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my favorite tv shows ???? (according to a film major)


my favorite tv shows ???? (according to a film major)

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Grab a cup of tea and a snack while I geek out about my favorite TV shows for 29 minutes :) If you’ve been looking for a way to pass the time in quarantine, and have already baked 5 loaves of banana bread, hopefully something I recommended caught your eye! I chat about everything from sit coms to crime shows to stand up comedians, so whether you’re looking for something intense and action-packed or relaxing, I got you :)

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Fleabag (BBC)
Crashing (BBC, available on Netflix)
Fargo (FX, available on Hulu)
Love (Netflix)
New Girl (FOX, available on Netflix)
Parks and Recreation (NBC, available on Netflix + Hulu)
30 Rock (NBC, available on Hulu)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
Sex and the City (HBO)
House (FOX)
Bojack Horseman (Netflix)
John Mulaney Stand Up (Netflix)
Big Mouth (Netflix)
Daniel Sloss’s Jigsaw (Netflix)
Katherine Ryan Stand Up (Netflix)
Bo Burnham’s Make Happy (Netflix)
Year and Years (HBO)
The Girlfriend Experience (Starz)
Maniac (Netflix)
Big Little Lies (HBO)
Better Call Saul (AMC, available on Netflix)

Bo Burnham podcast ➭

great days by joakim karud (
charlie brown’s day off by louie zong (

what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 22 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
➭ main camera: panasonic lumix gh5s (
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Guess My Age: 3 Women's Ages SHOCK the Studio Audience | Rachael Ray Show

More from Rachael Ray:
3 women's ages shock the studio audience when we play 'Guess My Age.' We’re taking oh-so-many notes.
For more follow the hashtag #RachaelRayShow

8 Signs You're Suffering from Depression Without Knowing It

How to understand you're suffering from depression? How to get rid of depression which is a serious health condition that can’t be ignored? Depression is a serious matter that, unfortunately, doesn’t get talked about enough.
Simply feeling a little sad can make us think that we're depressed, but that's not always the case…or is it? Let's find out what signs are hinting that you might actually be suffering from “the plague of the 21st century”.

How to recognize depression? 0:54
The most common signs of depression are the following: you constantly feel down and tired. Your self-esteem has hit rock bottom. You have concentration and memory problems and troubles sleeping. Your weight changes, it can go either way: you all of a sudden gain several pounds or your weight drops drastically. Nothing, including your favorite food, TV show, video game, or even meeing up with your besties, brings you pleasure. You experience mood swings, and you can suddenly become extremely short-tempered with a lack of basic tolerance. Your health deteriorates. It's really common for depressed people to suddenly start experiencing aches and pains, most frequently in the joints or back.

If at least 3 to 4 signs hit home for you, it most likely means that you have some form of depression. Basically, the more signs you’re showing, the more depressed you are.

How to make it better? 7:34
The first thing you have to do is go to the doctor. According to psychotherapist Sean Grover, there are steps you can take in three areas of your life to make your mental state better. The first thing to take care of is your body. Start doing 30-minute workouts at least 3 times a week, get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and add more of your favorite foods to your diet, especially sugary ones. The second and equally important part is your mind. Try to explore the world around you as if you never have before. Finally, your spirit should also get a dose of treatment too. The best thing you can do here is meditation. Through it, you can learn to understand and listen to yourself on a deeper level.

High Tension by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

You constantly feel down and tired 0:54
Your self-esteem has hit rock bottom 1:44
You have concentration and memory problems 2:44
You have troubles sleeping 3:33
Your weight changes 4:19
Nothing brings you pleasure 5:05
You experience mood swings 5:52
Your health deteriorates 6:47
Steps you can take to make it better 7:34
How to prevent depression 9:38

