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Whip Grafting Jackfruit Tree


how to graft jackfruit tree

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Jackfruit Grafting Technique

Next Month I will update the video about the result of the Jackfruit that I had graft.
To Wach more about
***How to graft soursop

Please watch: Seedless Guava air layering propagation


Fruit Tree Air Layering | Easy & Full Guide | Cloning Plants Easily | Jackfruit Tree Growing In Pots

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A Great propagation method is Air Layering. Almost Any tree can be propagated by air layering. For Plant Lovers and Garden Enthusiasts this is my heartiest effort. Hope this can be useful for you. ❤️

#airlayering #plantpropagation #airlayeringnewmethod

Ep143 - Grafting Fruiting Mulberry to Non-Fruiting Rootstock - Part 2

In this video, I attempt to graft Fruiting Pakistani Mulberry Scions to Non-Fruiting Rootstock.

Ill keep you updated with progress, successes and failures...

Till then,

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WOW!!! Easiest method to graft fruit tree 100% success

In this video on grafting fruit trees, learn how to graft a tree using T-budding, a method of grafting fruit trees that is easy and that gives a high success rate.
This simple tutorial will teach you how:
-how to grafting citrus trees
-how to grafting apple trees
-how to grafting peach trees
-how to grafting fig trees
-how to grafting pear trees
-how to grafting apricot trees
-how to grafting cherry trees
-how to grafting citrus trees
-how to grafting almond trees
-how to grafting rose

Jack fruit Grafting and Budding | Easy and Fast Grafting and Budding Tips Malayalam | Jiju's Kitchen

Hi Viewers, Welcome to our channel !
Jiju's Kitchen - Oru foreign naadan Adukkala ;)
The Fresh Taste - Jack Fruit grafting and budding | How to do grafting
Make new plants for your garden
Grafting and Budding Tips for young Jackfruit Trees

Grafting Citrus Trees - Cleft Grafting a Fruit Cocktail Tree

In this video on grafting citrus trees, learn how to graft a fruit cocktail tree using the cleft graft.

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The cleft graft is useful for grafting fruit trees of many varieties. In addition to pummelos, the cleft graft is useful for grafting lemon trees, grafting orange trees, and for grafting many other types of fruit trees.

For videos on other citrus grafting techniques, please see:
(grafting citrus trees under a microscope)
(patch budding)
(grafting large scion to small rootstock)
(grafting lemon trees by T-budding)
(grafting orange trees by T-budding
(chip budding citrus trees)

(Tools and Supplies)

For step-by-step grafting guides on other methods of grafting trees, please see:
(patch budding)
(chip budding)

In California, the collection of any citrus propagative materials, including budwood and seeds, from non-registered sources is illegal. Any citrus trees grown or grafted in California must come from source trees registered with either:
(1) The Citrus Nursery Stock Pest Cleanliness Program, administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, or
(2) The Citrus Clonal Protection Program, located at the University of California at Riverside.
CDFA program:

How to get rid of fruit tree canker

New canker video now up: If your apple or pear tree has canker, what should you do? Well in this video, Dad explains the effective way of getting rid of it!

How to graft soursop | Guanabana - tropical fruit

Grafting. Grafting is the process of connecting two different plants so they grow as one. The advantages of grafting include combining attributes that don't naturally occur in a single plant, for instance flavorful fruit with dwarfing or disease-resistant roots.

Please watch: Seedless Guava air layering propagation


Grafting Citrus Trees with the Patch Bud - Making a Fruit Cocktail Tree

Patch budding is a method of grafting citrus trees that is very easy and that gives a high success rate.

In the past year I performed many patch bud grafts of citrus and found that it works very well as a technique for adding new varieties to an existing citrus tree to make a multi-grafted citrus cocktail tree. Although the particular graft demonstrated in this tutorial is of a Mato Buntan pummelo, I also found that patch budding works well for grafting orange trees, grafting lemon trees, and grafting lime trees. I expect that it would work well for any type of citrus.

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Ordering citrus budwood from the CCPP:

Other citrus grafting techniques:

(Tools and Supplies)

In California, the collection of any citrus propagative materials, including budwood and seeds, from non-registered sources is illegal. Any citrus trees grown or grafted in California must come from source trees registered with either:
(1) The Citrus Nursery Stock Pest Cleanliness Program, administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, or
(2) The Citrus Clonal Protection Program, located at the University of California at Riverside.
CDFA program:

The TRUTH About Grafted Fruit Trees - They Won't Tell You

Heres the truth, lets be real....... grafting trees is not natural, it is convenient but will eventually cause knotting and a stress point between the scion and root stock. This IS what nurseries, orchards and YouTubers are not telling you about the inevitable issues that come with grafting different trees together.

Grafting a Tree with Drill (Step by Step)

Grafting a tree with drill step by step instructions. In this video we show how to grow an apple tree branch by grafting the tree with a drill. Poor plant! Learn how to graft a tree or any fruit tree with a power drill.

Step 1. Take a cutting from your favorite apple tree
find a drill bit to match, just a little smaller than the base of your cutting.

Step 2. Time to drill! Drill at an angle that matches the other tree branches. Keep the bit on the edge of the tree. Once drilled through make sure to slice open the bark with drill bit, video shows this in detail.

