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Wordpress: Change Media Permalinks


Wordpress: Change Media Permalinks

Quick Tip: Change Permalinks in Wordpress

Media Library in Wordpress is where all photos, videos, audio, PDFs, etc are stored
All Media have 2 urls:
1. File URL (Wordpress default)
2. Permalink (Friendly URL)

Permalinks are your

To change slug of Media:
1. Click on Media File
2. In Select Edit More Details
3. Look for Screen Options Dropdown in Upper Right (next to help)
4. Check Slug
5. Scroll Down to bottom and slug option there. Change that
6. Hit Update & Permalink is now changed

Note: Check Screen Options in Blog Posts for more options when creating blog posts


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How To Set FEATURE IMAGE From URL In WordPress

In This Video, You Will Learn How You Can Set Feature Image from Any URL in Your WordPress Website. Share This Video :

Steps For Set Feature Image From URL
- Go to Your Wordpress dashboard
- install plugin called feature image from url
- now you have one more option in your post editor.
- all you have to do is paste link over there and you done
- you can use your URL or other site too.

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How to Change WordPress Image / Media Upload Location

In this tutorial from we teach you how to change the upload location for any images or media you upload through WordPress. Learn how to change the directory and tell WordPress to upload to a specific folder on your FTP server.


define( 'UPLOADS', ''.'images' );

Add the above line to the bottom of your wp-config file.

Tutorial #3: How to change permalinks for your wordpress website

Tutorial #3: How to build a wordpress website
In this tutorial, I will show you how to change your permalinks for your pages & posts. As well as adding the www. to your domain url.

How to Change Wordpress Blog Permalinks Without 404 Errors

See below for resources, and to contact me for any help!

This video focuses on changing any permalink structure in Wordpress without the old post structure going to a 404 (not found) page. We want those old URLs with dates in them to redirect to our new structure seamlessly.

The Yoast permalink changing utility featured in the video can be found here:

If this is a little more than you bargained for... you can contact me to request help, or to complete the redirect for you on your server. Just go here and use my contact form, and I will reply as soon as possible:

WordPress. How To Change "Category" Slug In Website Permalinks

This tutorial is going to show you how to change category slug in website permalinks.
We've transcribed this video tutorial for you here:
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How To Change Permalinks In Wordpress (Get Pretty URLs) - Part 5

By default, Wordpress page URLs look like this:

But we want pretty permalinks, which are readable by people and loved by search engines like Google. Those look like...

Follow the steps in this quick video to change your permalink settings in Wordpress and start using pretty permalinks.

How to change your permalinks in WordPress and make them SEO friendly? Check it out!

How to change your permalinks in WordPress and make it SEO friendly? What's a permalink? Is the web address use to link your content in your blog. The setting permalink allows you to use a custom url structure or choose a common setting.

It's important to change your WordPress Permalink structure to make them SEO friendly and rank higher on Google. In this tutorial, I will show you how EASY it is to change them.

Watch video now and leave a comment to any question you may have below!

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How to fix INSECURE MIXED CONTENT SSL errors on WordPress

In this video I take you through fixing mixed content errors. These can occur on websites with SSL and can cause you to not get a padlock (or a green padlock) in the browser bar when viewing the site. In this easy to follow tutorial I show you how to fix them on a WordPress website.

How to Fix Broken Absolute Links After Moving to a New Domain in Wordpress

Ever move your site to another host and domain? Or ever develop a site on a temporary URL and then move it to the final one? A lot of times your link will end up broken because Wordpress uses 'absolute' links instead of 'relative' links. This means that when you make it to the new domain your links and images are still linked to the old one.

In this video we'll show you how to update all those links quickly and easily using a plugin from Velvet Blue.

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How to change Wordpress Permalinks

Need to change the permalink for a Wordpress page or post? No problem; this video will show you how to make the changes, best practice when you make changes and how Wordpress handles these alterations.



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How To Set WordPress Custom Permalinks

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In this video I will show you how to set WordPress custom permalinks.

Setting custom WordPress permalinks is easier than it sounds and you need to start by logging into your WordPress dashboard.

In your dashboard head to 'Settings' then 'Permalinks'.

How to set WordPress custom permalinks involves you switching your permalinks settings to 'custom' and using a custom permalink structure.

We recommend you use the below WordPress permalink structure:

This will ensure that your posts are structured with their /category/postname - which is optimum for SEO.

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How to Change the WordPress Media Upload Directory

I am going to show you How to Change the WordPress Media Upload Directory.

From what you see on the video the current folder for uploads is wp-content. Please note that if you have lots of pictures added to this folder you will need to copy ita also to the new folder so it doesn't give you errors.

Also some files link on the site could get broken up.

How to change url for wordpress website

How to change url for wordpress website, How to access or recover lost website on wordpress if you have changed website and you have lost access on wordpress website

How to Correctly Change Page or Post Link (slug) in WordPress

| | This short video shows how to properly change the link (slug) of a Page or Post Link (slug) in WordPress.

How to Change the Default Media Upload Location in WordPress

Open wp-config.php and add the code below in file editing section. You can change the files path with different name from the example if you want. To change the file path name just rename files with what folder name you want.

How to change my wordpress permalinks if my Wordpress Permalinks options page doesn't show up?

Do you have wordpress permalink option problem like mine? If I wanted to change my permalinks option to pretty permalinks from ugly permalink, nothing shows up in my permalink options page. What I did is that, I manually put the value /%postname%/ manually using phpmyAdmin from my cpanel. This video will help you through the process.

WordPress Media Settings -

Check Out The Page For This Lesson:

In this lesson I’m going to walk you through how to setup the WordPress media settings and explain what these settings will do on your site.

The media settings are related to uploading images and media to your site.

By the end of this lesson you’ll know how to,

- Configure WordPress so you can upload media. (You’ll only need to do this if you manually installed WordPress.)
- Set three different image sizes when you upload an image to your site
- Organize uploads into month and year based folders and I'll cover why you might do this

The Next Step Is To Carry On Setting Up WordPress,
1) -
2) -
3) -
4) -
5) -
6) -

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Changing Permalinks in WordPress

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Changing your permalinks is one of the first things you need to do once you've installed WordPress on your site. The permalinks are the urls for posts and pages and so will create the online address for each of your pages and blog posts.

Changing to post name gives you a much more user-friendly url and is also better for SEO.

How to Change the WordPress Permalink Structure

This video tutorial will showcase how to change the WordPress Permalink Structure.

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