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what even is this, AliExpress EXPLAIN


what even is this, AliExpress EXPLAIN

my first time ordering on aliexpress! it went .... like this
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you're even cuter than the anime skirt, broccolis

Is Aliexpress SAFE? The Pro's and Con's of Buying from Overseas

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I get asked nearly ever day about Aliexpress and in particular Is it safe to buy from? - Well in today's video I will talk about things to be aware and careful of, and also things you can do if you come into item not received or item damaged, not as described.
Though that being said Aliexpress can be a treasure trove for great value items, here are my top picks:

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Time Table
0:00 Products on the Table
1:45 What is Aliexpress Exactly? (Why it isn't a Scam)
3:35 What to be aware of (cons)
7:31 Buyer Protection
8:46 Warranties and Shipping
11:16 Potential to buy Counterfeits
13:20 Pros to buying off Aliexpress
15:50 Special Dates (Chinese Lunar New Year and 11th Nov)
16:39 Question of the Day (A320 RGB Headers?)

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Fast Fashion Explained In Under 5 Minutes

What is fast fashion? How do fast fashion brands like Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo, Topshop, Primark and many more affect workers and the environment? Answering these questions and many more in this video in under 5 minutes!

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Where can I find a list of ethical brands?
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3 Things Gurus DON'T TELL YOU About Aliexpress Dropshipping...

We reveal what the “gurus” don’t tell you about dropshipping with Aliexpress…
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So yes… it’s lots of fun to talk about the fancy things we’ve bought with dropshipping money (sports cars, fancy vacations) but it’s a lot less fun to talk about things like…

* Getting banned on PayPal
* Chargebacks
* And refunds.

Luckily, all of these things have simple solutions and can be avoided - as long as you know what to do in-advance. Here is how to overcome these obstacles when creating your Aliexpress dropshipping store.

#1: How to Not Get Banned on PayPal

Everyone has heard the horror stories of people having their PayPal accounts banned and losing tens of thousands of dollars. It’s key when dropshipping to avoid having your PayPal account being banned.

A lot of people say that PayPal “doesn’t like dropshipping” - but this simply isn’t true. What PayPal doesn’t like is it’s customers being lied to or tricked to.

And we regularly see new dropshippers being shady when it comes to one thing in particular… the long shipping times.

New dropshippers assume that they’ll need to not be honest when it comes to the shipping times to make sales. But this isn’t true. Long shipping times don’t affect conversion rates as much as you’d think - what they do affect is how much customer support you need to provide.

It is very important that you are upfront with customers and set their expectations clearly in the beginning, because this is the biggest reason for PayPal disputes - and it is PayPal disputes that will get your account frozen and banned.

Here is what we recommend you do to be upfront about the long shipping times:

1) Add a disclaimer that shipping will take 2-4 weeks in the product page, and BOLD it.
2) Add a disclaimer in the customer confirmation email. Be clear it will be 2-4 weeks before it arrives and to please be patient.

Being honest is the key to winning PayPal disputes. Losing disputes is how your account will be banned, and your money frozen.

#2: How to Avoid Getting Chargebacks

Credit card companies allow customers to do a chargeback if they have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction. If you are shown to have fraudulently charged them, that is very serious.

There are two main reasons that customers claim chargebacks on Aliexpress dropshipping stores:

1) They don’t recognize the transaction on their credit card statement.
2) They are unhappy about something - usually the long shipping times.

The first is very easy to avoid. If you are using Shopify, when setting up Shopify Payments, make sure you have the name of your store in the Statement Descriptor box.

The second is trickier. Again, you’ll get a LOT less chargebacks if you are upfront and honest with the customer about them. Be sure to set the expectation up front.

But no matter what - any business that is dealing with credit cards should be expecting chargebacks. That is another reason why it’s very important to be upfront with the customer from the beginning with shipping times. If you were upfront, then you should easily win as you can provide proof they knew what they were purchasing:

* You can link them to your product page with your clear disclaimer.
* You can provide screenshots of the page with the disclaimer.
* You can send a copy of the customer confirmation email, outlining shipping times.

