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The Riddler visits Two-face | Batman Forever


Two-Face Make-up

My Halloween 2010 costume is Two-Face from The Dark Knight. This video will show you how I applied the makeup by myself. It took almost 3 hours to apply. To get the burnt look for the suit I use a sanding wheel for a oratory tool and sanded the part I wanted to look deep because trying to burn actual fabric did not give me the look I wanted. I cut the eye out of a ping pong ball and painted it. This was only the third time I put a bald cap on myself and it was not easy. The first time was just a test to see if I could do it. Second time was for a costume contest but the makeup did not turn out as well as this time.

Stuff I used for the makeup:
Bald cap, liquid latex, Rubber mask grease paint, 99% rubbing alcohol to help spread the RMGP, Makeup brushes, Wig, latex mouth appliance, cotton swabs, makeup sponge, toilet paper, Pros Aid (a latex based adhesive), foundation powder to set the latex and to set the make up between colors, ping pong ball, duct tape, and a little bit of skill.

The first piece of music in the background is A Dark Knight from The Dark Knight Soundtrack. The Second is the theme form the 1989 Batman movie.

Two Face - Batman Forever - Makeup Tutorial!

Makeup Tutorial! Two Face from Batman Forever!

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•Products used in this tutorial:
Mehron Spirit Gum
Mehron SynWax
Liquid Latex
Snazaroo Water Colour in Fuchsia Pink
Snazaroo Water Colour in Dark Blue
Grimas Translucent Powder
M.A.C Eyeshadow in Carbon (Black)
Concealer to neaten up your normal side hehe
M.A.C Fluid Line in Black Track
Pink Party Shop Hairspray
The costume is from


•Music: by Jason Shaw @ Audion

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Scene

Joker's introduction scene from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000). The Joker and his goons interrupt Bruce Wayne's speech. Subscribe for more .

A flashback scene from the animated DC movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker where an old Barbara Gordon(Batgirl) tells the new Batman, Terry .

For more DC Comics, subscribe NOW: When The Joker returns to Gotham City to destroy former Batman Bruce Wayne, a new Dark .

Just a small sample of the awesomeness of Mark Hamill's Joker. It originated far back from 1992, and this being his final ground-breaking episode/movie.

How to Make the Riddler's Cane--Halloween accessory

Planning on going as the King of Conundrums this Halloween? The Prop master's handbook moves into the field to give you a few DIY tips on building the signature gold cane sported by the Riddler.

We used a drill press to drill through a set of plastic chess pieces, strung them along a metal rod, and carved out a plywood question mark headpiece. Spray paint the whole thing gold, and you have the Riddler's cane

The Riddler (Edward Nigma) first appeared in Detective comics #140 in 1948. Frank Gorshin portrayed The Riddler in the Batman TV show of the sixties( Seasons 1 and 3), and gave the character his signature suit and bowler cap. Batman the Animated series refined the look of the character giving him a walking stick, and John Glover's voice performance gave the character new class. Jim Carrey took up the role for 1995's Batman Forever, and it was at this time that The Riddler received his signature Golden question mark cane. I can't speak to who actually designed the cane, so I'll give credit to Brad Einhorn, the Prop master.

The Riddler character is the property of DC comics, a subsidiary of Time Warner.

Two Face Theme

It's Time Harvey, It's Time...

How to kill two face *100% Real*



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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Part 2 (XBOX 360)

Part 2:2:

1500th VIDEO!!!! I haven't been very active on this channel lately (outside of posting videos). I have been busy readjusting my life in various areas (for the better, hopefully). But yeah. One day, I'll go back and add annotations to all of these vids, along with getting the playlists situated and all that stuff. I just want to thank those who have stuck with this channel throughout this mess. You guys are awesome!!!

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough Part 2:3 (XBOX 360)

Part 3:

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Riddler Costume Update - Hat, Mask, and Cane

I finally got around the finishing my Riddler costume, and it turned out way better than I could have ever imagined! Sadly, I did not film and of the processes of making the different pieces (aside from a few snapchats to friends and family) so I hope this update video is enough to help you with your costume.

