you how to unclog AC drain pipes using a garden hose.

How to Easily Unclog an Air Conditioner Drain Line

Here we show you how to clear ac drain line with a water hose. Most AC drain lines are PVC pipes cemented other with some sort of clean out. If you can separate the cleanout from the AC or block the path of water back to the AC drain pan, you can insert the cut-off garden hose into the drain line as shown in this video, and just gush the water for 3 seconds.

Go outside and where your AC condensate line drains outside, you’ll see at the end of the drain pipe all the semi-solids and solid matter shot out the end of the AC drain line. You will see a small pile of it, then you’ll know the drain line is clean.

How to clean your ac condensate drain line

No fancy air conditioning drain line cleaner needed, because they won’t work. AC drain line cleaners are preventative you should sue them a few times per year to coat the pipes, they are useless after the clog has formed.

AC leaking water inside house again:

Also, if you fail to change your AC filters on a regular basis, no matter how much cleaner you put down your AC drain pipe, you’ll end up with a clogged AC drain line. No more air conditioner leaking water inside house for you! And this is How to Clean and Prevent your Air Conditioner Drain From Clogging.

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We hope you enjoyed this A/C condensate drain how to clean & unclog video

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