In addition, if you use ePacket as your shipping option (which we strongly recommend) you’ll have a tracking number you can provide to show the package is on-route to the customer.

But no matter what, chargebacks are a paid. So there is something else I strongly recommend that you do…

You encourage communication between you and the customer. In your follow-up emails, stress that if they are having any problems, to please contact you immediately. This way, you talk to and calm any upset customers before they attempt to do a PayPal dispute or a chargeback.
#3: How to Handle Refunds when Aliexpress Dropshipping

We strongly recommend that you have a strict refund policy in place that only allows refunds for items that are faulty or broken. Do not allow refunds for people that have simply changed their minds.

In addition, protect yourself by creating a page that has your refund policy on it, and link to it in the store footer. That way, it will be on every page in your store so customers don’t have an excuse for not having read it.

Remember: there are solutions to every challenge and every stumbling block. With research and common sense, you can overcome anything. Successful, rich individuals see these challenges as opportunities. What will you choose to see them as?

How to Dropship from AliExpress with No Money (2021 Guide)

AliExpress is a popular marketplace for people who want to start a dropshipping business, but don’t have a lot of money to invest in startup costs. In this video I’ll show you exactly how to make money online by dropshipping via AliExpress (with ZERO startup capital). We’ll also outline the pros and cons of AliExpress so you know what to watch out for.

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???? SaleHoo Labs:
???? SaleHoo Directory:

???????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????:
0:37 What is AliExpress?
1:36 Why don’t I need any startup money?
1:25 What is ePacket shipping?
2:41 How dropshipping works with AliExpress
3:23 The pros and cons of AliExpress
4:44 Is AliExpress safe and reliable?
5:25 What is AliExpress’ standard shipping like?
6:30 How to find and choose products to sell
6:50 Step 1. Find a hot market
6:59 Step 2. Solve your customers’ problems
7:36 Step 3. Offer customers what they want
8:59 Verify your product’s legitimacy
9:16 Using SaleHoo Labs to find products to sell
9:34 How to add products to your store
9:56 Bonus eCommerce tips
10:00 How to use AliExpress to dropship
11:05 AliExpress payment options
11:48 Refunds and returns
12:47 3 tips for dropshipping success on AliExpress
13:00 1. Ask the supplier not to include business papers
13:06 2. Avoid possible copyright infringement
13:40 3. Use the AliExpress affiliate program

Video Overview:

AliExpress dropshipping has gotten a lot of publicity in recent years, with established online store owners sharing their success stories about how it helped them grow.

It’s been touted as a “magical” eCommerce site that allows anyone to open a dropshipping store at no cost.

While that’s partially true, not everything about dropshipping with AliExpress is amazing. It has pros and cons.

In this video, we’ll show you exactly how to dropship on AliExpress from the ground up, step by step, with little to no money.
We’ll also run you through the good and bad of the dropship model so there are no surprises.

???? What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

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A business isn't a way to get rich fast. A business is simply when you learn to do these 3 things really well:

1) Creating or finding great products/services to sell.
2) Putting those products in front of the right customers.
3) Giving those customers a great reason to buy.

And each person will have their own journey to get there with a LOT of hard work & sacrifices along the way ????????

On this channel, we discuss all topics for ecommerce business owners (with a sprinkle of motivation thrown in too)!

* Case studies on successful ecommerce stores.
* Tutorials for apps & online tools.
* Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping).
* Sales psychology tactics to increase conversions & get customers to buy from you & to click on your ads.
* Videos to help you with the legal stuff (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc).

So if you are someone who is building (or want to build) a REAL business (especially with ecommerce) & want to follow channels with actionable content to help you along your journey & make your store even better, subscribe today! ????

Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping!

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Asian Sizes to US Sizes ????

If you’re selling clothes online, it’s critical that your customers can see how your products will fit them, and which size they need to purchase.

Why is this so important? Well, if the sizing of your products isn’t immediately clear to your customers, there’s a chance that they’ll order items which don’t fit them properly, or just leave your store without making a purchase.

