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To Prune or NOT to Prune Tomato Plants?


To Prune or NOT to Prune Tomato Plants?

Should tomato plants be pruned or not? I answer this question about pruning tomatoes and more!

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Self Sufficient Me is based on our small 3-acre property/homestead in SE Queensland Australia about 45kms north of Brisbane - the climate is subtropical (similar to Florida). I started Self Sufficient Me in 2011 as a blog website project where I document and write about backyard food growing, self-sufficiency, and urban farming in general. I love sharing my foodie and DIY adventures online so come along with me and let's get into it! Cheers, Mark :)

How to Prune Tomatoes for Maximum Yield and Plant Health

Pruning tomatoes is a topic of much debate - everyone seems to have their own method. This video looks at the two major types of tomatoes - determinate tomatoes and indeterminate tomatoes and the differences of pruning each. We also discuss the different parts of a tomato plant so you can look at your plant and actually know what's going on in the mess of stems, leaves, and flowers.


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Grow Tomatoes NOT Leaves | How to Prune Tomato Plants for LOTS of Fruit

Do this for Bigger Better Tomatoes!

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How to Prune Tomatoes for Earlier Harvests, Higher Yields & Healthier Plants

Simple pruning tips for indeterminate tomatoes.

The tomatoes featured in this video are Sweet Millions:

OYR is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost, mulch, and compost tea. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used.

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How to Grow Tomatoes without Fertilizer:

Garden Tips | How to Prune Tomato Plants

Home Grown/Home Made How to Prune Tomatoes episode.

Warning! Don't Prune Your Cherry Tomatoes! (NOT) Pruning Tomato Plants for Maximum Yield!

Fred Detwiler, from discusses the latest in Plant-Smart Living.

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Fred has been an avid gardener for over 25+ years--gradually growing and expanding his organic garden, to where it is now, during that time. He has been a general contractor, owning his own contracting business (Detwiler Builders), for over 40+ years.

Now 60 years old, since he adopted a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle in 2012, Fred has lost 60+ pounds of fat, lowered his cholesterol to 129 mg/dL (from the high 200's) and lowered his blood pressure to 110/70.

He takes absolutely no medications.

He can help you do the same through his practical gardening tips and ideas, his comprehensive 'how-to' and DIY project videos, as well as, his helpful advice on how to live a 'Plant-Smart' lifestyle!


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How to PRUNE a TOMATO to GROW 5X MORE Tomatoes, NOT LEAVES & Branches | STEP by STEP

In this video I will show you step by step instruction how to grow a MASSIVE amount of Tomatoes on a single plant, and not grow just leaves and branches! This TOMATO PRUNING technique could INCREASE YOUR HARVEST BY 5x, use less ground space and use less fertilizer. Tomatoes need more pruning than most vegetables. You will learn the right way how to prune your tomato plant so you can maximize your flowers and fruit production. I also show you a pruning technique to make your plant grow really tall but not bushy and wide. Pruning maintenance is a must to control growth habit of Tomato plants. Most urban gardeners don't have a lot of space, so growing vertically is great solution. I will go over all of this in the video. Be sure to Subscribe for more videos about growing tomatoes!

Pruning Indeterminate Tomatoes in Containers and Identifying Tomato 'Suckers'

Tomato 'suckers' will actually turn into stems that produce tomatoes. If you don't prune the 'suckers' from your indeterminate plants you will end up with dozens of stems that produce tomatoes. It is a problem. You will end up with too much growth that is difficult to manage. That can lead to diseases, more but smaller tomatoes and you end up with a plant that won't survive in a container. You have to prune indeterminate container tomatoes to one main productive stem. If you are adventurous and can manage the plants water... you can get away with to main production stems.

Some other pruning videos of mine

How to Clearly Single Stem Prune Tomatoes Plants, Why You Might, & Sunscald: Two Minute TRG Tips

A Double Stem Tomato Pruning Method - From Never Pruned to 2 Production Stems: Two Minute TRG Tips

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Identifying & Understanding Tomato 'Suckers' - They Produce Flowers & Fruit: Two Minute TRG Tips

Bottom Prune Tomato Plants for Airflow & A Disease Soil Splash Barrier: Two Minute TRG Tips

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How Do You PRUNE TOMATO PLANTS: Removing Leaves And Suckers From Tomato Plants THE RIGHT WAY!

How do you prune tomato plants? If you never prune your tomato plants follow tis video to learn all you need to know on pruning tomato plants the right way!
Three weeks after planting my tomato plants it is time to prune them for the first time and this is a perfect occasion to show you how to sucker tomato plants. Pruning tomato suckers was never hard for me and I can do it in just few minutes every few weeks when I do regular maintenance on my tomatoes. So, let’s find out how do you prune tomato plants!

0:00 How Do you prune tomato plants - INTRO
3:09 How to sucker tomato plants
6:10 Removing leaves from tomato plants
8:20 When to prune tomato plants

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???? I am sure you learned how to prune tomato plants the right way in this video and that you will go and will regularly prune your tomato plants. As I mention spotting your suckers is easy if you know where to look and pruning tomato suckers after you spotted them is even simpler. But not just suckers also removing leafs from tomato plants shouldn’t scare you because even if you mess something the tomato plant will grow new leafs. Hope you find value in this video and if you did don’t forget to leave a like!


