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Tomato Grafting On Eggplant ( agri cambo )


What happens when Eggplant grafted with Tomatoes


How to grow Eggplant, Tomatoes by recycled plastic bottles at home


How to Grafting tomato with eggplant, new techniques - my agriculture


Guide the procedure of grafting Eggplant with Tomato Plant at home


Tomato Grafting On Eggplant agriKH

Tomato Grafting On Eggplant agriKH
Grafting tomato on eggplant rootstock is one way of eliminating bacterial wilt, which is a very destructive disease of tomato. Research showed that grafted tomatoes in the eggplant rootstock yielded a 21% higher than the ordinary tomato seedlings.
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Grafting Tomato onto Eggplant Rootstock - How Easy Is It?

In this video I take you through my attempt to graft a tomato plant scion onto eggplant rootstock. Grafting is an old technique used to improve disease resistance and increase harvest yields. I perform a cleft graft to combine these plants and show a time lapse of the days after the graft. I hope that sharing my experience will let other novice gardeners such as myself get a look into the grafting process, how easy it is or isn’t, and help them decide if it’s worth the effort/risks.

Please let me know in the comments your thoughts on how I grafted this plant and what I may have done wrong. All grafting tips and tricks will be hugely appreciated! I know the community will have great info to share as they always do. Thanks for sharing it- I love learning from you all!

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Tomato Tree Grafted with Eggplant

Tomato grafting on eggplant

Tomato grafting on eggplant while the eggplant not giving a good yield for his own fruit and the tomato is also the same now I decided to make them one since the eggplant has a high performance to survive he is the base and the tomato on top.

Ultimate grafting Technique.Tomato Grafting On Eggplant.

Different Plants Grafting Technique.You can watch my video till the end,You will came to know how to grafting different plants. please Subscribe my Channel, Share, like and Comment too.

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Tomato grafting on Eggplant/Grafting tomato on eggplant/ How to graft tomato on eggplant

How to graft tomato on eggplant,
Tomato grafting on Eggplant,
Grafting tomato on eggplant,
Simple grafting process
One plant produced tomato and bringle
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Grafting Vegetable Video : grow tomato on eggplant (the easiest way)

in this video, i will show you how to grafting tomato on eggplant.
it works 100% .
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Tomato Grafting On Eggplant

Amazing! Really great idea | The Eggplant grafted the Tomato plant, surprisingly successful results

Tomato and Brinjal Grown on One Plant - Isn't Amazing!!!

Brinjal and Tomato Grafting on a wild Brinjal Plant (Solanum Torvum) and it took around 3-4 months to see results. You can see the results. If you want t

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Graft eggplant and tomato plants together | #momtazgarden

Graft eggplant and tomato plants together. Grafting plants together is the oldest and thus far most important kind of genetic engineering practiced in the world. This video features a farmer demonstrating how to graft plants together, using a tomato and a eggplant as an example. Ours aims to create
an eggplant that will yield for longer by grafting the tomato plant into it. Learning these skills will allow you to expand the world of your gardening by creating your own plants!
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एक बैंगन के पौधे में 3 प्रकार के फल । egg plant grafting technique । 3 types grafting in brinjal

एक बैंगन के पौधे में 3 प्रकार के फल । egg plant grafting technique । 3 types grafting in brinjal

नमस्कार दोस्तों

मैं हु पंकज कुमार मौर्य, (एम.एस. सी. कृषि चंद्र शेखर आज़ाद कृषि एवं प्रौद्योगिकी विश्वविद्यालय कानपुर)

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||How to Graft Tomato plant on Eggplant||बैंगन के पौधे पर टमाटर की कलम कैंसे बांधे||By Grafting tech

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||How to Graft Tomato plant on Eggplant||बैंगन के पौधे पर टमाटर की कलम कैंसे बांधे||By Grafting tech

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Brinjal and Tomato Grafting on a wild Brinjal Plant (Solanum Torvum)

I have grafted Hybrid Brinjal and Tomato on a wild variety of brinjal plant, which is also known as Solanum Torvum. It took me around 2 months time to keep the plants healthy and now it's in the flowering stage. Soon I will share my next update when there are fruits on it.

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Grafted Tomatoes

Learn about the newest trend in vegetable gardening, grafted tomatoes.

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