This can lead to confusion amongst your customers, and bad reviews, which will damage your social proof. You may also find that your customers are asking for refunds if they receive products which don’t fit them properly, and that means you’ll lose out on the sale altogether.

It’s especially important that your product sizing is clear if you’re a dropshipper who is sourcing products from Asian suppliers, as Asian products fit very differently from western products.

We’re here to help, so we’ve created this video to explain how you can convert Asian sizes to US sizes and ensure that you provide the best possible customer service for your brand.

If you’re not selling to people in the US, don’t worry, you can use the information from this video to convert your sizes to a variety of different countries.

Use the information from this video to propel your store to success, and nail your product sizing.

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas for new videos, let us know in the comments section – we’d love to know what you think!

Here are some useful resources:

Asian Sizes to US Sizes :
Oberlo Support:
Shopify :
Oberlo App:

More dropshipping!

For tips, tricks, and all things ecommerce, check out Oberlo’s blog:

You can start your own dropshipping business today with Oberlo. Sign up, it’s free:

For step-by-step guides to optimize your store, visit the Oberlo Support Center:

For details on how Oberlo integrates with your Shopify store, head over to Shopify :

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GENERAL vs. NICHE Aliexpress Shopify Store... (Should You Build a Niche or General Store?)

Niche store vs General store? Learn which store is better to open!
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How to Make 1 Million Dollars in a Year with Ecommerce & Scale (w/ Aidan Booth):

It’s the million-dollar question: Which store is better to open - a niche or general store?

The short answer is: Neither!

Both stores have their pros and cons. Let’s examine both models so you can see which store is right for you. Starting with General stores.


General stores have two big advantages. 1) they make the most money and 2) they’re less hassle to run in the long-term!

General stores can easily make more money because you have more potential customers for your store. For example: If you build a store around pets, you’d have access to a whole wide range of customers. Making it easier to make a lot more money from one single store.

Compare that to a niche store built around a single type of pet - like dogs. It’s easy to see how narrow your market gets. And the narrower it gets, the less buyers to your store.

General stores also have access to a lot more products - a huge advantage over niche stores. This gives you more room to find winning items for your store. That way, if a current item you’re advertising becomes saturated by competition, you have other proven items to easily swap in.

With niche stores though, it can get a little complicated. If you build a store too niche, you can run out of products to test because you’ve tested them all already.

The easy workaround solution would be to build multiple niche stores. But now you’ve run into another problem: how much TIME will that take?

All of this means, that with a general store, you can earn far more from your one, single store, since you have way more customers to reach out to. And long-term, it’s going to require less work to test new products and find winning items.

But I know what you’re thinking: “Sarah - why on earth do you recommend niche stores?!”

Great question. Allow me to explain …


Niche stores are a great option for two reasons. 1) they make beginners money faster and 2) they’re easier for beginners to convert sales.
Niche stores make beginners money faster because you can firstly brand your store around your niche.

Imagine a cat owner comes into a store - and everything screams “We LOVE cats” at them. The logo, the name, and even the About Page talking passionately about cats.

Wouldn’t it be harder for cat lovers NOT to love a store like this?

That’s the power of strong branding. It gives your site a personality. Something General stores inevitably have a hard time doing in the early stages.

Branding also lets you tap into a power every store needs to be successful: TRUST.

When you can use your branding to connect between you and prospective customers before even talking to them, making sales becomes a lot easier.

And what do you get when you have customers that trust you? Higher conversion rates! In other words, the easier it will be to make sales.

Niche stores let you tap into even more money with upsells and cross-sells.

Think about it: When a cat owner comes to your pet site, they’re going to see a lot of items that aren’t relevant to them on the store. They don’t have a fish. They don’t care about those items. They don’t have a dog. They don’t want to buy dog-related items. So, when they click on your homepage, and see these categories teased… that is not going to be very enticing.

On the other hand, if they were to click on your homepage, and see that all of the items in the categories being teased were about cats, they’ll be way more excited.

This makes it easier to do follow-up marketing with emails and social media. Because every time you send out a newsletter, promoting an item, you know that whatever it is, it’ll be relevant to all of your customers.