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Beginner Gardening: When to Prune Tomato Suckers and Flowers

In this video we offer advice on when you should (and shouldn't) prune off suckers and flowers from your tomato plants.

Gardening for Beginners Facebook group:

How Do I Prune Cherry Tomatoes? Do I Even Have to? How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes.

If you watch this channel, you know why and how to prune tomato plants. I've had several tomato pruning videos. But never one like this. What about cherry tomatoes? Should you or shouldn't you prune them? What about currant tomatoes? What are currant tomatoes? I'll show you all of this!

Pruning Tomato Suckers - How To Prune Tomato Plants For Big Harvests

In today's quick video we will look at how to prune tomato plants for the best possible yields. Indeterminate tomato plants can get become very large and spiral out of control. Pruning not only helps you control the size of the plant but also channelizes the energy of the plant into developing more fruit than leaves and stems. A tomato plant has a main stem and also a lot of offshoots called as suckers. These suckers or side shoots can be easily removed by pinching them off as you see here. You can also use pruners for this purpose. This is an indeterminate tomato variety that is being pruned.

You can leave one or two main stems of the plant. I have seen no difference in tomato production be leaving either one or two main stems. You can keep one main stem if you wish to

Pruning is generally done for indeterminate tomatoes but I sometimes prune determinate tomatoes as well if I am growing them in containers - it makes the plant more manageable

Here you can see a determinate tomato variety being pruned and how we are leaving two main stems

If you liked this video, do check out these other videos on the best tomato growing tips and a guide to using different tomato cages

Pruning an Overgrown Tomato Plant! ✂️????????// Garden Answer

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How to Prune Young Tomato Plants

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! My tomato plants have been in the ground for a couple weeks and are becoming established. Now is the time to assess their growth and give them an even stronger, healthier start by pruning. Read the full article:

Do you have any tips for young tomato plants? Leave a comment!

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Pruning Tomato Plants Not Necessary

While Last year I pruned my tomato plants more heavily this year I did not prune them as much. Not because I wanted to ignore the plants but because I wasn't around to prune them when they really needed it. I was surprised to find that if well supported the plants still produce really well and large sized tomatoes. My conclusion is that as long as you have a good location with lots of sun and high nutrient soil your plants should do just fine and pump out lots of red delicious tomatoes.

Tomatoes and Peppers: To Prune or Not To Prune

In this video we discuss different pruning methods for pruning tomatoes, and pruning peppers.

We look into whether you want to prune tomatoes and how to prune tomatoes. We discuss topping the plants for more lush growth, or using a single stem method.

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Pruning Tomato Plants - Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomatoes - Do You Need to Prune Tomato Plants

In today's video, I will demonstrate how I prune my tomato plants (the two in this video are in pots) and talk about tomato plants that need pruning and tomato plants that don't.
You should only prune the indeterminate tomato varieties, or so called vining tomatoes. Most heirloom tomato varieties are considered indeterminate, or vining.
The indeterminate tomato varieties produce new leaves and flowers continuously through the growing season. Therefore, they continuously produce tomatoes.
You have to be careful not to prune the growing tip of your tomato plant because it will stop growing vertically. It is easy to recognize the suckers (the growth that needs to be pruned) on your tomato plant as you will always find them growing in the corner formed where the leaf is coming out of the main stem of the tomato plant.

If you prune determinate tomato varieties, you might reduce the fruit production.

Here are some useful sources on pruning, determinate vs indeterminate tomato varieties, and some additional information on each one of the varieties:

Here is my previous video on pruning tomato plants:

I hope you find this video helpful and if you have any questions, please post them in the comment section and I will answer them.

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How to Prune Indeterminate Tomato Plants (4 METHODS)

How do you prune indeterminate tomato plants to MAXIMIZE harvests?!

Many gardeners are convinced that pruning tomato plants is critical to getting a bumper crop of delicious, vine-ripened tomatoes. However, many do not realize that there is more than one way to prune tomato plants; in fact, there are many different pruning methods that can be employed. This season, I will be trialing four tomato pruning strategies in my urban front yard tomato garden to find out once and for all which one is top dog!

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Tomato Plants, How To Prune

This video explains how to correctly prune Tomato plants. Removing of side shoots on cordon (indeterminate/vine) tomatoes is very important as it focuses the plants energy into fruit production and keeps the plant more compact. Bush (determinate) tomatoes do not need pruning, these can be left to grow as these will never grow too large and will naturally focus all their energy into fruit production.

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What Happens If I Don't Stake & Prune Tomato Plants, Do I Have to Stake & Prune, Trellising Tomatoes

Ever wonder what tomatoes plants would look like if they weren't staked and pruned and left to sprawl across the garden. I show you the answer. Staking and pruning is a choice and based on need. I also show you what staked tomato plants look like when not pruned and how to trellis cherry tomato plants.

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