-When you start feeling hopeless and don't wanna get out of bed for days, that's where it gets into dangerous territory.
-You’ll constantly dwell on your past failures, and your mind will be flooded with memories of every stupid mistake you’ve ever made.
-You start forgetting about important things and have trouble remembering names or other details.
-You have no energy and feel like you could spend the whole day in bed.
-Your weight can go either way too: you all of a sudden gain several pounds or your weight drops drastically.
-You’re constantly bored, tired, and have no desire to do your life-long hobby or meet up with your best friend.
-When you're depressed, you constantly feel sad, anxious, or irritated and you probably can’t even explain why.
-Emotional outbursts and a constant feeling of hopelessness throw not only your weight out of whack but your overall health too.
-Take good care of your body and mind. Try to explore the world around you as if you never have before. Your spirit should also get a dose of treatment too with meditation.
-“Seasonal depression” can be treated with natural substances. Experts also recommend to start seeing a doctor earlier and doing it regularly.

Do you have any methods of your own on how to fight depression? Tell us in the comments below!

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My Self Help Book Recommendations!

I am planning to do a video discussing my journey to “overcoming” (I put quotations because it hasn’t fully been overcame) my feelings of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. It’s something I’ve been suffering with since 5th grade and I feel like it would help a lot of you guys. I most importantly want to thank you for being so kind to me and being so positive. There has not been one comment I have not responded to since I started my channel and it is because I cherish you all so much. Without your love and support, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You taught me to spread more love and kindness into the world. Thank you.

-Adult-ish by Christina Vanko
-Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight
-The Life Manual by Wendy Hobson
-Adultolescence by Gabbie Hanna
-Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
-100 Ways To Happiness by Dr. Timothy J Sharp
-Manga I recommend: Naruto, Beauty Pop, Alice the 19th, Your and My Secret, Girl Got Game

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-What's your ethnicity?
????????I am full Cambodian????????
-What's your major?
Business Management

Film: Canon Rebel T6i
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Business Inquires:

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Eyes: Emily noel x makeup revolution the wants palette, physicians formula eye booster pen, flutter lashes irresistible
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Filming in Public - Entertainment Law Asked & Answered

Filming at public events

What are the legal risks when you film in places and at events where people will inevitably wind up in the background of your shots?

Hi I'm entertainment business lawyer Gordon Firemark, and this is Asked and Answered, where I answer common entertainment law questions, so you can take your career and business to the next level.

Amber is a documentary filmmaker who recently shot fashion week, and related events. She wrote in to say:

I am a little nervous about some of the background shots where there are people at certain events we filmed at. We filmed at a trade show and a fashion show. I figured that these were open to the public for filming since there are generally a ton of press at these on all types of media- TV, film, web series, social media, Youtube, etc.

For trade shows or public events that purposely invite press, would I be covered for that as far as legalities go? No one is in focus, but they are definitely in the background.

This is a tricky one, Amber.

The basic rule is that anyone who is identifiable in a shot should sign a release, unless you’ve done some kind of “poster-release” [find an example of a poster release in use]. A place isn’t really “public” unless it’s government owned, and is generally open to the public with no admission charge. So, if the attendees at an event were either “invited” or paid for tickets, it’s not going to be deemed “public”. Likewise, if an event is held at a gallery, meeting room, hotel, convention center, etc…. NOT truly “public”, and those in attendance *might* have a reasonable expectation of privacy... That they're not going to be filmed while they're in the venue, or what have you.

Now, If the background folks are truly out-of-focus, you may get away without signed releases, assuming nobody could easily identify them. (which means that you couldn’t identify them to obtain releases, either).

But if anybody has a very distinctive appearance (due to clothing, hairstyle, etc.), then the probably COULD be readily identifiable.

Bona Fide PRESS, by the way, has a slightly different standard, since what they’re covering is (presumably) newsworthy, and thus, they tend not to worry about releases so much, relying instead on strong first-amendment protections. But unless you have press credentials for the events, you’d have a harder time defending on this basis.

Bottom line? I think it’s risky to proceed with your film without blurring faces and distinctive identifiable features.

And that wraps up another session of Asked and Answered... If you have a question you'd like to see here, just visit and let me know.

See you next time!

What Having Anxiety Feels Like

I wrote this piece a few months ago when I tried to explain to somebody how it feels inside my head. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD over a year ago and every day is different story. In hopes to wrap my head around the feelings inside my brain- I thought I'd open it up for you all. You are not alone.