What this all means then is that beginners tend to have success and find winning items faster when they start with niche stores.

At Wholesale Ted, we’re big advocates of building niche stores because we know that for many of you out there you’re just beginning - and that’s okay!

And for beginners, it’s usually a better option to take the ‘path of least resistance’, which niche stores easily have.

So ultimately, it comes down to this: scaling your business from 5-figures a month to over 6-figures a month is going to be much easier using the general store strategy.

But, scaling your business from no dollars a month to 5-figures a month is going to be much easier using the niche store strategy.

Each have their own pros and cons. You have to pick which option is the best for you.

5 Things to Do BEFORE Working With Chinese Dropshippers & Suppliers (Aliexpress & Alibaba Tips)

Do these 5 things BEFORE using a Chinese Aliexpress Dropshipper or Alibaba Supplier!
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#1: Check to see if your suppliers has been to a tradeshow

If you are trying to decide between two suppliers, checking to see if either has been to a tradeshow is a great way to help pick between them. Going to a tradeshow is very expensive and so a lot of legitimate suppliers do not go because it is hard to make enough money back to make it profitable. What this means is that if a supplier has gone, then it indicates they are financially is a good position (which means they are unlikely to go out of business any time soon).

If your supplier is on Alibaba, you can go to their profile and check to see if they have visited any tradeshows. If your supplier is based on Aliexpress, find the brand of the item that you would like to sell and then go to Alibaba to locate the manufacturer. You can then visit the manufacturers profile page to see if they have been to a tradeshow.

#2: Avoid using pictures with models

If you are working with a Chinese dropshipper on Aliexpress or a Chinese supplier on Alibaba and they have stock photos that use models, we recommend that you don’t use those photos yourself. This is because Chinese suppliers have a history of illegally taking pictures from model’s social media accounts (like stealing the images from Instagram). They can get away with this in China, but in the West the model can contact Facebook/Amazon and get your ad/listing taken down. Avoid using pictures with models so that you don’t infringe on copyright.

#3: Check to see if you’re working with a manufacturer, trade company or wholesaler

On Alibaba you will usually encounter two types of suppliers: manufacturers and trade companies. A manufacturer is the factory that originally made the item. A trade company is a middle-man between a manufacturer/factory and you. Neither is better than the other, they both have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage with a manufacturer is that you’re going straight to the source and it’s usually cheaper. On the other hand, a trade company usually charges more since they make a commission on the sale, but their reps usually speak better english which makes communication much better (sometimes they can negotiate lower prices than if you were buying straight from the manufacturer as well so it’s good to check even if you are price sensitive). You can check what the company is in their Alibaba profile.

On Aliexpress you’ll usually encounter either manufacturers or wholesalers. Manufacturers tend to brand their store their generic label brand (e.g. Transhome) and only sell products under their brands. Wholesalers will usually name their store something less generic (e.g. Mr & Mrs Store) and will sell products from a variety of manufacturers. Wholesalers are sometimes more expensive but they have a wider selection of products.

#4: Recap your agreements and contracts in writing

If you and your supplier are negotiating a contract or an agreement, make sure that you get your suppliers to recap it and write out the agreement in text. It’s very easy for both cultural and language differences to cause misunderstandings. Ask your suppler to recap each element of your agreement in text (either by email or by sending a copy of your contract in writing).

#5 Prioritize products that have multiple manufacturers

The profit margins for Chinese manufacturers is very small, because they sell their items so cheaply. That, along with the fact that doing business in China is relatively difficult means that unless a factory is well managed, it can go bankrupt and have to close. If you’re dropshipping an item or private labeling it for Amazon and your supplier goes out of business, then unless you have a backup supplier that manufactures the same item - you will have nothing to sell and your money will dry up.

That is why, when choosing between products, it’s good to look for one that has multiple manufacturers and suppliers. Then, on the off-chance your supplier has to close it’s doors, you can switch to a new one - and your business can continue, and you can keep making money.

Which Version of FL Studio Should I Get?