I got to wear it to a halloween party and everyone seemed to love it. As a bonus, the costume is still alive so I might be able to wear it again in the future! I hope you enjoyed!


Kétarc maszkolás | Two-Face masking

A Batman filmből jól ismert Kétarc karakteréről kaptam az ihletet, habár jóval több eszköz szükségeltetett volna ahhoz, hogy egy igazán hasonlót tudjak alkotni, de egy körülbelüli Kétarc-vázlatot kaphattunk így is végeredményül. Sajnálatos módon a két kis felvétel közül az egyiknél elcsúszott a kamera, így szinte semmi sem (sőt...) látszik az alkotói folyamatból, na de legközelebb;)

The well-known Two-Face character (from the Batman movie) inspired me for this masking. Of course, if I had several products, I could make a better, realistic Two-Face mask, but I think its alright in this way too.

MD Art

Music: Jeremy Zucker - Weakness

I do not own this song featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended.

Model: Daniel Nagy
Artist: Diana Mezei
Facebook page:
Instagram page:

If The Bat Wants To Play, We'll Play


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Microcurrent Face Lift - TAMA Awaken

Part two of the TAMA Derma Face Lift Series using the TAMA Awaken microcurrent home device. Cybil Solyn, your Skin Fitness Expert, teaches you how to use TAMA Awaken Microcurrent home device, how to get results with microcurrent Awaken home unit, how to get best results with TAMA Microcurrent, where to place pads on the TAMA Microcurrent, how to use pads with the TAMA Microcurrent, how to connect the wires on TAMA Microcurrent, red black red black what that means with TAMA, and getting perfect skin with microcurrent through skin exercise.

Two Face Make-Up Tutorial | ItsGottaBeHalloween

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Welcome back to my channel! And welcome to ItsGottaBeHalloween 2017. This look is my take on Two Face from Batman. If you use any of my tutorials, be sure to tag me on social media; I'd love to see your recreations. If there's something you'd like to see, or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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Mehron Makeup
Paradise Paints
Clown White
Coastal Scents
Hot Pots
Wet n Wild
Photofocus Foundation
Makeup Geek
Infidelity Contour Powder

Zoot Suit provided by AmiClubwear, link provided is an affiliate link meaning I earn a small commission on purchases made through this link, but this video is not sponsored.


Track: Our Psych - Purge [NCS Release]
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Two Face/Harvey Dent (Batman) makeup tutorial (double the speed)

Hey everyone, Welcome to my first video !! I hope you enjoy this batman inspired Two Face/Harvey Dent make up tutorial.

Please comment below with any ideas you would like to see.

Thanks for watching!

Dark City by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

The Riddler's Jacket - Cosplay Tutorial

Before you ask, this project cost about $10. Yup, it's another cheap costume to make!

I had hoped to finish this project a few weeks about but, as you will see, I got sidetracked by real life. Essentially, I found a perfectly fitted green suit jacket at a thrift store and realized the universe was telling me I had to make this. That jacket plus some felt, multiplied by time, is how I made it. I did end up using fabric glue but only because sewing each question mark was too big of a task for one man. All in all, I think it turned out fan-freaking-tastic! In the future, time permitting, I may attempt his hat and the cane. There are another few things I'm thinking about starting which I can start on soon as well.

Thanks for watching!

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how to make a costom lego riddler

i don't want to write a description

WIP TO COMPLETE: The Riddler's Pimp Cane

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Batman: Two-Face | Simple SFX Makeup Tutorial

i hope everyone had an amazing halloween! i am sad that it is over. this look would be awesome for halloween or if you are into cosplay! this look is very easy to accomplish you don't need much & the makeup is all affordable. hope you guys enjoy this as I had a blast making it. I am not in any way a makeup artist i just enjoy creating. check out my other batman characters if you liked this look!!

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Products Used for this look:
Mehron Black Pencil Liner:
Ben Nye FX Color Wheel for Bruises ( i hauled this in my Beauty Con Haul)
Mehron Eye Color in Black -
Mehron 3D Gel -

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Tim Burton inspired halloween contest Two Face



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