If you or somebody you know is dealing with something too much for them to handle alone, talk to somebody:


Thank you to Justin for bringing my idea and words to life and letting me be uptight sitting behind him giving way too many notes and feedback and asking for the impossible. YOU DA BEST


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10 netflix shows you have to watch | netflix shows to watch this summer

Hey everyone! In today's video, I will be sharing with you guys 10 Netflix shows that you HAVE to watch! These are perfect Netflix shows to watch this summer! Let me know your favorite shows down in the comments below! Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Intro Credit: Rae Tylaa

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Major/Minor: Psychology and Philosophy

Upload Schedule: Sundays and Thursdays

Ethnicity: Russian and Ukrainian (I was born in America tho)

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How Food Commercials Are Made

Have you ever wondered how food looks so mouthwatering in advertisements? Steve Giralt is a food photographer. He has worked for brands like Hershey's, Budweiser, Pepsi, and Starbucks. Steve uses a symphony of people, cameras, and robots to get the perfect shot.

Why Peanut Butter Is No Longer America's Favorite Spread

Banker Left Finance To Work In A Candy Store

Meet The First Female Executive Chef At Major Food Group


#Food #Advertising #Insider

Insider is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire.

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How Food Commercials Are Made

Using Film Clips in Movie Reviews - Entertainment Law Asked & Answered

Brief Explanation of Fair Use -

YouTube’s Strike Policy -

Tim wrote in with a question about his movie reviews channel on YouTube.
I'm Entertainment Lawyer Gordon Firemark, and this is Asked and Answered, where I answer your questions, so you can take your business in entertainment and media to the next level! My answer in just a sec...

So here's what Tim wrote in the comments on my YouTube channel...

A friend and I want to start a YouTube channel that reviews movies. We want to give facts, actors, and other details about the featured movie, as well as put 2-3 short clips from that specific movie. How can we do this legally and without getting a copyright strike on our YouTube channel?”

Hi Tim,

First off, the best way to get questions to me is via that way you get notified as soon as I post an answer via video. And you get subscribed to my free email newsletter, where I provide all kinds of other free, useful information.

OK, here goes...

Movie Reviews in electronic media have a long history of using clips, stills and other material from the the films they're reviewing. TV review shows, radio reviews, and what have you... All of them have done this. In most cases, the studios have provided the clips as part of the press-kit for the films. After all, they want to get these films out there for the public to know about, so they'll come and see them. That's how the studios make money.

So.. Start by contacting the major studios and film distributors and asking to be added to the circulation list for their Electronic Press Kits (EPK for short). Sometimes you can find the EPKs on the movie websites, so have a look around

Now if you get the clips this way, then you'd be operating under a license from the copyright owner... And as long as you comply with whatever terms they require, you should be fine.

But, small snippets used in the context of a bona-fide movie review will most likely constitute FAIR USE, and therefore NOT copyright infringement. The trouble is, it's risky to rely on Fair Use in these situations, since that determination is typically made on a case-by-case basis by a Judge or Jury... Which means you're already embroiled in a lawsuit by the time you get to present the defense.

You may also want to have a look at my Brief Explanation of Fair Use video: for a bit more detail.

The good news is that a recent court ruling requires copyright owners to make a good-faith determination about fair use BEFORE issuing a DMCA takedown. AND, if they do issue a takedown, you'd have a valid basis to issue a counternotice, and get the video reinstated.

YouTube’s strike policy is somewhat flexible, and they've recently indicated that they'll even help support users who have fair use claims. (see

So, my advice is: See if you can get official press/PR copies of the footage you want to use, and be careful to comply with the film owners' requirements, but even if you're not able, consider whether your use falls within the fair use defense/exception to copyright infringement, and document your decision making process.

You may want to consider getting some Errors and Omissions insurance to cover you and legal fees if you're sued.

And, of course, contact me if you need further analysis and advice. I can prepare a formal opinion letter about your videos.