In this video we're going to figure out which version of FL Studio is right for you. A question that I often see asked is which version of FL Studio to get (Fruity Edition, Producer Edition, Signature Bundle, or All Plugins Bundle). This can be a bit overwhelming when you're just starting out so hopefully this video helps you decide and puts your mind at ease.

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My free ebook on getting better mixes -

The easiest way to compare editions to FL Studio is to visit and you will be able to see every plugin and feature that comes with each version of FL Studio. I know that if you're brand new to production that it's almost pointless because you won't necessarily know what all the plugins actually do. That's why I made this video to help you out. You can also download the demo version of FL Studio to get acquainted with some of the plugins in FL Studio and test out which ones you think you'll need. The demo version gives you full access to all the plugins, but you won't be able to save any of your projects.

The most important thing to know is that the you can't even record audio with the Fruity Edition of FL Studio which is probably a deal breaker for a lot of you. Otherwise, it really depends on what you need out of your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as to which version you'll need. If you plan on recording your own vocals (or recording someone else) and you need some sort of software for pitch correction, then you're going to need at least the Signature Bundle. The All Plugins Bundle has a lot of extra plugins including a lot of great synths. Chances are you probably won't need all the plugins in the beginning, and you can always upgrade later if you decide to.


???? My Studio Equipment ????

My studio monitors (full starter pack) -

My studio monitors (mine are the 8 inch) -

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My studio monitor headphones (new) -

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My recommended audio interface -

My mic -

My controller (Akai Fire) -

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My new camera -

My webcam -

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Nail Drill Bits Explained for Beginners

In this video, I will give you an overview of the most popular Nail drill bits for beginners and professionals. I will explain what is the difference between diamond and carbide drill bits, why size and speed matters and which nail bits should be used for hard products only.
Besides manufacturers we need to understand the material nail drill bits are made off.
There are Carbide, Diamond, Sand bits with mandrill, ceramic, buffing bits, silicone bits, brush bits, chamois nail bits and more.
Also nail drill bits have different abrasive marks - from white to black.
There are also different sizes and shapes of the nail drill bits.
Watch this video until the end to find out.

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How to become the nail technician?
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Подпишитесь на мой русский канал, чтобы не пропустить новые мастер-классы, обзоры и влоги!

Create a Dropshipping Store with Shopify & Aliexpress (UPDATED Shopify Tutorial for 2019)

Watch our massively updated for 2019 Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping tutorial now!


►► STEP-BY-STEP Dropshipping Training Course:
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►► Get a Logo On Fiverr: (aff link)


►► Why You AREN’T Making Sales:
►► 10 Things To Do BEFORE Dropshipping:

***TIMESTAMPS FOR EACH STEP*** - Skip ahead to the step you want to watch.

Step 1: Sign Up For The FREE Shopify 14-Day Trial 2:20
Step 2: Install The Free Shopify Theme Minimal 4:26
Step 3: Install The Oberlo Shopify App 5:40
Step 4: Install The Oberlo Chrome Extension 9:16
Step 5: Add Aliexpress Products To Your Store With Oberlo 10:24
Step 6: Add Product Collections 12:34
Step 7: Edit Your Product Pages 14:17
Step 8: Add FREE Trust Badges To Your Product Pages (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 20:49
Step 9: Add Free Shipping To Your Orders 22:37
Step 10: Set Up Shopify Payments & PayPal (BIG update for the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 25:11
Step 11: Add Branding To Your Store Checkout 29:14
Step 12: Create An About Us Page 31:26
Step 13: Create An Contact Us Page 33:44
Step 14: Add Menus To Your Store 34:23
Step 15: Create Your Store Design & Homepage 37:56
Step 16: Add A Store Favicon (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 44:13
Step 17: Add Facebook Messenger Livechat (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 45:13
Step 18: Select A Payment Plan 47:31
Step 19: Choose A Domain Name 48:44
Step 20: Send Your Store LIVE! 50:57

Wix eCommerce | How to Sell Dropshipping Products Using Wix

In this webinar, you’ll get a live product demo of how to start dropshipping from your Wix site. Stay tuned after the demo for where special guest Jill Sherman, Co-Founder and CEO of Modalyst and Wix will host a Q&A session and offer essential tips for running a successful business with dropshipping.