Step 3. Once the apple tree has its grafting hole its time to prep the cutting. Take the apple tree cutting and shave off the bark exposing the underneath white area.

Step 4. Now trim the end of the branch like a wedge cutting into the apple tree branch
time to test it now. Does it fit? Is there any excess protruding out of the bottom of the hole? If so, snip the apple tree cutting flush with the tree trunk.

Step 5. Wrap the wound after the branch has been grafted into the apple tree trunk, use a simple plastic wrap and pull tight. Clear tape sticks well to the wrap and help keeps it tight!

Conclusion... Did this help you understand a simple and easy way to graft an apple tree? Please share the video and give us a thumbs up!

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The Amazing Cleft Graft: Persimmons, Figs & Mulberries

Grafting is an invaluable technique for anyone growing fruit. Once you learn, it's like riding a bike, but you've gotta put in the time to master this skill. In this video, I show you the steps towards doing this simplified graft. Probably the best one to know for beginners.

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How and When to Take Off the Grafting Tape

In some cases, the graft itself will break the tape on it's own. In other cases, you can take the tape off yourself if you feel like it. Sometimes the tape comes off easily, and other times it doesn't. Essentially, the longer you leave the tape on, the easier it will be to take it off. All of this depends on the species of tree being grafted. Basically, more temperate fruits like apple, stone fruit (peach, nectarine, etc.), pear, cherry, etc. can withstand rougher treatment and earlier removal of tape. More subtropical to tropical trees like mango, avocado, jackfruit, etc. need gentler handling with grafting tape.

Here's the link to the video of me grafting the Reed avocado tree:

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Cross grafting
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what is grafting:- Grafting or graftage is a horticultural technique whereby tissues of plants are joined so as to continue their growth together. The upper part of the combined plant is called the scion while the lower part is called the rootstock. The success of this joining requires that the vascular tissue grow together and such joining is called inosculation. The technique is most commonly used in asexual propagation of commercially grown plants for the horticultural and agricultural trades.
how to draft:-
In most cases, one plant is selected for its roots and this is called the rootstock. The other plant is selected for its stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits and is called the scion or cion. The scion contains the desired genes to be duplicated in future production by the stock/scion plant.
stem grafting:-
In stem grafting, a common grafting method, a shoot of a selected, desired plant cultivar is grafted onto the stock of another type. In another common form called bud grafting, a dormant side bud is grafted onto the stem of another stock plant, and when it has inosculated successfully, it is encouraged to grow by pruning off the stem of the stock plant just above the newly grafted bud.

For successful grafting to take place, the vascular cambium tissues of the stock and scion plants must be placed in contact with each other. Both tissues must be kept alive until the graft has taken, usually a period of a few weeks. Successful grafting only requires that a vascular connection take place between the grafted tissues. Joints formed by grafting are not as strong as naturally formed joints, so a physical weak point often still occurs at the graft because only the newly formed tissues inosculate with each other. The existing structural tissue (or wood) of the stock plant does not fuse.


The four-flap graft (also called banana graft) is commonly used for pecans, and first became popular with this species in Oklahoma in 1975. It is heralded for maximum cambium overlap, but is a complex graft. It requires similarly sized diameters for the rootstock and scion. The bark of the rootstock is sliced and peeled back in four flaps, and the hardwood is removed, looking somewhat like a peeled banana. It is a difficult graft to learn.
jackfruit grafting is also a good method
cross poliination.

Jackfruits grafting
simple grafting, z-grafting, rench grafting, t-budding and chip budding techniques
Newest grafting techniques
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Cantuman Keratan Batang Mulberi (Grafting Mulberry Stem Cuttings)

Mulberi (juga disebut kertau) (Latin: Morus) adalah termasuk genus tumbuhan dari keluarga Moraceae. Ianya terdiri dari 10–16 spesies pohon Mulberi yang asli berasal dari kawasan beriklim panas dan subtropika di benua Asia, Afrika dan Amerika Latin. Namun kebanyakan dari spesies asli Mulberi berasal dari benua Asia.

Sumber -

Mulberi kampung adalah sejenis mulberi yang sangat mudah untuk dibenihkan menggunakan keratan batang.Sebaliknya,mulberi seperti long white adalah amat sukar untuk dibiakkan walaupun menggunakan kaedah tut sekalipun.Perkongsian dalam video kali ini ialah bagaimana kita menggunakan kelebihan mulberi kampung ini untuk membiakkan mulberi lain yang bermasalah untuk dibenihkan dengan kaedah biasa.

Semoga perkongsian ini bermanfaat kepada semua pencinta tanaman khasnya untuk peminat pokok mulberi.

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How to Grafting Jackfruit simple work at home - my agriculture

Aplikasi Whip & Tongue Graft Pada SAMBUNG SISIP

Teknik Whip & Tongue pada umumnya dipakai untuk sambung pucuk. Dimana kedua batang yang akan disambung mempunyai besar yang kurang lebih sama, sehingga akan menghasilkan sambungan yang presisi.
Namun whip & tongue juga dapat diaplikasikan untuk sambung sisip. Bagaimana caranya ?! Cekidot..
#bangjep #whipandtonguegraft #sambungsisip

Grafting fruit tree using V shaped graft part 3/3 Fruiting

Last season's graft on apple tree has fruited...
Good size apples too!

Peach tree grafting

Grafting a Peach tree

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