So if you have any question about entertainment law or business that you’d like to see answered here, send it over by or visiting

Get Ready with Me for an Audition! | Lockdown Men's Grooming Routine | Acting Tips

Get ready with me for a (stay at home) audition today! I have a (lockdown) audition due in two days and I want to show you exactly how I prepare for my self-tape audition. I go over my men’s beauty routine and some other wellness tips for all. I also pick out an outfit that is suitable for the role I’m trying to play. It’s a fun look at how exactly I get my face ready for the camera! I also cover a couple self-tape audition tips.

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My current self-tape set-up (more detailed video in the works!)

Want more? Here’s my acting playlist:

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Lather and Wood Aftershave Balm:
Maui Moisture Shampoo (not in this video):
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Kevin Murphy Knight Rider (hair product):

Equipment I use:

My primary camera:
Aputure COB 120d ii light:
Blue Yeti Microphone:
My secondary camera:
Ring Light:
Umbrella Lights:
Manfrotto Tripod:
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iPhone Tripod:
“The Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke”:


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Will Westwater 2020

Behind the Scenes Awards Show Me in Hollywood

My Ex Ex Wife Song
My Favorite Movies
Piano Chord Tutorial
Public Domain Who's Sorry Now
This is a look at a Hollywood entertainer auditioning for and performing in a song and dance opening number for a major awards show in 1989. I am the entertainer. I told the casting people I was an unemployed truck driver. That was true because I once drove a pickup truck.

The Power of Make-up (Ugly Betty Inspired Story)



SNAPCHAT - Promise Phan


Don't want to give out a Message saying that only Putting a whole lot of make-up can make a Person beautiful or Attractive. Just wanted to show You that the Right Grooming methods, hair style, Make-up look and Outfit can really make a big difference. When you Look Good, you Feel good. P.s If you put a bit of effort in what you do , People always seem to appreciate it more ;)
This Short story and Make-over was inspired by movies & Shows like Princess Diaries/ Ugly Betty/ Katy Perry's Last Friday Night Music Video etcs.

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My instagram: Promise Tamang

Keek : TamangPhan

Watch the Funny Bloopers Here :
My first time doing Multiple characters. It was bit challenging to film but still was a lot of fun at the end of the Day. Pretty embarrassing as well going out in Public dressed as a GUY. Some of the guys in the Park even invited me to play Basketball with them thinking I was a real guy haha
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Other Products Used :
Urban Decay Hd Foundation
Cargo Hd powder Foundation
Too faced Cosmetics Brown,Light,Bronze Eyeshadows
Cs Purple Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Dark Purple Eyeshadow
Lancome Artliner
Ardell Professional Natural Lashes
Urban Decay Big fatty Mascara
The Balm ' hot mama' Blush '
The Balm's Illuminator
Lucent Nude Lancome Lipgloss
Hair Brush : Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle Brush
FlatIron : Sultra Gold Flatiron ( My Favorite at the moment )
Purple Lace Dress :

Music : Easy Lemon

Thanks for Watching !!!!!

Harry Potter Characters: In the Books Vs. In the Movies

What if the characters of Harry Potter looked like they did in the Books? J.K. Rowling brought us the world of Harry Potter and endowed it with an impressive number of secrets. However, some characters don’t match their descriptions from the books. Did you know that when the first book was written, Professor Snape was just over thirty? Watch this video for more surprising details!

Harry Potter 0:52
Hermione Granger 1:39
Ron Weasley 2:42
Severus Snape 3:27
Albus Dumbledore 4:22
Alastor Moody 5:18
Viktor Krum 6:10
Petunia Dursley 7:05
Minerva McGonagall 7:54
Dolores Umbridge 8:47
Rufus Scrimgeour 9:42
Bill Weasley 10:40
Narcissa Malfoy 11:37