For more info on selling dropshipping products with Wix:

To learn more about Wix visit:

About Wix eCommerce:

The Wix eCommerce platform provides businesses with all the professional tools and services
they need to sell online and in-store. Build your eCommerce business and sell on multiple sales channels, including web and mobile storefronts, social media channels, online marketplaces and physical retail locations. Manage and track everything with an advanced, integrated dashboard: from inventory, orders and fulfillment to payment and brand marketing. Join over 500,000 stores worldwide—run and scale your eCommerce business on Wix.

Why You AREN’T MAKING SALES in Your Dropshipping Store or Facebook Ads (& How to Fix It)

Not making any sales in your dropshipping store? Find out 15 ways to fix that!
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***Other Videos Referenced***

DO NOT Dropship These 5 Items:
How to Create a Shopify Aliexpress Store:
How Much Money Do You Need to Dropship:
Is Dropshipping a SCAM?!
How to Start Dropshipping with $50:

In this video, you’ll discover 15 things that you can do to your store & ads to increase your conversions and turn your traffic into sales.

Question 1: Add Unique Products that Can’t Be Found in a Mall

A lot of people try and dropship generic items like clothing. Don’t do this. Focus on adding items to your store that are unique and will appeal to a particular niche/hobby/passion. Not only does this encourage people to buy because they’ll have a strong reaction to seeing it, but it increases the perceived value of the item.

Question 2: Do You Have Good Product Ad Images?

Images are the most important part of the Facebook ad. Do you have sharp, clear images that clearly show what is unique/special about the product that you are selling? If you don’t, source some photos - and for some products, a video may be necessary.

Question 3: Do You Have Good Product Listing Images?

Images are also the most important part of the product listing. Try and find images that are in high-quality (big enough for the customer to be able to zoom in on them) and that show the product in a real-life context (e.g. have a mug sitting on a table), not just photos of it on a white background. You can also use pictures to overcome potential objections.

Question 4: Do You Have a Custom Color Scheme?

This helps build a brand. It doesn’t need to be complex: picking 2 colours to build your store around is enough.

Question 5: Does Your Store Have a Custom Logo?

A custom logo is essential for building a brand into your store (which creates trust). You can buy a simple logo from Fiverr for just $5 (plus a 50 cent transaction fee).

Question 6: Does Your Product Appeal to a Certain Niche?

Make sure that for each item you are advertising on Facebook, that they each appeal to a certain hobby/passion/niche. This will encourage people to impulse buy out of emotion at wanting the item.

Question 7: Did You Add Scarcity to Your Product Ads?

Make sure that you add some form of limited discount to the products that you advertise with Facebook ads. It could be 50% off for a limited time, or offering the product as “free” (just-pay-shipping) to a limited number of people.

Question 8: Did You Add Scarcity to EVERY Product You Are Selling

Don’t add scarcity to each product as it will make the special offer you’re advertising less exciting. Very important - do not add scarcity timers to every product page.

Question 9: Did You Add 20 Products to Your Store?

Adding in at least 20 products is important for making your store look professional and to build trust. A lot of people get lazy and add only a few - so don’t make this mistake.

Question 10: Have You Added Product Descriptions?

Create a custom video description for each product. A nice product description length to aim for is 2 short paragraphs that are just 2-3 sentences long each.

Question 11: Have You Tested 20 Products?

Most people give up on dropshipping after testing 5 or less products. Be patient and be willing to test at least 20 products to find a winning item.

Question 12: Did You Run a Like Campaign to Your Facebook Fanpage

Run a small $6-10 like campaign to your fanpage to give it some likes. This will help build trust with potential customers through social proof.

Question 13: Do You Have Trust Words & Emblems in Your Store?

Some easy trust words/emblems to add are credit card companies & shipping companies.

Question 14: Are Your Products Priced at $15 or Less?

