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why won't my toilet flush i have your answer


why won't my toilet flush i have your answer

In this video I will show you how to remove hard water from your toilet and where to look for the hard water or calcium deposits.
CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover, Biodegradable,

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Toilet won't Flush water stays in bowl Easy FIX Solution siphon jets cleanout.

DIY, EASY FIX !!! My toilet was not blocked up and wouldn't flush at all. (note: I tried drain o , vinegar and dish soap but that did not work). I also tried cleaning each jet hole out with a wire brush and that did not work either.Turns out the siphon jets were really clogged up. That's what was causing my toilet not to flush or usually causing a very slow flush. The easy way to fix it yourself with out calling a plumber and spending a lot of money is real simple. Just follow my instructions:.
All you need is: seran wrap,muriotic acid,a small baggie with a rubber band and a small funnel.The muriotic acid cleans out all the jets and makes the toilet like new again.
comment below and let me know if it worked for you! Thanks for watching.

Troubleshooting: The Toilet Won't Flush

-There's nothing worse than finding that your toilet won't flush, but there's no need to panic as you can sort it out yourself. That broken toilet will soon be fixed.

Toilet Won't Fully Flush - EASY FIX!


Toilet Not Clogged But Not Flushing Properly

A toilet that won't flush all the way or won't fully flush could have a clogged siphon jet. Most low flow toilets have a second smaller hole that assists the toilet's siphon action. Gradually the toilet's performance decreases causing the need to double flush.

The toilet in the video is a Toto Drake.

How to Fix a Toilet with a Weak Flush, Hard to Flush or Won't Flush - For U.K. Toilets


How To Fix Slow Flushing Toilet Tips - Not Flushing Properly

Fix a Slow Flushing or Draining toilet. Tips to Fix Toilet that does not flush properly.
Easy steps to diagnose possible problem that causes slow flush and quick fix that actual works.
Yes, we will all have this problem at one point or another.
Please use caution with hot water, If you do not over do it you will be fine. Your goal is to fill the bowl with hot water to cover the Jet that is in the front. That way the Hot Water will stay on Top section of the bowl and nowhere near the was ring. Take Long breaks between repeating to tel the toilet to cool off. The only time how water damage the Ring seal is if you over do it or if it is clogged in the pipe and not the toilet. If it is clogged in the pipe you may have to remove the toilet, in which will result that you will need to replace the Wax ring.
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What you will need:
1. Dish washing detergent Like Dawn or similar.
you can buy it from Amazon
2. Drain pipe Chemical (Drano max gel) any might work but try to stick with a gel.
you can buy it from Amazon
3. Brush that is pointy- To clean and check bowl holes and jets.
You can get something like the Cleaning Kit from Amazon

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A lot of people were concern about Drano not being Septic safe. Drano website:
Note: All Drano® products are safe for septic systems and will not harm the bacterial action in them. In fact, we recommend using Drano® Prevention regularly—this product prevents clogs and contains bacteria and enzymes that contribute to the overall health of your septic system.

The steps shown do not need to be done in order, this may fix the problem and save you few time and few bucks on a plumber.
It is also recommended that you do his once in a while to extend the life of you toilet.
Make sure you check the holes and jet to make sure they are not clogged from the blue tablets
If you follow the instructions and the toilet still flashes slowly, than that means that it is most likely clogged, and you may need to remove it from the floor and check the pipes to determine if it is clogged. The cleaning steps and unclogging jets holes is fairly easy and almost anyone can do it. If however you were not able to resolve the problem then calling a professional might be your next step. Removing and reinstalling a toilet can be tricky.

Hope this help !!!

toilet will not fill with water

how to replace and adjust the toilet fill valve

Toilet Won't Flush - How to Repair

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If you're toilet won't flush, there is probably a very simple fix.
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This video will teach you how to a) reattach a chain that fell off and b) replace a broken handle, arm, or toilet tank lever.


How to clog and unclog a stopped up toilet that won’t flush

How to fix a clogged toilet
In this video I Kendall Todd show you how to clog a toilet with too much toilet paper so that toilet becomes stopped up I then show you how to use a toilet plunger and unclog the stopped up toilet I highly recommend having a toilet plunger at home, then you can fix your own toilet that won’t flush.
Toilet plunger

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How to fix a push button cistern that does not flush. Without removing the cistern

If your push button cistern does not flush or is letting water into the wc pan, then here is how to fix it, showing the two most popular models and the different ways that they fit and work. No need to remove your cistern from the wall and pan to fix it.
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How to easily fix the push button cistern no tools required

If your push button cistern keeps on running into the pan. Here is a quick fix. No tools required. Got your own plumbing or heating problem? Ask Al at:
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Toilet Will Not Flush. Have To Hold The Handle. Easy Fix

Toilet Will Not Flush. Have To Hold The Handle. Easy Fix Video shows the process I used and fixed the problem in a couple of minutes.

How to improve the power of your wc flush. Not enough water to flush stuff away?

Is your WC cistern not flushing enough water into the WC pan? Are you left with undesirables? Here is the simple answer and you do not even need any tools.
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How to Change a Toilet Flush or Syphon Unit

One knackered toilet flush system so we had to replace it with a new one, worked great easy to do but remember to put the stop valve on the top of the system or you won't get a very good flush.