-Some of the important aspects of Harry's appearance from the books weren't reflected in the film. According to the books, “the boy who lived” has his mother’s green eyes and the wild hair that refuses to be styled.
-The author chose a thick bush of chestnut hair and large front teeth (which she reduced in Goblet of Fire, though, when Malfoy’s spell ricocheted into Hermione) to be Hermione’s distinguishing features. Emma Watson had this “thick bush” only in the first movie and nice teeth from the very beginning.
-In the books, Ron has a long nose and freckles that are nowhere to be found on Rupert Grint.
-Severus' description in the book says he had “greasy black hair and a hooked nose.” Plus, he was supposed to be just a little older than thirty at the beginning of the first book.
-None of the actors who played Dumbledore had his “very long and crooked” nose.
-When Mad-Eye appears in the book, he is described as a man with a badly disfigured face and tip of the nose. In the movie, however, he looks just fine apart from the famous “mad eye” and several lines on his face.
-According to J.K. Rowling's vision, Viktor Krum was tall, slim, and had a hooked nose. Some of these details made it to the film, but most of them, unfortunately, didn't.
-In the books, Mrs. Dursley is described as having a long neck that granted her the ability to spy on her neighbors, which she just loved to do, and blonde hair.
-In the books, Minerva is described to be a tall, black-haired and kind of severe-looking woman, who, according to Harry's first impression, “is not someone to cross.”
-Acoording to J.K. Rowling, Dolores Umbridge looks just as unpleasant on the outside as she truly is inside. She certainly has some resemblance to a frog thanks to her round, bulging eyes, large mouth, and pale, loose skin.
-In the book, Rufus Scrimgeour resembled an old lion because of his mane of graying ginger hair and his style of clothing.
-When we first meet him in the books, Bill Weasley is described to be tall, thin and handsome. He looks like a rock star and usually wears his hair in a ponytail.
-In the books, aristocratic Narcissa Malfoy is tall and very pale. According to Harry, she looks like “she's got dung under her nose.”

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How To Audition For A Netflix Movie 2020

How To Audition For A Netflix Movie, how To audition for a movie, how to audition for Netflix, how to audition for a play, how to audition, how to audition for drama school, how to audition 2020, Netflix audition, how to audition for stranger things, auditioning for Netflix, movie audition, auditioning for a movie, how to audition for Netflix 2020

10 Hour Acting Class

Chef's Story (Trailer)

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Chef's Story is a 26-part series that brings together 27 extraordinary chefs to tell their story of culinary accomplishments and how they got to the top.

Each half-hour program focuses on a master chef whose life, work, and evolution as a food legend is thoroughly explored. Each shares personal and professional reminiscences and demonstrates cooking techniques.

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Over 29 years of experience in the global film, television, and video distribution business, building and nurturing a reputation for quality, and integrity.

The company has licensed content to virtually every country in the world, and its clients include major video-on-demand platforms, broadcasters, and home-entertainment companies. Janson media's digital distribution reaches tens of millions of consumers around the world via its direct relationships with such major digital video platforms as Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, Twitch, Hulu, Facebook, and others.

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This video is full of cool and crazy ideas that will make your life much easier:
-You can make an emergency showerhead out of a simple. Make holes in a plastic bottle and watch our tutorial!
-You can easily warm up a pizza using an iron and hair dryer. This method is a perfect replacement of a microwave
-We know the best way to keep your room cool during hit days. Watch our easy tutorial!
-If you don't have a power bank with you, charge your phone using DIY portable charger made out of a car charger and 9V battery
-Make an emergency spoon out of a plastic cup and fork
-We know a genius trick how to cool down your room during hot days usin a fan and a bowl filled with ice cubes. Place a bowl with ice cubes in the location where fan blows across it
-We know an easy recipe of natural repellent! You will need paraffin or old candle and citronella oil. Melt paraffin and add few drops of citronella oil, attach a wick and let you new candle cool. Citronella oil is one of the most effective repellents that is also natural
-Check out an emergency way to fix your flip flops in one minute
-If your ring is too loose, you can easily solve this problem using a hot glue
-You can make a fancy cardigan out of a scarf! Watch our easy tutorial!
-You can easily refresh your old t-shirt and make any cool print on it using a bleach
-Create any picture on your old tights using a permanent market. Print any picture you like on a sheet of paper and attach to the Pringles can. Put tights on a Pringles can and copy the picture. Moreover, you can use same technique to make a fake tattoo sleeves
-Clean sneaker's sole using an eraser
-We know how to solve such a problem as scratched bag handle! Take any scarf you like and knot the corner to the middle of the handle. Wrap a handle with a scarf or even make beautiful braids

Don't forget to share these genius life hacks with your friends!