This is the sweet-spot pricing for impulse purchases. Sell low-cost items that you can price for no more than $15.

Question 15: Have You Done a Test Purchase?

And of course, if you aren’t getting any sales - do a test purchase in your store. You might find that the reason nobody is buying anything inside your Shopify store is because no one can!

I Bought a Refurbished PS4 Pro from - Here's What They Sent

I Bought a Refurbished PS4 Pro from - Here's What I Found: This refurbished PS4 Pro cost $284 from seller VIPOUTLET on The packaging was really good with everything nicely packed with bubble wrap, etc. The controller has some marking on it but otherwise is in really good condition. The console itself looks basically new like it had never been taken apart before and is really clean inside. The thermal paste is still soft too. Seems to be another seller/company that is selling basically new consoles as refurbished.

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►TronicsFix Game Console Repair Forum:
???? Like the Music? I use Epidemic Sound (affiliate link):





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-Protech Toolkit: Amazon (paid link)
-Torx Security T8: Amazon (paid link)
-PH00 Phillips: Amazon (paid link)
-Tweezer Set: Amazon (paid link)
-Electric Screwdriver: Amazon (paid link)
-Thermal Paste: Amazon (paid link)
-Canned Air: Amazon (paid link)

Equipment Used (affiliate links):
-Hakko Hot Air Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Nozzle for hot air station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Soldering Station: Amazon (paid link)
-Hakko Air Filter: Amazon (paid link)
-Microscope: Amazon (paid link)
-Kester Solder: Amazon (paid link)

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About This Video: I bought my first refurbished console from to see what they are like. For $284 for a PS4 Pro it seemed to be a pretty good deal since both the controller and console were in close to new condition.

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How to Pick Products that Make Over a MILLION DOLLARS in a YEAR with Aliexpress Dropshipping

(Begins at 0:14) How to pick Aliexpress products that earn over a MILLION DOLLARS in a year.
►► How to Make $10k/month Dropshipping:

In this live video, we're going to be discussing...

1) Actual products that millionaire dropshipper Fred Lam has been selling for the past 12 months that have collectively earned him over 6 million dollars.

2) What made those products winners - why are some products super profitable (and others aren't)?

3) How Fred tests products using Facebook ads to identify these super-profitable items.

4) How Fred uses funnels & upsells to massively scale his products and drastically increase his AOV (average order value) - as in, get customers to spend lots, lots more money!

How To Make Money With Part 1

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The Best AliExpress Products For Drop Shipping

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In this video we go into the characteristics that go behind finding the best types of products to drop ship from aliexpress.

Very LOW Maintenance Curly Hair | Aliexpress Hair Review | How I Define Curls ft. YesLadyHair

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Hey Boo's! Giirrrlll (and guys) ya'll have been ASKING me to spill the tea on my curly hair and a whole month later I am ready. I wanted to wait a good amount of time to wear this hair before I gave the review so everything could be accurate. Continue to read below and Thanks so much for viewing :) Don't forget to RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

**YesLady is a new hair store on Aliexpress**
1. Yes, I trust the vendor and hair.
2. Communication was very nice and professional
3. Yes, I recommend the hair

Hair Details
Peruvian Curly Hair
3 bundles of 16in
Full Wig (I did not create a video because this was my first time experimenting with the way I made this wig.)
No Closure
Link to this Hair:
Link to their Hair Store:

Products I Use on this Hair
Cantu Curling Cream-
Macadamia Oil-

F.A.V.'s (Frequently asked Videos)
My Highlight/Contour Routine:

My Current Brow Routine:

My Real Hair (Pixie Cut)

My No Makeup Routine:

My Favorite Aliexpress Hair/Company:

Makeup Application 101




Camera Used: Canon T3i
Lens: Kit Lens
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The LOC Method is Cancelled.

The LOC method is cancelled. I've been doing my natural hair wrong this whole time and here's the proof. I am DELIVERT.

Products Mentioned (I may receive a small commission on these links):

Raw Sugar Pro Remedy Reconstruct Shampoo

Camille Rose Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard, 12 fl oz

Camille Rose Curl Maker

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