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flower printer, rose


Flowers printing machine flower printer

flower printer can print 3 roses a time, and also support print on nails, fruit, phones etc.

Flower printer, rose printer, flower printing machine, rose printing machine

3 flowers printing machine.
3 roses printing machine
3 flowers printer
3 roses printer
flower printing, rose printing
latest generation printer. support 3 flowers printing a time
support upload photos from your phone by WIFI/BLUETOOTH/USB.
Lowest price with top quality.
CE approved
3 years warranty

flower printer, rose

Rose Printer/ Flower Art Printer

This machine is a high-tech and unique product, which is popular all over the world.
Speakingrose printer have always symbolized love, elegance and class. They convey our feelings as nothing else can. are a different gift. It is magic.

A bouquet of flower with the wishful words can impress the receiver.

It is an unforgettable gift.

Flower-beautifying technology comes from American. Now it is in vogue in European country, Oceania, middle east and Africa etc. The Speakingrose printer processed by our machine meet the need of customers in various occasions.

Through our machine, you can send a personalized dozen roses as a gift for a loved one, or to thousands of customers, with your company logo and slogan, as a marketing product. The possibilities are endless.

Model R3


Print three flower in one time
Print on both fresh flower and artifical flower

Waterproof printed picture
Print any words/Text on rose

Net weight:10kg ,Gross weight:18kg
Voltage:220V 50HZ or 110V 50HZ
USB connection

This printer should be connected with your own computer/Laptop.

Unlimited Creativity

This flower printer can apply millions of colors and virtually unlimited flower fashion. From mild to wild, there is something to please every taste. The only limiting factor is your imagination. Thousands of images are built into the system and you can even add your own artwork or digital photographs! Conservative images are fast and easy too.

Just use your imagination!

With flower art printer, you can:

Match designer clothing and accessories colors and patterns on flower s
Print photographs directly
Apply school and sports logos
Design virtually any fashion you can imagine!

What is included per machine included?

One flower art printer comes with everything you need, including the printer software CD, 5 prep coat.user selection book .one ink cartridge.

All the material is in English language.

What material it needs?

The material needed is ink cartridge, prep coat .
One ink cartridge can draw about 2000 flowers. Ink cartridge is the normal Lexmark no 27 color, you can buy in your market.
One bottle prep coat can draw about 300 flowers.
By the way, you can order some more materials with your printer together for further use.Because sending only accessory sepearatly will cost too much shipping cost.

How It Works?

The system is simple to learn and easy use. It works on any type of flower,natural or artificial. now thrill your clients with fabulous rose f ashions and earn up to four times the revenue!
The application process is fast, clean and easy. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
• Apply prep coat.
• Select the desired flower fashion art and place the flower in the magic rose art printer
• The system automatically detects the size and shape of the flower . Push Print . it will be finished.
Everyone can know how to use it within half an hour.


The flower printer is two year warranty.

If there is any software problem. The user could find the solution in the manual book which has various trouble-shooting.
If there is any hardware problem, we will provide free spare parts to buyer for replacement. The shipping cost for the spare parts will be paid by us.

OEM Service

Generally our printer will come with our own design and logo/brand name.
If you want the printer with your own design and brand/logo.

It is also ok.
We can offer this service for you.

If your order is up to 10 units, we will offer this service free of charge.

In this way, it will be good and helpful for you to build and market your own brand.

Any questions, please contact us:

Export manager
Crazynail Technology Co.,Limited.
Whatsapp: 008615942871456

Skype ID:crazynailprinter
No118.zhifu street,Dalian.China.

Print A Petal

Print A Petal System

Retail Roses for Delivery | Print on a Rose

Here at, we offer unique retail roses that you can print your message on. Most retail local florist don't offer this for delivery. Also our competitors such as 1800Flowers, FTD, and Pro Flowers, don't offer this for delivery. One dozen red roses are only 29.99 with a Free vase. These flowers are perfect for your wife for Valentines or for your Anniversary. Just print Happy Valentines Day or Happy Anniversary on the rose petal for a unique gift of fresh flowers delivered to your door.

Leaf and flower on the nails!

Hey all!! I made a lovely new design for your nails - I hope you guys like it and enjoy it - and find the tutorial helpful!
Enjoy, please rate the video and leave me ome feedback!
Caro =D

2016 Latest All in one Nail Art Printers Model A8 Painting Process by

2016 Latest A8 Nail Printer Painting Process Issued by

Beautifully Crafted, Perfect Performance without Compromises
Machine Color Option: Black and White.

From dazzling designs, to the state-of-art automotive paint finishes, equipped with
High Definition wide angle display and Multi-touch capacitive panel, Crazynail A8 Nail Art Macine turn complexity into simplicity.

