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muffins Hand made packing!!!


How to make Cupcakes Holder DIY

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muffins Hand made packing!!!

How to packed muffins hand made cool.

How to Package Food For a Bake Sale

Learn how to package food for a bake sale in adorable wrappers.


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DIY Cupcake Box Inserts

These DIY Cupcake Box Inserts are so easy to make. If you ever have trouble transporting cupcakes, these inserts will keep them from toppling over. They're inexpensive to make and you can virtually use any box you have.

See the blog post here:




DIY Cute Cupcake Gift Wrapping

🌸Join my FREE online course to learn 3 fun & easy cherry blossom themed gift wrapping projects!

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Materials: Corrugated Cardboard Paper, Cellophane Bag, Ribbon
Tools: Craft Knife, Ruler, Cutting Board, Scissors, Double Sided Tape, hole punch

Music: Go to Girl (Adilyn's Mix) by snowflake (feat. Alex Beroza, Rebecca Cannon, Sassy Gal) licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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Easy and Cheap Cupcake Packaging!

I mispronounced the DOILIES lol :) sorry!

Looking for a creative favours or giveaways for your next occasion? This video can help you do a simple, easy and budget friendly cupcake packaging. You basically only need a cup and lid and your cupcake and the rest is up to you and the design your aiming for. Good luck on recreating it and I will be happy to help :)

🍰Bake Sale Treats & Packing : How to Package Treats for a Bake Sale

I saw this idea on Kin Community and thought it was such a great idea so I'm sharing with you my take on their fun idea!

For many years bake sales have been a great way to get the community involved and raise funds for many charities , schools and other organizations. In this video I share with you some simple treats and cute ways to package your baked goods for a successful bake sale.

Disclaimer *I do not own the rights to this song no copyright infringement intended*

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Easy DIY Gift box / Paper box tutorial

This video show you how to make an easy paper box or easy gift box by yourself.

Download this template for free !!



used :
Cutter / Scissors
Glue Stick

I hope this video tutorial may help you get a cute paper box. ^^
I hope you will enjoy!!

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How To Pack Cupcakes For Shipping

See how easy it is to pack cupcakes in a cupcake box using lollipop sticks to ensure even if the box is tipped upside down that they will still arrive intact.

How To: gift wrap baked goods

Watch and learn how to gift wrap your home-baked treats to make them look as good as they taste! They make the perfect gift for parties, friends and family, teachers, and cake sales!

Follow these simple steps to gift wrap you baked goods:

1. Wrap a thick piece of card in cute wrapping paper to make an elegant base.
2. Place it on a large piece of cellophane and pile your baked treats on top.
3. Gather the cellophane above your treats, and tie with a decorative ribbon, as we’ve done here.

For more information and ideas to present your home-baked goodies, check out our blog post:

For beautiful, high-quality wrapping paper check out our full range:

PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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Interior Design – Brilliant Holiday Cookie Wrapping Ideas

Get ideas for packaging your holiday cookies this season! Our editors take on the cookie decorating and packaging challenge, and share four different ways to gift the tasty treats.

Reiko Caron shares a simple idea that uses a decorative bowl and cellophane, while Lauren Petroff chooses a clear box with pretty paper topped with a sweet note. Suzanne Dimma adds style to a plain treat bag with patterned paper and velvet ribbon, and Jennifer Koper creates an intricate origami package complete with pockets to hold tea or a gift card. Each one makes a gorgeous and easy edible gift idea. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below! Plus, get more recipe ideas in our Party Planning Guide ( including delicious cookie recipes (

DIY Sock Cupcakes - Cute Gifts - Fun Sock Creations

These fast and easy sock cupcakes would be fun for a baby shower, as a thank you, or a calorie-free birthday gift. Make them using baby socks and washcloths or adult socks. The combinations are unlimited. Take a look at the video and let us know how you like it.
To find your socks for this project, check out
Find the free sock cupcake pattern at

Some people are so hard to get gifts for. If you're struggling with an idea, this might just be the perfect gift! It is so fast to make and it looks exciting! Just roll one sock up and tuck it into the other folded sock. Then to top it all off, you can cut out a little cupcake wrapper. Fast. Cute. The perfect gift for anyone. Watch the video to get all the details.

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DIY Cardboard Gift Boxes

How to make folding lid cardboard boxes out of a single piece of card. Simple craft tutorial to make a pretty box for storage. Use them to decorate your room, store small items or as a gift box. Try using patterned card, different colors or even glitter and experiment making different sizes. You'll need a sheet of card, a ruler, some scissors, and glue.

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Music: Life of Riley - Kevin MacLeod (

How to Decorate and Package Single Serve Cupcakes For Weddings and Bake Sales

Quick and easy way to package single serve cupcakes, for transport and sales.

Cupcake Boxes : Single Cupcake Presentation Box

Sara Davies from Crafter's Companion creates a beautiful box project using the Single Cupcake Presentation Box template.

Find out more at (UK and Europe)
or at (USA)

Learn How to Make a Mini Cupcake Box!

Use the AccuCut GrandeMARK multi-craft cutting machine and the AccuCut dies to make money from your home or retail location. Make craft and quilting kits, custom albums, invitations and more. The GrandeMARK is the largest cutting machine in the market and will cut through SO many things including chipboard, paper, cardstock, fabric, felt, leather, aluminum, clear plastic, magnetic sheets and more.

Seen in this video: Use the AccuCut Mini Cupcake Box die Found Here and the AccuCut GrandeMARK Machine Found Here - to create the perfect gift box for showcasing a mini cupcake or other treats. The box includes an insert shape to hold a mini cupcake as well as a shape to cut plastic to cover the opening. You can also use the box without the insert and fill it with candies.

You can use these and other AccuCut dies in the GrandeMARK multi-craft cutting machine to make many projects and crafts. The GrandeMARK is the largest multi-craft cutting machine in the market. The GrandeMARK is perfect for all of your craft cutting needs and will cut all types of media including fabric, paper, chipboard, plastic, magnetic sheets and more.


DIY Cupcake Holder!

I needed a fast and easy way to individually package cupcakes for a bake sale at my daughters school so naturally I went to Pinterest for help! This is what I found and I hope this may be helpful to you as well :)

Link to Pin:

5 Ways to Package Food Gifts

Try out these food gift packaging ideas ►►
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How to make Cute Cupcake Sock Party Favors! Easy & Quick Tutorial

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Easy holiday tutorial.How to make cupcake socks. DIY holiday crafts. Christmas crafts. DIY party favors. How to make party favors.This make fun party favors and gifts! Sock craft. EZ craft tutorials.



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