00:09 Emergency showerhead
03:22 DIY Portable charger
05:46 Natural mosquito repellent
09:16 Fake tattoo sleeves
11:29 How to fix scratched bag handle

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Plein air painting in oils with Leon Holmes | Colour In Your Life

Plein air painting in oils with Leon Holmes - oil painting techniques and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills. In this fine art TV show episode Leon Holmes is interviewed with Colour In Your Life.

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Materials used in Leon’s featured artwork is as follows:

. Leon Holmes Pochade Paint Box:

Michael Harding Oil Paints:
. - MH Ultramarine Blue
. - MH Cerulean Blue
. - MH Cobalt Teal
. - MH Alizarine Crimson
. - MH Cadmium Red Light
. - MH Indian Yellow Red Shade
. - MH Cadmium Yellow
. - MH Lemon Yellow
. - MH Yellow Ochre
. - MH Neutral Grey
. - MH Titanium White

. Michael Harding Pure Gum Turpentine with splash of artist varnish

. Rosemary & Co Brushes:
. Ultimate Series Natural Hog Hair

. Palette knife various sizes
. Canvas/Board:
. outdoor painting on triple - gessoed MDF panel
. studio painting: on triple- gessoed stretched canvas

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Fine Art TV Series - Colour In Your Life
Season - 20
Episode - 04
Filmed on Location at - Mandurah, WA, Australia

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Colour In Your Life is an Australian owned and produced TV art show. We film artists to tell their story and to share step by step tutorials on how to paint, how to sculpture, how to draw, how to learn different artist skills.

Agent Carter Hair Tutorial ~ Two Looks in One!

One of my favorite TV series (and movies) has been Agent Carter...she's not just beautiful but strong and independent and well can kick a$$ as well! So when you guys asked for a hair tutorial I was more than happy to oblige! Agent Carter's hairstyle differs in the tv series vs the movies so I decided to bring you both! I hope you enjoy!




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How to Be Happy: Featuring Yara Shahidi

We all know and love the brilliant Yara Shahidi from her hit TV show Grown-ish, and this incredibly talented 18-year-old has also become widely known for her activism, using her voice to help pave the way for young people to turn their passions into action. But her path toward global domination doesn't stop there: she's also about to attend Harvard University this Fall, adding yet another item to the long list of reasons she's inspiring. We got the chance to sit down with Yara at POPSUGAR Play/Ground, where she dished all about her ways to stay happy — and unsurprisingly, she was really damn inspiring.

POPSUGAR empowers you to live your happiest, fullest life. From celebrity and style to food and advice – everything you love, all in one place.

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Dave's Favourite Movies Seen in 2019 #9 APOSTASY

Every year there are a few titles that miraculously come into my radius and become lodged there meaningfully and significantly and 'Apostasy' is one such movie. After being nominated for a BAFTA award for Best Debut by a British filmmaker, and the subject matter of Jehovah's Witnesses being a significant element of another movie 'The Children Act' I had seen and enjoyed, I sought out 'Apostasy' with no idea that it would affect me as profoundly as it did. Focusing on one family of three women - a mother and her two daughters, the insular and at times claustrophobic world of the Jehovah Witness religion is at the centre of this drama but really it is a family dynamic and story of morality and the unenviable position that the matriarch finds herself in when tragedy brings the ultimate test of her faith and her bond to her own children. Anchored by a riveting performance by Siobhan Finneran, 'Apostasy' is a beautifully realised family drama; quite unique in form and theme - thanks to Writer/Director Daniel Kokotajlo's first hand experience of being in the Jehovah's Witnesses earlier in his life.

I am increasingly drawn to narratives with moral conundrums at their epicentre, and 'Apostasy' is a shining example of this. Probably not for everyone, but this film lover really liked the thoughtful and at times challenging foray into this little known about; but much judged faith.



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