Numerous designs at your fingertips bring you unlimited creation
At One's creation, Everyone can become a Professional Nail Artist
Armed with powerful Crazynail A8 control system, based on
a brand-new hardware architecture and two high-speed
USB ports, Craznail A8 is a mighty Creative Studio. You can
connect to any storage or mobile devices to Crazynail, and
import patterns or designs into Crazynail for nail painting.

Explore your fullest creative flair
- if you can dream it, you can do it.
Innovative designs with technological breakthrough coupled with high performance printing

system produces high quality result at a faster printing time.
30 seconds is all it takes to create an art piece on your nail, a brand new record in the Nail Art Industry.

Who says SPEED and QUALITY can`t be achieved together?
Take on the Crazynail Challenge NOW.
Personal Touch with Personal Customization

On 20 Artificial Nail/Toe Tips at one go

Apart from printing on natural nails, Crazynail A8 is capableof printing 20 artificial nail/toe tips in a snap of time.

Precision to the Finest Detail:
With 1600*900 HD, Multi-touch capacitive panel and wide viewing angles for better productivity, superior processors, User-friendly Interface and faster printing Technology, A8 ensure reality-defining color and image accuracy, giving you true what you imagine is what you create.

Export manager
Crazynail Technology Co.,Limited.
Whatsapp: 008615942871456

Skype ID:crazynailprinter
No118.zhifu street,Dalian.China.

Print a rose

Mineo Yamamoto printed rose

Crazynail art printer (model A,B,C,E.X)

Crazynail art printer (model A,B,C,E.X)--

Mr.Mike General manager
Mobile:0086-13881719829 (call anytime)
MSN messenger: Yahoo No118.zhifu street, Dalian. China.

Optymystix Real Flower Printing.avi

Optymystix Digital Real Flower Printing Demo, You can also Print on Artificial Flowers as well as Artificial & Real Nails, Crystals ,Mobile Phones, Key Chains and Pens.

handmade rose print

handmade rose print

Real Flawer for All Of U My Friend

Real Flawer for All Of U My Friend
Do not forget to like comment, share in your opinion subscribe to my channel so you do not miss any videos

3d digital coffee food printer machine printing rose flower on sale

KMAJET Technology Co.,Ltd.
Add: Guali Town,Hangzhou,ZheJiang
Skype: kmajetglobalsales
Whatsapp:+86 18167171621

but a rose – vintage beauty and the beast inspired UV printing wedding invitation EWUV017

If Beauty and the Beast has inspired your wedding, this invitation is for you. Everything you see printed will be done in UV Technology, meaning it will have a raised effect. Just like the tale as old as time, this invitation is a classic nod to a love story that has stood the test of time.
Let's Get Connected!

flower art printer-(draw 3 flowers in one time)

flower art printer-(draw 3 flowers in one time)---

Print three flowers in one time
Print on both fresh flower and artifical flower

Net weight:10kg ,Gross weight:16kg
Voltage:220V 50HZ or 110V 50HZ
USB connection

This printer should be connected with your own computer.

Basic requirement for your computer:
- Processor Celeron 1.7GHZ
- RAM memory 256MB
- 40GB hard drive
- CD-ROM Drive
Operating system:Windows 2000/XP,VISTA.

General manager
Mobile:0086-13881719829 (call anytime)

MSN messenger:
Yahoo messenger:
No118.zhifu street, Dalian. China.

Whispering Flower - Printing Message on Flower by

Online Florist - Indonesia

Check out our website to get the latest promo on upcoming Valentine 2013.

Printing on flowers and make a corsage

This flower, candle and golf balls printer works on windows Xp and window vista 32. If you are interested in purchasing this printer, email me at

Maple Flower/Rose Printer Tutorial

You ever wonder how to paint words and patterns on roses? Check this video to find how easy it is with a Maple printer. You can print whatever words and patterns you like directly on roses with the printer. DIY now!

factory offer Latest model flower printer, can print 3 roses at same time, 3 roses printing machine

Latest model 3 flowers printer, 3 roses printing machine
Whatsapp +8613792357525

Decoradora de Flores; Impressora das flores; Flower printer

Impresora que decora hasta 3 flores a la vez en menos de un minuto. Elige tus diseños, añade tus mensajes. Envíos a toda América.
Miami Nails San José
Impressora que decora até 3 flores simultaneamente, em menos de um minuto. Você pode escolher seus desenhos; você pode adicionar seus mensagens ou retratos.
Nós fazemos envios a toda a América.
This printer decorates simultaneously up to 3 flowers in less of a minute. You can choose your designs; you can add your messages or pictures.
We do shipments all America.



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