How to Fix a Toilet - Fill Valve Replacement

Fill Valve Repair =
Fill Valve Part Overview =
To view the Fill Valve Replacement Playlist =

Replacing the Fill Valve


The Toilet Fill Valve controls the amount of water in the tank of the toilet. This assembly should be replaced if it begins to not shut off correctly, becomes damaged, or corroded. To minimize any disruptions in service, it is suggested that the Fill Valve be replaced every five years as part of regular toilet maintenance.


A new fill valve assembly can be purchased at hardware or plumbing supply stores. The package should include the Fill valve assembly, refill tube, lock nut and any gaskets.


The tools needed to replace the Fill Valve are a pair of rib joint pliers, an adjustable open-end wrench, and a small plastic bin.


Begin the replacement of the toilet fill valve by removing the tank's lid, turning off the water supply valve, and flushing the toilet.

If the toilet already has an existing Fill Valve, and the base is in good condition, then the fill valve may be quickly replaced by reaching to the base of the fill valve and pulling up the lock ring, removing the refill tub, and sliding the Fill Valve off of its base. The new Fill Valve is installed by simply removing the base that came with it and sliding it onto the existing base in the toilet. Reach behind the Fill Valve and snap the lock ring down into place. Then attach the refill tube to the overflow tube and adjust the new fill valve for optimal water level.

If the Fill Valve base in the toilet is not in good condition, then the entire unit will need to be replaced as follows.

With the tank empty, position a plastic bin to collect water under the water supply hose and unscrew the hose from the base of the tank, having any water drain into the plastic bin below. Now with an adjustable open-end wrench, or rib joint pliers, unscrew the lock nut located on the shank of the fill valve. With the nut removed the entire assembly can be pulled out of the tank. The old assembly should be placed into the plastic bin as it may continue to drain water.

With the old assembly removed, take the new unit and adjust the height to best suit the height of the tank and overflow tube, usually around 1-inch below the tank's edge. Insert the threaded end into the hole where the previous assembly was removed. Position the new assembly and thread the lock nut by hand securing the tube upright.

Once hand tight, secure the nut a quarter turn further with the rib joint pliers to insure a watertight seal. Now re-attach the water supply hose to the fill valve's shank. Place the fill valve's refill hose into the overflow tube. The refill hose must not extend below the tank's water line or water will constantly siphon from the tank.

Most fill valve kits should include a metal clip or angle adaptor that, when installed, will prevent the refill tube from going below the water line. Once in place, turn on the water-supply valve and the tank will begin to fill. Make any adjustments to the water level by sliding the adjustment clip, located on the fill valve, to change the height of the float-cup. The tank's water level is best at about 1-inch below the top of the overflow tube located in the center of the toilet. Inspect the new connections to make sure that they are not leaking water, and flush the toilet to test the toilet's function. Once in order, replace the tank's lid to complete the project.

How to Fix a Toilet that won't Flush

In this video home renovation brothers show you how to fix a toilet that won't flush.

There are a number of issues that prevent a toilet from flushing properly. These issues are typically associated with the internal mechanisms inside the toilet tank. The toilet might not flush with water in the tank. The toilet tank water level may not be right. The toilet might not flush completely or the toilet might not flush because the water doesn't refill the tank.

There are 3 main parts to check when problems exist with regard to flushing the toilet. Since the toilet flush has to work for the toilet to function, you need to check the main moving parts of the toilet.

There could be a problem with the toilet handle and lift chain mechanism. There could be an issue with the toilet flapper. ( We do have another video that shows how to fix a toilet flapper which we linked to in this video.)
Or there could be a problem with the toilet filler mechanism.
This video demonstrates how to fix a toilet that won't flush due to a toilet filler mechanism that needs to be replaced.
The tools for this procedure are few : just a bucket and sponge, a cresent wrench or possibly a plumbers wrench.

If you are having problems with your toilet, try these 3 main diy fixes:

1) replace the flapper
2) replace the toilet flow valve
3) replace the entire toilet

Hope this helps!

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(a possible) EASY FIX for your TOILET THAT DOESN'T FLUSH!!

For YEARS we've had trouble with this old toilet not flushing. After talking to my plumber friend, he said things like, It's the flapper closing or falling down too fast. Rub your index finger and your thumb. while pinching the flapper at the end of the little chain, If the black neoprene flapper rubs off, it's time to change the flapper. You may also want to check the lenth of the chain and adjust the handle or trip lever. Also, we heard to check the toilet's roof vent, etc....etc...
Well, leave it to my husband to finally figure it out for himself!
The 2 holes in the bottom were TOTALLY BLOCKED!! We know know that these are IMPORTANT to how the thing works!
Look at just a LITTLE of what we punched out and then carved out!

Troubleshooting: The Toilet Won't Flush

-There's nothing worse than finding that your toilet won't flush, but there's no need to panic as you can sort it out yourself. That broken toilet will soon be fixed.

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toilet will not flush right,tryed to snake, some times best just to change her out



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